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Chapter 44: Awakening of a Loyal Wolf (2 of 2)

Jin Xi and Xiao Zhuan are stunned.  Chatterbox and Cold Face are a bit surprised.  Han Chen, on the other hand, continues to be sitting without any expression on his face.

Jin Xi feels that there isn’t a need to ask the question.  It’s because Xu Si Bai has always hated being around a lively group and sees fame and fortune as nothing.  He only likes to stay in his quiet lab in Jiangcheng and live the life that he wants.

But who knew that Xu Si Bai would nod his head after a brief moment of silence, “I’ll think about it.”  He then turns around and leaves.

The fact that Xu Si Bai isn’t rejecting the offer right away, Qin Wen Long is already quite satisfied with this answer.  He turns around to face everyone else and says while making a big wave with his hand, “Let’s start!”


Since Jin Xi and Han Chen both have injuries, Qin Wen Long doesn’t prolong the meeting.  Everybody discusses the case briefly and asks them about what happened that night.  The follow-up work will be finished by Chatterbox and the others.

Just when they’re about done, Qin Wen Long looks down at his watch, “I’m going back to the station,” he looks back up at Chatterbox and the others, “Do you guys want me to give you a ride back?”

All three of them nod.  Qin Wen Long goes downstairs first to fetch his car in the parking lot.  Chatterbox looks at Han Chen, “Leader, we’ll take you back to your room first?”

Jin Xi still has her head to the side and is looking out the window.  But she hears Han Chen’s deep and calm voice say, “No.  I still have some things to ask her.  You guys can leave first.”

Jin Xi’s hands grab the blanket and she doesn’t say anything.

The three of them leave quickly.

The room returns to its silence.

The sun in the afternoon is blazing.  It makes one feel a burning sensation as it shines on you.  Jin Xi waits patiently to see what happens.  In the corner of her eye, she sees him leaning on the wall for support as he gets up slowly.  Her coldness doesn’t bother him as he makes his way to sit down on the side of her bed.

She can feel her bed sink down due to his weight.  She can feel his aura beside her, making her feel irritated suddenly, “Han Chen, have you had enough yet?”

“No,” he answers faintly.

Jin Xi can’t find any words to snap back at him, but her heart feels an even stronger sense of being wronged.

Han Chen watches her quietly for a moment.  He refrains himself from wanting to lower his head and kissing her forcefully, and says, “I have something to ask you.”

Jin Xi keeps quiet.

“Before T died, he mentioned about the case from five years ago and apologized for it,” he stares at her as he continues, “I think that was the reason why he specifically asked for us to participate.  Otherwise, he could have found any officer to witness his ‘verdict.’  Bai Jin Xi, what does the case from five years ago got to do with you?”

Jin Xi’s heart pounds.

Everything happened so fast and she was injured, so she didn’t think about it carefully.  Now that she’s fully awake, she also notices this problem.  She can tell from Han Chen’s expression that he knows a lot about the case from five years ago.  But why did T ask her to participate?

She thinks for a moment and shakes her head, “I don’t know.  I was still at the Shahu police academy five years ago, so how could I have been part of the case?  And from T’s tone of voice, it sounded like it was a big case.”

The instant she finishes talking, she sees Han Chen staring at her with solemn eyes.

Just from looking at his eyes, the rage in Jin Xi’s heart surges again, so she says coldly, “If you don’t have any more questions, please leave.  Don’t sit on my bed!”  She reaches out her arms and pushes him.  But the moment she does, he grabs them and presses them onto the bed.

Jin Xi shouts, “You!”

Han Chen locks down her wrists and doesn’t let go.  He then presses his other hand on the bed beside her body, encasing her.  He looks down at her, “If you move again, I’ll kiss you.”

Jin Xi’s body freezes.  Her face flushes as she glares at him without a word.

“T had an intricate plan.  He wouldn’t do anything that was unnecessary.  If you didn’t take part in the case from five years ago, then tell me in detail about what you did that year.  Where did you go, and what people did you see?  Don’t leave anything out,” he says.

Jin Xi can’t give him any answers.

But seeing the way Han Chen is today, he will definitely not give up if she doesn’t explain everything to him clearly.  Therefore, she lets out a soft “hmph,” turns her head to the side and responds, “I’m sorry, but I really can’t answer your questions.  It’s because I’ve lost my memory, so I can’t remember anything of the past.”

The moment she finishes, a strange feeling rises inside her heart.

She can sense Han Chen’s gaze on her face becoming even more imposing.

Even though there are only the two of them in the room, the mood is heavy.

“Is that so?” he says slowly, “What a coincidence, me too.”

Jin Xi is stunned.  She raises her head to look at him.

“I also lost my memory five years ago,” his eyes are like the deepest end of the ocean, “I can’t remember anything from the past either.”

His words give Jin Xi’s heart a chill.

The case from five years ago?  Both of them lost their memories?

She falls into a deep thought.  But she can’t figure out how these things are connected, and what these words all mean.

It’s just that……

She can feel very clearly that ever since Han Chen woke up and stepped into this room, his attitude towards her has changed.

He’s an apathetic person, and although he’s fierce inside, he’s restrained most of the time.

But today, even though his tone is still calm as usual, every word that he says to her and the way he looks at her, all seem to be domineering.

“Give me a reason and I’ll leave.”


“If you move again, I’ll kiss you.”

“Is that so?  What a coincidence, me too.”


Just like a wolf, without any warning, he stares at her and moves closer.


Han Chen, on the other hand, watches her fall into deep thoughts, but he can’t help feeling worked up.

At Wulin Mountain, time was short and he was hurt, so he didn’t have time to think carefully about T’s last words.  But after waking up today, his mind is clear and so many traces are crisscrossing in his mind.

His forte is logic and reasoning.  Xin Jia’s reaction after seeing Bai Jin Xi for the first time, T’s words, and the many paradoxes all point to one thing: Bai Jin Xi was related to that case in the past.

But technically speaking, this only proves that she was related to the case.

They have no understanding of the case in the past, and there is no evidence right now that proves that she is his fiancee.  On the other hand, there are many information and evidence that proves that she can’t possibly be his fiancee.

But the moment that the possibility rises, it grows and entangles his heart and becomes unstoppable.

Is it she?

The woman that he loved with his life.  Is it this woman in front of him who makes him unable to control his feelings?


But what if it’s not her?  What if she only took part of or was a victim of the case in the past?

The moment this possibility flashes across his mind, he feels as if his heart is being thrashed open painfully and slowly with a blunt knife.

It also makes him become anxious and moody at the same time like never before.


Jin Xi had been in a daze before noticing that Han Chen has lowered his head and is very close to her.

The closeness instantly makes Jin Xi uncomfortable as she says coolly, “What are you doing?”

“Did you feel anything from my kiss?” he asks softly staring at her.

Jin Xi’s heart skips a beat.  She then hears his deep and raspy voice say, “I definitely felt something.”

The taste of sweetness and the feeling of pain rushes inside Bai Jin Xi’s heart immediately.  She turns to look to the side.  After a long moment of silence, she says in a dry voice, “Han Chen, it’s impossible for me to be with you.  You should leave.  We should end things here.”

After she finishes, she can’t bear to see his expression.

But after remaining quiet for a few seconds, he says calmly, “Bai Jin Xi, whatever you say doesn’t count.  Only when I say so, then it counts.  I still need some time to confirm some things.  Let’s talk about this again later.”

Jin Xi is struck dumb.  He glances at her, gets up and walks towards the door.

Jin Xi watches his back view and finally can’t help but to scoff, “……Han Chen!  Are you a lunatic?!”

But he isn’t bothered by her words as he walks slowly out of the room.

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