A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 25 5

Part 25: Blitzkrieg War

Only after quite a while do whispers start sounding in the vicinity. Wei Wei vaguely hears her and Xiao Nai’s name mentioned repeatedly. Gradually, flickering glances also head towards them.

After some more time, the noise becomes louder; becoming a buzz. The glances at them increase and become more and more brazen…

Under everyone’s unsettlement, Wei Wei suddenly becomes calm.

She starts learning from the Great Master, calmly turning to watch the game. As she looks, she’s so shocked that she can’t help but make an astonished sound.

The score on the court has actually become even!

Xiao Nai seems to know what she is surprised about and she hears him say flatly, “Don’t worry, once they stop looking into the stands, their score will pull away again.”

Because the gymnasium is noisy, he has to slightly lean towards her to speak, as if he’s telling her a secret.  Their breathing is very close to each other and Wei Wei only needs to slightly lift her eyes to be able to clearly see his thick and long eyelashes…

It turns out, getting close is actually such a hair-raising thing.

Wei Wei lowers her eyes and looks at her hair that has fallen upon his wrist and makes an “Mmm” sound. Actually, she didn’t even take note of what he was saying. She can only vaguely feel that their surroundings had become quiet again…

Only after the end of the third quarter does Er Xi wake up from her daze to call out, “How come our team is only leading by two points!

When Wei Wei hears her voice, she then remembers that she hasn’t introduced Xiao Nai to her roommates yet. But Xiao Nai has been continuously watching the game before and it wasn’t convenient to introduce them. Right now, he is still paying attention to the situation on the court. Wei Wei wants to call out to him, but is stomped by what the address him as.

Calling him senior male classmate is really weird…

Calling him NaiHe is even weirder; they’re not in the online game…

Calling him Xiao Nai…eh…seems a bit embarrassing…how come the Great Master can call her Wei Wei so naturally >o<

Fortunately, very soon Xiao Nai withdraws his eyesight from the courts, allowing Wei Wei to avoid suffering from pondering. Wei Wei promptly says, “That, they are my roommates,” prompting Xiao Nai to look at the three sitting next to her whose speech abilities have just been restored. She introduces them in succession, “Xiao Ling, Er Xi, Si Si.”

Xiao Nai’s eyes sweeps over them and then slightly smiles and says, “Hello.”

As a result…

the three’s consciousness that have just come back are jolted away again.

Wei Wei becomes straight faced.

Sure enough, people need to be compared to see who’s the best. Compared to them, her own behavior is really too good.


After the fourth quarter starts, it is as Xiao Nai had said before, the score is pulled apart again. The Computer Science department has pretty much locked in the win. As the end of the game nears, Xiao Nai suddenly says, “YuGong and MonkeyWine are down there, do you want to go say hi?”

Wei Wei is startled and then asks, “Is it number 10 and 11?”

The two that she is talking about are precisely those two who had run up to Xiao Nai has he entered earlier.

Xiao Nai nods.

“What about MoZhaHim?”

“He didn’t come.”

Wei Wei thinks about it, “Do they know I am ReedWeiWei?”


Then how did you know?

Wei Wei looks at him. Her shocked feeling is slowly disappearing, but doubts in her mind are becoming stronger. However, there are so many people around them, it’s clearly not the time to ask.

Wei Wei doesn’t hesitate anymore and simply says, “I’ll go.”


The whistle sounds for the end of the game. The Computer Science department dominates with an 18 point lead over the Architecture department. Wei Wei tells her roommates that she’ll head back with them in a bit and then heads down the stands with Xiao Nai.

Behind them, Si Si stares at the snacks in her hands, her mind in disarray.

“Can it be that Xiao Nai bought everything we’re eating?!”

After Xiao Ling’s recovers from her shock, she pats Er Xi’s hand, “This world has become a mysterious fantasy, Er Xi.”

Er Xi doesn’t say anything. She looks at the back of the two walking towards the court and, after a long time, sprouts this out, “Our Wei Wei is clearly very compatible with Xiao Nai. Who says they aren’t compatible? The people on the school forum are clearly blind.”


Wei Wei and Xiao Nai definitely walk down the stands with a path full of staring. As they got to the entrance of the stands, the impatient MonkeyWine and YuGong are already waiting there.

“Haha, third brother, you finally…”

A tall and sturdy, square-faced male student pats Xiao Nai on the shoulder with an expression of sorrow and speechlessness. The other male student, with a more angular face and taller by a bit, also has this expression and says, “The ten thousand year bachelor is finally settling down.”

This “ten thousand year bachelor” saying lets Wei Wei, all of a sudden, think of the first time she met them in the game. The two strangers in front of her immediately become extremely familiar to her.

Xiao Nai ignores their mockery and introduces Wei Wei, “Number 10 is Yu Ban Shan, the other is Qiu Yong Hou.” (Hou means Monkey)

He doesn’t mention their respective identities in the online game because it can already be inferred from the names of the two. Following that, he is just about to introduce Wei Wei to him, but Wei Wei actually takes the initiative and steps forward, rushing to courteously say before him, “Hi senior classmates, I am Wei Wei.”

YuGong — classmate Yu Ban Shan stares blankly a bit before chuckling and saying “Hello, hello” while thinking to himself, on the other hand, of course I know that you are Bei Wei Wei — the beauty of our department. Didn’t think you would actually get together with third brother. The most awesome person in Computer Science department finding a Computer Science beauty should be a natural thing, but when these two are put into this picture, how come it feels like such a shock to the eye and astonishment to the heart. (Please ignore the level of YuGong’s proverbial usage.)

Also, how come this beauty is acting so familiar with them?  It’s only the first time they’ve met and she’s already telling them to call her Wei Wei.

MonkeyWine also chuckles — pretty much thinking the same thing as YuGong.

Looking at their expressions, Wei Wei knows that they didn’t put it together. So she pretends to look a bit embarrassed and supplements, “That, YuGong, MonkeyWine, I mean, I am ReedWeiWei.”

As they hear “YuGong,” MonkeyWine and the other already become a bit stupefied. When “ReedWeiWei” comes out, MonkeyWine immediately has an expression of being dumbstruck– standing there with his mouth open, unable to speak. Even more so, YuGong is as if he is acting in a classic scene — the basketball drops to the ground from his hands.


This is the second time Wei Wei is so satisfied today.

She feels that she understands the Great Master a bit more now; seeing people become thunderstruck is truly an awesome feeling haha.


It’s too bad that Wei Wei’s delight doesn’t last for too long. In a moment, all of Xiao Nai’s teammates gathered. Wei Wei’s fantasy of meeting online friends has rapidly evolved into meeting his friends and family…

Classmate Wei Wei  immediately calls upon her usual method — if you can’t beat them, then run. Thus, she looks towards her roommates waiting at the entrance and says, “My classmates are waiting for me. I need to leave.”

She is about to escape after saying this, but Xiao Nai doesn’t let her get away this time. His hand swiftly grabs her wrist.

“When do you normally go to self study?”


Her entire attention has focused on her own wrist that has been grabbed tightly…

Xiao Nai smiled and then lightly let go of her wrist saying, “Got it, I’ll wait at the bottom of the dormitory. Wei Wei, remember to help me save a seat.”


Wei Wei victoriously flees from the basketball gymnasium. While walking back, there are still some things from today that had sunk into her mind and hasn’t come yet, so she remains silent and doesn’t speak. After walking for a bit, she suddenly realizes that something doesn’t feel right. How come Er Xi and the others are also not speaking.

She looks towards Er Xi and the others; they are actually also taciturn with strange looks on their faces. Wei Wei immediately becomes alert. This won’t do! The longer they repress it, the fiercer it will be when it erupts. She has better quickly, voluntarily, request for interrogation.

Wei Wei sighs and says, “Ask what you guys want to ask.”

With rapid speed, just as her words have fallen, Er Xi immediately rushes up and shakes her, “You have been dating Xiao Nai for this long and actually didn’t tell us!!”

Wei Wei stutters from Er Xi’s shaking, “…wrongly accused…this…I also only just found out…”

Er Xi howls, “Are you treating us as idiots! The way you guys were today, who would believe that you didn’t have at least half a year of a love affair.”

Wei Wei is in tears. Half a year? More like half an hour! She struggles out of her grasp using all of her strength and then finishes speaking in one breath.

“I request ten minutes of non-interrupted statement time!”


Er Xi, Si Si, and Xiao Ling look at each other, and waves their hands with benevolence, “Quickly confess everything!”

Xiao Ling says, “How far have you guys gone? Have you kissed yet, when was the first kiss?”


Wei Wei ignores her, clears her throat, and says, “It happened like this. On a day a few months ago, the day was sunny and void of all clouds, the moon shone bright and the stars sparse, I went to the bathroom for a bit…”

The three all snared in unison, “Get to the main point!”

The main point is right after she comes out of the bathroom, okay? They really have no patience. Nevertheless, she still needs to add some superfluous things to sort out her thoughts. In fact, she is still in confusion…

Sigh, how can she say it so that their rage can be changed into sympathy?

Wei Wei starts recalling and recounting. She is a typical engineering student with average literary talent. Under her narration, the edition of her and Xiao Nai’s story becomes meeting in game, getting married and then finally meeting in person. There are some details she didn’t mention, not because she is purposely concealing it, but it’s because it’s hard to talk about things she’s not even clear about; For example. how Xiao Nai recognized the real her. And those things that Xiao Nai said to her…she is too embarrassed to say >o<

But even with this abridged story, Er Xi and the others are already very satisfied.

After some close questioning for more details, Er Xi says, “…So you’ve only met each other for two hours?”

Wei Wei silently nods — now they know she’s been wrongly accused, alright.

Si Si, “So, you’ve only met up with Xiao Nai once and has been settled by him?”

Wei Wei speechlessly looks at the stars. How much she wants to reply no, but facts are facts; and cannot be quibbled about.

“…seems like it.” Seeing the disdain on her roommates’ faces, Wei Wei says without much confidence, “If there’s another time, I will definitely drag it out until the next day…”

Si Si looks at her in pity, “Give it up, there’s no next time.”

“I said she had fallen in love online.” Xiao Ling is immeasurably satisfied with her foresight, “But the recipient is unexpectedly Xiao Nai…”

Even now, thinking about it, she still can’t accept it.

Si Si remembers something, “That’s right, Wei Wei what video are you talking about? You’ve never shown it to us.”

“I’ll show you when we get back.” Wei Wei blurts out an answer and then, suddenly remembering something, she stops and stands there dumbfounded. Video…video…

She actually completely forgot about the video stuff!

Wei Wei is in shock.

On this end, Wei Wei is thunderstruck by her own memory. On the other end, Er Xi is using a tone of admiration to sum it up, “Great Master Xiao Nai is truly too awesome. Even pursuing someone becomes a legendary blitzkrieg war.”

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