Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 39 12

Chapter 39: A Bunch of Idiots

The noise comes and goes.  It seems to be coming from Li Ming Yue’s direction.  All of a sudden, that weak shrieking cry disappears.  Instead, it’s been replaced with the sound of quick breathing; as if something terrifying has appeared, making one become dumbstruck and unable to break free.

There’s no time for Jin Xi to hesitate.  She grabs onto the flashlight and just when she is about to shine it in that direction, she senses a strong force amid the darkness, striking towards her and Han Chen’s head!

It’s as if the time has stopped; Li Ming Yue’s breathing, faint footsteps, and the attack from above their heads all seem to be still beside her ear.  Before Jin Xi’s mind decides on what to do, her body has already acted on its own——she pounces forward and uses her back to cover Han Chen’s head and body.


It’s the sound of a wooden bat hitting against her body.

Jin Xi wraps her arms around Han Chen’s head as she lets out a soft cough.

The person above them pauses for a split second before taking another forceful strike.  Jin Xi struggles as she attempts to roll away embracing Han Chen.  She suddenly feels a pair of strong arms wrapping around her waist, taking her with him as they roll away quickly.  In the blink of an eye, they have already stopped and landed on the side of the wall.

“Bang!” the wooden bat hits the cement floor.

Han Chen is in a lot better condition after taking a sleep.  When he was still lying on the floor just now, he felt something shaking on top of his body suddenly.  When he opened his eyes, it was pitch black, and he could only sense Bai Jin Xi breathing onto his face.  She was trying to push him; as if she wanted to push him away with all her might.  At that instant, he also noticed the force coming from above their heads.  Therefore, he reacted immediately.

He sits up against the wall while still embracing her.  She is leaning against his chest and not moving.  And he can clearly sense her abnormally hot body.  It’s obvious that she’s having a fever; her whole body is like a puddle of mud.

Han Chen feels his heart pinch.  Keeping his arms around her, he lets her lean on his shoulder while holding the back of her head with his left hand and his fingers in her long hair.

Jin Xi’s hands are pressing against his chest as she breathes deeply.  She’s feeling a bit better after getting all stuffy from getting hit.

None of them say anything or make any move.

In the darkness, they can hear the sound of breathing, footsteps, something being dragged on the floor, the wooden bat tapping against the floor, and the sound of others waking up from the noise.  No one speaks in the house, but it’s clear that everything is in a mess.

The pitch black and stifling room seems as if it’s covering up all the chaos that’s secretly filling up everyone’s heart.

Han Chen thinks quietly for a moment.

He releases his hold and pulls her hand to help her stand up.  Jin Xi almost falls from losing her balance.  She has to hold onto the wall to stand up.  His body cannot be seen in the darkness, but his hand squeezes hers lightly.

Are you okay?

Jin Xi lifts her thumb and strokes his thumb lightly.

I’m fine.

He immediately holds her hand and walks forward guiding her along the wall.

They soon arrive at the side of the door.

Han Chen pulls her behind him with force, covering her completely.  He then pulls out a knife from his boot while he reaches for the light switch with the other.

“Buzzzzz,” the soft sound of electricity flowing.

“Clonk,” something falls to the ground with a sound.  And all the noises in the room stops coincidently the moment before the lights come on.

The lights are on.

Jin Xi is struck dumb once she can see clearly what is in front of her.  The others are either standing or sitting; their frightened faces flash across her eyes.  Only Li Ming Yue is lying down near the side of a door, covering her neck with both of her hands frantically.  There’s a long cut running across her neck with blood rushing out of it like a fountain!  Her body is completely stiff and her eyes are wide open staring at the ceiling as she makes shrieking sounds from her throat.

“Ahhhh——” it’s Xia Zi who has just sit up and turned this way, screaming in panic.  Her face becomes pale instantly.  She backs up a few steps and grabs onto Zhang Mu Han’s arm.  Zhang Mu Han and Fang Xu are standing closest to Li Ming Yue.  Their bodies have been sprayed with blood everywhere.  They also look awful as they take a few steps back.

Han Chen and Jin Xi dash over to Li Ming Yue.  Han Chen grabs a bunch of clothes on the side and attempts to block the bleeding on her neck.  But no matter how hard he presses, blood immediately stains the clothes in his hands, flowing continuously.  Jin Xi watches Li Ming Yue struggle; she feels an unexplainable kind of pain in her chest.  Just when she’s about to grab another set of clothes to help her, she feels someone grasping her arm.

It’s Li Ming Yue.

She stares at Jin Xi with a pair of lifeless eyes.  Her hand around Jin Xi’s wrist has also become powerless, but she manages to pull Jin Xi towards her slightly.

Jin Xi’s tears begin to flow.  She tries hard to hold them in as she bends close.  She listens to Li Ming Yue say a few words into her ear; her voice is soft and barely audible.

Jin Xi’s body stiffens for a second, and then she nods.

Li Ming Yue’s neck is still bleeding non-stop.  Her arm falls down slowly.

And then, she closes her eyes.

Han Chen and Jin Xi are covered with blood on their arms and bodies.  After a while, they finally let go of Li Ming Yue.

Jin Xi lifts her gaze to look at the knife that is lying on the floor not far away from Li Ming Yue’s body.  And at the wall about a meter away, stands a wooden bat with a diameter about the size of a bowl.

The other 6 members who are still alive in the house, are all standing around them.

In the light, the spots of blood on Han Chen’s fair white face makes him seem even colder and unapproachable.  He examines what’s around them slowly as he pulls Jin Xi up from the floor.  Jin Xi’s eyes and inside her heart are also filled with coldness.  She leans close to his ear, and tells him Li Ming Yue’s final words softly:

“There was more than one person.”

Li Ming Yue used her last bit of strength to tell this to Jin Xi.  It was more than one person who killed her.  In the darkness, how many people grabbed onto her arms and legs, covered her mouth, and dragged her across the floor for a couple of meters?  And then cut her throat open in the end?

Han Chen doesn’t show any expression on his face.  He nods.

When she was whispering into his ear, almost everyone was staring at them.

“Did you have fun killing?” Han Chen asks softly.  He scans each of their faces one after the other, “You bunch of idiots.”

Jin Xi’s mouth curves upwards, revealing a mocking smile.

Ke Fan is not at his original sleeping area.  He’s standing in a corner that’s rather far from it.  He has a gloomy look on his face, and he’s not looking at Han Chen.  Fang Xu and Zhang Mu Han are standing quietly beside Li Ming Yue’s body.  Xia Zi is grabbing Zhang Mu Han’s arm while looking at everyone else in fright and doubt at the same time.

You Chuan and Professor Sun are standing behind them.

Ke Fan is the first to speak.  His face doesn’t seem to show any expression, but his voice is raspy, “Han Chen, what are you trying to say?  Are you saying that we killed her?”

Zhang Mu Han adds to his speech, “Yeah.  What nonsense are you talking about?  Sh-She must have been killed by some psycho who snuck in.”

No one says anything.

“Really?” Han Chen’s gaze lands on the knife on the floor.  He speaks slowly, “It’s okay.  Once the police arrive tomorrow morning and examine the fingerprints, they’ll know who——” he pauses, “the killers are.”

The room is dead silent.

Someone finally moves.

Ke Fan and Fang Xu look at each other and exchange glances.  And then, Fang Xu bends down and picks up the knife in front of everyone.  And Ke Fan drags the wooden bat out from the corner.  He raises his head slowly and stares at Han Chen and Jin Xi.

“Xiao You, this has nothing to do with you, so don’t intervene,” Ke Fan says, “Professor Sun, just keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to die.”

Xiao You and Professor Sun both keep quiet and don’t move.

Xia Zi is trembling.  She’s still grabbing onto Zhang Mu Han’s arm tightly and doesn’t dare to make a sound.

Han Chen continues to stand still.  And Jin Xi is staring at each of their faces quietly.

A few hours ago, they were still fighting, retreating, and looking for a survival route together, hoping to be saved tomorrow.

But now, T hasn’t even taken action yet and they’ve already started to kill each other.

What is it that has blinded their eyes, cause them to have a change of heart and become so hideous?

Is it greed?  Is it fear?  Is it because they want to cover up the despicable secrets in their hearts?  Or is it because they’re afraid that when the police come tomorrow, their past guilt will surface?

Therefore, this is T’s goal, isn’t it?

All of a sudden, Jin Xi feels a sharp pain in her head.

And then again.

She covers her head and stumbles backward a few steps.

A few blurry images flash across her mind.

A big, big puddle of blood.  Bodies ripped into pieces.  Hands covered in blood……it’s just like the dead body in front of them, except it’s more……massive and scary.

What’s going on……

She rubs her head.  When has she seen a scene like this?

But the images fade away in the next instance.  Her eyes are clear again.  But she still feels a bit heavy headed from the cold; her forehead seems to be burning hotter now.

She clears her mind, presses down her curiosity, and raises her head.

“Zhang Mu Han, what are you standing still for?” Fang Xu says suddenly, “Hurry and come help out.”

Xia Zi looks up at her boyfriend.  Zhang Mu Han’s face goes pale.  He hesitates for a second before bending down and pulling a knife out of his boot.

Xia Zi releases his arm immediately.  She backs up until she hits the wall, “What’s going on?  Wh-What are you doing?  It was them who did despicable things.  You didn’t do it, so why are you helping them?”

“Shut up!” Zhang Mu Han shouts with the knife in his hand.  He walks over and stands beside the two of them, “If I don’t help them, I’ll be dead!”

Ke Fan and Fang Xu both don’t say anything.

The room is fearsomely silent.

Even with three knives pointing at them, Han Chen and Jin Xi are still calm and composed as they exchange glances.  With their skills, even with an injury, it’s more than enough to handle these three.

Furthermore, T will definitely not help them.

Just when they’re about to attack, Xia Zi from behind, says suddenly in a mocking yet helpless and shaky voice mixed with fear, “You’ll be dead?  You only consider about yourself?  Therefore, in order to save your own life, you’ll join them to kill another?  Yan Er’s dead.  They’re scared that the police will start investigating about what happened back then, right?  I also know about what happened, so the next person to be killed is me, isn’t it?”

Zhang Mu Han’s face is red.  He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out.

“You’re crazy!  You’re all crazy!  You guys aren’t even human!” Xia Zi shouts madly.  She pulls out the knife from her boot, turns around and opens the door, and sprints into darkness.

Everyone is stunned from seeing her run off suddenly.  You Chuan, who has been standing by the door side and hasn’t said a word, turns around and runs after her.  He disappears in the next second.

Professor Sun also follows after them.

Their fast-paced footsteps echo in the empty and dark night.

Only Ke Fan and the other two are left in the house with Han Chen and Bai Jin Xi.

Their knives inch forward in silence.

The fight will begin at any moment.

Han Chen gives Jin Xi an eye contact.

Jin Xi understands and moves towards the door slowly.

They’re in a closed off mountain.  These three men in front of them will have no way of escaping.

But the most important thing at hand is to not let T be alone with the other two.

Accompanied by the sound of the wind, Han Chen punches with his fist suddenly.  The three of them step back subconsciously.  Jin Xi and Han Chen turn around and run out of the door immediately.

Ke Fan has a disgusted look on his face.  He glares at Fang Xu and Zhang Mu Han, “After them!”  They chase after them with the knives in their hands.

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