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Chapter 42: Confidante (1 of 3)

To Fang Xu, what happened at the time was like a bizarre dream; exciting, despicable, horrifying, disgusting, and a tremendous sense of ecstasy.

The hazy night, the fragrance of the beautiful woman and her wailing and resistance were like stimulants, awakening the beast-like nature of every man.  Pure pleasure.  The greatest pleasure.  Even Ke Fan said that it was the most thrilling experience out of all the times that he had done it.

“We’ll look for you again in a few days,” Yan Er said.  Just before leaving, he caressed Gu Ran’s face and then threw the clothes back to her.  When the three of them walked out of the forest, Fang Xu turned around and saw that Gu Ran had slid down from the tree and was sitting on the ground.  The sound of whimpering could be heard coming from the forest while she picked up the clothes and started putting them back on.

“Big Ke, she won’t report it to the police, would she?” Fang Xu asked.

Big Ke lit up a cigarette and answered, “Would she have the courage to do so?  Didn’t we tell her just now?  Would she want to lose her job?  Or lose her reputation?  If anything happens to us, she and her poor mom and dad can end their lives.”

Yan Er smiled, “Relax.  She definitely won’t have the guts to.”  He chuckled again, “Fang Xu, just throw her some money afterward.  Use a carrot and stick.  She might even come back to us willingly then.”

Thinking that he would be able to enjoy playing with this woman with his buddies, Fang Xu was convinced.  He nodded, “Okay.  I’ll take care of it.”

No one knew how Gu Ran bumped into those farmers and was abducted by them.  But some things happened like it was fate.  On the second day, all three of them also took part in searching for Gu Ran.  Unlike the others, they had a rough idea of where Gu Ran was on the night before, so they headed to the location first.  They wanted to find her before everybody else so that they could threaten her some more as well as offering her some money in case she wanted to make it a big deal.

But it was not until late night that they spotted Gu Ran by the river about a few kilometers away with the group of farmers.

Gu Ran was in the water, trembling from being cold.  The farmers, on the other hand, were standing by the shore.

The three of them didn’t dare to make a sound.  They hid behind bushes about a few meters away, watching them.  It was October already, so the river on the mountain was cold like ice.  They didn’t know how long Gu Ran had been in the waters.  Her face was pale, her lips were purple and she looked as if she was unaware of her surroundings.  She wasn’t crying.  She was shaking while standing in the water that was up to her neck.

She didn’t dare to walk up to the shore.  It was because there were two farmers holding a machete and a wooden bat, guarding her at the shore.  Whenever she came near, a loud “thump!” sound could be heard from the machete striking a rock, scaring her to retreat.

“How much longer?” one of the farmers asked.

“It’s about time.  This one isn’t as strong as the last one,” another farmer said.

“Her skin is so smooth, but her boobs are a bit small.”

“Then how come you had her twice at noon today?”


All the farmers laughed.  Their honest looking faces made it seem like they were only discussing the weather and their harvest.

“Shit……” Yan Er cursed softly, “They’re trying to kill Gu Ran, aren’t they?”

Fang Xu’s heart pounded heavily hearing his words.  He asked without thinking, “Should we call the cops?”

Ke Fan and Yan Er kept silent for a few seconds.

“Let’s go,” Ke Fan said in a low voice.

Fang Xu didn’t talk back.  The three of them left the area quietly.

Some things didn’t need to be spoken about.  If they called the police to save Gu Ran, then the three of them raping her would be exposed.  But if Gu Ran died, she would be the only person dead.

Furthermore, those farmers were scary people.

They were also scared of them.

After they had walked far away enough, they couldn’t help turning around to look.  Through the intersecting trees, they could see that Gu Ran was floating on the surface of the river.  The farmers by the shore were all standing up.  One of them used a wooden bat and poked at Gu Ran’s body, “Dead.”


It was later that the local people called the police about discovering a dead female body.  The three of them remained silent and didn’t go watch the others fetch the body.  They only heard that the body was carried by the water to a rather desolated area.  The paths there were convoluted and dangerous.  Not only cars couldn’t get through, it was also impossible for normal people to get there.  They later heard that it was Gu Ran’s family who spent over tens of thousands of dollars in order to find some local people who would be willing to risk being in danger and help them retrieve the body.


If Fang Xu knew that he would bump into those farmers again, he would not have come regardless of how much the prize money was.

But Gu Ran died on a different mountain.  Who knew that they would move their homes to a different area?  They must have done too many bad things and are afraid of being caught by the police?

And yet it’s just such a coincidence that the competition takes place at their new homes.

He remembers clearly the feeling of fright and disgust he felt in his heart the moment he saw those farmers at the house they stayed in.

He remembers after following Ke Fan to the backyard, Ke Fan said almost in a panic, “It has to be them!  Otherwise, how would Yan Er have died from being slashed in the throat?  They’re planning to kill us all!  There isn’t anybody else on this mountain!”

“What should we do then?” he asked.

Zhang Mu Han was also following them.  Although he didn’t know what happened back then, he knew that they had to act fast.  After a long moment of silence, Ke Fan raised his head and said fearlessly, “There’s no other way.  I don’t want to die either way.  We should take a chance!  What these farmers want are women and money.  Let’s negotiate with them.  They can have all three women and we won’t stop them!  We’ll also keep everything a secret.”

Zhang Mu Han, who came out with them was dumbstruck, “No!  Not Xia Zi……”

Ke Fan interrupted him, “Do you want your girlfriend or your life?”

Zhang Mu Han couldn’t respond.

Fang Xu spoke, “But……that means the three of them will not be able to live.”

Ke Fan said coldly, “Having three people die is better than having everyone die, isn’t it?  Do you not remember how Yan Er died?”

Zhang Mu Han and Fang Xu both didn’t say anything.  It was because Yan Er’s death was too horrifying.  Someone who was just alive a minute ago was drained of all his blood in the next minute.

Ke Fan continued with his plan, “……tell those farmers, a lot of people know about this competition.  If all of us are killed, the police will definitely find them.  If only the three girls die, then we can make it look like an accident just like how they did it with Gu Ran.  We’ll be their alibi when the time comes and say that it was those three girls who got lost.  The police will never guess that we would be accomplices!”

Later, Ke Fan went into the small house and negotiated with the old man.

Not long after, he came out, looking not too happy or gloomy.  He said, “He agreed.  But he wants us to get the three women tied up and take it to them.”

Zhang Mu Han almost lost his balance after hearing this, “They want to get us involved in this!  This old geezer is so sly!”

Ke Fan added, “At this point, we’ve got no choice!  Or do you want to die?  Xiao You is trustworthy and Professor Sun will definitely not tell anyone.  It’s just that Han Chen most likely won’t agree to let go of his girlfriend, and he won’t be easy to fight against.  Let’s take care of him first in a bit.”

Zhang Mu Han thought for a moment and said, “Li Ming Yue is sick, so l-let’s capture her first!”  He looked as if he wanted to cry and depressed at the same time, “Xia Zi……let’s capture her last!”

Ke Fan and Fang Xu didn’t object.


Thinking back to everything that happened afterward was like a dream to Fang Xu.  It was out of their control, yet it was more frightening and gory than they had first imagined.

Ke Fan headed off in the dark to finish Han Chen, while he and Zhang Mu Han went to capture Li Ming Yue……The lights suddenly came on.  His hand slipped and blood was already flowing out of Li Ming Yue non-stop……And then he realized that they had to kill even more people.  They must kill Han Chen, kill Bai Jin Xi, and kill Professor Sun and Xiao You in order to cover this up……And then he followed the source of light and got here.  Xiao You suddenly killed Ke Fan, and Zhang Mu Han stabbed Xiao You……

And now, he and Zhang Mu Han have been tied up by Han Chen, while Xiao You is nowhere to be found.  But they are already surrounded by a bunch of crazy farmers.

Ever since they entered the mountain, there has been an invisible hand guiding and driving all the events.  And they could only keep walking farther and deeper, and can no longer escape.


The wind blows across the dancing fire, causing the flames to leap up into the sky, like a golden snake, twisting above everyone’s heads.

Fang Xu is quiet.  Zhang Mu Han beside him, on the other hand, starts shouting, “Old friend!  Old friend!  We’re over here!  Hurry and catch them!  We’ll help you guys!”

Just as he finishes speaking, Fang Xu is expressionless.  Han Chen in the front doesn’t turn around either.  Professor Sun turns his head suddenly and roars, “Shut up!  Are you even human!”

After Xia Zi received a knife, she has been standing with her back towards Zhang Mu Han and doesn’t bother looking at him.  But she turns around suddenly and stabs Zhang Mu Han in the chest.

Han Chen, Professor Sun, and Fang Xu all turn to look.  They see Zhang Mu Han opening his mouth, but is unable to make any sound.  Blood is rushing out from his chest.  And Xia Zi has started crying, trembling as she lets go of the knife and backs up a few steps.

“Zhang Mu Han,” she says, “we all have to die now.”

Not far from where they are, the farmers have already started moving closer.


Jin Xi is standing behind some bushes that are as tall as a person, watching the group of people and at Han Chen.

Even when they’re in a life and death situation like this, he doesn’t seem to be in the slightest bit of panic.  His left hand is in his pocket, while his right hand is resting on the side of his body holding a knife.  His dark brown eyes scan the faces of the farmers quietly.

Jin Xi knows very well that he is observing and plotting at the same time.  He is trying to see how he can take down 9 opponents by himself.

She smiles suddenly.

She lowers her head, uses her hand to pinch between her eyebrows and rub her temples to let herself feel more awake.  She holds the knife in her hand, pushes the bushes aside and walks out.

The moment she appears, the farmers look over immediately.  She can see their disgusting glowing eyes as she glares back at them coldly.

Professor Sun and Fang Xu then turn their heads to look, but don’t say anything.

Lastly, it’s Han Chen.

He turns his head slowly and stares at her for a quick moment.  His eyes are dark and deep-set like a bottomless hole, causing Jin Xi’s heart to shake.

She walks to his side while looking straight, but she reaches out to give his hand a squeeze.

“I’m done resting.  I’m not lying,” she says softly, “Leader, it’s time to use my help when it comes to fighting against these crooks.”

Han Chen looks at the side of her face.

He then smiles slowly.

Jin Xi feels her hand being gripped.  He’s holding her hand instead of letting her hold his.

“Okay,” he says softly.

It’s such a simple one-word response, yet Jin Xi feels that he has responded with a thousand words in her heart.

She turns her head and glances at the farmers indifferently.  She raises her voice and says crisply, “They have 9 people in total.  I’ll take 3, and you take 6.  Any objections?”

“Nope,” Han Chen says casually.

Fang Xu, Xia Zi, and Professor Sun behind them watch and listen to their conversation, and doesn’t butt in.

The farmers make eye contact with each other and continue moving forward.

Jin Xi looks down and points to Ke Fan’s hideous looking dead body and says, “Oh right, this guy was killed by him just now when he tried to escape.”  She points to Han Chen, and then gestures to them, “Who wants to be next?  Come.”

Farmers clearly don’t understand mind games.  After hearing what she said and taking a look at the body, they are stunned immediately and all pause their footsteps.

Jin Xi is pleased with their reactions.  She knows that no matter what she says, they won’t stop now.  But as long as she can knock down their confidence, she and Han Chen will have a greater chance at defeating them.  Just as she’s about to continue, they hear the old man say calmly, “They only have 4 people and 2 of them are women.  We have 9 people!  Go!”

At the end of his last word, the other eight farmers all raise their sickles, axes, and wooden bats as they shout, “ahhhh,” and charge towards them!

Xia Zi and Professor Sun step backward.  Jin Xi doesn’t budge beside Han Chen.  She takes a deep breath, clears her mind and gets ready to fight.

“Bai Jin Xi,” he calls her suddenly.


“Now you’re more like Han Chen’s confidante,” he says calmly.

As if something has just poked her heart lightly, Jin Xi turns to look at him out of reflex.

And at this instant, all they hear is the sound of guns firing out of nowhere, “bang, bang, bang, bang!——”  Jin Xi can only see that each of the farmers’ body shake and fall down with a thump.  In the next second, Han Chen wraps his arm around her shoulders and forces her to fall down to the ground.  Xia Zi screams as she ducks down with Professor Sun.

“Ahhh——Ahhh——” the farmers cry in pain.  But the bullets come too fast and disappear quickly.  Jin Xi is pressed to the ground with Han Chen on top of her.  She can vaguely make out about ten or so gunshots.

Once the sound of gunshots end, they both look up.  The first thing that they see is all the farmers lying on the ground.  Their facial expressions are all twisted due to pain as they are unable to move.  Every one of them has a bullet in their knee.

9 people; 18 gunshots; none wasted, crippling both of their legs.

Footsteps are coming from one side of the bonfire.

Han Chen pulls Jin Xi up.  They see that T has returned.  He’s carrying an AK47 as he walks out of the forest slowly.  His face is a bit pale.  His abdomen, which has been stabbed by Zhang Mu Han, has already been wrapped up.  But blood can still be seen seeping through the gauze.

And his gun is aiming at the farmers.  Even though he is walking very slowly, he is holding his gun extremely steady.

Han Chen and Jin Xi watch him quietly.

All of a sudden, the farmer closest to them, which is that old man, climbs up from the ground and attempts to stab his leg with a knife!  Before the knife even reaches T, a smirk flashes across T’s face.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!——” another round of gunshots.  Xia Zi screams, “AHHH!”  Even Jin Xi has her eyes wide open in shock.  Han Chen, on the other hand, shows no expression on his face.

The gunshots from just now have all been fired at the old man’s head one after the other, causing it to be all mushed up.  The sight of it is unbearable.

This time, all the farmers are completely shocked.  They don’t even dare to cry out.  They stare at T speechlessly.  T smiles holding his gun, “Everybody is finally here.”

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