Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 8 9

Chapter 8: Handsome Bastard

The moon is not visible, and the thick clouds are like a patch of ink that won’t dissipate, hovering over the entire sky.

The alleys at night are spooky like in dreams.

Bai Jin Xi runs using her full energy.

The light above her flickers.  She can only hear the sound of wind blowing, her footsteps, and her teammates’ footsteps.

This is only a couple hundred meters from 5 South Lane, where the incident happened.  Therefore, despite the fact that they can’t pinpoint the exact time the incident happened, the moment someone reports a crime, she dashes in with the speed of a rocket——If the offender is still nearby, they must not let him escape!

Perhaps this is futile.

She has already run past three streets and hasn’t found anything.  Her other teammates haven’t relayed any news on the walkie talkie either.

Bai Jin Xi has no sense of direction to begin with, so after running around for a while, her head hurts.  She pants as she stops at an intersection.  But her eyes glitter when an abandoned four story building comes into view.

The surrounding buildings are low, and this one is considered the tallest.

She decides to climb to the top floor to help her chase down the suspect.

But just as she approaches, she hears thumping footsteps.

Bai Jin Xi immediately darts her gaze to where the person is coming.

A man in a black shirt and pants walks out from the corner.

He’s walking quickly in his slim figure.

His facial features are handsome and captivating.

Who else can it be besides Han Chen?

He sees her too.  His deep set eyes don’t carry any expression.  He heads up the four-level building the moment he turns.

Bai Jin Xi is stunned, but quickly follows after him.

The corridors are narrow, and even the stairs are chipped and crooked; carrying a smelly scent of sourness from mildew and dirt.  Although Bai Jin Xi has always been a brave person, she is a little scare of the dark.  Thankfully she has bumped into Han Chen; she’s not as scared hearing his steady footsteps in the front.  She subconsciously follows closely behind him.  They soon reach the third floor.

But once they’re on the platform of the third floor, Bai Jin Xi is speechless.

Han Chen is standing a meter or two from her, staring what’s in front of him.  He also doesn’t know what to say.

It turns out that the fourth floor has already been half demolished by a bulldozer.  Only one side of it is left; leaving it bare and exposed like a soil hill.  The problem is that there’s a flat wall standing right in front of them.  It’s about two meters high, blocking their view.

There isn’t anything that they can used to help get themselves up.  There’s no way that a person would be able to climb up by him or herself, let alone the fact that she’s afraid of heights.

Bai Jin Xi turns to look at Han Chen.

It’s very dim from where they’re standing, so his body is not fully visible, adding to the effect of his cold and dark aura.  Even though they’re a few steps apart, Bai Jin Xi can still smell the scent of his sweat, and hear his powerful breathing.  Obviously, she’s exhausted, but he’s still full of energy.

This is not the first time that Bai Jin Xi has seen his fitness and energy.  She can’t help but feel depressed when compared to him.  Due to the fact that they haven’t cleared up their new and old grudges, her voice sounds a bit annoyed as she says, “What are you waiting for?  Give me a lift, and then I’ll pull you up.”

Han Chen gives her an once-over.

He’s expressionless.

“No need.”

Bai Jin Xi is a little startled as she watches him stare at what’s in front of him in concentration.  His tall body suddenly bends down; in a position ready to race.  A glimpse of absolute coldness shimmers across his beautiful and deep set eyes.

Bai Jin Xi is in shock.  He’s not planning to climb up all by himself, is he?

Just when this thought crosses her mind, Han Chen has already made it reality.  His long figure pounces forward like a black cheetah at night; his pair of long legs steps onto the wall athletically while he grabs onto the top of the wall; he gets himself up with one push.  He then pats the dusts off of his body casually, standing on top of the wall.

Bai Jin Xi is dumbfounded for a while before she reaches out her hands and pats the wall a few times, “Hey!  Pull me up!”

Han Chen turns and glances at her; he ignores her.

Bai Jin Xi almost bursts in anger.  She puts her hands on her hips, raises her head and glares at him, “Han Chen!  You’re not a man if you don’t pull me up!”

These words are surprisingly effective because he turns around again and looks down at her from above with his perfectly handsome face.

Bai Jin Xi scowls, not admitting her weakness.

He says calmly, “When did you have a say in whether or not I’m a man?”

Bai Jin Xi retorts, “Wrong!  The eyes of the audience are bright and sharp!”

In the dark night, the corners of his mouth seem to have curved upwards slightly.

After all, beggars can’t be choosers, so Bai Jin Xi stops arguing with him.  She simply continues to stare at him with her big round eyes.

He looks at her again, squats down at the side of the wall, and holds out one hand.  Bai Jin Xi is in joy; she quickly grabs onto him.  His palm is warm and full of strength.  Bai Jin Xi climbs up quickly borrowing his power.

The moment she gains her balance, he releases his hand.  Bai Jin Xi pats the dust off of herself and stands beside him, speculating what’s happening on the streets below them.

The outlook is not so good.

Within view, many street lamps light up the curvy and numerous roads.  Many households seem to have been startled as their homes are lit; they may have spotted the police passing through with their sirens.

But that person cannot be found.  From their viewing range, the person that Bai Jin Xi wants to find is not present.

He should be tall, buff, and young.  If he’s still in the area, he should be walking in a hurry, dodging from the police.  If she can see him, she’ll definitely be able to recognize him.

But she can’t see him.

Bai Jin Xi is already exhausted.  She sits on her bum disregarding her image, “We’ve let him run away!”

Han Chen continues to stand like a tree in the dark night.  His voice is deep, “He was long gone.”

Bai Jin Xi agrees with him on this and nods.

They came chasing after receiving a report, but who knows how long it took the victim to call?  Maybe she called right away, but maybe it was an hour later, or two hours later.

They just couldn’t let go of any chances.


Both of them are tired, so no one says a word as they rest where they are.

Bai Jin Xi glances at the cold and handsome side of his face subconsciously.

Who would have thought that they could sit side by side peacefully like this?

It does feel a bit weird.

She hears a “click” sound.

Bai Jin Xi lifts her head.

The fire sparks; he tilts his head and lights up a cigarette.  The dim light from the fire reveals his chiseled side profile, and his black collar.  His long black eyelashes cover his eyes slightly.  His indifferent expression makes him look as if he’s a figure in a sculpted relief on top of the darkness.

He flings the match in his hand, throws it to the ground, and puts it out with his foot.

Bai Jin Xi swallows, smelling the scent of the cigarette.

Noticing her gaze, he turns to look and lets out a breath of smoke through his nose.

Bai Jin Xi says, “Give me one!”

He throws her the pack and matchbox.  Bai Jin Xi catches them, takes out a cigarette, lights it up, and also starts smoking.

She feels better now that she’s smoking, as if all the tension and fatigue from her body are relieved.  Bai Jin Xi looks at him again; he feels easier to the eye now.  She asks casually, “What are you doing here?  Were you with your confidante again?”  Si Si seems to be living in the area.

Han Chen raises his head and glances at her.

His gaze is cold.


Bai Jin Xi, “No what?”

“She’s not.”  He presses the cigarette head to the ground to put it out, and then stands up.  He walks to the edge of the platform and jumps down; his actions are smooth and steady.

Bai Jin Xi glances at his figure and turns around to continue to smoke.

She suddenly realizes something and her whole body becomes stiff.

Oh shit……

She has to jump back down!

She stands up at the edge and doesn’t move.

She’s afraid of heights.

This is a little secret of hers.  Because of her lost memory, and because her dreams are always pitch black and oppressive, therefore, she is afraid of all dark, spacious, and falling places.

Every time she needs to climb up and down on a mission, Zhou Xiao Zhuan would always be there to catch her.  But Xiao Zhuan is not here today, and it’s nighttime, and she’s a bit scared of the dark……

Han Chen has already gotten up on his feet below.  He takes a few steps and is almost at the stairway when he notices something strange.  He turns and looks at her.

Their eyes meet and they stare at each other.  He’s standing calm and steady, while she’s shaking on the edge of the platform.

Everything is so obvious.

He suddenly turns around and goes back to below the platform.

Bai Jin Xi stares at him blankly.

“You’re scared of heights?” he asks.

It’s impossible for Bai Jin Xi to admit her weakness.  She raises her head, looks afar, and says with confidence, “How can that be?  I just don’t like to stand on high grounds.”  She secretly peeks at him, and sees the corners of Han Chen’s mouth curve into a slight smile.

“Okay,” he says calmly and turns around.

“Wait——” Bai Jin Xi is desperate now, “Don’t go!”

He stops and looks at her again.

Bai Jin Xi suddenly feels depressed.  She’s clearly being made fun of, but how can she possibly ask him to give her a hand and catch her?!  She must hold her dignity!

But how else is she going to get down?

Call Zhou Xiao Zhuan to come catch her?  That’s so embarrassing!  The whole station will laugh at her once they go back.

Just when she’s contemplating on how to ask him for help, she suddenly sees him hold out both of his arms.

“Come down.”

Bai Jin Xi is a bit surprised as she stares at his calm expression.

He’s……being so nice?

“You’re going to catch me?” she asks doubtfully.

He glances at her, “Yes.”

One simple and powerful word.

She doesn’t hesitate anymore.  She eyeballs his position and gets ready to jump.

“I’m coming.  You’d better catch me!” she orders, “If I fall down and get hurt, I won’t be able to continue investigating the case.  It’ll be the civilians who will be at a loss!”

“Are you jumping down or not?” he interrupts.

Bai Jin Xi shuts her mouth.  She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and jumps towards him……

The momentary weightless feeling causes her legs to tremble slightly.  A light breeze of wind brushes across her ears.  She hears herself breathing quickly due to fright.

A pair of strong arms suddenly grabs onto her waist; it stops her falling.  Her body has been steadily caught——it’s much steadier compared to Zhou Xiao Zhuan whose feet would always wobble.  He catches her in midair before her feet even touch the ground.

Bai Jin Xi feels relieved and quickly opens her eyes.

The first thing that comes in sight is the collar of his black shirt and his pale neck.  Since they’re standing very close, she can feel the warmth from his body, as well as the scent of his sweat accompanied by the fragrance of cigarette, but it doesn’t smell bad.

“Alright,” his deep voice sounds above her head.  It actually carries a hint of comfort.

Did she hear wrong?  Comfort?

She raises her head to look at his face subconsciously.

He’s looking down at her too; fluffy short hair, tall nose, deep set eyes.  Perhaps it’s because it’s her first time being embraced by a man, and being so close to him, so Bai Jin Xi is a bit in a daze.

His gaze also seems to be in a daze for a moment.

Bai Jin Xi wants to thank him, but probably because she’s a bit uncomfortably being in his embraced, so her speech becomes a tease, “What?  You’re reluctant to let me go?  Haha……oh ow!”

——Han Chen throws her to the ground immediately.

“You!” Bai Jin Xi scrambles to get up.

He calmly turns around and heads down the stairs, “Whether or not I’m reluctant to let go is not up to you to decide.”

Bai Jin Xi, “……F*ck!”



5 South Lane, the scene of the crime.

There are already a few police cars parked in front of the building.  A few civil officers quickly nod their heads to greet Bai Jin Xi, who has just arrived.  Her expression is cold as she hurries up the building.  Han Chen follows behind her, attracting many other’s gazes.

The instant they walk into the crime scene on the third floor, Zhou Xiao Zhuan walks over to them with a firm expression.  He glances at Han Chen behind her; a bit surprised, but doesn’t ask about it.  He says seriously, “The victim’s name is Ji Ya Xin.  26 years old.  Also a sales associate at the counter in a department store!  The same tools and methods are used.  The wounds on the victim’s body are also extremely similar, but the wounds are more serious this time.  The victim has many bruises and sprained arms and legs.”

Bai Jin Xi walks into the home, looking at the mess, as well as the victim sitting inside, who’s crying.

Merge the investigations——” Bai Jin Xi says coldly, “Department store sales associate rapist case.”

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