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Chapter 52: Pure and Passionate Love (2 of 2)

Criminal investigators often have to rush to the scene of the crime as well as working late at the office.  Therefore, they always keep spare clothes to change into.  He usually probably goes to Cold Face’s or Chatterbox’s dorm room to take a shower, but he has come to her place today.

The moment he walks in, he pauses.  He looks around like he’s appraising her tiny place.  Jin Xi wants to cry in her heart.  She dashes in front of him quickly and starts grabbing her underwears and socks on the sofa, the several packs of pads and the half eaten bag of plums on the table……etcetera.  After she fetches them all, she stuffs them into a drawer.  She turns around and looks at him like nothing happened, “Go take a shower.  There are body wash and shampoo inside.”

Han Chen looks at her with his eyes curved slightly.

“What are you panicking for?  I don’t mind.”

Jin Xi laughs, “F–k it!  This is what we call cozy, easygoing and free!  Unlike your home.  It’s cold and tidy, and not a single bit of warmth!”

Han Chen goes into the bathroom.  Jin Xi makes use of the time and tidies up the place some more.  Just when she finishes putting a garbage bag outside of the door, she hears the bathroom door creak.  He walks out from it.  He has already changed into a pair of clean shirt and long pants.  His hair is damp and the top two buttons of his shirt are not buttoned, making him look more casual.

Jin Xi sits down on the small sofa and looks at him, “Do you want to take a nap?”

He sits down beside her, “I’ll just lean back and rest for a bit.”

A singles dorm room is very small in space.  The two of them are squeezed together in the small sofa.  Since he’s tall and has long legs, it makes the place feel cramped.  He rests one arm on her shoulder and pulls her into his embrace.

Jin Xi leans on his shoulder and asks, “How is the investigation coming along?”

“There is a lot of work to be done, so it’ll take some time.”

Jin Xi nods, “Mm.”

He looks down and stares at her, “How about your profiling?”

It’s exactly what has been troubling Jin Xi’s mind.  She lets out a sigh crisply and answers, “I’ve basically completed the profile.  But even if I can infer his age, interests, personality, social status and a rough outline of him, there may be thousands of people who match this profile in City Lan.  I haven’t found an effective way to make him stand out from everybody else.”

Han Chen keeps quiet for a moment and says, “This is why I don’t believe in criminal psychology.  You guys always start with assumptions.  You assume the ‘most possible profile’ of the suspect and then try to search for this person in the crowd.  Your inferences and conclusions are never the one and only, but are based on ‘probability.’

But we’re not like that.  We rely on the facts, unwavering evidence, objective logic, and eliminate all the impossibles to derive the one and only truth.”

Jin Xi is silent from listening to him.  She wants to refute his points by saying that “as long as the probability of it is precise enough, the chances of solving the case is increased greatly.”  But just before the words come out of her mouth, she realizes something.  She looks up and stares at him.

“Didn’t you say……that you disliked criminal psychology in the past because it didn’t have me in it?  So you really do hate criminal psychology!”

Han Chen is a bit stunned.

He realizes what he has just said as well.  But he’s such a bastard, isn’t he?  He doesn’t answer.  He takes a look at her, and then suddenly lowers his head and seals her lips.

Jin Xi struggles, “Wuu……You liar……”

“I didn’t lie to you……” he pacifies her while still having his lips locked with hers, “I don’t dislike criminal psychology.  I’m just pointing out its flaws……”

As they continue kissing, Jin Xi’s body eases up and accepts his kiss quietly.  It’s just that somehow, he lifts her and they end up falling onto the bed.  The twin size bed makes several “squeaks.”  Jin Xi pushes him with her hands, “It’s going to collapse!”  Han Chen doesn’t listen.  He grabs her hands to stop them from moving around, lowers his head and continues kissing her.

A bit of light has appeared on the skyline.  The room gradually becomes lit.  She’s wearing a cotton gown with long sleeves; loose and wide fit.  Han Chen just needs to lower his head and he would be able to see her fair white skin that’s smooth like jade, as well as her curvy body shape molded by the thin bed sheet.

He’s been thinking of her curvy outline for a good few days now.

After kissing for a while, his hand moves down to her waist; rubbing and grabbing it slowly on top of her clothes.  Jin Xi feels her body going numb from his rubbing.  She cries softly, “Where are you putting her hand!?  Let go!”

Han Chen hums, “Mm,” while sucking on her lips.  His hand lifts up her gown directly and slides upwards.

Jin Xi’s body stiffens.  She feels as if all the air in the room has become dry and hot.  And every inch of her skin is itching.  They both don’t say anything.  His big hands travel along her as her body trembles and raise up and down slightly.  His lips are also moving downward from her face, burying deeply into her neck, biting her softly while his hands caress her.


After a long while, he lets go of her, sits up and leans against the wall.  He lifts his arm to his forehead and laughs.  Jin Xi, on the other hand, turns her body around blushing.  She buttons up her sleeping gown quickly, but the hickeys on her neck cannot be covered up.  What should she do when she go to work today……

“Jin Xi,” he calls out her name.

Jin Xi’s face and body are still burning.  She turns around feeling embarrassed, but her eyes meet directly with his pair of rich brown eyes.  And his face is also slightly red.  She doesn’t know whether it’s because of the heat inside the room or from kissing too long.

“Have you ever dreamt of us……” he asks softly.

He doesn’t ask explicitly, but Jin Xi understands.  She shakes her head firmly with her face red, “No.  I really haven’t.”

“I have.”

Jin Xi is a bit surprised as she looks into his eyes.

“A few times too,” he adds.

Jin Xi feels her face burning.  She feels as if his gaze is penetrating through her clothes, letting him see her clearly and naked.  She doesn’t know how to respond, so she grabs a pillow and throws it at him, “Scoun~drel!”

Han Chen catches the pillow and grasps her wrist at the same time.  He looks at her closely.

“You’ve been mine a long time ago,” he says slowly.  Stars seem to congregate in his eyes, “But yet now I have to find ways to move your heart bit by bit like an idiot.”

Jin Xi feels her heartstrings being plucked.   She feels as if her whole body is melting in his pair of eyes.

“Han Chen……” she murmurs, wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him again.

“Let’s not kiss anymore,” he holds her hand, “If I continue, I’ll really be worked up.”

Jin Xi hums, “Mm,” and then leans into his embrace and doesn’t move.

He wraps one arm around her waist while fetching the file beside the bed with the other.

“Since you can’t find a way yet, let’s read it one more time,” he says.

“Oh, okay,” Jin Xi sits up.  Just when she wants to take the file over from him, he avoids her, “I’ll read.”

Jin Xi is more than happy to let him read.  She leans against his shoulder comfortably, closes her eyes and listens.

Han Chen remains quiet for a moment hugging her warm and soft body and staring at her peaceful and attentive expression.  He lifts his head and looks out the window.

Outside, the sky is already showing a light blue color.  The sun is peering through the clouds and birds are standing on a tree branch from across.  They chirp as if they also notice him inside the room.

“At all three crime scenes, no obvious footprints or tire marks were found……”

“The victims’ bodies were slightly curled, so it can be inferred that the killer is using a consistent method and the same vehicle to move the bodies……”

“Residue from the stomach were from food eaten 2-3 hours before death……”

His voice is low and crisp.  His pronunciations are clear and his speech is well phrased, making it easy to listen to.  As Jin Xi listens, she actually starts feeling sleepy.  As she dozes off, she hears him read, “The wounds from all three bodies were all very much the same.  They were done by someone who was skilled……”

Jin Xi focuses her attention again.  A spark flashes across her mind.  Some blurry thoughts instantly become clear!

She opens her eyes in the next second and grabs the file from his hand, “Han Chen!  I know how to find the suspect!”

Han Chen stares at her and a hint of a smile gradually floats into his eyes.

Jin Xi is elated.  She hugs his neck, kisses him twice and even laughs out loud confidently, “All thanks to you for reading the file and provoking my inspirations.  Thanks!”

But Han Chen takes a look at her and grabs her wrist again, “I also have a way to find the suspect.”

Jin Xi is stunned——He also has a way?  But the killer didn’t leave any evidence or marks behind.  This should be a bottleneck for traditional investigation methods!

Furthermore, he didn’t say anything when he arrived at her place just now.  And yet now that everything is clear to her, he’s finally revealing what he has.

He’s truly a bastard!

Han Chen continues staring at her and smiles faintly, “Do you wanna bet?”

The moment Jin Xi hears the word bet, she becomes alert right away.  After all, she has suffered some losses before.

“What are we betting?”

“Criminal psychology versus traditional investigation method.  Let’s see who finds the killer first,” he says slowly, “If you win, I’ll do anything you say.  If I win……whatever I want, you have to give it to me.”

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