A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 21 5

Part 21: I Was Waiting For You

Xiao Ling believes that life is full of surprises.

For example, on the night before the level 6 exam (College English Test), Wei Wei has actually dragged her out to go shopping.

Alright, although Wei Wei says this is to let herself relax from all the studying before the exam, there’s still no need to get all excited and rush to the clothing stores near the school……


Er Xi and Si Si are also amazed by this.

They head back to the dorm room after dinner just to find out that both Xiao Ling and Wei Wei are not there.  Their books are still on the table, so they clearly haven’t gone to self-study.  Er Xi decides to send Xiao Ling a text message out of curiosity.

Xiao Ling quickly replies—–accompanying Wei Wei to buy clothes.

Er Xi is flabbergasted.  She asks which store they’re at and pulls Si Si with her to go see.  Once they arrive and push open the door, Wei Wei just happens to be walking out of the fitting room.

Er Xi and Si Si are frozen at the entrance.

They have never seen such a stunning Wei Wei.

Her naturally wavy hair, usually in a ponytail, is let down and spread across her fair shoulders.  She is donning a red over-the-knee dress with a v-neck design that reveals her elegant collarbones.  The dress is made of light fabric which fits tightly over the curves of her body, accentuating her small and attractive waist.  The dress ripples over any slight movement, and her long and sleek legs dazzle all passer-bys, making them unable to shift their gazes.  She is wearing a pair of clear stiletto sandals, which compliments her charming ankles.  Wei Wei is absolutely mesmerizing and radiating with brilliance; the small clothing store feels lit up all of a sudden.


Everyone is in awe.  It takes Xiao Ling a while to realize that Er Xi and Si Si are here.  She says to them proudly, “How is it?  I picked it out for Wei Wei.  I’ve got great taste, don’t I?”

She definitely has great taste.  Just as Er Xi is about to praise Xiao Ling, she sees Wei Wei turn around with a dismal look on her face, “Xiao Ling, can’t you find something more conservative for me?”


Xiao Ling, “……”

Er Xi, “……”

Si Si, “……”

The sales associate secretly coughs in her head.  How is this dress not conservative?!  It’s just that your body is too curvy!  It has nothing to do with our store’s pure and innocent dress!!!


After a moment of silence, Xiao Ling speechlessly turns around and continues to pick out new clothes for Wei Wei.  Er Xi walks inside the store and asks Wei Wei, “Why do you want to buy new clothes all of a sudden?”

Wei Wei says, “Because I realized that the clothes I bought last year have been worn out >o<”

Er Xi doesn’t know what to say; isn’t this what she told her long ago?  And weren’t you still wearing them happily just a few days ago?

Si Si says, “You don’t need to come out and buy new clothes today, do you?  You have an exam tomorrow.”

“Uh……” Wei Wei can’t find any words to explain herself.  She isn’t prepared to tell anyone that she will be meeting NaiHe, so she says vaguely, “Um……I have an interview tomorrow!”

It’s not really a lie.  Tomorrow’s “interview” will be an interview of a lifetime!

Er Xi asks in shock, “You’re working over the summer?  Which company is so evil as to set your interview on Saturday night, the same day that you’re having an exam?  It’ll be 5:20pm by the time you’re finished with your exam.”

Wei Wei is stupefied.

That “evil”……seems to be her……

When NaiHe asked in the afternoon to meet up, Wei Wei felt like……How should we say this?  It was like when you were feeling hungry, a load of chicken wings suddenly fell onto you.

It was shocking.

A wonderful surprise.

Causing one to be in a daze.

And to be nervous.

Her imagination also ran wild as she thought: Is NaiHe really meeting up with her only for the sake of the video?  Could it be just an excuse?  But would she be thinking too highly of herself like this?  Wei Wei gave herself a slap and buried the thoughts deep inside her head.

When all these thoughts gathered around her head, her mind was unable to think – –  Half a minute had passed before she replied NaiHe with “okay.”

NaiHe didn’t seem to mind her delay in response.  He sent over his contact number after receiving her confirmation.

“My cell number, 13XXXXXXXXX.”

Wei Wei’s heart was pounding hard when she saw the number.  She got even more worked up than when NaiHe asked to meet up just before.

It was NaiHe’s cell phone number.

They finally, finally had some connection in real life.


Wei Wei wrote his number down quickly, and realized that she probably should have told him her number as well.  But she didn’t have a cell phone = =

Her cell phone was stolen last year.  After that, Wei Wei enjoyed the peace and quiet without it, so she kept putting off buying a new one.  What does a student really need a cell phone for?  Moreover, there are classmates living in the same dormitory, so it’s easy to find out stuff anyway.

But Wei Wei was afraid that NaiHe would feel that she was being insincere if she didn’t give him her number, so she typed carefully: “My phone got stolen and I haven’t bought a new one yet >o<”

In order to show that she was very sincere, Wei Wei asked proactively: “Where should we meet?  I’m at University A, just off of North 4th Ring Road.  You’re in City B too, right?”

Although they had never asked about each other’s details, from their regular conversations, NaiHe must have been able to tell that she was in City B, so that was why he asked to meet.

“Mm, I am.”  NaiHe answered without any emotions: “I’ll pick you up at University A.  When are you free?”

Wei Wei was a bit startled when she heard the words “pick you up.”  She replied without thinking: “After I’m done with my exam tomorrow, I’ll be free around 5:30pm.”

“I’ll wait for you at the East entrance at 6pm?”

“Let’s do 5:30pm.”  It’ll save her time from waiting an extra half an hour.  NaiHe seemed to be quite familiar with University A, didn’t he?  It crossed Wei Wei’s mind briefly, but she didn’t dwell on it and simply asked to meet at 5:30pm.  However, she regretted it right after.  Did, did, did it make her sound too anxious?  Cry.

She felt more and more embarrassed, so she quickly confirmed the time and place and typed: “I’ll call your cell tomorrow.  I need to go now.”  She fled the scene and continued sitting in front of the computer staring at it blankly.  She then squatted in front of her closet and stared at it blankly…….



“This is the conservative type.  Go try it on.”

Bei Wei Wei is caught up in her own thoughts when Xiao Ling stuffs a piece of clothing into her hands feeling irritated.  Seriously, she’s dazing off herself while she has to do the hard work, yet she’s being so picky, hmph!

Wei Wei carries the clothes into the fitting room without a word.  When she comes out, Xiao Ling slightly nods her head in satisfaction.

This time, it’s not a one-piece dress.  Wei Wei is wearing a white pleated blouse with mid-length sleeves accompanied with an elegant blue flowery skirt.   They are two simple pieces of clothing, but when they are worn by Wei Wei, they become delicate.  Furthermore, the refreshing combination of blue and white helps curb Wei Wei’s natural voluptuousness.

Using Er Xi’s words, she has successfully been transformed into an conservative girl. (Wei Wei >o<)


Wei Wei feels more satisfied with this wardrobe too.  Although she’s not used to wearing skirts above the knee, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it.  She stands in front of the mirror with confidence.

Wei Wei assesses herself in the mirror from head to toe.  There’s something that just feels off.  After a minute she says, “Ah, shoes.”

She is still wearing the pair of clear stiletto sandals, which are also picked out by Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling says, “These sandals look very pretty.  They are perfect for short skirts.”

Wei Wei shakes her head, “They’re too high.”

Wei Wei’s height is 169cm.  This pair of sandals is 7 to 8cm high, which makes her height go up to 177cm……

What if NaiHe……isn’t very tall……



Wei Wei doesn’t dare to bother Xiao Ling again, so she picks out a pair of white small heeled sandals.  With the approval of her dorm roommates, Wei Wei goes to the sales associate to bargain for lower prices.

Er Xi says quietly behind her, “This blouse is very conservative……”

The two rows of buttons on the neck are fastened tightly, not letting a patch of skin exposed.

Xiao Ling nods, “It’s pure and refreshing.  It suits Wei Wei quite well.  For interviews, it’s better to look more like a student.”

Er Xi keeps quiet, but thinks to herself: Am I the only one who feels that it’s even more seductive when the buttons are fastened so tightly?  This is what you call the beauty of sexual abstinence!  This is it!

Er Xi cries on the inside.

Wei Wei ends up buying all three items for 200 RMB.  She wears them to the examination because they’re meeting at 5:30pm, so she won’t have enough time go back to the dorm room to get changed afterwards.

As a result……

It shocks the crowd at the examination.

Wei Wei’s wardrobe is actually very ordinary, but she doesn’t wear skirts very often.  Not that she doesn’t like wearing them, it’s just that her classes are located a bit far from the dorm, and it’s not convenient to ride a bike when wearing skirts.

Therefore, many jaws drop when they see Wei Wei suddenly wearing something out of the norm.  Even though Wei Wei is used to others looking at her, she still feels a bit uncomfortable from them today.  Thankfully, the exam starts shortly, so she is relieved from the awkwardness.

The level 6th exam goes pretty smoothly for Wei Wei.  There’s even a question on an article that she has happened to have read in an English newspaper recently; it saves Wei Wei quite a bit of time.  She completes the exam, selectively reviews her answers, and the clock isn’t even at 5:10pm.

Therefore, Wei Wei dazes off while looking at her answer card.  She starts feeling restless as her calm and quietness are gone from doing the exam.  After fidgeting for a few minutes, she stands up and decides to hand in her exam early.


Wei Wei lets out a long breath as she leaves the examination room.

It’s getting closer and closer to 5:30pm.  NaiHe is probably already on his way to University A.  Is he…….just as nervous as she is right now?

On the school’s walkway, sparse with people, Wei Wei walks at an unsteady pace, just like how her heart feels; excited and nervous at the same time.  She holds onto the piece of paper with NaiHe’s cell phone number written on it tightly.  Although she can already memorize his number, she’s afraid that she’ll forget it and won’t be able to contact him.


Wei Wei’s examination room is not far from the East entrance; it’s in sight after walking for ten minutes.  Even though she knows that NaiHe is most likely not here yet, she still searches for him from afar.

There aren’t many people at the entrance since the exam hasn’t finished yet.  Only a few people are coming in and out of it.  Wei Wei can’t see anyone that resembles NaiHe, but she is surprised to see an unexpected person.

Xiao Nai?

Isn’t the person standing beside the willow tree Xiao Nai?

Wei Wei can’t help but take a few more glances at him.

A willow tree grows healthily in front of the East entrance; its green branches dip down and sway gently.  Under the diagonally shining sun, he is wearing a simple white shirt, standing under the tree quietly.  From a distance, Wei Wei can only see his jet black hair.

But it is really Xiao Nai.


What is he doing here?

Is he waiting for someone?  Who is it that can actually make Great Master Xiao Nai wait for?

As Wei Wei thinks in her head, she automatically stands on the other side of the entrance; she doesn’t have the guts to stand near Xiao Nai.  After a few steps, she sees that there’s a big truck parked outside of the East entrance on the other side.


There’s no helping it; she’ll have to move closer to Xiao Nai.  At the same time, Xiao Nai notices her and fixes his gaze on her as she comes closer.

Wei Wei pauses her footstep, and their eyes meet.


Wei Wei doesn’t remember who is it that said this——wherever Xiao Nai stands immediately becomes scenery; not due to his looks, but from his aura.

This is exactly it.  Xiao Nai is simply standing there quietly, and the atmosphere has suddenly become different; as if it’s an elegant and distant place, cut off from the rest of the world.

Deep in her mind, it feels familiar for Wei Wei.

The willow tree swaying in the gentle wind.

A handsome man stands freely underneath the tree.

Quietly waiting for someone.


Where has she seen this before?  Wei Wei tries to recall her vague memory, shifts her gaze away, lowers her head, and continues walking.  But it just feels……

She can’t help but raise her head.

Therefore, her eyes meet Xiao Nai’s again.


She looks quietly at him.  He stares back at her apathetically, but doesn’t look away; making Wei Wei almost thinks that——he’s waiting for her to come closer.

But how is that possible?  Wei Wei doesn’t dare to be so full of herself.

Then why does he keep staring at her?  Could it be that Great Master Xiao Nai has seen her before?  Could it be that he knows that she is also in the computer science department?  Therefore, he’s taking a few more glances at her?

Mm, this makes more sense.  So……should I go say hi to him?  After all, they are from the same program.

But…..will she be mistaken for trying to strike up a conversation with him >o<


Wei Wei slows down her footsteps subconsciously.  But slowly and gradually, she moves closer to him……

Wei Wei can’t stand the pressure of being stared at any longer.  She prepares herself to be asked “who are you” as she stops her footsteps and says courageously, “Hi Senior Xiao, what a coincidence.”

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


No response.

Wei Wei lowers her head in defeat.  Under extreme embarrassment, she scolds herself in her heart for not holding in; she should have just walked away, why did she greet him?  It’s so awkward now.

Or maybe, she should drift away?

While her mind is in a mess, Wei Wei can’t help but lift her head to look at him.  She sees the corners of Xiao Nai’s mouth turn upwards slightly.  His dark eyes, which are looking at her, seem to contain a hint of a smile.

Wei Wei then hears his voice.

“Not a coincidence.”  His cool sounding voice flows into her ears, “I was waiting for you.”

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