A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 15 9

Part 15: Till we meet again in Rivers and Lakes

YuGong and MonkeyWine? It’s true, they were going to go kill a boss, but how can they snatch someone else’s boss? Wei Wei still has faith in them for something like this. It is probably a misunderstanding.

With this in mind, thinking to clear up the misunderstanding, Wei Wei calmly says: “Can you please provide more details on what happened?”

BattleTheWorld: “Reed, shouldn’t you give me an explanation? You are a part of our guild after all. Your team snatching a guild member’s boss cannot be explained away. Plus the items that the boss dropped were things the guild member needed urgently. I leave it to you to resolve this.”


The other party is persistently condemning her and still can’t clear it up after so long. Wei Wei doesn’t feel like asking him again, so she says: “Which guild member’s team was it? Tell me the name and I will go ask YuGong.”

After a pause, BattleTheWorld replies with four words: “LittleRainQingQing.”

Wei Wei: “……”

Extremely frustrated doesn’t even come close to describing Wei Wei’s current feelings. She looks at her friends list, StormGoddessNiNi (StormGoddessGirl) is online; she sends a message to her: “When did LittleRainQingQing join our guild?”

Wei Wei knows about LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress) joining Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion and wasn’t surprised about it. After marriage, it is common for the wife to join the guild of the husband or the husband to join the guild of the wife. But how come LittleRainQingQing also joined? When did the standards for joining Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion get so low?

StormGoddessNiNi quickly replies: “It was last week. WeiWei you didn’t know?”

Wei Wei: “I didn’t know. Who accepted her?”

StormGoddessNiNi: “The Guild Master. She was accepted because of her relation to RealWater and YaoYao. Oh, that’s right, you weren’t online when they joined the guild. The entire LittleRain clan has joined our guild.”

Wei Wei: “……”

StormGoddessNiNi: “I was wondering why you didn’t have a reaction to it. I was afraid to bring it up myself. *sigh*, actually LittleRainYaoYao isn’t that bad as a person, but that LittleRainQingQing is extremely annoying. She always acts coquettishly towards the men in the guild. It’s disgusting. WeiWei, I’ll tell you this in secret, I’ve seen LittleRainQingQing and Guild Master Battle (BattleTheWorld) alone together many times. They even rode on the same horse together…”

With Wei Wei’s one question, her gossip craving is induced and starts talking non-stop. Right now, Wei Wei isn’t in the mood to gossip with her and isn’t interested in that hideous mess. She sends a message to YuGong: “YuGong, you guys saw LittleRainQingQing when you were killing a boss?”

YuGong: “I think so. Didn’t really pay attention. There were five or six parties waiting for the boss to appear. I was fast and got the kill. Hehe, the boss dropped really good equipment. I’ll give them to you later. Are you and Third Brother done with your quest?”

There is no need to ask anymore after what YuGong said. Of course, Wei Wei didn’t think that they would go and snatch someone else’s boss. Now that her thoughts have been confirmed, she replies back in a relaxed manner: “Not yet.”

YuGong: “What crap! Third Brother is too crappy, too crappy.”

Wei Wei quickly defends NaiHe: “It’s the quest that’s twisted!!!”

Don’t slander the Great Master so casually, okay? >o<

Wei Wei describes the twisted nature of the quest, on one end, to YuGong, while on the other end, she sends a message to BattleTheWorld: “Guild Master Battle, why don’t you ask LittleRainQingQing what happened again and then, you had better give me a good explanation.”

BattleTheWorld: ”What do you mean by this? Reed, I know that you have objections towards QingQing and the others, but I hope that you can judge the matter as it stands.”


Receiving such a reply. Wei Wei can only speechlessly face BattleTheWorld.

Judge the matter as it stands. When was she not judging the matter as the stands? Just who is it that’s trying to cause problems!

Before, she had always felt that the way this BattleTheWorld handled things were always a bit muddled. Now, it looks like something’s just muddled with his mind. Wei Wei doesn’t spend more time wasting words on him. She opens the guild chat channel and ‘yells’ out to LittleRainQingQing.


[Guild][ReedWeiWei (HumbleReed)]: LittleRainQingQing.

[Guild][ReedWeiWei]: I’d like to ask you to explain to Guild Master Battle what the actual circumstances were in the so-called my party snatching your boss.


Her one sentence stirs up thousands of waves. Those originally lurking in the guild comes out one after another.

[Guild][StormGoddessNiNi]: WeiWei, what boss snatching?”

[Guild][RealWaterIsScentless]: (blank emoticon)

[Guild][BrightSunlight]: What happened?

[Guild][ReedWeiWei]: Guild Master Battle suddenly interrogated me just now about why my party stole LittleRainQingQing’s party’s boss. I’ve been in a quest with ASmileNaiHe (WhyNotJustSmile) and didn’t go kill the boss. After asking YuGongClimbsAMountain and MonkeyWine, I discovered that there was some discrepancy. Now I want LittleRainQingQing to come out and clear it up face to face.


[Guild][StormGoddessNiNi]: Eh, Wei Wei you weren’t even in the party. What does it have to do with you?

[Guild][ReedWeiWei]: Be that as it may, but if YuGong and them stole it, I will still take responsibility. But, from what YuGong says, they were all waiting for the boss to appear and his party was just faster. Of course, this is just what he says and I won’t just hear what I want to hear, so I’m waiting for LittleRainQingQing’s explanation.

[Guild][reyo]: Where is LittleRainQingQing?

[Guild][MengHaoRan]: LittleRainQingQing, come out and say whether they really stole it or not.


The guild chat is really lively, but LittleRainQingQing does not come out. After a bit, LittleRainYaoYao came out.

[Guild][LittleRainYaoYao]: QingQing is currently not on. She probably got disconnected and left.



BattleTheWorld isn’t saying anything anymore either, did he also get disconnected? Can there be such a coincidence to get disconnected at the same time? Wei Wei isn’t an idiot, so she says immediately: “LittleRainQingQing, if you don’t want to say, then I’ll go ask on the world channel. There were many parties there at the time, I’m sure someone will be willing to say what happened.”


This time, LittleRainQingQing quickly came out.

[Guild][LittleRainQingQing]: I went out just now, what happened?

[Guild][LittleRainQingQing]: Oh, that thing. I was just saying boss snatching. I didn’t manage to snatch it, so I said that they snatched it away. Was I wrong in saying this? I didn’t know that TheWorld (BattleTheWorld) would misunderstand and go ask you about it.


With this, she has actually put all the blame on BattleTheWorld. Wei Wei, who already didn’t like this LittleRainQingQing, now despises her for not taking responsibility. If she really just said it like that, would BattleTheWorld come and interrogate her with such conviction like that? Even suggesting that she hand over the equipment?

BattleTheWorld isn’t an idiot.

[Guild][ReedWeiWei]: So according to you, it was Guild Master Battle who purposely distorted what you said to come and slander me? Then Guild Master Battle should give me an explanation? It’s not very pleasant to be slandered.

[Guild][RealWaterIsScentless]: Looks like it was just a misunderstanding. There’s no need to bicker about it.


Misunderstanding? Wei Wei sneers on the inside.

StormGodessNiNi sends over a private chat message: “I bet LittleRainQingQing threw a tantrum towards BattleTheWorld shrewdly speaking bad about you, but didn’t think that BattleTheWorld would actually go and ask you about it, getting it exposed. But then again, it’s hard to say, she’s always like this. *sigh*, calling for the men in the guild to help her take revenge and stuff. She probably wanted to get someone else to do her dirty work (lit. borrow another’s sword to kill someone)?”

Wei Wei bluntly replies: “Then the sword she borrowed was really too blunt.”


BattleTheWorld still hasn’t said anything. Wei Wei says: “Guild Master Battle has also disconnected?”

After waiting a while, there is still no reply. Wei Wei isn’t worried either; her fingers gracefully types out: “Even though Guild Master Battle misunderstood me earlier, I admire Guild Master Battle’s conduct of trying to bring justice for an ordinary guild member. But why is he not speaking now, does the sense of justice vary from person to person?

BattleTheWorld is finally forced out.

[Guild][BattleTheWorld]: It was me who got it wrong. It’s great that it’s a misunderstanding. An united guild is very important. But, there is another thing that Reed needs to take note.


He wants to ride it through that easily?! And even has another move?

Wei Wei is already in a bad mood from being blamed, but since getting angry isn’t the best way to solve things, she has been patiently bearing with it. But seeing his attitude now, she can’t help but really get angry. The more angry she gets, the more cool-headed she is. At a pace neither too fast nor too slow, she typed out: “What is it, please say it.”

BattleTheWorld: “When RealWater and YaoYao got married, the medicine that you sold on Vermilion Bird Bridge were made from the materials of the guild, right? Normally, you don’t sell it by yourself. Of course, doing it once in a while is alright. Just take note of it next time. Haha.”

Wei Wei is disgusted by the last “haha” of his. She understands that he had been embarrassed just now and is now looking for something else to get his self-respect back. If it was someone with a softer temper, then it would be left to allow him this, but how is Wei Wei going to let it just slide. She sharply says: “Substitute Guild Master still bothers to remember such a thing that happened so long ago. These medicine were, indeed, made from the herbal material from the guild’s warehouse, but the herbs to make these medication were max leveled. How many max leveled gatherers are there in the guild?”

The guild chat channel becomes completely silent.

When the Guild Master and a senior leader quarrel, the average guild member, naturally, can’t cut in. Those who are susceptible realizes that ReedWeiWei’s address of BattleTheWorld has already changed from “Guild Master Battle” to “Substitute Guild Master”, and are even less inclined to speak.


No one replies to her. Wei Wei continues: “If my memory serves me, there are two, including me. The other is HuanHuanXiXi (Happily), but HuanHuanXiXi is a senior in high school and needs to take the college entrance exam, and hasn’t been online for many months.”

Wei Wei: “So all the herbal material in the guild’s warehouse are all actually gathered by me. What objection does Substitute Guild Master have in me selling medicine made from the herbal material that I gathered myself?”

BattleTheWorld becomes angry and says: “Reed, don’t be so satisfied with yourself. Even though max level medicine requires high level herbs, low level herbs are also needed. Those low level herbs has to be from the guild’s warehouse, right?”

The composed Wei Wei answers: “Alright, since Substitute Guild Master wants to settle the accounts. Then let us calculate it. What is the price of high level herbs on the market? What is the price of low level herbs? How much medicine have I made for the guild for free?”


The price difference between high level herbs and low level herbs are like night and day. And max level medicine isn’t purchasable. BattleTheWorld would be foolish to respond. Originally, he had just meant to pick at something casually to get himself off the hook; He didn’t think that this ReedWeiWei would actually be this aggressive.

BattleTheWorld: “It goes without saying that contributing to the guild is a necessary responsibility of the members.”

Wei Wei gives him measure for measure: “But don’t take my free labor for granted! Since I’ve always made medicine for the guild for free, I don’t even have the freedom to sell some of my own medicine?!”

Wei Wei: “And after I give my contribution, in spite of it all, what I get is all sorts of slander?!”


At this time, a lower healer in the guild timidly speaks: “Even though WeiWei jie (older sister) uses the low level herbs that we gather, we also use the high level herbs that WeiWei jie gathers to increase our levels.”

Seeing the situation becoming more and more deadlocked, and afraid that it will be hard for Wei Wei to stay in the guild later, StormGodessNiNi quickly came out to mediate: “Forget it, forget it. We’re part of the same guild. Amiability makes you rich (idiom).

After she speaks, the others of the guild all start saying things, trying to mediate the situation.


Wei Wei sends a smiley face emoticon; everyone relaxes, thinking that the mediation has worked. Unexpectedly, immediately afterwards, a line of text pops out, shocking them to silence.

[Guild][ReedWeiWei]: LittleRainQingQing, you and I are well aware of what actually happened. Either you apologize to me right now, or don’t let me catch you trying to kill a boss. Else I’ll make the charge you accuse me of today become reality.


Forget it? Before BattleTheWorld brought up the medicine deal, that might have been possible. She isn’t someone who pursues something hot headedly anyway. But it is impossible now. Handling things in real life might require meticulous consideration of the consequences, but that’s not needed in a game. If one can’t even quickly end a grudge in the game, then what’s the point of playing. She is here to play, not to be bullied.


Almost immediately.

[Guild][LittleRainMianMain (ContinuousLittleRain)]: ReedWeiWei! You’re being too much of a bully!


Those LittleRainXXs who have been silent due to being in the wrong start coming out, some defending, some attacking. Seeing these various things, one after another, Wei Wei’s anger actually starts cooling off instead. She suddenly feels that this is all of no interest.

It already no longer is the old Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion anymore.

Those friends that she had struggled and fought with together, some has disappeared and others have quit. The few that are left have also become less talkative. Even former Guild Master ButterflyDream comes and goes in a hurry. And now there’s the addition of the LittleRain clan…

They will just make things even more unbearable in the future.

How can just a pandemonium reigning place be Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion, neither the objects nor the people are it anymore. Is there any need to leave reluctantly? Being spurred on by some kind of impulse, barely without any thinking, Wei Wei leaves this speech behind.


[Guild][ReedWeiWei]: I’ve said what I needed to say. To my fellow friends, when we meet again in Rivers and Lakes (the world), we will still be friends.

After saying this, without looking at the everyone’s reaction, Wei Wei opens the guild interface and clicks on the lower right corner —- Quit.


Do you really want to quit from Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion?



[Guild]: All good things must come to an end. ReedWeiWei quits from Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion.


Immediately afterwards, the system bot makes a new announcement.

[System Bot]: Rivers and Lakes skilled master, ReedWeiWei has quit from Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion.

Usually, when a player quits from a guild, the system bot doesn’t make an announcement. But it is different for the top one hundred players on the Overall Leaderboard. The system bot will announce their movements within guilds. As soon as the announcement is made, the world channel immediately started discussing it.

[World][NotWearingUndiesIsVeryRefreshing]: ReedWeiWei has left Blue Ocean?

[World][DreamPoolEssay]: LittleRainYaoYao went to Blue Ocean, Reed probably can’t stand them being lovey dovey to each other.

[World][NeMo]: Don’t make unfounded remarks. Reed’s husband, ASmileNaiHe is much more awesome than RealWaterIsScentless.

[World][PinkBubbles]: So what if he’s awesome in game. RealWaterIsScentless and LittleRainYaoYao are a genuine handsome man and beautiful woman couple. I’ve seen the pictures.

[World][EmptinessAfterMist]: Another skilled master has left Blue Ocean. Looks like Blue Ocean is completely dying. It was already in imminent danger when ButterflyDreams left. Now that ReedWeiWei has left, it’ll soon fall down from it’s place in the top four.

[World][RighteousWorld]: ReedWeiWei, come to our RighteousWorld guild. You will definitely be treated better here than in Blue Ocean.

[World][RighteousWorld]: ReedWeiWei, come to our RighteousWorld guild. You will definitely be treated better here than in Blue Ocean.

[World][RighteousWorld]: ReedWeiWei, come to our RighteousWorld guild. You will definitely be treated better here than in Blue Ocean.


[System Bot]: For maliciously flooding the screen, player, RighteousWorld, is banned from speaking for an hour.




Compared to the world, Wei Wei’s friends chat is even more lively.

StormGodessNiNi: “WeiWei, how come you’ve quit the guild. Don’t!!!!!!”

Wei Wei isn’t feeling talkative, and only says, “It’s nothing. Just want some peace.”

StormGodessNiNi: “Then you will still come back, right?”

Without the slightest hesitation, Wei Wei replies with one word: “No.”


YuGong and MonkeyWine also sends messages over. YuGong is a smart person and immediately associates it with Wei Wei’s questioning earlier. “You leaving the guild has to do with the LittleRain clan? Has to do with me, too?”

Wei Wei says: “>o<”

YuGong: “It really does?”

Wei Wei: “Eh, no. I wanted to say that you aren’t that important yet…”

YuGong: “……”

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