A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Shan Shan Side Story 4 5

Wei Wei and Shan Shan Side Story 4

Ever since Feng Teng has been lured into online gaming by his wife, he has clearly taken more interest in the development of the games at the company.  The overall outcome is as follows: 1) He likes to provide some not-very-constructive suggestions in regards to balancing the skills of the characters, causing the general manager of Feng Teng Technology to wish anxiously for CEO Feng to become AFK (Away From Keyboard) soon; 2) Whenever a new gameplay is released, he insists on testing it out with everyone including his family members.

Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes 2 has recently launched a new quest called, “Battle at the Xuan Wu Temple.”  As a result, CEO Feng brings his wife along to form a party, which of course, includes CEO Xiao, Mrs. Xiao, and other regular teammates.

On the first try, Shan Shan dies twenty minutes in.  CEO Feng isn’t happy about it so he expresses his opinion as the representative of the investing company: This won’t do.  The difficulty of this new quest is too easy.

On the second trial, Shan Shan dies after ten minutes of playing.  CEO Feng, the representative of the investing company: Mm, it’s still a little too easy.

Therefore, on the third trial, Shan Shan dies the moment she enters the quest.  The Boss is finally satisfied: This is just about right.

Shan Shan feels miserable and outraged.  Is her husband even human?!?!  If she and Feng Teng met in an online game like Wei Wei and Xiao Nai did, they would definitely not have fallen in love!

Her only source of warmth is Cong Cong.

In the party channel.

MoonlightBeforeBed: Auntie, do you want me to pull you up?

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: Cong Cong, wait for auntie here to finish eating Tang Yuan before pulling me up.

MoonlightBeforeBed: Oh, okay.  Auntie, who is ‘WifeIsLyingDeadEveryTime’?

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: Your Uncle Feng……

Cong Cong: (⊙o⊙) Ohhh……But I don’t think Uncle Feng was called that yesterday.

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: He’s just changing his name because he can do it for free!!!

It’s too easy for CEO Feng to pick up the phone and call Feng Teng Technology’s general manager to change his name……Therefore, all the employees of the company are aware that CEO Feng’s wife is an expert in lying dead, okay?

Whenever Shan Shan goes to visit occasionally, she gets the feeling that everyone is looking at her like they’re seeing a dead body……

Just when she’s complaining inside her mind, she sees MoonlightBeforeBed release a powerful skill.  Shan Shan praises him immediately.

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: Cong Cong, you’re becoming more and more awesome!  You’re even able to play so well while chatting with Auntie.

MoonlightBeforeBed: Auntie, I made a little toy that lets me fight and chat at the same time, as well as feed my little brother too!


ReedWeiWei: ……………

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: (⊙o⊙) Could this be the so-called plugin?

MoonlightBeforeBed: It cannot be plugged in.  Uncle Beauty taught me how to O(∩_∩)O

TheXingXingBeingPicked: ……………I’m definitely innocent.  Just look at my pair of pure and innocent eyes. @_@ (MoZhaHim is using ‘Xing Xing’ as in ‘orangutan’ for his username here, which also has the same pronunciation as ‘stars.’)

MoonlightBeforeBed: Typo.  I meant to say grand master~

HandPickingStars (KO): Mm, I taught him.

MoonlightBeforeBed has been removed from the party by ASmileNaiHe.

[World][MoonlightBeforeBed]: (⊙o⊙)

[World][MoonlightBeforeBed]: I’ve been kicked out by Daddy……

[World][BlowingFlowersRainingFlowers]: Daddy?

[World][Annie]: Oh my, are father and son pairings now a popular thing for online gaming?  Little boy, how old are you?

MoonlightBeforeBed doesn’t say anything more on the world channel after that.

Shan Shan asks in the party channel out of worry.

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: Where’s Cong Cong?

ASmileNaiHe: He went to feed his little brother with a bottle.

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: ……

ReedWeiWei: ^_^

Ten minutes later, MoonlightBeforeBed is invited back into the party by his dad.  To his surprise, his Daddy, Mommy, Uncle, and Auntie have already finished the quest in lightning speed.

MoonlightBeforeBed: Why is it that every time Daddy and Mommy play the game with me in the living room, we finish the quests very quickly, but whenever Daddy and Mommy play the game in the study room with the door closed, we sometimes end up being all dead?

WifeIsLyingDeadEveryTime: >cough<

HandPickingStars: ……

TheXingXingBeingPicked: orz

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: (⊙o⊙)

BeatTheBossToSleepWell: Cong Cong, you’re done for.  You’re going to be spanked on the bottom for discovering such a big secret.

MoonlightBeforeBed: What secret?

A few seconds later.

ASmileNaiHe: Everyone, please take a break.  I need to go tend to some family business.

On the other side, at the Feng’s home in City S, Feng Teng decides to turn off the computer.

“Let’s go to bed early.”

Shan Shan, who’s sitting on the bed, lifts her eyes, “You don’t want to play anymore?  It’s a rare opportunity to play since the babies are being so good today.”

“They probably won’t be coming back on,” Feng Teng says with a deep voice while stroking his chin.  He concludes happily, “Domestic violence is probably happening at CEO Xiao’s place right now.”

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