A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 5 13

Part 5: The wedding

The Computer Science Department’s team wins the game in the end and proceeds to the semifinals.  The Computer Science department students cheer in victory, but Xiao Nai never shows up in the end, so the girls feel rather upset.

Wei Wei dashes back to her dorm room right after, logs into the game, and sees that ASmileNaiHe’s (WhyNotJustSmile) avatar is already lit up in her friends list.  Wei Wei sends him a message: “Sorry, I’m late.”

ASmileNaiHe: “No problem. Come to Yue Lao’s temple” (God of marriage and love)

Wei Wei rides a horse to Yue Lao’s temple, but she is shocked by the big crowd of people in front.  Thankfully, there isn’t as many people once she goes inside; only a few are standing and chatting to each other.

Wei Wei walks up to ASmileNaiHe: “How come there are so many people?”  Wei Wei didn’t call any of her friends to come because she didn’t take this wedding seriously, as well as feeling a little embarrassed to tell others that she is getting married again so soon.

ASmileNaiHe says: “You ask them.”

Wei Wei looks at the others, and one of them called, TimelyRain, says: “Heh heh, congrats, congrats.  I told everyone who has nothing to do in our guild to come.  It’ll probably be a grand sight when they all ride their horses and follow behind the marriage sedan in a bit.”

Another one says: “People from our guild also came.”

TimelyRain says: “Everyone is waiting for NaiHe’s red pockets, hahahaha.”

Wei Wei feels extremely embarrassed.  There are probably a couple hundred of people outside.  Hopefully, NaiHe doesn’t go bankrupt after giving out red envelopes to everybody.

Just at this moment, Wei Wei receives a trading request from ASmileNaiHe; a couple of equipment items are on the list.  There isn’t any need to review them in detail; just from their glow, she knows that they are all divine level items.  Wei Wei asks in surprise, “This is?”

ASmileNaiHe says simply: “Betrothal gifts.”

Is…Is this how it feels like when you hook up with a sugar daddy?

This is….This is truly, truly, truly fantastic!


Wei Wei quickly recovers from the excitement, calms down, and rejects the trading request.  These equipment items are not cheap, and she isn’t thick-skinned enough to the point of accepting other people’s things.

ASmileNaiHe sends another message: “Accept it.  You’ll need it when we go PK.”

So that’s the reason.  Wei Wei thinks for a second and accepts them; she then gives him her best equipment, a ring that boosts speed.

ASmileNaiHe types a question mark to her.

Wei Wei says: “My dowry.”

Wei Wei blushes in front of her computer screen.  She must have gotten used to being teased by members in the party enough, so she could actually say this out without hesitation.  Furthermore, her “dowry” is incomparable to his “betrothal gifts.”  Wei Wei adds while feeling embarrassed: “It’s not much.  I’ll give you more later.”

ASmileNaiHe sends a smiley face: “Okay.”

He then says: “You really only just need to come.”

Wei Wei continues to blush.

After exchanging their betrothal gifts and dowry, they stand in front of Yue Lao’s statue and perform the wedding rituals.  The system bot announces: “ReedWeiWei (HumbleReed) and ASmileNaiHe are deeply in love.  At Yue Lao’s temple, they promise to be together and cherish each other forever, and never part.”

Therefore, without any surprise, the world channel explodes again……

Wei Wei sits inside the marriage sedan as it parades the streets and watches the other gamers flood the world channel.  Since she is the bride and doesn’t need to walk on foot, she has nothing to do, so she grabs a level 6th mock exam to practice (College English Test).

Everyone is talking about the two weddings that happened in the past three days on the world channel; some say good things about it, while others criticize.  For example, someone makes fun by saying that ASmileNaiHe is picking up RealWaterIsScentless’s old shoe (loose woman).  Wei Wei ignores them all, but she decides to remember that person’s ID and will give him a good beating every time she sees him from now on.

One of the gamers makes an interesting comment.


“Groom, ASmileNaiHe vs RealWaterIsScentless, ASmileNaiHe wins!
Bride, ReedWeiWei vs. LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress), LittleRainYaoYao wins!
Wedding ceremony, you can tell from just looking at the amount of fireworks, ASmileNaiHe wins completely!”


A familiar face suddenly shows up.

[World][YuGongClimbsAMountain]: “Who says that LittleRainYaoYao wins?  Our third sister-in-law is way better than LittleRainYaoYao.  If you don’t believe it, let’s PK.”

[World][MonkeyWine]: “Come PK come PK come PK come PK come PK come PK come PK come PK!”

Wei Wei laughs her head off.


The parade is very slow.  Wei Wei works on her mock exam while being distracted; she peeks at the game every once in a while, and she suddenly sees the following messages on the world channel.

[World][SnowflakesDrifting]: “I’ve seen ASmileNaiHe and LittleRainYaoYao together before.”

[World][Troubles123]: “I’ve seen them too.  I’ve seen them fighting monsters together.  I think it was not long ago, maybe last week.”

[World][alexz]: “If that’s the case, could it be that ReedWeiWei was dumped by RealWaterIsScentless, and ASmileNaiHe was dumped by LittleRainYaoYao, so the two sad people are getting together to rebuild their family?”

[World][Walie]: “Then doesn’t this make ASmileNaiHe and ReedWeiWei a pair of resentful couple?”


NaiHe and LittleRainYaoYao know each other?  They’ve even battled monsters together before?

Wei Wei bites on her ballpoint pen subconsciously.

Although they are getting married for PK battles, if both her ex-husband and current husband have been in a relationship with the same woman before, then that’s quite an entanglement.  Wei Wei doesn’t like to keep things inside, so she asks NaiHe: “You and LittleRainYaoYao know each other?”

NaiHe responds: “No.”

Wei Wei hesitates a little before typing: “Someone said that they saw you two battling a monster together before.”

NaiHe: “That counts as knowing each other?  YuGong added her to the team once, but her skills were awful, so I kicked her out.”

Wei Wei: “……”

Although she shouldn’t……Wei Wei can’t help but feel great ==


It’s time for the wedding banquet after parading the streets in the marriage sedan for over ten minutes.  Wei Wei still feels pain in her heart about it; she went with NaiHe to make reservations at the restaurant, which was when she saw NaiHe paid for the highest priced package—–the kind that will give all guests a 20% boost to their stats for that day……

Why is he letting so many people eat for free?  Wei Wei just doesn’t get it; she has never eaten for free at other people’s weddings herself……

It’s not bothering her just a little bit~~~


The whole wedding banquet is basically a bunch of people come eat and go, another bunch of people come eat and go, and then another bunch of people come eat and go……the wedding banquet ends at about 9pm or so.  Wei Wei and NaiHe enter the bridechamber while their friends send them off.

When Wei Wei and RealWater got married, “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes” did not have the “wedding night” part yet, this was recently added after the latest system update.

As long as the gaming couple stays in the groom’s bedroom for fifteen minutes, the wedding night is considered complete and their intimacy level will increase by N percent.  After that, the couple can play it again once every day for ten minutes, which will continue to increase their intimacy level, but the percent of increase will not be as high as the wedding night; but the increase will also be higher during anniversaries (one month in the game).

“Dream Voyage’s” wedding night is very torturous; gamers cannot leave the room, meditate to increase their inner powers, or make medicines etcetera.  They can only do two things——

One, stand and chat.
Two, sit and chat.

Therefore, many people call the wedding night as “pure chatting without going under the blanket” – –


As for Wei Wei’s wedding night, even chatting has been omitted because the moment they enter the bridechamber, ASmileNaiHe says: “Please wait, got a phone call.”

Wei Wei has nothing to do but walk around in NaiHe’s bedroom.

It’s the first time that Wei Wei is visiting NaiHe’s home.  As expected, his house is also on the elite level; there are several rooms and a garden.  Wei Wei’s house is no more than a woodshed when compared to his.

Wei Wei begins focusing on her level 6th mock exam again out of boredom……


Wei Wei finishes the last question, lifts her head to look at the computer, and finds out that NaiHe has already come back.  The white robe musician hops onto a horse; compared to his unrestrained elegance from before, he now looks bold and dashing.

“Get on.”

Wei Wei joins NaiHe’s team.  They ride on the same horse and pass through Celestial Mountains Snow Basins, West Lake Lake Bottom, Icy Snow Sea, and Mount Penglai……Wei Wei feels more and more strange about this.  At first, she thought that NaiHe wanted to complete a quest together, but……

Wei Wei can’t help but ask: “What are we doing?”

NaiHe: “Sightseeing.”


No wonder all the places they’ve been to are beautiful sceneries.  While feeling speechless, it sprang into her mind, so she says: “Could this be……our honeymoon?”

She feels embarrassed right after saying it, but NaiHe doesn’t deny it.  The scenery changes once again and NaiHe takes her to the top of the cloud forests.  Watching the fog surround the mountains boundlessly is truly a beautiful and divine scenery.  After holding it in herself for a long while, Wei Wei finally says: “……Great Master, you are truly dedicated.”

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