A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 28 4

Part 28: Passing by

The next time Wei Wei logs into “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes” is already four days later, on a Friday.

Originally, Wei Wei would never touch a game during exam time so as to avoid distractions…now there’s already someone distracting her.

The last time she went online was for the video contract.

In the past few days, with great efficiency, Wei Wei has signed a contract with Feng Teng Games. On Wednesday, Wei Wei sent the contract to Feng Teng’s headquarters in Shanghai. On Thursday, they said that they had already received it. And then, they agreed to give the remuneration stated on the contract to Wei Wei on Friday at 8pm.

The remuneration in the contract is four in-game pets.

In the beginning, the remuneration brought up by Feng Teng was 6,000 in cash. But after considering it for a while, Wei Wei brought up the thought of using in-game pets as substitution for cash as remuneration. Feng Teng is naturally glad at this suggestion; after all, 6,000 would be in real cash while in-game pets are merely a few lines of data to them. Then, both sides spent at least N hours going back and forth about the level and stats of the pets. Finally, Wei Wei’s conditions were met and Feng Teng agreed to give Wei Wei four normal spirit pets with market values of around 20,000 and two types of materials that have extremely low drop rates (when bosses/monsters are killed).

Of course, all these things are not just for Wei Wei herself; YuGong, MonkeyWine and the others all have a share. Even though, the Great Master meant for her to take all of the rewards for herself, Wei Wei still feels that sharing a good thing with everyone else is an even happier thing.

8pm was the agreed upon time. At just 7:30, Wei Wei logs on. After all, after so many days of not playing the game, she still misses it a bit.

At dinner, Great Master said that he was busy at night, and is most likely not online. But when she gets online, Wei Wei still first glances at his avatar — sure enough, it is dim.

YuGong and MonkeyWine aren’t online either, but MoZhaHim’s avatar is lit. Wei Wei is just about to send a message to him to say hi when he first sends dot dot dots over.

Wei Wei is rendered powerless and replies with dot dot dots.

MoZhaHim then types double the amount of dots over.

Not to be beaten, Wei Wei sends a stream of dots, even longer than his over.


As a result, the mysterious conversation is carried out like this.






Just as Wei Wei is thinking, why do I have to be so senseless, MoZhaHim finally, bitterly, opens his mouth: “Younger female classmate, Wei Wei…”

This way of addressing her makes Wei Wei instantaneous understand the legendary deer in headlights feeling, and is shocked to quite a degree. At once, without thinking about it, she replies: “Beautiful senior male classmate…”

“Sh*t!” MoZhaHim, on the other end, immediately explodes in anger, “Who told you about this name? I am 180cm in height, stronger than a bull, and darker than charcoal. Beautiful my a**, beautiful @¥#¥%¥……%¥&……”

But who told you to have the surname Hao (Homonym to “very”); was even born on Mount Emei (ref. to Emei Sect, known in books for martial arts for women); and even had your mom think that you were going to be a baby girl, so she even had the name Hao Mei (Mei as a homonym to “beautiful” aka Very Beautiful) prepared for you? Wei Wei thinks about this with sympathy towards him on this end. A man being called this name is indeed very detrimental.

After sending the angry message, MoZhaHim angrily asks: “Who told you about this nickname?”

Of course, the Great Master said it. Actually, Xiao Nai had only mentioned MoZhaHim’s name in passing. But Wei Wei was mind-blown by the “elegance” of this name and asked a few more questions, so the Great Master Xiao Nai also said a bit more, *sigh*…

How could Wei Wei do such a thing as selling out her own Great Master! But then, lying isn’t right either. So Wei Wei replies like that: “On the basketball court that day, I met YuGong and MonkeyWine.”

Understand what the art of speaking is now?

Classmate Bei Wei Wei didn’t say anything — only stating something that had happened — and already shifted the blame onto someone else.

Understand what nurture influencing a person’s character means now? Our classmate Wei Wei hasn’t even met Xiao Nai in the flesh for that many days; the bend in the clear spring has already changed into Heilongjiang (lit. black dragon river).


MoZhaHim doesn’t reply for a long time. When he does reply, he says to Wei Wei: “Just now, I went to PK with the real people.”

Wei Wei feels awkward: “YuGong and MonkeyWine?”

Don’tHitHim: “That’s right. Don’t worry, I didn’t sell you out.”

All in all, Wei Wei still hasn’t gotten up to the Great Master’s level yet; seeing MoZhaHim’s sense of justice, she immediately feels a bit embarrassed and consoles him very sincerely: “Senior classmate, actually, I feel that you are still very fortunate.”

MoZhaHim types out a coal emoticon.

Wei Wei: “Doesn’t your name originate from Mount Emei (E Mei Shan). Think about it, what if you weren’t name Hao Mei, you could have been called Hao E, Hao E — (homonym) Very Hungry…it sounds even more…”

MoZhaHim calmly says: “Would you rather be called “Very Hungry” or “Very Beautiful” on the streets?”

Wei Wei lols.

MoZhaHim says even more peacefully, “I’ve reflected upon this question for many years. Actually, I could have been called Hao Shan (Good Mountain).

Wei Wei rofls.


As she chats with MoZhaHim, StormGoddessNiNi also comes online. Wei Wei sends a smiling emoticon over and receives StormGoddessNiNi’s reply in a moment. Her tone is of complete excitement:  55555 (boohoohoohoohoo), Wei Wei you’re here! I thought you were going to be like Guild Master ButterflyDreams and won’t play the game anymore!”

“No ^_^, I’m just busy with exams.”

“You haven’t been on in so long.”

“I’ve come twice, you didn’t happen to be on.”

“Is that what it was, that’s too unfortunate.”

After chatting about the recent developments, StormGoddessNiNi asks again about ASmileNaiHe missing the Couple’s Competition. Wei Wei wants to say that the Great Master ran into a tree, but that didn’t seem Great Master like, so she ambiguously went over it without giving much detail. Even just like this, the news that ASmileNaiHe hasn’t left “Dream Voyage” is enough gossip to satisfy NiNi.

Satisfied by the gossip, NiNi thinks of something else: “That’s right, Wei Wei, do you have time right now?”

“What is it?”

“Help me kill the Underworld Demoness. It’s a new boss. I’ve tried killing it twice, but didn’t pass. You haven’t passed it yet, right?”

Wei Wei looks at the time; it is almost 8. She still doesn’t know how the GM (game master) will give her the pets. It doesn’t seem too convenient if she is in the middle of fighting.

“Is after 8 alright? I am a bit busy.”

StormGoddessNiNi nods.


The procedure the game company takes is without communication.

At exactly 8pm, four spirit pets soundlessly appeared in Wei Wei’s account. The system bot only popped up an individual message. Then again, giving one person so many spirit pets at once and announcing it in public will definitely bring on cursing.

Wei Wei looks at the different forms of the spirit pets in her inventory and becomes extremely happy — eyes sparkling. Spirit pets, oh spirit pets. Once she gives these spirit pets to YuGong and the others, everyone in the entire party will have a spirit pet. With them all standing in a row, it will be so eye-catching…

Wei Wei starts daydreaming for awhile before looking at her friends’ list. MoZhaHim is still on. She sends him a message: “Beautiful senior classmate, come quickly. Sending spirit pets.”

After hearing the two words, spirit pets, why would MoZhaHim bother about the way Wei Wei addressed him. He quickly appears next to Wei Wei.

Wei Wei gives him a ball cactus.

This ball cactus is only just of ordinary quality and can’t compare to Xiao Nai’s little kitten. Even though, Wei Wei asking for so many spirit pets at once wouldn’t go as far as creating an imbalance in the game, the game company still has to consider the thoughts of other players.

However, MoZhaHim is already very happy because the spirit pet that Wei Wei has given him is very compatible with his profession. It’s one that MoZhaHim has salivated over for a long time, but hasn’t been able to get a hold of.

After the initial excitement, MoZhaHim asks where the pet came from and Wei Wei replies that it was given by the game company through the contract for the video. The main characters in the video all had a share. She doesn’t mention the original 6,000 the game company had offered.

After all, MoZhaHim is also someone who is soon going to go out into the professional world. Of course, he knows that a game company won’t be so generous as to give spirit pets to support roles. Most likely, his own junior female classmate, in front of him, who moonlights as third sister-in-law got it for him.

MoZhaHim becomes so touched that he can’t even speak coherently: “Third brother gave his hand (feminine use) well. Third brother gave his hand well. We’re riding on his success.”

Wei Wei has long since turned a blind eye to their refined way of using proverbs, so didn’t object to MoZhaHim’s usage of himself riding on another’s success. But…

Wei Wei: “Gave his hand …”

MoZhaHim went hehe and then says, “I said the wrong thing, said the wrong thing. This is YuGong’s catchphrase. I accidentally learned it. Every day he says he’s going to give his hand to a rich wife.

Wei Wei didn’t think YuGong would have such ambitions and can’t help but say with deep veneration: “You really can’t judge someone by their appearance.”

MoZhaHim accidentally spoiled YuGong’s reputation and feels extremely satisfied. After being cocky for a bit, he suddenly thinks of something and says: “Third sister-in-law, there’s something that I need to report to you.”


Wei Wei is made a bit nervous by his serious tone.

MoZhaHim: “Today, someone called the dorm and confessed to third brother!”


MoZhaHim fears that she wouldn’t understand, so continues saying, “It’s true. I picked up the phone. It was a female. But I heard third brother reject her.”

Wei Wei: “Confess…”

With just a spirit pet as a bribe from Wei Wei, MoZhaHim is already considering Wei Wei as family just like that. He is angry at the way that some pursuer would actually dare walk into the tiger mountain with full knowledge that third brother’s family already has a tiger.

“Third sister-in-law, don’t worry. I’m here. I definitely won’t let third brother have an illicit lover. What are girls thinking these days? She clearly knows he already has one and still dares to approach! Everyone will try to snatch a piece of land that has an owner, but no one plows the idling fields next to it…”

Seeing how MoZhaHim is becoming more and more volatile with more and more complaints, Wei Wei is helpless and promptly stops him.

“Senior classmate, calm down. Being confessed to is nothing…”

Wei Wei: “I’ve been confessed to since I was young…”


Before knowing YuGong and them, even when joking, Wei Wei wouldn’t say such things. But under their imperceptible influence, Wei Wei is very accustomed so saying such “clinching the point” things to people she is familiar with.

She can’t help but say, that in the PK battle between ReedWeiWei and MoZhaHim, Wei Wei’s “Lightning Burst” spell obtains a decisive victory.

MoZhaHim vanishes without a trace again; his character standing there without moving. Wei Wei circles around him twice, sighing endlessly. Beautiful senior classmate is no good, no good at all! Being with YuGong and the others everyday, how can he survive with such low capabilities.

After she finishes three circles, MoZhaHim finally replies: “Third sister-in-law…”

Wei Wei intends to use an emoticon of disdain as a reply when, before she manages to type the disdaining emoticon, she sees MoZhaHim saying: “Just now, third brother was passing by me.”

Wei Wei: “…”

MoZhaHim: “Just as you were saying you’ve been confessed to since you were young.”

Wei Wei feels that her own typing strength has somewhat lessened: “Nonsense, he doesn’t live on campus.”

MoZhaHim: “He moved back today.”

Wei Wei: “……”

MoZhaHim: “He’s turning on his computer now…”

These words of his hadn’t even disappeared yet when a ding sounded. The system bot prompts: “Your husband, ASmileNaiHe, is online.”

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