A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : A Beauty’s Smile is Also Charming Part 3 18

Part 3: A Day At The Supermarket

Today, MoZhaHim and KO are at the supermarket when a voluptuous woman passes them with a breeze of fragrance.  MoZhaHim’s gaze follows her and the gorgeous woman actually smiles back.

MoZhaHim truly enjoyed the moment, so he can’t help but turn his head to take a few more glances at her.  KO says impassively, “Stop looking.  I’m better than her.”

MoZhaHim says with disgust, “Which part of you is better than her?  Just look at the shape of her body!”

“I’m better.”

“Holy, in what way?”

KO says casually, “Last night, you said it was too big.”

MoZhaHim almost thought he heard wrong.  When he finally registers what KO has just said, he says angrily, “Get lost!  When have I ever said that?”

KO glances at him.

Okay……alright, he really did say it, but……MoZhaHim scoffs, “Was that a compliment on your body figure?”

“It’s the most important part of the body.”

“……!!!” MoZhaHim is lost without words, so he could only fight to deny it, “I never said anything.”

“You didn’t say it, you screamed.”

“…..You, you, you!  If I said I didn’t, I didn’t!”

“Okay, let’s do it again tonight.”

MoZhaHim’s ears are completely red, yet he pretends it’s nothing by looking left and right.  He sees another pretty woman walk by.  Just to make a certain person mad, he purposely takes a few glances at the woman and even murmurs a few compliments.

“Not bad, not bad.  You can tell she’s the smart type.  Focusing only on someone’s body is too shallow.  Inner qualities are more important.”

KO also takes a look and comments, “The vegetables she’s buying are over-ripe.  She doesn’t know how to cook.”

“Her fingernails are too long.  She doesn’t use the computer much, so she can’t play online games with you, or help you hack into your favorite female celeb’s computer to download their personal photos.”

Did I ask you to go hack their computers?  Did I?  I only said that she was pretty and then you went and did it yourself.  Furthermore, they were all photos of her without makeup and no photoshop, shattering my image of her……

“Her waist is too small, and she’s too skinny.  She doesn’t have the strength to help you rub your back or carry a bag of rice.”

Waist?!  MoZhaHim is outraged, “Where are your eyes looking to?!  Who let you look into such detail!  Get your eyes back here right now!”

KO, “……”

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18 thoughts on “A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : A Beauty’s Smile is Also Charming Part 3

  • Yellow

    Haha…mo zha him is really too much….that kind double standard and pettiness. ..only KO can stand it…,

    Thank you so much for the update! 🙂 I guess that is the end… so sad…I will miss this funny book

      • Chey

        He really wasn’t forced though. This may be just myself opinion though but sometimes love has no limits. I may think I’m straight but someone of the same sex attracts me, an example would be I have no interest in any girls but for some reason due to our connection there is a form of attraction that goes beyond labels. But either way I will still be attracted to primarily guys and my partner who happens to be of the same sex. I’m saYing this from human psychologically, cause some people are bi,asexual, and pansexual meaning they aren’t primarily attracted to either like bi but more well just Google it if your interested. I don’t want to butcher the definition of it.
        Also we kinda have to read this not from our eyes and opinions but more so the culture of it. This is an eastern book, set in China I think and the portrayal/culture of couples is different especially BL. Also taking in account of tone the author is giving throughout the book, it isn’t a dark angst or tragic love story like Addicted or Uncontrolled Love. So I don’t think she was writing her story in a way to portray KO in a negative light. I think she was just showing humor of the characters and nothing to do with Stockholm Syndrome. If the story all along had the dark connotation I could possibly see it being that but it isn’t in this case. This is my opinion though and I just wanted to share it so it’s fine if anyone disagrees. I prefer the live action characters to the book.

    • Nyamnyam

      But I also feel like he isnt straight at all. probably bisexual. Because the moment KO mentioned the waist, MoZhaTa became really jealous and immediately demanded KO to stop looking.

      I really dont even know with Hao Mei anymore… @-@

  • Carol

    I don’t think he was forced LOL, it can look strange at first, cuz we see him still getting atracted to women, but he can be bisexual, but we can see that he likes KO right at the end, when he says this:

    Waist?! MoZhaHim is outraged, “Where are your eyes looking to?! Who let you look into such detail! Get your eyes back here right now!”

    It’s like: Ok I can look at women, but can’t look at anyone else KO LOL. He was freaking jealous *.*