Chapter 89: My Sorrow Part 3 Han Chen continues, “When running, people who are right-handed tend to make left turns and vice versa.  And our subconsciousness will choose the route that is most attractive to us——for example the scenery, a non-bumpy road, or……” he glances at her, “yummy foods on […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 89

Chapter 88: My Sorrow Part 2 The winds are strong in late autumn of Beijing.  The sky is also gloomy. The Public Security University building is grand yet serene looking.  The emblem on the upper middle part of the building is rather dark.  In the courts not far away, there […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 88

Chapter 87: My Sorrow Part 1 It’s past 10 pm as Bai Jin Xi walks into the station with Han Chen carrying a box of barbecue skewers. Han Chen has no opinion on she delivering some late night snacks to the Black Shield Team.  They’re going to get married sooner […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 87

Chapter 86: Unmovable Boulder Part 2 Han Chen stares at her and doesn’t say anything. Jin Xi turns her head to the side as if nothing happened.  She picks up the glass of water and takes a sip of it. He stares at her while tapping his fingers on the […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 86

Chapter 85: Unmovable Boulder Part 1 It’s already noon when Bai Jin Xi wakes up again. The sunlight floods the entire room.  The air is permeated with the fragrance of love.  She shifts her eyes sideways and looks at Han Chen who’s lying beside her. He’s still sleeping.  One of […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 85

Chapter 84: My Beloved Part 2 In the bright light, the woman’s skin is soft and fair white, making him unable to move his eyes away.  Han Chen holds her back with both of his hands while locking her legs with his so that she can’t move.  He is gradually […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 84

Chapter 83: My Beloved Part 1 From high up in the building, the city is quiet and beautiful like a dream.  It’s 3 am and the city is still stitched with lights.  The sparse traffic on the roads is like a dark meandering river among the sparkling lights. Bai Jin […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 83

Chapter 82: A Seven Member Organization Part 2 Bai Jin Xi and the others arrive following the sound of gunshots, and what they see is—— Han Chen is covered in blood sitting behind a big tree with a cold expression on his face.  Beside him is Xin Jia’s dead body […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 82

Chapter 81: A Seven Member Organization Part 1 This area of the forest is tranquil and cold.  Xin Jia is leaning against a big tree while sitting in a pile of dried leaves.  The tears blur her vision.  Only Han Chen’s figure stands out and draws her attention. “Han Chen……Han […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 81

Chapter 80: Poisonous Beauty Part 2 Xin Jia shakes her head, “That’s something that we cannot explain.  Perhaps it’s because you two were at the same explosion point and experienced the exact same impact and damage.  Or maybe because you both were given the same injection to induce nerve paralysis.” […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 80