A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 24 7

Part 24: Basketball farewell game

For Wei Wei to say such a thing is merely just her being unable to suppress the mischievousness with her rising mood. But she didn’t expect that they would believe her. Who knew that Er Xi will say something like this — severely stupefying her for a bit.

“Publicly known? What do you mean?”

Er Xi says, “There was some popular gossip thread on the school’s forums that matched up the well-known singles in the school. You and Xiao Nai are publicly known to be the most incompatible.”

Wei Wei is a bit blown back by it and angrily says, “There’s even this kind of thread. The people in our school are really dull.”

No one replies to what she says and thus, this topic stops. After quite awhile, as Er Xi and Xiao Ling are already chatting about another topic, Wei Wei pulls the conversation towards her again, “How are we incompatible?”

Er Xi thinks that Wei Wei is a bit strange today. Why is she so attached to this question? But she doesn’t think more about it and says, straightforwardly, “Someone on the forum said something like this, something looks, something profession. Ah, let me think about how they said it — it was quite good.”

Recalling it, she says, “Seems like it went like this, one is simple and elegant like an ink painting, the other is rich in color like an oil painting. One is an immortal from the heavens, the other is an expensive and precious flower on earth…Hey, what is with that expression of yours!”

Er Xi, who had been getting excited as she spoke, becomes angry.

Expressionlessly, Wei Wei says, “I’m getting goosebumps. Also, I’m not oily at all.”

Er Xi, “…your joke is really cold.”

Wei Wei thinks about it and is still not cool with it, “Why does our profession not match either? We’re both in computer science, dual IT heros…”

Er Xi scoffs at her, “Can you even come up with a worse title? There’s no admiration when you’re in the same field, okay? Plus, computer science is only one of Xiao Nai’s specialty.”

There is nothing for Wei Wei to say. After being gloomy for quite a while, she suddenly thinks of an important question, “Then who do they say is compatible with Xiao Nai?”

“No one, people were opposed with anyone mentioned.”

Great! Wei Wei is satisfied.


At this time, the atmosphere in the gymnasium suddenly becomes lively. Wei Wei immediately looks onto the court. Sure enough, Xiao Nai has come out after changing into a white basketball uniform.

He had already looked handsomely and after changing into the uniform, his heroic spirit breaks out. He catches the ball thrown by his teammate with ease, and, slowly and patiently dribbled it a bit. When the teammate comes up to block him, he suddenly accelerates. Everyone thinks that he will rush through, but he makes an immediate stop and, without taking too much time to aim, he jumps and shoots. The basketball makes a beautiful arc in the air — the time seems to have slowed down at this time. Wei Wei gazes at his explosive energy and dominance on the court while keeping his cool.

The basketball falls precisely into the hoop.

Nothing but net three pointer.

After the few seconds of silence, the stands erupts into a spell of cheering. Yet, on the court, Xiao Nai has no reaction to the cheers. He chats a bit with the teammates who’ve come and then starts warming up. His gaze has only been on the court the entire time and is completely blind to the stands.

Er Xi sighs and says, “Such is an idol.”

Si Si, “It’s said that Xiao Nai is better at swimming than basketball. Who knows what he looks like when he’s competing in swimming.”

Wei Wei’s thoughts can’t help but follow along with what she said — what he looks like during swimming competitions, Great Master in a swimsuit…

Her face immediately turns red.

Si Si looks at her red face, and asks, baffled,“Wei Wei, you’re that hot?”

Wei Wei, with a righteous tone, derides her, “You’re too perverted!”

Si Si, “…”

T_T She’s so innocent.


After ten minutes, the game starts; Xiao Nai starts on court.

Basketball has always been quite a good sport to watch. Compared to the long and slow time for soccer that has one short spurt of excitement, basketball is pretty much exciting at all times.

On the court, Xiao Nai is undoubtedly the most eye-catching. This is not just because of his remarkable looks and powerful reputation. It’s his performance that is a feast for the eyes.

It seems like Wei Wei is seeing the ASmileNaiHe from the game.

Actually, she doesn’t really understand basketball, but that exquisite passing and the exuding calmness — that quick-witted, precise sidestepping past others, that powerful and forceful charge through the people — can’t help but make her think of the number one master in the game.

Sometimes, the Xiao Nai on the court can almost be described as graceful, but when he charges, his imposing manner makes it so that no one can stop him. He brings out stunning power and speed in the midst of all the movement.


Thus, Wei Wei understands.

It turns out there’s such a thing in the world — only a split second is needed for liking a person to reach its peak.


Watching this game makes Wei Wei extremely nervous. The same with Er Xi and the others. Only after the first quarter ends is Xiao Ling able to excitedly say, “That nothing but net basket by Xiao Nai was so awesome! I must have Da Zhong practice it too!”

Si Si says, “That seems like it requires really good body conditioning.”

Xiao Ling says, “I don’t know. Ah, Xiao Nai is really talented in academics and athleticism.”

Not only is he talented in academics and athleticism, Wei Wei looks over at the handsome person resting and can’t help but think of the video that he made. This person is truly too outstanding. If they are really together in the future, she must try harder.

After a short rest, the game goes into the even more intense second quarter.

So far, Xiao Nai’s number of points is not the highest on the court. He likes to pass the ball to his teammates more, but he is clearly the one who controls the rhythm. Under his direction, the computer science department plays very smoothly. After the second quarter, the computer science department is nearly 20 points ahead of the architecture department.

Xiao Ling says, “Xiao Nai’s probably going off. Da Zhong said that he would be playing at most half the game today.”

Si Si says quite disappointedly, “Why?”

Wei Wei also looks towards her.

Xiao Ling says, “Aiya, it’s the farewell game. The reserve senior players will also go on court. Plus, did you guys forget? Senior classmate Xiao Nai was just in a car accident. It’s not good for him to play for a long time.”

Wei Wei can’t help but become a bit despondent after hearing this. When she had heard that older classmates that were seniors had gotten into a car accident, she didn’t really care much after knowing that there wasn’t much damage. Who knew…

Life is really fantastic.


After ten minutes, the third quarter starts. Indeed, Xiao Nai does not go on court. Disappointed chatter starts in the stands. Wei Wei isn’t actually too disappointed and continues to watch the game as before. But, most of the time, she is actually taking note of Xiao Nai who is sitting on the side of the court.

Taking note of him speaking with his teammates, watching the court and discussing the game.

Taking note of him tilting his head back to drink water, his shining dark hair.

Taking note of him…



placing the bottled water down and, suddenly, without warning, walking towards the stands!!

Wei Wei stiffens in her seat.


The attention of the entire place gradually moves from the court and is pretty much all paying attention to him.

However, Xiao Nai is still calm and composed — as if all those gazes are nonexistent. Very naturally, he steps onto the stairs of the stands, then passes the rows of seats, and walks directly in front of Wei Wei.

Wei Wei is sitting by the aisle, so he very easily comes to a stop next to her. He places one of his arms very naturally on the back of her seat, leans over, and gazes at her under the burning eyes of others.

“Everyone is going to get together later, I might not be able to go online tonight.”

Wei Wei nods.

“What do you plan to do tomorrow?”

Wei Wei says, “Self study.”

Wei Wei’s expression is also incomparably calm. but if you listen carefully to what she is saying, rather than saying she’s calm, might as well say…

Xiao Nai says, “Mmm, I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Wei Wei says, “Oh, then I’ll save a seat for you.”


She has already completely entered into a state of conditioned reflex…


Xiao Nai lifted his eyes and took a look, then says to Si Si, who is the farthest, “There’s an empty seat on that side, can you shift in more?”

Si Si looks to her side. Indeed, at sometime, the person next to her had left. Si Si, mechanically, shifts in. Er Xi and Xiao Ling also mechanically follow and shifts in. Wei Wei stands up and sits down in Xiao Ling’s original seat.


Xiao Nai courteously says and then, very bluntly, sits down next to Wei Wei — his line of sight looking towards the court and watches the game as if this was very common.


With him at the center, everyone ten meters all around him is silent, completely contrasting the intense battle on the court.

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