A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : A Beauty’s Smile is Also Charming Part 4 6

Part 4: Eating Meat Pie

Both MoK had to work overtime tonight, so it’s already after 8pm when they got home.  They pass by a stuffed meat pie stall on their way, and MoZhaHim’s eyes sparkle, “KO, let’s buy two meat pies for a late night snack.  The meat pies here are delicious.  There are usually over twenty people lining up, but there aren’t as many today.”

KO doesn’t have any opinion.

Although there aren’t many people, there are still over ten of them in line.  It’s finally their turn after waiting ten minutes, but there’s only one meat pie left.  The stall owner lady says apologetically, “Sorry gentlemen, there is only one left, and I don’t have any more ingredients to make another one.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”  Although feeling a little upset, there’s nothing that they can do.  MoZhaHim takes out his wallet and pays, and takes the paper bag.  Just as he is about to tell KO to eat it, KO has already grabbed the paper bag from him.  He holds the pie, takes a bite, carefully chews on it, and then takes another bite, and another, until he finishes the whole thing.  He doesn’t save a single bite for MoZhaHim.

MoZhaHim is dumbstruck.  He was planning to give it to KO to eat it anyway since he has tasted it before, but giving it to KO willingly versus KO grabbing it from him is a big difference.

Since MoZhaHim can’t show off his kindness as a gentleman, he can only show his fury as a man.  When KO comes to him for his romantic desire, MoZhaHim kicks him out and says, “Go sleep in your own bed.”

KO stares at him in silence for a moment and then leaves to go back to his room.  But he seems to have gone to the kitchen as MoZhaHim hears a bunch of clinks and clanks, not knowing what he is doing.  Nonetheless, MoZhaHim falls asleep in the rhythmic noise.

He wakes up under the feeling of being pressed down.  Still in a haze, he feels something hard against his thigh while someone is kissing his neck.  MoZhaHim can’t help but become aroused by the damp feeling.  Just when he is getting worked up and wants to give in to him, his stomach suddenly growls.

MoZhaHim’s feelings come to a halt from being startled.  He recalls what happened yesterday and is full of anger.  Son of a gun, if it weren’t because he didn’t eat last night, he wouldn’t be out of energy now!

Therefore, he gives a hard kick to KO, “Get lost.  I’m hungry.  Go make breakfast.”

KO doesn’t move; he breathes while he is still on top him.  After a while, MoZhaHim can feel that a certain something against his thigh has calm down.  KO then flips over to get off the bed.  He puts on a pair of jeans to cover his naked body and goes to the kitchen without a word.

MoZhaHim watches his bare back, his buttocks wrapped tightly by the pair of jeans, and he swallows, feeling a bit of regret.  Seriously, he really has no perseverance; if he stayed on top for a bit longer, I would have given in.

Psh!  He turns to his side to catch up on his sleep again.  But he can’t seem to fall asleep; he can still feel the burning sensation of something against his thigh; his mind is filled with the image of KO’s well-built back.  He tosses and turns for half an hour, but it only makes him even more restless.  MoZhaHim sits up feeling annoyed.  He puts on his clothes and leaves the room.

The kitchen is the open-concept kind, so the moment he comes out of the room, everything that is going on is in full view.

In the slightly steamy kitchen, KO is still shirtless.  His compact muscles seem to be full of strength; cooking must be another way of training.  KO’s body is in way better shape than an IT guy like him.

Damn it!  MoZhaHim curses to himself.

He’s even sexier holding a spatula than being in bed. He’s even wearing a pair of low-waist denim.  It’s too flirtatious!

Wait, these jeans look familiar.  MoZhaHim takes a closer look and realizes that they’re actually his own pair of treasure.  Sometime in the past, he wanted to be trendy and bought this pair of low-waist relaxed jeans.  But he was made fun of by YuGong and the others, so he never wore them again.  KO recently took out their seasonal clothes to wash them and hang dry, and he actually took these jeans without him knowing.

Holy!  He’s actually wearing them without any underwear!

As if his senses have been ignited, MoZhaHim feels heat all over his body; sexual desires are filling his mind quickly, chasing away his rationalism.  He can’t help himself from walking to the kitchen, and then he reaches out his arm and touches the back of KO’s waist.

KO stiffens on his touch, but immediately relaxes.  He continues to keep his head down and concentrate on cooking the food in the pan, letting MoZhaHim touch him all he wants.  MoZhaHim can’t resist and clasps himself onto him.  He bites his shoulder, his hands slowly make their way to the front, they stop for a moment on his chest, and then they tantalizingly start moving downwards.

He doesn’t know what KO is cooking; it feels more like he is the one being cooked on the stove.  Not knowing why, the heat is burning his whole body.

He reaches his hand into the waistline of the jeans, “You didn’t button.”

KO says in a low voice, “Help me button it.”


MoZhaHim does the opposite.  He unzips him instead, grabs him and starts fiddling it……

KO tenses up, raises his head, and he starts breathing harder and harder……

“It’s done!”

KO says quickly and turns around.

It looks like he really doesn’t have enough self-control, MoZhaHim secretly teases as he retrieves his hand.  He takes a step back in content, waiting for KO to pounce in rage, but who would have thought……



A hot stuffed pie is shoved into his mouth.  KO says in a deep raspy voice, “The pie is done.  How does it taste?”

MoZhaHim, “……”

KO, “Does it taste pretty close to the ones from yesterday’s stall?”

MoZhaHim finishes the pie furiously in a few bites and then says angrily, “It’s N times better than the ones from yesterday’s stall, but you can forget about sleeping in my bed for the rest of your life!”

The end of this incident:

KO makes a table full of dishes for dinner and successfully convinces Prince Mei to change his words to not letting him sleep in his bed for the month.

KO keeps his silence for a while and then points out, “I think it’s the 31st today.”

MoZhaHim acts surprised, “Really?  Alright, since I said it, I won’t back out on my words.  You’re getting lucky.”

Inside his mind:  Psh, you really think that I don’t know?  You can forget about taking time off!  I can let anything suffer but myself!

Inside KO’s mind: Actually, trying the sofa, or the bathroom, or the study room, or the fridge, or the hardwood floor for a month is not a bad idea.

Therefore, the meat pie incident ends exactly at midnight accompanied by some romantic exercise.

Bonus snippet from author:

A certain time after they have finished their business, MoZhaHim asks, “Oh yeah, KO, what is your real name?”

KO, “……”

KO, “I’ll tell you after we’ve done it XXXX times.”

MoZhaHim -_-|||, “Wouldn’t you be dead and out of juice by then?  You want me to go to your gravestone to see?”

KO, “Based on frequency, you should be out of juice before me.”

“Get lost!” MoZhaHim says with an unpleasant expression on his face since this regards a man’s dignity.

KO says as a matter of fact, “I’ve been counting.”

MoZhaHim, “……”

KO, “I usually come one time, while you……”

“Holy!  My endurance is of a normal man,” MoZhaHim says, “Furthermore, I’ll squeeze every bit out of you before I die.”

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