A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : A Beauty’s Smile is Also Charming Part 5 12

Part 5: Mr. Homemaker’s Tactics (outline of events)

Ever since KO moved into MoZhaHim’s place, he has been studying the weather every day.  After N days later, he has finally decided that today is the day.

Today’s weather: sunny in the morning, rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Tomorrow’s weather: cloudy and then scattered showers.

The day after tomorrow: cloudy and scattered showers.

Not recommended for hanging clothes out to dry.

KO draws a circle on the calendar.  In early morning, he takes his duvet cover, bed sheets, and pillow out to the balcony.  When MoZhaHim walks to the balcony in his briefs to fetch his shirt (for the sake of good food, he gave the room with the balcony to KO), he is startled by all the things that are spread over the balcony.

“You’re putting your sheets out for the sun?”

KO walks past him staring straight, and then comments, “The weather is nice today.”

They head to work after breakfast.  In the afternoon, the sky turns dark followed by a period of heavy rain that lasts for half an hour.

MoZhaHim teases KO on MSN chat: “Your sheets are done for hahaha.”

KO: “I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

MoZhaHim: “What for?”

KO doesn’t say anything.  He sends an attachment.  The minute MoZhaHim opens it, holy!  They’re all photos of delicious food!

MoZhaHim replies to KO drooling without hesitation: “I’ll let you sleep over!”

In actual fact, if MoZhaHim had taken a bit of time to search up on the food dishes in the photos that KO sent him, he would have discovered that all of them have one thing in common.  They are all——aphrodisiac foods= =

In the evening, KO cooks a table of dishes just like the ones in the photos.  MoZhaHim eats them all in satisfaction.  When it’s time for bed, KO climbs into his bed and shares half of the pillow with him.

MoZhaHim just can’t get used to someone else sleeping on the same pillow as him, so he snatches it back, “Quit sleeping so closely, you lunatic!  Why did you have to leave your pillow out?  Now that you don’t have one to sleep on, go get a few pieces of clothing to use as a pillow.”

KO pauses for a moment in the darkness, “Let’s eat eel noodles tomorrow.”

MoZhaHim quietly puts the pillow back to share half of it with him.

Maybe because KO is in the same bed, MoZhaHim can’t seem to fall asleep.  After a while, he actually starts feeling hot inside, and a certain part of his body is starting to feel excited.

Holy!  Why does it have to be today?…..Since KO is right beside him, there’s no way for him to take care of it himself.

MoZhaHim tosses and turns in bed, but he still can’t sleep.  A certain body part is already standing up proudly at this point.  MoZhaHim applause his body for functioning perfectly fine while feeling depressed for having an imperfect life.

He calls out to KO twice quietly, but KO doesn’t respond.  MoZhaHim moves his hand slowly downwards, but stops in hesitation; maybe he should get it done in the bathroom?

Just when he can’t decide what to do, a warm hand has already reached over, handling him accompanied by the sound of breathing close by.  KO says, “Let me help you.”


It’s cloudy and then scattered showers on the next day; more scattered showers on the third day.  As a result, the duvet cover and bedspreads are still not dry after N days later, yet KO and MoZhaHim never thought about buying a new set at the supermarket.  Anyhow, during these N days, they have already helped each other many times dark at night.

MoZhaHim can’t understand why he’s been so worked up these days.  His excitement has been to the point of being beyond human!

The duvet cover and bedspreads are finally dry; KO moves back to his room.  But weird things start to happen.  For example, KO discovers bugs in his room, so he uses bug sprays which means he has to shut his bedroom, or his blanket accidentally falls off the building when he takes them out to hang in the sun, or other reasons as such, etcetera, etcetera.  The two of them continue to sleep in the same bed many times.

Just when MoZhaHim has pretty much gotten used to sleeping in the same bed, all of a sudden, there are no more weird situations going on with KO.  For a whole month, KO has been sleeping safe and sound in his own room.

For the first day or two, MoZhaHim doesn’t feel anything.  But a week later, KO makes an oyster dish for dinner one day, and MoZhaHim starts to feel restless at night.

It’s too perverted for him to help himself.  An aspirational young lad would never do this.  But how could he possibly go ask KO to come back to sleep with him again?

MoZhaHim tosses and turns, tosses and turns some more, and finally, as the provincial champion of academics in Province Z and a top student of University A, his brain gets to work!

MoZhaHim starts to study the weather reports.  A few days later, his eyes spark.

Today’s weather: sunny in the morning, rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon.

MoZhaHim decides to take out his blanket to hang in the sun!

Follow up:

When the “giver” is up to no good, the heavens always help.  But when the “receiver” wants to do something bad, the weather report is never accurate.  It’s actually not raining today.

MoZhaHim stares at the sun outside of the office window feeling desperately anxious.  Seeing that it’s almost time to leave work, he can’t sit still anymore.  He quickly dashes home, fills up a bucket of water, and pours it over his blanket that is hanging on the balcony.

When KO arrives home, MoZhaHim quickly goes up to him and complains angrily, “God damn it!  It actually rained today.  My blanket is all wet.”

KO looks at the innocent shining sun outside, “It doesn’t look like it rained.”

MoZhaHim says without blushing or his heart skipping a beat, “The weather report said that there would be rain in certain areas.”

The certain areas with rain are limited to the balcony.  It goes without saying that mother nature is very powerful……

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12 thoughts on “A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : A Beauty’s Smile is Also Charming Part 5

  • DK

    Ok, this chapter’s ending was cute.
    As a gay guy, I’m not quite sure how to feel about about these BL chapters. I’m reading them without having read the source story though. On one hand, yay for positively/neutrally portrayed possibly homoerotic actions in a Chinese work. On the other, even if positively/neutrally portrayed, it feels predatory.

    • Gypsy

      I agree with you 100%.I am a straight female and I am all for love of any kind but it really seems like KO is more of of a rappist then a lover.It also seems as Mr.Beauty has Stockholm’s Syndrome. It is sad because this is not a normal relationship based off love.

    • franz

      You are slightly right. Maybe there’s some clumsyness in translation (Sorry guys – for me You did a wonderful job LOL) But I like this KO appearance – even in the TV drama he’s silent, frozen faced and a bit scary in comparison to Hao Mei LOL. But hey.. there’s many ways to love and set a relationship – either in straight ora gay ones. Believe me – there are such different things that turnes people on. Maybe Mozharta likes to be dominated LOL. Cheers

    • Chey

      I kinda mentioned this in a comment before but I would love to add my opinion to this thread.
      I think most of us who are reading these in English are Westerners or English speaking. Meaning instantly that this is Eastern influenced, things are ran and portrayed in different lights due to its culture especially relationships. I don’t know if anyone has watched Addicted or Uncontrolled or many other BL series but usually they’re angst, aggressive, and shows the tragedies/ struggles of homosexual love in Asian culture. Since the one child policy in China, kids of thst generation grew up having “The Little Emperor Syndrome”. I think this applies more to addicted and Uncontrolled Love as the two dominating guys in both stories were privileged and rich. They get what they want, who they want, and express love in a way others call selfish. Both took on a dark tone and often almost involved rape of some sort or molestation. One ended in tragedy and the other I heard had a happy after all the terrible bumps throughout the book.
      Back to this book, based on the tone and authors context this story is more lighthearted and doesn’t involve the other issues the previous issues I’ve talked about. It’s simply showing love regardless of gender and more focus of relationship characteristics/issues. Like the time KO hacked into his computer and etc. There was no “wow this is really creepy. Warning!”, cause in context it was more so humor like animes when one of the class clowns in the story is doing something that’s really creepy but it’s to exaggerated and ridiculous to make it funny. Light humor. If it was a serious anime and the characters did the same actions I could tell by the context this is something more and warns me shits about to happen.
      It’s obvious Mr. Beauty is attracted to KO otherwise I don’t see how they could have sex so much. Aphrodisiac food isn’t a drug, tbh in the real world it might incite that turn on but of course in literature or movies they tune it up for affect. Plus if the story continued i think the coworkers would find out and point out those are all turn on foods and make fun if him like prev., then they just end up making it a funny scene. KO isn’t a man of words so asking “let’s have sex” isn’t going to happen plus he listens to the words No when Mr. Beauty doesn’t want it he doesn’t keep going like the other 2 stories when it gets real serious. In Asian culture from what I heard, love isn’t shown through words but action. “I’ll cook for you, do laundry, and etc” was somewhat of a proposal but I’m not sure Mr. Beauty got it until later that night when they had sex. I wish they elaborated when it said pushed him down on the bed or whatever to see how it played out. Anyways what I’m saying is their actions are showing love and words are a humor thing to show the developed feelings of one another. Now if you actually read all this sorry for this long ass almost analytical short essay that means I have no life to put so much thought into this lol. Tbh I prefer the live action couple, they play it out well and have good chemistry on screen. This was all my opinion though so feel free to dispute it and still call it predatory relationship even though I try to see it in a different light.

      • Amanda

        I agree with Chey. I think people are blowing it out of proportion. KO is obviously brilliant yet very doesn’t say much. Hao Mai is very smart yet when it comes to relationships he is pretty clueless. I think that his original curiosity of KO turned into liking him. It didn’t make him gay. It made him like KO the person.