A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 2 15

Part 2: Wei Wei kidnaps the groom? ◎______◎

8:30 PM on the dot.

The heroine in red, with a sword on her back, stands majestically on Vermillion Bird Bridge in Chang’an City.

This is the spot that the marriage sedan must pass through during weddings.


Getting married in “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes” can either be very luxurious or very plain and simple. At the time, when Wei Wei and RealWater got married, it was very plain and simple because they were poor. They just went to Yue Lao (God of marriage and love) and got notarized.  Plus, they got married in order to do a quest, so they didn’t really care about holding a celebration.

But today, RealWater and LittleRainYaoYao’s wedding scene is, undoubtedly, crazy luxurious.

There are hundreds of fireworks, gongs and drums to clear the way, eight person supported marriage sedan to parade through the streets, and an entire top notch restaurant booked for the wedding reception. It is said that everyone at the wedding reception will be sent a red envelope gift of 888 Gold.

In the game, there has already been continuous discussion about this wedding already. After all, LittleRainYaoYao has a reputation and RealWaterIsScentless isn’t a nameless character either. It is said even players from other servers were alerted about it. Some even created a new smurf (alternate, low-level) account to come and see the wedding.


On Vermillion Bird Bridge, the heroine in red continues to stand there without moving, her slim figure emitting an austere expression.

At this very moment, the World (chat) channel is already exploding.

[World][BlowingFlowersRainingFlowers]: Does everyone see that? I see RealWaterIsScentless’ ex-wife standing on Vermillion Bird Bridge!

[World][MeLoveYou]: I see it, Me sees it.

[World][SpringGreenUnderBrokenHeartedBridge]: I see it. *sigh*, I think her figure looks very sad. *sigh* In this world, one always sees the newlyweds smile, and never sees the former person cry.

[World][OhHaHa]: WTF! I see martian language again. Old fellow, here, hates martian language the most (internet slang)

[World][◎olo◎]: I saw it already earlier. I’m standing right next to her. Wow! There’s going to be some excitement to see today! I think she’s going to kidnap the groom.

[World][CheapskateChillsNineProvinces]: Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom!!! Give LittleRainYaoYao back to me!!!

[World][MeLoveYou]: What’s wrong with martian language? Is earth language that much better? You’re discriminating against martians

[World][ChocolateMilkTea]: Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Take a hike Cheapskate, LittleRainYaoYao is mine!

[World][OhHaHa]: …


Following that, those who want to fight for justice appears.

[World][anny]: Even though LittleRainYaoYao is a beauty, I still have to say that she is in the wrong for this, stealing someone else’s husband and showing off like this. Isn’t she afraid of heaven’s punishment?

[World][ThunderboltCallsWow]: That’s right, ReedWeiWei is a really good person, and righteous.

[World][SpringGreenUnderBrokenHeartedBridge]: Look at Reed, so broken hearted to the point of speechlessness.

[World][RiceStraw520]: The other woman (of an affair)…over a beautiful woman…there is no need

[World][LittleRainYaoYaoIsShameless 108]: Hey hey, why is she showing off so much? Of course, she needs to present herself after stealing someone else’s husband. LittleRainYaoYao is shameless shameless shameless shameless shameless shameless shameless shameless, ¥%%¥※×…(Profanity has been blocked by the system bot)


This “LittleRainYaoYaoIsShameless 108” is LittleRainYaoYao’s arch-enemy. Don’t know what huge grudge there is, but he (gender neutral) will come out and scold her normally when there’s nothing going on. It is said that he’s been killed many times, but the more times he’s killed, the braver he is. When he gets banned, he just registers again. It is said that the number behind his ID represents how many times he’s been banned.

Whenever that person comes out, LittleRainYaoYao’s friends and family group also cannot keep it in anymore.

[World][LittleRainFeiFei (LittleRainSnowfall)]: Who is shameless! Shut up! Also, who says YaoYao is the other woman. Don’t think so highly of yourself! Are you even qualified enough for our YaoYao to be your other woman!!!

[World][LittleRainQingQing]: Who wants to steal the groom? Just come and try. Don’t think just because you’re on the PK leaderboard that you’re so awesome. Our entire LittleRain clan is here. We’re only afraid that no one will come and try!

[World][wsn]: Women who get on the PK leaderboard must be beached whales, RealWater’s made the right choice.


As the World channel continues to explode, the players all run to Vermillion Bird Bridge.

Bei Wei Wei comes out of the bathroom, walks to her own computer, and this is the scene she sees: Surrounding the heroine in red the people are jam-packed, layer upon layer. But they had a very tact understanding, leaving a circle around the heroine in red, allowing the heroine in red to stand there alone. A desolate figure standing in the middle.

And then there are continuous words emitting from above the heads of those surrounding the area. The most frequent is “Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom! Support ReedWeiWei in kidnapping the groom!”


Wei Wei is dumbstruck.

She only just went into the game, stood on Vermillion Bird Bridge, and then went to the bathroom. It didn’t even take more than five minutes. What happened?

That’s right, one can steal the groom or bride in the game. But, first of all, you need to pay a huge cost to the system bot. Second of all, you have to win three straight PK battles. And then the person being kidnapped needs to consent…If the other person doesn’t consent, stealing the groom or bride is still deemed as a loss. So, besides those who have completely fallen into the abyss of love, only a brain-dead person would try to steal the groom or bride.

What did she do to allow others to misunderstand that she is going to kidnap the groom?

Wei Wei looks around speechlessly pondering to herself, if she madly rushes off right now, will this crowd of people believe that she rushed off because she is heartbroken?


While Wei Wei is struggling over whether to rush off or not, she clicks on her friend boxes that keep popping up. They are all from her friends inquiring what is going on. Wei Wei does not reply to a single one. Closing all of them. Inside her Guild channel is also continuous discussion. Most of the men support RealWater, the women support Wei Wei. There are even some people trying to convince Wei Wei not to take it too hard. They are of the same guild and should not cut the ties so completely.

At this time, a friend box pops up again. Wei Wei opens it, it is from RealWaterIsScentless. From his rude tone, he is also probably a little angry. “What’s happening, weren’t you very straightforward yesterday? Plus, I also gave you compensation. You’re the one who didn’t want it.”

Wei Wei wants to cry, yet has no tears. She powerlessly types back, “Classmate, I am…only…here…to…check out…the excitement……”



Like always, we try to make our translations both flow well and be as true to the original meaning as possible. But, some times it needs a bit of help, so please note that we have switched to making our translation comments italicized to differentiate from the things that the author adds in parenthesis.

For those who have never played an online game or this type of game (mmorpg), this chapter might have been a bit confusing. Let me give a brief generalized explanation about the group system that will appear frequently in this novel.

There are a few different chat channels/groups of people in the game:

World : The world means anyone playing in that “world” or server. In the chat context, all players in the game on that server at the time will be able to see the messages written to the world.
Guild : A guild is a generally a group of people, whether they are online or offline, who regularly play together. Similar to a club. There are officers and different positions players can take. In most games, only when guild members are online can they see messages written to the entire guild.
Clan : A clan and guild are frequently used interchangeably. In this novel’s context, a guild is like your friends and extended relatives, while a clan is your immediate family, the ones you hang around with commonly, and are generally part of the same guild. The chat visibility for this type of group depends on the game. An example is the LittleRain clan. As you might have noticed, they all have their clan name in their username (handle/id) at the beginning.
Party : A party or team is a small group of people that can change depending on quests, such as a group of four people going off to fight a monster or two people going to search for an item.
Local : The people in your avatar’s (character’s) vicinity on screen. Only those then and there are allowed to see the messages typed to local.

In addition to these groups, players can also receive direct messages from their friends and other players.

Hopefully, this was a little bit useful for those who never played these types of games. Welcome to online gaming 101.  🙂

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