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Chapter 55: She’s Better Than Me (1 of 2)

The meeting is adjourned.

The investigators get up one after the other.  The members of the Black Shield Team also stand up.  Jin Xi looks up and sees that Han Chen is still standing at the very front.  He’s been called to stay behind by the Chief to chat.

“Not bad, Han Chen,” a loud and slightly raspy voice says, attracting everyone’s attention.

It’s one of the veteran investigators speaking with the surname Xun.  He’s near his retirement and has a head full of white hair, but he is highly respected in the team.  The moment he speaks, the Chief, Qin Wen Long, Han Chen and the others all turn to look.

“Although this case is a bit challenging, as long as we are like Han Chen and put all of our efforts on our solid and detailed investigation work, it’ll only be a matter of time before we solve the case!”  Old Xun says.

“Yes!”  “Yes!”  Many investigators start clapping in agreement.  Jin Xi and the others also smile and clap along to support their Leader.  Han Chen, on the other hand, doesn’t have much of an expression on his face.

To their surprise, Old Xun continues to say, “As for those profile things that use theories and inferences to search for the suspect, I think we should be cautious.  Even the Americans haven’t studied this kind of thing thoroughly yet, but we’re already putting it into practice?  Investigation is a rigorous discipline.  The slightest difference can have a huge impact.  Is criminal psychology a rigorous discipline?  I don’t believe so.”  He raises his head to look at Han Chen, and then expresses appreciation, “Young investigators should be more like Han Chen.  You need to work hard to strengthen your basic knowledge before thinking about solving big cases.  Do you know how to track someone?  Do you know how to restore a fingerprint?  If you don’t, you shouldn’t bother talking about solving a case.”

After he finishes, the entire room falls into silence.  Some investigators turn their heads to look at Jin Xi.  Cold Face, Chatterbox, and the others are all dumbstruck.  Jin Xi lets out a “Cheh!” in her heart.

She senses Han Chen looking at her suddenly.  Their eyes meet.  Jin Xi is rather calm.

Although she’s proud and arrogant, she’s not a hot tempered person.  After hearing Old Xun’s blatant criticism, the first thing that comes to her mind is not to go up and argue back at him.  Instead, she thinks: hmph!  A stubborn old geezer, aren’t you?  I’ll go and use my criminal psychology to catch the suspect for you to see!  When that time comes, I’ll throw this line at you old man: facts speak louder than words!

Qin Wen Long says “uh oh” in his heart after hearing Old Xun’s words.  His words describe exactly how he feels.  It’s good to switch the direction back to protect traditional investigation methods and avoid letting Bai Jin Xi lead these young lads down the wrong path.  But this is a bit harsh to the girl.  After all, her inferences are done quite well.  He actually feels that they make quite a bit of sense……

He values them both equally.  Qin Wen Long lets out a faint cough.  Just when he’s about to say a few words to defuse the situation, he hears a voice say suddenly:

“Why do I feel that……” a low and laid back voice says, “my inferences are not as good as hers?”

Who else could it be but Han Chen!?

“Cough……” Qin Wen Long chokes on his own saliva.  He lifts his head and sees Han Chen standing in front of his table with one hand in his pocket and looking calm and composed as always.  Others might not notice, but Qin Wen Long knows his favorite subordinate well.  This fellow is clearly going against Old Xun.  After the feeling of surprise, Qin Wen Long’s mind clicks.  He looks at Han Chen and glances at Bai Jin Xi with the corner of his eye.

Since Han Chen has always carried the image of being cold and unyielding, quite a few investigators are surprised to hear him speak up.  They lower their heads and chat among each other quietly.  But some investigators are giggling, of course, including the members of the Black Shield Team.

“Ah!  Leader is usually indifferent about everything, but during times like this, he would actually come and stand up for others?!” Chatterbox’s facial expression shows devotion and excitement, “Little Girl Bai, look at how protective Leader is.  He’s even putting himself down!  Having a leader like this is really our honor!  He’s a manly man!  He’s superb!”

Cold Face smiles slightly and doesn’t say anything.

Xiao Zhuan bursts out laughing, “Pffft……”  He leans over and lowers his voice to say into Xiao Bai’s ear, “Do you feel very moved and blissful?  I think Leader spoils you and protects you too much.  You must treat him well!  Do you hear me?”

Jin Xi glances at him, “Xiao Zhuan, I notice that you’re now standing on Han Chen’s side?”

Xiao Zhuan let’s out a laugh, “Hehheh.”

Jin Xi lifts her head and stares at Han Chen.  Now that he has stirred things up, the bit of unhappy feeling that she had just now has subsided.  Instead, she feels moved and thinks it’s funny at the same time.  Her cheeks are a little red, but she continues to look calm.

This fellow……is he not afraid that others will find out!?

And the one who’s the most surprise is obviously Old Xun.  He probably didn’t think that Han Chen would go against him, so he’s completely speechless right now.  Han Chen speaks again, “What’s good is good, and what’s bad is bad.  Old Xun, how come you’re more stubborn than me?”

In the entire team, only Han Chen dares to talk like this to Old Xun.  Old Xun is furious as he points his finger at him, “What is wrong with you fella today?!”

The whole crowd is in shock.  Qin Wen Long stands up quickly to calm things down.  He makes eye contact with Han Chen and then scolds him, “What are you saying?  Shut up!”  And then he turns around to look at the crowd, “The meeting is over, so what are you all standing around for?  Hurry and get to work!”  He walks to Old Xun’s side quickly,  consoles him quietly with a smile on his face and pulls him out of the conference room.

The crowd disperses immediately.  The few supervisors in the front row haven’t left yet.  They’re still smiling and chatting with each other.

Xiao Zhuan and the others have received new orders, so they’ve gone to find members of other departments to collaborate.  Jin Xi has completed her profiling, so now she has to wait for the outcome of the search.  Therefore, she’s the one who has the most free time.  She stands up and sees Han Chen walking towards her.

There are still other people in the room.  Jin Xi coughs lightly and smiles staring at him, “Team Leader, thank you for just now.”

It was actually both work and personal that Han Chen stood up for her just now.  In terms of work, Jin Xi’s report is indeed done quite well.  He even has a newfound respect for criminal psychology and feels that it will be very valuable to their search going forward.  Old Xun’s criticism was too over the top.  And since he’s her supervisor, he naturally can’t just keep quiet and not say anything.

But, seeing Jin Xi’s face blushing right now with her glittering and moist eyes……

“Investigator Bai, no need to be polite.  It’s my job to do so.”

People who can hear them naturally think that he meant that it’s his responsibility as her team leader.  But Jin Xi catches the double meaning behind his words as she presses her lips together.

He takes a look at her before turning around to leave.  She follows him.  They politely keep half a body of a distance between each other as they walk towards the exit.

When they are about to reach the doorway, Jin Xi pauses her footsteps.

It’s because she senses someone looking at her from behind with blazing eyes.

She turns to look out of reflex, but only sees the Chief and two to three other supervisors whom she’s unfamiliar with chatting in the front row.

She doesn’t bother lingering any longer and catches up to Han Chen.

The Black Shield Team’s office is empty.  The two of them walk in.  Jin Xi closes the door behind her back.

“Why did you stand up for me just now?!” she says angrily, “It’s too obvious!  You never stood up for anybody before, yet now you’re so protective of me……”

Han Chen needed to fetch some documents in the office and was going to leave again immediately.  He turns around hearing her speak.  He doesn’t waste any time; he walks over, wraps his arms around her waist and seals her lips.

But it’s only a light kiss.  He releases her, “I’m leaving now.”

Jin Xi hums lightly, “Mm.”

He glances at her before reaches out to open the door.  Jin Xi stares at the side of his face while the image of him speaking up for her in front of the crowd floats across her mind.  In the spur of the moment, she grasps his hand, tilts her head up and kisses him.

Han Chen’s hand lets go of the door handle almost immediately and turns to hold her into his embrace.  They kiss quietly and deeply.

After a while, he moves his face away and presses her against the door.  He lowers his head and stares at her.

“You’re this attached to me?” his low and deep voice says with a hint of softness.

Jin Xi’s face flushes.  She twists her head to avoid his eyes, “Who’s attached to you?  Don’t be imagining things.”

But Han Chen smiles.  He lowers his head and gives her a peck.  His hand on her waist also gives her a light pinch, “Mm.  You throwing yourself into my arms just now was also my imagination.”

Jin Xi chuckles.  She reaches up and wraps her arms around his neck.  He stares at her and says, “Wait for my return.”


Although they say this, they continue staring at each other and none of them are willing to let go.  It’s quiet around them.  It’s as if all the air in the room is drifting and twisting around them.

Jin Xi looks into his dark brown eyes.  At an instant, she feels like she is about to drown in his gaze.

All of a sudden, she senses the hand on her waist slide down to her bottom.

Jin Xi’s body stiffens slightly.

He continues staring at her.

And then, that hand squeezes her not too hard and not too soft.

Jin Xi’s face becomes red immediately as she pushes him away.

He smiles slowly as he puts his hand back into his pocket.  He glances at her again before opening the door and leaving.

Jin Xi feels stuffed while staying in the office by herself.  The part where he squeezed her feels itchy and numb.  In the end, she can’t help but laugh and call him “bastard” in her heart!

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