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Chapter 46: The Blurry You (2 of 2)

It’s the first time that Cold Face feels Han Chen’s phone call request is a challenge.

Somebody’s background, education, and other information can be easily found out.  But how can he look for somebody’s “ex-boyfriend”?

And Cold Face is someone who likes to take action.  After thinking about it for a long while, he calls a cab and decides to go to the hospital directly.

In the patient’s room, Bai Jin Xi is chatting with Xu Si Bai while Xiao Zhuan is peeling an apple on the side.

It’s been a few days since they last met, so Bai Jin Xi takes her time to ask, “Why did you disappear?  Were you teasing me?”

Xu Si Bai is wearing a light brown jacket accompanied by a white shirt, making him look tall and clean.  He pours the chicken soup out from a thermos and into a small bowl and then places it in front of her.

“I had to ask for leave without prior notice.  There are still a lot of work to do,” he explains, “Furthermore, I’m still deciding on a couple of things.”

Jin Xi’s eyes roll upwards as she picks up the bowl of chicken soup and drinks it.

“It’s so tasty!” she says almost biting on her tongue.

Xiao Zhuan immediately turns to look their way.

“There’s enough for you,” Xu Si Bai says smiling, “I made a lot of it.  She can’t finish it herself.”

Xiao Zhuan flatters him right away, “I knew Forensic Investigator Xu is the best!”

Jin Xi smiles as well.  She stirs her soup with the spoon and looks up at him, “What are you trying to decide on?”

Xu Si Bai is sitting on a chair across from her bed.  Both of his hands are on his knees and his back is straight.  It makes Jin Xi feel that even though he’s just sitting there, he looks very much like a scholarly professor.

“Deciding whether or not to join the Black Shield Team.”

Jin Xi and Xiao Zhuan both stare at him.

“I’ve decided to come,” he says.

Jin Xi takes a drink of the chicken soup, reveals a smile and asks in a serious manner, “Why?  The provincial and city offices have invited you so many times and you’ve always turned them down.  You said that you liked the quietness of Jiangcheng and its focused work environment.  So why are willing to come this time?”

Xiao Zhuan is still washing an apple, but the apple’s skin is about to come off from all the rubbing.  He pretends to be uninterested, but he’s got his ears perked up.

Xu Si Bai lowers his eyelids slowly.  His long lashes cover his pupils.

“You’re asking why?” he asks softly.

Jin Xi’s heart skips a beat.  She feels as if her whole body is frozen.

Xiao Zhuan is a bit stunned from hearing his tone.  He also feels nervous out of nowhere.

It’s over, it’s over.  Is he going to confess?  Has Forensic Investigator Xu finally decided to fight Leader Han for Xiao Bai?

While the two of them are acting like they’re up against the biggest villain, Xu Si Bai pauses for a brief moment and reveals a gentle smile, “I don’t have many friends.  Throughout these few years in Jiangcheng, I have only you two and Xiao Yao.  I’m planning to bring Xiao Yao with me.  It’s the same for me in terms of where I work, so why shouldn’t I choose to be with you guys?”

Xiao Yao is Xu Si Bai’s assistant at Jiangcheng.

Jin Xi and Xiao Zhuan are both relieved.

She puts down the spoon, sits up straight and holds out her hand to Xu Si Bai with a smile, “Xu Si Bai, welcome to the Black Shield Team.”

Xu Si Bai reaches out and shakes her hand.  His hand is cool and dry.  It’s soothing to hold.

“Thank you,” he says.

They look at each other in the eye.  His eyes are rich brown and calm.  Since they’re sitting very close, Jin Xi can almost make out the reflection in his pupils; that very tiny image of herself.

She smiles like she does normally and releases his hand.  She starts talking about all the different foods in City Lan while he listens quietly with a smile.  Xiao Zhuan adds his inputs cleverly every so often and decides on where the three of them will meet next time and the next time after that.

Very soon, the sky turns dark.  Xu Si Bai tidies up and says goodbye.  Xiao Zhuan also needs to go back to the station, so he follows him down the stairs.  After finishing the apple, Jin Xi lies down to rest for a bit before getting out of bed to do some exercise.  She can already walk around and do some simple exercises.  It’s just that she can’t do strenuous exercises.

After sitting for a while, she hears someone knocking on the door behind her.  The moment she turns around, she sees Cold Face carrying a bag of fruits and giving her a nod expressionlessly while walking inside.


Xiao Zhuan and Forensic Investigator Xu are waiting for a cab at the hospital’s front entrance.  They still haven’t gotten one after a long while.

Xiao Zhuan is standing on the curb and is looking and waiting anxiously.  After a while, he turns around and is shocked.

It’s because Xu Si Bai is smoking.

His tall and slender figure is standing under a street lamp.  He’s holding a cigarette between his fingers and is smoking quietly.  His looks are too handsome and refined, and his fingers are fair white and long.  It actually feels very unfitting to see him smoking like this.  It’s like discovering that an elegant and innocent student also has a rebellious side that we don’t know.

Xiao Zhuan watches him and suddenly feels pity towards him.

He says without thinking, “Forensic Investigator Xu, since you like Xiao Bai, why don’t you just pursue her?”

Xiao Zhuan wants to slap himself in the face right after.  What is he doing?

Xu Si Bai is stunned.

He lowers his arm slowly.

Smoke rises from the cigarette between his fingers as he watches the cars flow in traffic without a word.

Xiao Zhuan regrets asking the question without warning.  Just when he tries to change the subject, he hears a cool sounding voice speak.

“It’s because I know very well that she will not accept me.  With her personality, she’s very clear on whether she likes someone or not.  We’ve known each other for so long.  If she has me in her heart, she would have come to me long ago.  Xiao Zhuan, please don’t mention this again.  Everything is fine the way they are.”


In regards to Cold Face’s sudden visit, although Jin Xi is a bit surprised, she understands right away after remembering his “housewife-like” personality.

Cold Face isn’t good with greetings, so after sitting down and asking her how she’s doing, he reaches into his pocket and goes straight to his main purpose, “I didn’t bring my phone.  Let me borrow yours.”

Cold Face is someone with a great reputation.  Therefore, Jin Xi doesn’t have any doubts about him, so she gives her cell phone to him.  Cold Face gets up and goes outside.

Cold Face is standing in the hallway as he opens up the call log.  After searching through it for a while, his face reveals a smile.  He saves one of the numbers from the list into his own cell phone, and then returns to the room and gives Jin Xi back her cell phone.

“Thanks,” he says, “I still have some things to do.  Get some more rest.  I’ll be leaving now.”

Jin Xi is full of smiles as she lies down on the bed and waves goodbye to him.

After leaving the room, Cold Face walks for a distance before calling Han Chen, “Name: Zhao Zi Xu.  Phone number: 186XXXX.”

Han Chen is a bit surprised that he is able to find this information so fast.  He records the number and asks, “How did you find it?”

“I read through Xiao Bai’s call log.  There was a remark underneath his name.  The phrase wrote, ‘stupid ex-boyfriend Zhao Zi Xu.’”

Han Chen giggles and says in a relaxed tone, “He is a stupid man, isn’t he?”

Cold Face pauses and then laughs as well.  Just when he wants to end the call, he hears Han Chen say, “What was the remark under my name?”

Cold Face hesitates.

“Just tell me.”

“……two-timer heartless bastard Han.”

Han Chen remains silent for a moment and then hangs up.

Bai Jin Xi is lying on the bed by herself.  Just before she falls asleep, she hears her phone alerting her of a new text message.

“Don’t think of nonsense things.  Give me a bit more time.”——Han Chen.

Jin Xi stares at her phone for a long while before tossing it underneath her pillow without sending a reply back.

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