Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 80 7

Chapter 80: Poisonous Beauty Part 2

Xin Jia shakes her head, “That’s something that we cannot explain.  Perhaps it’s because you two were at the same explosion point and experienced the exact same impact and damage.  Or maybe because you both were given the same injection to induce nerve paralysis.”

Han Chen’s expression becomes even colder.  He pushes her arm away causing her to fall sitting on the ground.  He walks over looking down at her, “Who’s behind all of this?  Who is your leader?”

Xin Jia gets up from the ground and looks at him with her head tilting upwards.

Han Chen is extremely scary like this; it’s also why it makes her heart ache yet infatuated with him.  His expression is so cold that it seems as if a layer of frost is glazed over it.  He’s covered in animosity; as if no one can get close to him.  And in the past few years that he lost Su Mian, he has always been like this.

“I will never answer that question,” she says softly, “You guys experienced great losses due to what happened, but we also fell apart at the same time.  Neither side won the battle and many lives were taken.  And after that, you guys weren’t the only ones who were sent into exile.”

Her explanation is unclear.  Han Chen’s eyes continue to stare at her gloomily without a word.

She pats away the dirt on her pants, fixes her hair and walks to the bikes in her usual gentle and graceful manner.

“Come and fulfill my fourth request.  Let’s ride our bikes,” she says, “I’ll take you to a place.”

She pauses and then says, “It’s a place that you’ll definitely want to visit.”

Han Chen watches her frail back view, follows her and gets on the other bike.  She finally reveals a smile.

“Xin Jia,” he looks directly into her eyes, “why did you get involved with them?  Why did you become a serial killer?”

Xin Jia remains silent for a few seconds grasping the bike handles.

“Yeah, a girl like me with a great family background, great looks and everything in other people’s eyes, and has grown up with others revolving around me, why did I become like them?  Han Chen, there are actually many things that are not what they seem.  Many people also don’t live as happily as they seem.  It was them who discovered me and saved me.  You will never understand these things, as well as them.  And I’m just one of their weakest and inferior members who can only assist them.  Perhaps I can’t even be considered as a qualified serial killer.  But they still treat me very well, so I’m willing to be with them.  That is truly giving freedom to our souls.”


In the afternoon, the sun warms up the forest while cool breezes blow.  Xin Jia’s expression is calm as she rides her bike, pointing out some of the trees, flowers, and grasses to Han Chen.  Han Chen remains quiet as he observes her every move riding behind her.

They’re traveling farther and farther away from the white house, and the forest is becoming denser.  There is no more paved road ahead of them; they brush past leaves, branches as they ride through the forest.

Finally, a small log house appears in front of them.  It looks very dated and like a house of a forest ranger.  On the trail nearby, there is an old ranger vehicle parked there.  It must have been driven from the other side of the mountain.

Xin Jia parks her bike beside a big tree, turns around and says smiling, “This is an abandoned log house.  No one will come.  Thank you, Han Chen.  You probably don’t remember that the last time we rode a bike together was when we were twelve.  Your mom told you to accompany me, but you were unwilling to, so you disappeared midway.  This time, we rode all the way to the destination together.  Everything that you’ve done with me today is very important to me.  Even if I’ll become someone else’s wife, I will forever remember today for the rest of my life.”

Her expression is gentle as if she’s very satisfied with the outcome.

Han Chen looks at her with both of his hands in his pockets.  His face isn’t as cold as before, but he’s still quiet and hard to read.

“What else do you want to do?” he asks impassively.

Xin Jia’s hands resting on the sides of her body ball into fists slowly.  Her cheeks also show a bit of red.

“Han Chen, the last thing that I want you to do is——hug me.  Just give me a hug,” she looks up at him and fetches another key from her pocket, “and I’ll give you the key to this log house.  There are some documents about the case back then inside.  I can’t tell you who they are, but I can let you understand the context of the case.”

Han Chen glances at the log house and then shifts his gaze back to her, “What is your motive for doing this?”

She laughs sarcastically, “This is too funny.  I’m just hoping that you’ll back away and stop here.  It’s because I don’t want you to die, even if you insist on being with Su Mian.”  She hugs her shoulders and lowers her head, “Hug me please, Han Chen.  Just hug me once, like a friend.”

It’s quiet everywhere around them.

Xin Jia can sense his eyes staring at her.  Her heart is racing as she waits for his final verdict.

Will he…hug her?  In this life for just this once, even if it’s between friends, would he give her a hug out of pity?

After a moment of silence, he speaks:

“Xin Jia, I will never hug you.  Give me the key.  Or do you want me to come get it?”

Xin Jia stares at the empty space between them.  The area is covered with dried leaves.

She then slowly and gradually smiles.  She jerks her head up, “Han Chen!  Do you like her that much?  You like her so much that you don’t care about your own life?  You like her so much that you aren’t even willing to take a look at another woman?  But I’ve had a crush on you for so many years, Han Chen.  Ever since I was little, I’ve had a crush on you for twenty years, Han Chen!  Do you really not feel any of it?”

She lifts her arm preparing to throw the key away, but Han Chen is quicker; he dashes over and snatches the key from her.  Her tears begin to flow.  She drops to the ground with her palms covering her face.

Han Chen ignores her with a cold face.  He takes the key and walks to the log house.  His gleaming eyes scan the log house quickly.

The house is very old.  At least ten years.  It’s just like what she said; it’s been abandoned for a long while.  But she must have come and tidied up not long ago.  A white wool carpet lies at the entrance.  The roof has also been replaced with new white tiles.  The windows are closed, but the frames are very new.  The glasses are also very clean; he can see what’s inside of the house clearly: a small bed and a bookshelf.  Based on what she said, those documents should be somewhere in there.

Han Chen peeks inside the house for a while before lowering his arm with the key in his hand.

He turns around and looks at Xin Jia who’s a couple of steps away.

And Xin Jia is also staring at him covered in tears.

Han Chen stuffs the key into his pocket while she watches.  He says indifferently, “Xin Jia, the things you’ve said could all be known by anyone who had been involved in the past.  All you’ve done and acted is just to make me believe that you have documents of the case.  You’re completely disheartened and have become an infatuated woman with a mental state that is no longer normal——your goal is to lure me into this house?”

Xin Jia eyes freeze, and her whole body becomes stiff.

Han Chen walks down the stairs and towards her.

“You probably won’t kill me.  You just want to have me.  What have you hidden inside of the house?  You know my skills, so you know that you must take control of me the moment I walk inside.  Therefore, is it a trap or poisonous gas?”

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