A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 29 2

Part 29: The most terrific party in history

In 0.1 seconds, Wei Wei rushes offline.


During the first second she’s off, Wei Wei’s thoughts are: Good thing I ran quickly.

After a second, Wei Wei starts thinking back over it: Why the heck did I go offline. It was just a joke. Wouldn’t running off like this make it seem like I have a guilty conscience? This won’t do! One must behave with calmness. If one isn’t actually calm, then one must appear matchlessly calm.

Therefore, Wei Wei crawls on again. As soon as she goes on, she sees her husband, with his white robes lightly flowing in the wind, standing together with MoZhaHim. Scrambling to speak before they do, Wei Wei sends an angry emoticon.

“I got disconnected (connection dropped)!”


In a certain male dorm in University A, a certain guy called Hao Mei choked; turned to look at a certain someone who, because he couldn’t find an empty space, had placed his laptop on his knees and logged into the game, “Your wife is truly talented.”

“Thank you for your flattery.” Xiao Nai says this modestly without even thinking about it. But his face is covered in a “of course my wife is very talented” expression. The corners of his mouth held a slight smile, his eyes that are attentively looking at the computer are sparkling, and his slender fingers are slowly typing out on the keyboard: “The internet on campus is indeed not too stable.”


This time, it’s Wei Wei’s turn to choke.

How come seeing the Great Master being so acceptive of this gives her an absolutely horrified feeling inside. Wei Wei can’t help but think about the unfortunate EvilBloodOath who had offended the Great Master so long ago. There was no sign at all prior to the Great Master taking action. It’s clear that he is definitely the type that can endure ten years of waiting for revenge. Forget it, if this was a bomb, then let it explode the earlier the better; the deeper it gets buried, the fiercer the explosion will be.

However, even though Wei Wei has already decided to take the heroic path, she can’t avoid the final battle. It is said that attacking is the best defense…


Wei Wei: “Eh, I heard that someone called you to confess today.”


As soon as these words popped up, Xiao Nai glanced at Hao Mei. Hao Mei is looking fixedly at his computer. A drop of sweat slides down from his forehead.

Xiao Nai smiles slightly and calmly replies.


ASmileNaiHe: “Today, the only person who called was to invite me to play the guzheng at the graduation evening party.”



After a spell of silence.

MoZhaHim: “YuGong’s calling me to give him a back massage. I’m logging off, logging off.”

He disappears in a wink.

Wei Wei wishes she can drag him back and give him 80 butt slaps with a hard wooden plank. How could he bring back such falsified intelligence?  It’s like harming others without consequences.


In game, on the banks of the lotus pond, the white-robed musician has already sat down and is pensively playing the zither: “My wife, please be at ease. I have not been confessed to since I was young.”

Wei Wei’s expression becomes awkwardly embarrassed. If you haven’t been confessed to, then you haven’t been confessed to. Did you have to deliberately emphasize the four words “since I was young”? The Great Master definitely did it on purpose.


After this sentence of his hovered in her mind two or three times, Wei Wei suddenly senses that there is something wrong about this. The Great Master actually says he’s never been confessed to?! How is that possible! She’s even personally seen it, okay?

Wei Wei: “…I’ve even seen you be confessed to.”

Wei Wei recalls the one out of the very few times she’s seen the Great Master before they had met; it’s when she saw him ignore the pink letter held out to him by some girl, and walk away.

Xiao Nai frowns: “When was this?”

Wei Wei thinks about it. Because seeing the Great Master was such a miraculous event, Wei Wei can roughly remember when it happened.

“Near the end of last term. On the road in front of the library. I saw someone give you a love letter.”


After a brief silence.

ASmileNaiHe: “I seem to have an impression of it.”

See, see, and you still say you haven’t been confessed to before; Wei Wei disdains.

ASmileNaiHe: “That girl seemed to be handing out a flyer.”

Wei Wei @_@

Wei Wei: “…no way.”

ASmileNaiHe: “Why no way? Don’t tell me people actually confess in the middle of the street. Unless…”

ASmileNaiHe: “My wife, you have come across this before?”

Wei Wei immediately breaks out in cold sweat. She has really come across this before, and it wasn’t just once.

The white-robed musician sighs: “As expected, my wife is very popular.”


She’s done for. The more is said, the messier it gets. Wei Wei promptly says: “No no, actually these types of things are very annoying when there’s too many.”

Ah, that’s not right. This sentence might be misunderstood by him as her showing off.

Wei Wei hurriedly changes her wording: “I mean, for these types of things, it’s about the quality and not the quantity. It’s enough that you have me.”

The result of her fingers being faster than her brain is that unnecessary words that haven’t been completely processed by her brain, have already slipped out through her fingers.

After 0.01 seconds, since it’s hard to come by the Great Master stumped for words over there…

Wei Wei quickly rushes offline again.


Wei Wei is criticizing herself.

She was wrong.

She shouldn’t have learned the bad instead of the good; learning from YuGong and the other to say such “clinching the point” things. Look at her now, the result of this becoming second nature is blind sighting herself in a critical situation.

She’s done for. How will she face the Great Master tomorrow. This won’t do, she must run out before the Great Master’s phone call comes tomorrow. Just as she is thinking about the phone, the dorm’s phone starts ringing, scaring Wei Wei who has been immersed in her own thoughts.

She is the only one in the dorm. Wei Wei runs over and picks it up.


“It’s me.”

Great Master…he actually goes as far as calling. Wei Wei becomes awkward, “…you also got off?”

“I didn’t come off.” Xiao Nai says pensively, “The internet on campus isn’t good today. I also got disconnected.”

Wei Wei >_<. Great Master, if you don’t make me feel awkward a bunch of times a day, you can’t sleep, can you?


As if he sees that Wei Wei has become so awkward that she can’t even speak anymore, Xiao Nai gently laughs.

“Wei Wei, I am very happy.”

His low voice echos in the empty hallway. Xiao Nai holds the cellphone with his back leaning against the wall; thinking about the way his dorm mates heckling him just now when he took his cellphone and walked out of the dormroom.

“Are you going to go call our beautiful lady Bei!”

They all know what he came out to do; probably because at the time he was unable to conceal his expression at all.

Even though he has always been someone who never exposes himself to others.


Is the Great Master saying he’s happy…because of those words of hers?

Wei Wei’s fingers subconsciously start winding the phone cord. Only after a long time does an extremely quiet “mm” sound come out.

Both sides on the phone become quiet as if there is no need to speak. After quite a while, Wei Wei finds a different topic, “For the video contract, I asked the game company for spirit pets.”

“Hao Mei has already told me.”

“I asked for four of them, none for you.” Actually there is something for him, but she isn’t sure it will succeed. It’s better not to mention it for now.

Wei Wei winds the phone cord over and over again, “I got a small tiger. It doesn’t have as good attributes as yours, and the gender is different than your tiger.”

Xiao Nai quickly understands her meaning, but doesn’t say it out loud. He only lightly laughs, “So?”

“It’s nothing. Next time we go online, let’s have them get married. Perhaps they can give birth to a little spirit pet.”

“Okay,” Xiao Nai says, “Next time I’ll ask if my tiger is willing.”

There’s a need to ask?! Wei Wei becomes angry, “There’s only one female tiger in the entire game. He better be willing!”

Xiao Nai chuckles, “Mmm, that’s true. He will definitely be willing.”


It is as if a feather is softly brushing past her heart. Wei Wei suddenly feels like she can’t hold onto the receiver. Even without Xiao Nai in front of her, her eyes can’t help but look around. When her eyes sweep across the alarm clock Si Si has placed on her table, something that she had already tossed to another galaxy finally appeared again in her mind.

Wei Wei, “Do you have time right now?”


“Go on the game again, help my friend kill a boss.”


This is the third time Wei Wei has gone online today. As soon as she went on, she receives StormGoddessNiNi’s anguished wailing: “Wei Wei, how come you went off!”

In cold sweat, Wei Wei replied: “I suspect my connection dropped…”

StormGoddessNINi: “Oh, I thought you were standing me up.”

With a guilty conscience, Wei Wei, “No…how many positions do you have? I’ll bring an expert over.”

StormGoddessNiNi: “I haven’t called anyone yet, come over with your friend first.”


By the time she finishes speaking with StormGoddessNiNI, NaiHe has already appeared next to her. Wei Wei calls to him. There is no response. Only after a minute or so does the white robed musician say: “I’m here. I was just disposing of the crowd watching.”

Crowd watching…

Without saying anything, Wei Wei pulls him into a party. The two rapidly got to the tunnel entrance to the underworld.

StormGoddessNiNi is already waiting there for them. When she sees that the expert Wei Wei brought is actually ASmileNaiHe, it throws her into a mess. She madly shouts out to Wei Wei in private chat: “ASmileNaiHe is going to help me pass the boss?!!!!!!”

Wei Wei beams: “Uh-huh, it’s awesome fighting monsters with him. I’ll have him be the leader later.”

StormGoddessNiNi sends a salivating emoticon.

Wei Wei: “I’ve never battled the underworld boss before. Have you, NaiHe?”

ASmileNaiHe: “No.”

Wei Wei: “Then I’ll go take a look on the official site.”

Even though Wei Wei doesn’t like to look at guides when she’s fighting monsters by herself, this is helping someone else pass the boss. Having a little more security should be good.

“There’s no need to look.” NaiHe says: “Call over another ranged attack character. It’ll be faster for killing.”

StormGoddessNiNi takes his advice: “Okay, I’ll call for people in the guild. There must be others who need to pass him.”


As she speaks, StormGoddessNiNi opens the guild channel to call for people.

[Guild][StormGoddessNiNI]: “Does anyone want to come and pass Underworld Demoness together? There are two spots in the party for an archer and a random one.

She only calls once and someone answers. It’s just that the candidates are a bit unexpected.

[Guild]RealWaterIsScentless]: Two spots? YaoYao and I will go over. Wait a moment.”


StormGoddessNiNi is stunned. She doesn’t even have enough time to think of something to nicely reject them before RealWaterIsScentless appears with LittleRainYaoYao at the tunnel entrance to the underworld.

The two sides face each other. Wei Wei immediately feels awkward.

StormGoddessNiNi really wants to commit suicide. Excuses keep popping into her mind;“The weather isn’t good today, let’s retreat”;”Today is world peace day, let’s not kill anyone”; “I suddenly have diarrhea” etc. Finally, all these mumbo jumbo thoughts transform into a huge complaint — Why doesn’t the electricity go out right now!

In the middle of these chaotic thoughts, StormGodessNiNi says one thing: “Um, is there anyone who doesn’t want to join the fight?”


Well, RealWater and LittleRainYaoYao were actually thinking about retreating, but with these words of NiNi’s, they can no longer leave as they wanted.

That’s way too disreputable.

StormGoddessNiNi is part of their guild, why should they leave.


Of course, Wei Wei also doesn’t want to collaborate with RealWater and company, but one, there is StormGoddessNiNi’s reputation, and two…she got here first. If someone has to leave, it should be them.


It is silent for a full minute.

ASmileNaiHe: “Organize the party.”

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