A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 10 7

weiwei-summitPart 10: Sinister, too sinister


Wei Wei is so alarmed, her tongue nearly ties into a knot. After a long time she says: “Why would RealWater agree to duel?”

No matter how you look at it, RealWater isn’t that type of impetuous person.

In “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes,” there are two types of official one vs one competitions. One is skill improvement interaction, commonly known as PK. The other type is dueling. It’s okay if you lose at a skill improvement interaction; you don’t lose experience or levels. Only your battle ranking will not be as good. A duel is different, every time you lose a duel, you drop a level. If you are at a low level, then it’s alright. You can get back the level you dropped very easily. If you are at a high level, like Wei Wei and RealWaterIsScentless, losing a level means half a month of your time was wasted.

Not to mention, RealWaterIsScentless is also someone who spends real money to play the game. His equipment and stuff are all top-notch. But to compete with the same top-notch equipment as Great Master NaiHe in a duel…

Basically means you’re seeking death!

Wei Wei has partnered with both of them before, so she understands their strengths very well. She can’t help but say that the disparity between their micromanagements is just too huge. Great Master NaiHe is a heavenly immortal and no longer on a human level, while RealWaterIsScentless at most almost on par with Wei Wei.

Therefore, Wei Wei highly suspects that perhaps RealWaterIsScentless is taking things too hard.


YuGong answers her: “It’s not a question of whether he was willing. Third brother sent an invitation to battle with him on the world channel. That battle invitation was cruel. If he didn’t come, then he wouldn’t dare to show his face again on the server.”

He even sent a battle invitation? So formal…Shocked, Wei Wei asks: “What were the terms?”

MonkeyWine says: “NaiHe invited RealWaterIsScentless to three rounds of battle, saying that, as long as RealWaterIsScentless won one of the rounds, then RealWaterIsScentless would be the winner and he will not continue pursuit of the video stuff. Plus, NaiHe wouldn’t bring his spirit pet. Tell me, if RealWaterIsScentless doesn’t even accept this type of battle challenge, then can he even be considered a man? Even losing is better than not going.”

Not bringing his spirit pet…

He can even win like that?

Wei Wei keeps on twitching in embarrassment. Didn’t she say that the Great Master is inhuman, this has proven it. And the way he sent the battle invitation was quite~~quite dumbstricking. If NaiHe had challenge RealWaterIsScentless in a fair duel, then even if RealWater doesn’t accept the challenge and admits that he wasn’t as strong as NaiHe, then he doesn’t suffer too much humiliation. After all, NaiHe’s strength has already been exhibited. But this type of battle invitation pretty much forces him onto the battlefield, otherwise he would be too embarrassed to continue on.

MonkeyWine says: “Later I started sympathizing with RealWaterIsScentless. He was quite pitiful. If it only took one battle to determine the winner, then he would only lose one level. If it was best two out of three, then after losing two, he could have conceded and only lost two levels. Unfortunately, NaiHe wanted to play like this. The guy clearly knew that he was going to lose the third round, but still had to continue onto the third round to defend his honor.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “Sinister, really sinister.”

NaiHe says: “You guys are thinking too much. I just didn’t want to waste time arguing.”

Wei Wei thinks about it and agrees. If it was a fair battle invite, RealWater will have found an excuse not to go onto the battlefield. Going back and forth would have really been a waste of time. This battle invitation of the Great Master’s was really a one shot strike.

MoZhaHim: “RealWaterIsScentless also has a considerably good attitude. He didn’t bring a pet onto the field either. Did you already consider this point before?”

NaiHe dismisses it saying: “What would I consider that for?”

>o<, that’s right! Wei Wei silently reflects in her mind, the Great Master doesn’t need to consider what other people do. After reflecting, Wei Wei finally discovers a crucial word: “Three levels?”

In shock, the heroine in red runs over to the white robed musician and asks in shock: “You killed him for three levels?”

NaiHe: “Uh-huh.”

Wei Wei: “……”

No wonder RealWaterIsScentless didn’t reply to her message. He probably wants to die right now. Three levels. That will probably take two months to get back.

MoZhaHim says: “You should have left yourself some leeway just in case you lost a round. For instance, if your house lost power or your internet suddenly died, then would you have let the video issue go?”

ASmileNaiHe simply said: “It’s fine if I lose. If I lost, I still have my wife.”

MonkeyWine approved, “Hehehe, that’s right, that’s right. NaiHe said that he wouldn’t pursue it, but didn’t mention sister-in-law. Sister-in-law’s abilities are even better than third brother’s. Don’t you see sister-in-law always having to deal with the monsters, NaiHe is just there to live off of her.”

Wei Wei: “You’re flattering me. You’re flattering me. >o<”

YuGongClimbsAMountain says again: “Sinister, too sinister.”


Having just finished beating a boss, MonkeyWine and the others didn’t really want to move. They lazily sit on the grass on Verdant Mountain, meditating and chatting. Since Verdant Mountain is also a place to gather herbs, Wei Wei starts gathering.

After gathering for awhile, Wei Wei discovers that the system bot has refreshed it’s news.

[System Bot]: The frightening gargantuan thief Mengdongxing has broken out of the heavenly prison. He entered the imperial palace at night and stole Princess Fragrant Snow’s makeup box. Such a daring act is an unpardonable offense, will the heros of this world catch Mengdongxing and hand him over to the authorities for a generous reward.

Wei Wei says: “Boss Meng has fled again. Want to go catch him?”

Mengdongxing is one of the harder bosses of “Dream Voyage.” He escapes from the heavenly prison once a day. As soon as he escapes prison, he will immediately go and commit a robbery. And then the system bot will release an order of arrest for the numerous players to chase and catch. After catching him and delivering him to the authorities, he will be placed into the heavenly prison. The next day, Boss Meng will continue to break out of prison. But Boss Meng is also the most welcomed boss because when you do catch him, the item that he stole will become the reward and be given to the player who caught him. And the items that Boss Meng usually steals under these circumstances are always pretty good.

Once, Wei Wei got lucky. Boss Meng had stolen a chest of silver and Wei Wei met him by chance and single handedly, with a narrow escape, captures Boss Meng. The chest of silver became hers. Of course, there are unlucky times. For example, one time the system bot said that Boss Meng stole the sword that Dongfang Bubai carried on him at all times. As soon as the announcement was made, the world went into an uproar. Dongfang Bubai’s sword. It must be a top-notch spiritual weapon. So all the players, whether low level or high level, put down what they were doing and went to catch the boss. Finally, Boss Meng was caught by someone on the level leaderboards. The high level player got the sword and took a look, he was so angry that he nearly stopped playing the game.

Because that sword’s description was —-

The sword that Dongfang Bubai used to castrate himself.


MonkeyWine says: “Princess’ makeup box? Not interested.”

MoZhaHim: “Don’t want to move.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “I am browsing the forum, the video has already been deleted.”

MonkeyWine: “Sigh~~why is that fellow so obedient.”

Wei Wei: “>o<, why do I feel like you seem somewhat regretful?”

MonkeyWine: “You mean completely regretful!”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “If he didn’t delete it, then we would have… hehehe.”

MonkeyWine: “Hacked his computer.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “Taken over his handle.”

MoZhaHim: “Then what would I do? Sell his wife?”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “Now that he’s deleted the video, we have no excuse to act.”

Wei Wei: “= = You guys are too awful.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain modestly says: “Too flattering, too flattering. Compared with NaiHe, we’re just a drop in the ocean.”

Wei Wei is speechless, you can use a drop in the ocean like this?

NaiHe: “Wei Wei, let’s go.”

“Ok, where to?” Wei Wei asks as she joins his party.

“Somewhere without them.”


She just joins the team when the scenery changes and, in the blink of an eye, Wei Wei finds herself standing on Sunset Summit.

Watching the sunset on Sunset Summit.

This is the game’s most beautiful and most desolate location since there are no monsters or quests to be done here, and no experience to be gained. But since knowing NaiHe, this is a place that Wei Wei has come very often.

The setting sun hides half of itself behind the clouds. The dazzling red beams radiate all around contrasting with the heroine in red, standing still on the summit, becoming increasingly gorgeous with brilliance, while the white robed hero becomes increasingly proud and aloof.

Wei Wei watches for a long time while supporting her chin with her hands, and then slowly types: “It is truly beautiful.”

NaiHe: “Mmm.”

The two have nothing to say. After a short while, NaiHe says: “I should have waited for you to come and deal with this situation, but there were too many people following it in the world. So I thought that it was better to duel it out quickly.”

The Wei Wei sitting in front of the computer blinks. After staying for a long time, she finally realizes that he is explaining the reason he did this.

Actually…he doesn’t need to explain to her. But for some reason, Wei Wei’s heart slowly starts feeling a trace of being touched.

This type of feeling didn’t come about when he gave her a grand wedding. It didn’t come about when he helped her take revenge. Yet, at this time, in such a setting, because of his ordinary and plain explanation, it has come about.

Wei Wei suddenly doesn’t know what to say. Her fingers stand still above the keyboard for a long time. Then she finally sent a smiley face emoticon.

NaiHe didn’t speak anymore. Wei Wei also quietly stands next to him without controlling the character, and didn’t leave. Looking at the still scenery, she can only feel seclusion and serenity at this moment.

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