A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 1 30

Part 1: Got dumped >_____<

“Wei Wei, come to (Emotionally) Unmoved Island, and let’s get a divorce.”

The moment Bei Wei Wei goes online, she sees this message from her online “husband” RealWaterIsScentless.  Wei Wei is a bit dumbstruck.  No way, the dorm’s broadband took half a month to repair, which is only ten days or so, but he already has a change of heart?

Wei Wei replies after a while: “Why?”

RealWaterIsScentless: “Wei Wei, I’m sorry.  Please don’t ask why.  I’ll send you a divine gear item as compensation.”

There’s even alimony?  Wei Wei feels a bit helpless: “It’s okay.”

Marriage in games is never for real.  She married RealWaterIsScentless so that they could complete quests since some of them can only be completed by married couples.  It is also the reason why many single guys and girls in the guild got married.  RealWaterIsScentless sent her a message asking if she wanted to marry him, and she agreed without thinking much of it.

They’ve been married for half a year now.  Although Wei Wei has never been loving and affectionately calling him “hubby” and has always called him by his full name, they’ve been highly compatible.  After battling alongside each other for so long, they’ve rather grown a strong sense of comradery.

After all, it’s a game……

Wei Wei replies: “I’ll go there immediately.”

Wei Wei’s avatar, “ReedWeiWei (HumbleReed),” hops onto a horse and gallops towards Unmoved Island.

ReedWeiWei is a powerfully adorned heroine in red.

This online game, “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes,” that Wei Wei is playing, is the hottest WuXia (martial arts) online game on the market.  There actually isn’t anything special about the game other than its beautifully crafted sceneries and its large collection of avatars available; there are eighteen different avatars for guys and girls each.  Wei Wei’s heroine in red is less commonly chosen; not that it isn’t pretty, it’s because her weapon is a large saber.

In comparison to the elegant flute made of jade, the snow white colored dancing ribbons, the lightweight soft sword, or the Emeici (daggers), the large saber truly lacks beauty and feminism, so not many girls pick it, but Wei Wei likes it.  Wei Wei feels that it’s tough and matches her image.

After arriving at Unmoved Island, they drink a cup of Unmoved Water, and the system bot announces: “ReedWeiWei and RealWaterIsScentless’s love has broken and are now divorced.  They no longer have any ties together.”

RealWaterIsScentless wants to give Wei Wei a divine equipment item, but Wei Wei clicks on cancel and doesn’t accept it.  She sends him a smiley face and the red clothed heroine walks away fearlessly.


In the afternoon of the next day, Wei Wei goes online again after eating lunch.  StormGoddessNiNi (StormGoddessGirl), a girl in the guild who is rather close with Wei Wei, sends her a message: “Wei Wei, what happened?  You and RealWater are divorced?  I heard that he is getting married with LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress) at eight o’clock tonight!”

Wei Wei: “……”

StormGoddessNiNi: “You guys are really divorced?”

Wei Wei: “Yeah.”

StormGoddessNiNi: “How unfortunate.  RealWater is a pretty good guy.  I never thought that he would be spellbound by beauty, but that LittleRainYaoYao is indeed quite pretty.”

Ni Ni obviously isn’t saying how pretty her avatar is, but in real life.  Three months ago, the gaming company held a real life voting contest with the gamers; top three gamers got top level gears.  LittleRainYaoYao uploaded a few photos and a video clip and won by huge popularity; the results immediately shook the local server that Wei Wei was playing on; LittleRainYaoYao became the target for drooling over on by many lecherous guys playing on the same server.

Her ex-husband is now marrying another girl in a blink of an eye.  Although she and RealWater were more like teammates, Wei Wei still couldn’t help but feel depressed.  She bangs her head on the table (this is what she does when she is depressed…) and yells, “How can you be like this!?  How can you choose beauty by appearance and not from within!!!!”

Wei Wei didn’t shout like that in the game, she shouted in her dorm room, so the bunker above immediately threw pillows at her.

“Bei Wei Wei!  How can a true beauty like you say that out loud!  What are the rest of us going to do?”

That’s right.  Bei Wei Wei is a beauty; a super pretty girl.  But there are many types of pretty girls; some are elegant, some are intelligent, some are sweet, some are gentle, some are virtuous……

And there are some like Wei Wei, who are——only good for looks……

Even though Wei Wei has been studying hard to become the smart kind, but……

With enchanting eyebrows, captivating eyes, lips that are always red, and a hot body, even if Bei Wei Wei wears the humiliating university of science and engineering school uniform, no one would really believe that she is a student from this brand-name university.

Wei Wei suddenly remembers other hateful things in life, so she continues to bang her head on the table.


Meanwhile on the computer, StormGoddessNiNi continues to gossip: “Before, I heard that LittleRainYaoYao wanted to marry someone on the leaderboard, but I didn’t know that she would be with RealWater.  Then again, I saw RealWater and her going on quests together a lot recently.”

Just as she thought, they had an affair while she was away.  Wei Wei sends a gloomy burnt face over.

“You can’t really blame RealWater, Wei Wei.  Actually…”

“What actually?” Wei Wei stops banging her head, grabs a cup of water, and types with one hand.

“Actually……you’re so good at playing and you’re ranked sixth on the PK (battle) leaderboard.  Furthermore, you never ask guys for new gears, so a lot of gamers suspect that you’re a crossplayer!”

“Pfft!” Wei Wei spurts water all over the screen.

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