Chapter 75: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 3 Shao Lun’s interrogation officially begins at 8am. Han Chen and Chatterbox are the ones interrogating him while Xu Nan Bai, as the criminal psychologist, participates as a listener. “We have already gathered a vast amount of evidence of […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 75

Chapter 74: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 2 In the boundless night, the road is dark with not a single street lamp.  Jin Xi leans back on her seat for a while before saying in a raspy voice, “Could it be someone related to the case […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 74

Chapter 73: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 1 Amid the haziness, Bai Jin Xi feels that person’s hand on her neck loosen suddenly.  Her body loses support and falls to the ground in an instant.  Like a patient with asthma, she gasps for air. It’s still […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 73

Chapter 72: Killing by Imitation Part 3 At a farmhouse less than 2 km away from Situ Yi’s mansion. Jin Xi has her gloves and shoe covers on standing outside of the house and looking afar.  All she sees are mountain tops over the short fence around the backyard.  There’s […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 72

Chapter 71: Killing by Imitation Part 2 Jin Xi finishes saying out this big load of information, throws the marker away and turns around to look at Han Chen. Han Chen has been staring at her this whole time as if he’s been entranced. Jin Xi asks, “What’s the matter? […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 71

Chapter 70: Killing by Imitation Part 1 They look at each other in the eyes for a brief moment.  Jin Xi smiles first. “How did you know?” After going through the details with Han Chen, all the evidence based on criminal psychology is laid out in front of her right […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 70

Chapter 69: A Profile within the Profile Part 2 Professor Xu Nan Bai has to leave because something has come up at the school.  Therefore, this welcome meal is called off. Noontime.  The Black Shield Team returns to the station. Determined to give everything she has to catch the killer, […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 69

Chapter 68: A Profile within the Profile Part 1 The Land Rover is on its way to the suburbs. Han Chen has both hands on the wheel with his eyes looking straight.  After receiving the call about another female victim’s body has been found, he has been carrying a grim […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 68

Chapter 67: Typical Case Part 2 It’s already past 8pm when Han Chen’s car makes it home. Jin Xi has been quiet throughout the whole ride and Han Chen has left her be.  The car stops still.  She pushes open the door and hops out of it, “I’m going to […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 67

Chapter 66: Typical Case Part 1 Darkness blankets the sky. The few men from the Black Shield Team are making their way back to the office from the interrogation room. Han Chen is walking in the front looking calm.  Chatterbox, who’s behind him, sighs, “Sigh!  We had a bunch of […]

Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 66