A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : A Beauty’s Smile is Also Charming Part 2 7

Part 2: A Thing or Two That Happened With The Great Master and Wei Wei

MoK have just started living together, and before they have gone a step further.

One day, MoZhaHim says to Wei Wei secretly, “Junior classmate, I finally found out how much KO’s salary is.”

Wei Wei asks full of curiosity, “How much?”

MoZhaHim answers angrily, “Damn it!  It’s more than me.”

Wei Wei stares at him in silence, thinking that isn’t it normal?

MoZhaHim feels insulted, “Why are you staring at me like that?!”

Wei Wei clears her throat, “Haha, no, nothing.  Oh right, Senior, how did you find out what his salary is?”

MoZhaHim explains proudly, “He wanted to pay me rent, sigh, I already told him he didn’t have to.  Am I, Big Brother Mei, someone who fusses over such little things?  But he insisted on paying rent, as well as food expenses and other things, so he left me with his bank card, hahaha.”

A certain someone is getting carried away and laughs at Wei Wei, “Junior classmate, all your internship payout is still with Third Brother, isn’t it?”

“……” Wei Wei turns her head to him, “Oh Senior~~ Is it really something to be proud of for a man to keep another man’s bank card safe?”

MoZhaHim freezes.

Wei Wei drifts away.

Time: Not long after living together.

A strange thing about Zhi Yi’s office is that there is no reception counter.  There used to be one, but because the poor reception boy’s spot is always occupied by others, it gradually became an administrative and reception counter.

Who has been taking over the spot?  Zhi Yi’s programmers.  This bad habit was started by MoZhaHim and the others.  Every time he has a hard time writing a program and is stuck, he likes going to the front counter and stand in different poses to find his inspiration.  This eventually spread to the others, so when the whole team comes to a bottleneck, the front counter will be surrounded by a number of handsome men……making it quite a view.

Wei Wei has come to visit Xiao Nai, and she spots MoZhaHim at standing at the front counter again.  She says in surprise, “Senior, you’ve gained weight!”

“……” MoZhaHim shakes his head feeling depressed, “This is what happens when you live off of someone.”

Eh?  Wei Wei sweats, “Senior, didn’t you just move into a new apartment?  Who are you living off of?”

MoZhaHim explains dispiritedly, “I am living off of someone in my own apartment.”

Wei Wei compliments in admiration, “Senior, you’re able to pull off something so difficult?  You are incredible!”

MoZhaHim thinks deeply, “It really does seem like so.  I’m provided with food, drinks, and even his bank card.  Mm.”

Wei Wei is also caught in her own thoughts.  She says uncertainly after a long while, “Senior, I’ve also given my bank card to the Great Master, so does it count as the Great Master living off of me?”

Time: after MoK have slept together a few times.

One day, MoZhaHim complains to Wei Wei, “Third Brother is going too far.  Hurry and go tell him to stop giving so many things to KO to do.  Holy, he almost doesn’t even have time to cook dinner for me.”

Wei Wei answers, “Huh?  Oh, okay.”

Therefore, when Wei Wei goes on a date with Xiao Nai, she tells him about what MoZhaHim said.  But she feels weird afterward, “Eh, it’s so weird……Why isn’t KO telling you this himself, yet it’s Senior Beauty who told me instead?”

Xiao Nai says as a matter of fact, “That’s very normal.  This is the so-called socializing between wives.”

Wei Wei, “……”

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