A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 16 7

Part 16: Together with me

Wei Wei hastily replies to all of the inquiries from her friends. During this entire time, no message comes from NaiHe. Wei Wei moves the mouse to block the world channel and everything becomes tranquil in a split second.

On the computer screen is still the same blackness. Only the heroine in red’s body is faintly lit, barely making out her silhouette. Looking at the screen, Wei Wei slowly starts feeling a bit lonely.

It’s true that guilds in the game aren’t actually anything, but at least it is a type of memory. She had invested in it and had been happy because of it. She might not regret leaving so suddenly, but it’s hard to avoid the disappointment and frustration.

What’s more, she left in such a manner.

What’s more, the system bot has even shut her in a small black room by herself at this time >o<

Wei Wei isn’t someone who thinks too much about things, but facing such a quiet and dull screen, she gradually becomes a bit gloomy. She randomly clicks the mouse to make the heroine in red walk back and forth. After walking in a whole bunch of circles, she still can’t break out of it. Just as she is suffering from pent up frustration, there is a ding sound and a message pops up on screen.


Your husband, ASmileNaiHe, has passed the test of the last stage, “Yearning for Each Other Enchantment.” Congratulations, you have completed The Return of the Condor Heroes quest.


Wei Wei can’t help but be startled.


After the appearance of the message, the black picture also changes. Suddenly, countless dots of light appear, they connect together into lines and slowly flow through. The darkness is dispersed, the entire surroundings can be seen perfectly. Wei Wei finds that she is indeed underneath a precipice, surrounded by precipitous mountain walls. On her right side, there is a small waterfall and a deep natural pond. This is probably where the sounds of water were coming from. Flowers and grass grow tall around the pond.

And NaiHe, like a divine immortal slowly descends to her side in this brightness.

That’s right, descends.

Because he is sitting on the back of a large snow white bird.


Wei Wei is practically dumbstruck while looking at this scene. The Great Master’s method of appearance is truly too radiant and lofty, the only thing different from an angel descending are two wings…


Only after quite a while does Wei Wei remember to speak, and very unconsciously types out: “You found me?”

As soon as it’s sent, she becomes embarrassed…that sentence is so stupid. It’s simply asking something one already knows the answer to. But, in the instant she saw the Great Master just now, the only thing that jumped into her head was that sentence.

He found her…

Her mood suddenly became brighter.

NaiHe gets off the saddle and replies to her like so: “Mmm, sorry for making the Mrs. wait for so long.”

Wei Wei: “>o<”


While Wei Wei continues to be embarrassed, right underneath the announcement about ReedWeiWei quitting the guild, the system bot rapidly made a new announcement.

[System Bot] ASmileNaiHe and ReedWeiWei have completed the final couple quest, The Return of the Condor Heroes. They are rewarded with 1,000,000 player experience points, the title of Rivers and Lakes Number One Divine Immortal Couple, and the first flying mount in ‘Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes’, ‘Divine Condor.’


Of course, the world channel becomes ebullient again. A flying mount; ‘Dream Voyage’ actually also has flying mounts!

[World][GoodRain]: Flying mount!!!!

[World][BigCitySmallWrongs] There can’t be just one of them. Is ‘Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes’ going to start having a flying system?

[World][NotWearingUndiesIsVeryRefreshing]: I want one too~~~~

[World][SkywardAvenue]: Refreshing bro, it won’t be very decent for you to ride a flying mount, right? When you fly, those beneath you will see everything.

[World][NotWearingUndiesIsVeryRefreshing] Psh, I (arrogant) am not afraid of being seen. It’ll be even more refreshing when flying.

The discussion on the topic of riding rockets. In addition, there is also discussion on the people.

[World][yoyo1212]: I find that whenever everyone feels that ReedWeiWei is tragic, with matchless speed, she will come out with something impressive. It was like this with the wedding last time too.

[World][RapeseedFlower]: That’s right. When RealWaterIsScentless and her got divorced last time, I thought she was tossed away. In the blink of an eye, she gets married to ASmileNaiHe in the end. Powerful!

[World][AYing]: Don’t tell me RealWaterIsScentless is the one who was tossed aside?

[World][YuGongClimbsAMountain]: Young lady, AYing, you are so smart. Come, older brother will take you to kill bosses.

[World][AYing]: Ah, blushing.

[World][MonkeyWine]: Hehe, someone’s shameless.

[World][MoZhaHim]: Hoho, someone’s jealous.

[World][AYing]: MonkeyWine ge ge (older brother), I am AYing di di (younger brother), really embarrassing.

[World][MoneyWine]: Hahahahahahahahahaha~~


Wei Wei knows nothing of the lively clamor on the world channel. She has blocked out that screen and is now admiring the large bird with a type of explosive happiness.

“This is a Divine Condor?”

The large snow white bird currently has its neck raised in a spirited manner for Wei Wei to size up. Wei Wei makes two rounds around it, filled with pleasant surprise. Suddenly she recalls something: “That’s not right.”

NaiHe: “What?”

Wei Wei: “I clearly remember that Yang Guo’s (main protagonist in Return of Condor Heroes) condor is black. Why is this one white? It must be a bug!”

ASmileNaiHe says: “Comes, let us go roam around.”


Carrying the two of them, the white condor slowly flies towards Chang’an.

While Wei Wei is enjoying the fresh new view, she curiously asks NaiHe: “How did you find me?”

NaiHe says: “There were actually hints.”

On the whole, the game isn’t completely twisted enough to let him search without any hints. Sometimes, at some places, a prompt or two will be triggered and popup. For example, “You’ve picked up the pouch that your wife dropped. Perhaps she is nearby?” and such. After that, based on the prompts, he could slowly find the approximate location and then, at the end, he triggered the “Yearning for Each Other Enchantment.”

Wei Wei is flabbergasted: “Yearning for Each Other Enchantment. Can it be the legendary special five elemental spell…”

NaiHei: “It’s not that mysterious. Before I triggered the enchantment, the system bot told me how to escape. There were around ten or twenty thousand words shown in 10 seconds.”

Wei Wei is alarmed. One aspect is the system bot’s shamelessness. The other aspect is due to the valiant memory of the Great Master’s: “You actually memorized the entire prompt in just 10 seconds?”

That’s not quite human anymore, it’s even faster than speed reading.

After a moment of silence, NaiHe says: “I took a screenshot.”

Wei Wei: “…..”

That’s right, you can take screenshots. Only an idiot would try to memorize it……she’s become stupid, her brain can’t even function anymore >o<


After asking a stupid question, Wei Wei is a bit embarrassed. She’s already asked pretty much everything she wanted, so she shuts up and pretends to be invisible. After flying for a period in silence, NaiHei suddenly speaks: “You quit your guild?”

Wei Wei doesn’t anticipate him asking about this and only replies after staring blankly for a while: “You saw it? Uh-huh, I’ve quit.”

NaiHe: “That’s fine, you can be with me in the future.”


Even though they are just chatting through typing and she can’t hear his voice or see his expression, somehow Wei Wei feels that those words by Great Master were really down played and very casual, and doesn’t know why she also relaxes on the inside. It is as if everything became clear at once. The last traces of the dark screen also scatters, Wei Wei says with valor, “Okay, we will roam far and wide together, being a pair of feral mandarin ducks (proverb meaning couple engaged in an illicit love affair) in rivers and lakes.”

Her speech is 70 percent valor and 30 percent mockery and didn’t expect NaiHe to be dissatisfied after hearing it: “Feral mandarin ducks? I recall that we had an official wedding.”

Wei Wei sluggishly types: “>o<”

Classmate Great Master, you really don’t have a sense of humor…

NaiHe says: “The title is very important.”

Wei Wei continues: “>o<”

Alright, classmate Great Master actually does have a sense of humor, it is just a bit colder…


At this time, their Divine Condor flies through Chang’an and towards the mountains and rivers past the city. Wei Wei gazes at the vast and boundless landscape, her mood gets better and better. She is a bit ashamed as she recalls how she was actually depressed for so many minutes after quitting the guild just now.

It is really not worth it to get upset over that kind of person and that kind of thing. It is simply a waste of life. Might as well use that time to stroll around with Great Master and see the game’s scenery!

Even though she’s used to the scenery, it’s different from the skies and the feeling is also different. Like in this current moment, she has an unprecedented feeling.

Her train of thought drifts. Gradually, the scenery fades from her eyes. Wei Wei’s sight falls on her own character. In the picture, she and NaiHe are sitting intimated on the large condor. She is leaning into his embrace, his arms surrounding her. The white condor, the red shadow and the white robe is currently flying past the endless mountain ranges covered in snow in the sunset. They actually look a bit like a heavenly couple among the scenery.

Finally, Wei Wei’s gaze falls upon the title that NaiHe had previously added–


ReedWeiWei’s Husband.


This is the title that NaiHe has been using this entire time. It is said he already has the excellent matchless title given to him by the system bot, “Number 1 Rivers and Lakes Master”, but she has never seen him use it. NaiHe isn’t actually someone who likes to use titles, same as her, but…

As if she is spurred on by something, Wei Wei can’t help but open up the profile settings page and move her hands to change her title to one that she’s always been too embarrassed to use, “ASmileNaiHe’s wife.”

She suddenly feels a bit of sweetness inside.


In the dorm room, Xiao Ling who has been writing a paper, has been writing a little and then glancing at Wei Wei. After glancing at her N times, she finally can’t help but say uneasily: “Wei Wei…”

“Hm?” Wei Wei responds and looks at her, her face still holding onto a trace of a smile.

Xiao Ling looks at her smiling expression that is unable to be hidden in her eyes, and says worriedly: “In the game, can you have, that…”

Wei Wei thinks that she just wants to admonish her for playing too much of the game, so she brandishes her hands carelessly: “Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with my exams. I’ve already finished writing my paper.”

Xiao Ling becomes depressed.

Who cares about her exams, who cares about her paper, what she’s worried about is…

Xiao Ling looks at Wei Wei. Underneath the faint yellow light, Bei Wei Wei’s exquisite features are even more apparent, but this beauty, is actually staring at a computer and radiating a blossoming smile…

Xiao Ling sighs on the inside. Wei Wei, oh Wei Wei, you don’t feel that the you right now, seems like you have…


In Love!


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