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Chapter 49: The Everyday Life of Living Together (1 of 2)

Han Chen has waited for this day to come for too long.  He also guessed long ago that Bai Jin Xi was his fiancée.

But what about to Bai Jin Xi?

The sound of water coming from the bathroom continues.  Jin Xi is sitting on the sofa with her arms wrapped around her legs and staring at this unfamiliar man’s home.  She falls into a trance.

Is she…going to start living with him just like this?

Her reasoning and logic have already accepted this, but she still feels as if she’s still dreaming.

On the other hand, she has always been an open-minded person.  Since she has already agreed to him, she stops feeling perplexed about it.  Furthermore, she’s very interested to know what happened and what she lost in the past.  Perhaps staying with Han Chen will help both of them recover their memories.

Moreover, he’s quite pitiful too……

Just as she falls into deep thoughts, she hears the doorbell ring.

Jin Xi walks over to open the door still immersed in her thoughts.  It’s Xiao Zhuan with an extremely surprised face standing in front of her.

Jin Xi is also struck dumb seeing him; she now recalls Han Chen telling him to bring her luggage over.  Therefore, without a second thought, she slams the door shut with a loud “bang.”

Thinking of Xiao Zhuan’s expression just now, she lowers her head subconsciously.  And she realizes that something is not right!  She’s still wearing a patient’s gown and slippers.  Her hair’s a mess after being kissed by Han Chen from night till morning.  She touches her lips and can feel that they are swollen.  From her open collar, there is clear teeth mark just right under her collarbone……

Jin Xi’s face flushes immediately.  Listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom behind her, she quickly buttons up her gown, steadies her breathing and re-opens the door again in a calm and composed manner.

Xiao Zhuan looks at her with a sulky face.

Jin Xi decides to stand firm, “What?  What is that expression of yours?  Why are you looking at me like that?”

Xiao Zhuan says dejectedly, “Is it really like what I think it is!?  In such a short time, you’ve been……”

Jin Xi’s face is burning.  She snatches the bag of clothes from him, “What are all these nonsense in your head?  It was only a bite!”

Xiao Zhuan: “It was……only a bite?”  He feels as if his head is about to explode.  The usual cold and handsome super detective Han took a bite out of Xiao Bai?

Jin Xi feels that they can’t continue the conversation any longer, so she throws the bag of clothes inside, crosses her arms and stares at him, “Xiao Zhuan, I can’t explain everything to you right now.  We’re……We’re together.  But we’re only staying together for the sake of investigating a case!  The big case that T mentioned.  Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?  Anyway, thanks.  I’m closing the door if there isn’t anything else.”


“Bang!” Jin Xi closes the door again.  She lets out a long breath of relief.

Please forgive her.  She has once again used her vigor to suppress Xiao Zhuan.

In the bathroom, Han Chen has already shut off the water and is drying his hair with a towel.  Hearing the chit-chat going on outside from the two of them, he reveals a slight smile.

He tosses the towel to the side and puts on a pair of long pants.  Just when he is about to turn the knob to open the door, he freezes.

He has gotten used to walking out of the bathroom this way after living alone for so long.  She’s here today and yet he forgot to grab a shirt with him.

But he pauses for no more than a second before pulling the door open and walking outside.

Jin Xi is leaning against the entrance door.  The moment she looks up, she sees Han Chen.

Her eyes drift and she turns her head away subconsciously.

“I’m going to take a bath too,” she ruffles through the bag, finds a set of clothes and a towel, and walks past him.  She closes the bathroom door and locks it.  She feels like giggling all of a sudden.

His body is quite fit, isn’t it……

Alright, it’s more than just fit.

He’s now her boyfriend; her lost and found fiancé.  Thinking about this makes her heart sink and float at the same time.  She’s happy nonetheless.  The kind of happiness that she has never felt before coming from within her heart and it’s super sweet——just like how he was just now.

She can’t help herself from twirling in the bathroom.  She twirls her way to the showerhead and starts bathing while humming a melody.

Han Chen finds a shirt to put on from his bedroom and then sits down on the sofa and lights up a cigarette.

The apartment is brightly lit near noontime.  He can hear the sound of water splashing coming from the bathroom, and he can just make out her off-tune singing.  Her red duffle bag is laying on the floor beside the sofa.  Her white cell phone has been left on the coffee table.

The usual cold and lonely home now contain traces of her and her scent.

He raises his head and stares at the bathroom door.

After staring for a while, he smiles slowly.

When Jin Xi comes out from the bathroom, she sees Han Chen sitting across with a cigarette between his fingers and staring at her quietly.  His hair hasn’t fully dried yet.  It’s still damp and sticking to his face, moistening his fair white skin and making his pupils look darker than usual.  The top button of his shirt is unbuttoned.  His collar is slightly open, revealing his neck.

He’s just incredibly handsome.

“Come over for a kiss,” he says suddenly.

Jin Xi’s body shivers from his explicit invitation.  She rejects him frankly, “No!  I need to wash my clothes.”

She turns around to take a look and then walks towards the washing machine at the balcony.  She immediately spots the clothes that Han Chen has changed out of and are thrown into the basket on the side.

She falls into a daze and asks without thinking, “Han Chen, Xiao Zhuan and the guys don’t wash their socks, undergarments, and clothes separately.  You’re not also like that, are you?”

Han Chen inhales his cigarette lightly as he watches what is going on outside the window.

Washing socks, underwear, and outer layer clothes together?  He has never tolerated this since he was little.


“Why do they need to be washed separately?” he asks calmly.

As a result, he sees Jin Xi glance at him with disgust.

“Male officers are indeed all the same,” she sighs, “yet I thought you would be more refined.  Oh well, I’ll wash them all together then.”

Han Chen smiles with the cigarette in his mouth but says nonchalantly, “Whatever you like.”


Since she has decided to live with him, she needs to familiarize herself with the environment.  After Jin Xi starts the washing machine and walks into the living room, she sees Han Chen putting out his cigarette and standing up.

Jin Xi feels nervous suddenly.  She walks quickly to the study room, “Let me take a look around.”

Han Chen doesn’t say anything.  He walks over, grabs her by the waist and accompanies her to look around.

The study is very neat and tidy, and the bedroom is well lit and spacious.  But Jin Xi notices a problem very soon.

A problem that she should’ve thought of first thing but has neglected due to her emotions getting worked up.

There’s only……one bed.

She comes out of the bedroom and sees Han Chen looking calm, so she doesn’t say anything.  After thinking for a moment, she says, “I’m hungry.  Let’s go eat and then go buy some things.”

They eat their lunch at a restaurant in the area.

Han Chen seems to come often because the waitresses all look surprised to see him bring a girl with him.  After she sits down, Jin Xi can sense them peeking at their table every now and then.

This guy……

Jin Xi drinks her cup of tea slowly while staring at Han Chen, who’s looking down at the menu across from her.

He sure does attract a lot of women.

The waitresses are even more surprised after they finish their meals.  Even Jin Xi is a bit shocked.  It’s because although Han Chen isn’t talkative, he’s very considerate of her.

When the waitress brings them a hot sizzling plate of steak, he taps on the table, “Put it here, don’t put it in front of her.”  He waits until the plate cools down a bit before moving it in front of her.  When all the dishes have arrived, she is delighted, “It’s all of my favorite.”  He says without lifting an eyebrow, “I ordered based on what you like.”  Her cup is already empty yet she doesn’t notice until he waves for the waitress.  The waitress serves them a plate of fruits at the end of their meals, but just when she is about to eat it, he stops her.  He turns around and tells the waitress, “Please take it away.  She cannot eat anything cool in these few days.”

Jin Xi is speechless, “……”

The waitress takes the plate of fruits away while smiling.  Jin Xi knows that the waitress has misunderstood them, thinking that Han Chen must be being considerate of her period, but it’s really because she has just recovered from her injury.

Jin Xi looks down, takes a sip of water and smiles.  She rests her chin in one palm and stares at him, “Hey, Han Chen.  You get into character quite quickly, don’t you?  I’m not used to it yet.”

Han Chen lays one of his arms on the back of the chair, glances at her and picks up his tea, “It’s natural.  I’ve never let go of this character before, unlike you.”

Jin Xi almost chokes on her water.  She keeps quiet feeling guilty.

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