A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 17 6

Part 17: For My Wife to Play With

When people say that enemies often cross each other’s paths, this is probably what it’s like.

Wei Wei looks at those across from her; she can’t help but feel speechless about her and NaiHe’s opponents in their first battle of the points accumulation round.


The couples PK competition finally begins on Friday after much wait.  The first round is points accumulation competitions; it will take half a month and there are no audiences to watch the games.  The opponents are randomly picked by the system; the participating couple just needs to click on the NPC and they will be taken to a battling field.  They won’t know who their opponents are until they get there.

YuGong and the others send Wei Wei and NaiHe off as they click on the NPC to enter the field.  The moment they enter it, Wei Wei is dumbfound —-their opponents, standing on the other side of the field, are actually RealWaterIsScentless and LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress).



Participating players don’t begin their PK battles right away; the system sets up a 3-minute preparation time before the battle.  NaiHe glances at their opponents and says casually: “I’ll take care of LittleRainYaoYao.”

Wei Wei understands the Great Master’s battling tactics right away; LittleRainYaoYao is weak in skill and her avatar type is a doctor, so she has no chance against NaiHe.  NaiHe can defeat her first and then join forces with Wei Wei to defeat RealWaterIsScentless.  It’s the fastest way to end the battle.

But this will mean NaiHe killing LittleRainYaoYao.  Will the LittleRain clan make a big fuss over it and go to the world channel and accuse NaiHe for bullying a fragile girl?

Although it’s ridiculous, Wei Wei won’t be surprised to see them saying things like that.  It’s because this is exactly what LittleRainQingQing (LittleRainForeverYoung) did on the world channel the other day.


Wei Wei is bursting with energy just from thinking about what happened the day before; this is what you call the tables have turned after all the ups and down; let the climax begin~~

It is all a result of the argument about someone stealing someone else’s boss.

Although Wei Wei said that she would really steal LittleRainQingQing’s boss next time before quitting the guild, LittleRainQingQing was clearly not important enough for her to spend time tailing.  Wei Wei originally planned to fulfill her promise whenever she bumped into her, but when she and NaiHe were completing a quest, NaiHe suddenly abandoned it midway, took her with him, and flew to another location.

At that location, LittleRainQingQing was just in the middle of fighting a boss.

As expected, classmate Wei Wei stole her first boss in the game and got the most sought-after priceless ingredient, Ice Feather; the system bot even announced her victory (the game makes an announcement when a player receives a precious item).

LittleRainQingQing was furious.

It turned out that the item that YuGong received from the last boss was not what LittleRainQingQing was after.  What she wanted was the “Ice Feather” that the boss occasionally gave.  It was a new item that the system recently launched.  When used together with other precious items, the player could make a superb type of equipment.


There was obviously no way that LittleRainQingQing would let it go seeing that the Ice Feather fell into Wei Wei’s hands.  Therefore, she cried on the world channel saying that ASmileNaiHe (WhyNotJustSmile) and ReedWeiWei (HumbleReed), higher level players, bullied her, a weak and harmless girl.  She cried that she went to fight a boss in order to get the Ice Feather because that was the last missing item that she needed to make a new equipment.  She said that she spent a lot of money gathering the other ingredients but ReedWeiWei snatched the Ice Feather, so her other expensive ingredients had all become garbage.

She was well prepared; a couple of members supported her here and there on the world channel, so some players were deceived by her and pointed their fingers at Wei Wei.  LittleRainQingQing’s supporters took the opportunity and demanded Wei Wei to return the Ice Feather.

Even LittleRainYaoYao showed up.  Although she did not blame Wei Wei and only said a few gentle words explaining that they had a little misunderstanding, she still felt that ReedWeiWei had gone a little too far.  She further said that enemies were easy to make but friends were hard to come by, so she wished that ReedWeiWei would discontinue her act and the like.

A pretty girl’s influence was obviously great.  Many expressed their approval right after.

RealWaterIsScentless quickly followed suit, expressing that he was willing to pay a high price to get the Ice Feather.


Wei Wei laughed out loud.

It seemed like LittleRainYaoYao was settling a fight, but she was actually cornering Wei Wei.  Even if Wei Wei explained the whole situation from beginning to end, people would still believe that she was a bitter and petty person.  As for RealWaterIsScentless?  He demonstrated the idiom, “compromise for the general interest,” to the fullest.  You see, even though you stole our boss, we are still willing to spend money to buy what you stole.  See how pitiful, how much we have been bullied, and how sincere we are?

Wei Wei was disgusted.  Of course, she wasn’t a person that was easy to be bullied.  She made screencaps of the conversation she had with BattleTheWorld.  Just as she was about to reply, a low level account player named, “JustWontEatAMeal,” appeared saying that LittleRainQingQing stole his team’s boss.  He added that LittleRainQingQing was actually the high level player who bullied others, while ReedWeiWei helped them righteously when she passed by.

LittleRainQingQing wouldn’t admit it, but the low level player immediately uploaded a video of LittleRainQingQing stealing their boss onto the forum.  Now that the evidence was presented, LittleRainQingQing fled without saying a word.

Not to mention the people on the world channel, even Wei Wei was shocked from such a dramatic turn of events.  She wasn’t dumb, so she knew the answer just from thinking about it thoroughly.

She couldn’t help but giggle.


The world channel exploded again.  Those who supported the LittleRain clan blindly were too embarrassed to say anything; they either disappeared right after LittleRainQingQing or apologized to Wei Wei.

Wei Wei actually didn’t really care about their attacks, but since it was such a good chance to take it out on them, she couldn’t let it pass.  Therefore, she said the following calmly as if she had been through a lot——

[World][ReedWeiWei]: “I haven’t talked much because I thought that it was okay as long as I knew that I was innocent and knew who was guilty in my heart, but after many pointed their fingers at me, I feel disheartened.”


Wei Wei felt sour from her own words, but for the sake of impact, she sent the message out.  Hehheh, who doesn’t know how to pretend to be pitiful?~~~  Once her message went out, who would believe that she would go steal LittleRainQingQing’s boss after that?


Oh no, she had really become bad under the Great Master’s influence……


Seeing that things were about to end, Wei Wei was just going to sign out, but she suddenly saw her husband, who was usually reticent, responding.


[World][ASmileNaiHe]: “Buying all Ice Feathers at a high price.”


ASmileNaiHe rarely spoke on the world channel, he had pretty much never.  Therefore, when he spoke, this was how people reacted——


[World][AngelPullingMillstone]: “Wow, picture!  Picture!”

[World][TrippedOverRedRoastedPork]: “(smiley with stars on its eyes) Great expert, please sign me an autograph.”



Wei Wei was dripping with cold sweat from reading the messages.  She tried hard to remember if she was like this the first time she saw NaiHe……

So embarrassing~~~


After all the fuss on getting pictures taken, someone asked out of curiosity.

[World][StepOnPig]: “ASmile, are you collecting Ice Feather to make a new weapon too?”

[World][ASmileNaiHe]: “Not interested.”

[World][StepOnPig]: “(smiley with suspicious look) What are you collecting it for then?”

[World][ASmileNaiHe]: “To give it to my wife to play with.”


Wei Wei nearly choked herself.  Great Master, you sure know how to make people go nuts……


Wei Wei closed off the world channel, turned around and asked NaiHe: “Is that ‘JustWontEatAMeal’ one of you guys’ smurf account?”

She was ninety percent certain, otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence; a low level account happened to had record the whole event of her and NaiHe snatching someone else’s boss.

Just as she thought, NaiHe said: “It’s YuGong and the others.”

YuGong said proudly: “The three of us registered smurf accounts to go snatch bosses, especially LittleRainQingQing’s bosses.  After doing it three times, she couldn’t stand us anymore and killed us off, hahaha!”

He got more and more excited about it, sending N number of laughing smileys with hands on their waists.  He was waiting for Wei Wei’s praises when he heard her sigh: “So scheming.  Just so scheming!”

YuGong felt upset: “It was third brother who told us to do so.  We’re innocent!”

Ah!  So it was the Great Master!

Wei Wei immediately sent over a smiley with stars on its eyes while holding its fist up: “Great Master, you’re incredible!”

YuGong, MonkeyWine, and the others lay down and pretended to be dead right after.


Wei Wei gathers her thought.  At this moment, she can’t help but feel a little worry after hearing that NaiHe wants to defeat LittleRainYaoYao first.

“It’ll be good if you killed her off first.  It’ll be the quickest way to end the battle, but from what I know about the LittleRain clan, they’ll probably say a lot of bad things on the world channel.”

The Great Master frowns his eyebrows: “Is there a need to discuss about how to kill them?”

Wei Wei: “……”

That’s true – –

There is really no need to discuss about how to kill them.  Wei Wei even believes that with the equipment that the Great Master has given her, she can even take on the two of them by herself with over fifty percent chance of winning.  She has tied with RealWater in PK battles in the past because he has better equipment than her, but her equipment level has also been upgraded now.  Furthermore, RealWater has been beaten by the Great Master and downgraded three levels……

An idea suddenly springs into her mind while thinking about this, so she asks excitedly: “How about this, I’ll take them on myself and you’ll deliver the last blow!  If I really can’t handle the fight, you can jump in and help.”


NaiHe seems to have looked at her speechlessly, and then carries his guqin to the corner and sits down quietly.

Therefore, Wei Wei is all fired up!

But her fire is extinguished mercilessly after three minutes is over.

RealWaterIsScentless and LittleRainYaoYao flee from the battle!  The instant that the three minute preparation time is over, they quit right away and disappear in the blink of an eye.


Wei Wei feels dispirited.

Are they really that scary?  Seriously?……


Wei Wei tugs NaiHe to the next PK battle while still feeling dispirited, but this round of opponents are also players that they know.

BattleTheWorld and UnawakenedButterflyDreams.

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