A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 3 22

bookcover3-weiweiPart 3: Receives a marriage proposal

Wei Wei has no way out of this dilemma. To run away and escape isn’t very heroine like. Standing there seems very much like a bandit. Thus, Wei Wei makes a quick-witted decision. She pulls up her clothes and sits down.

When characters sit down in “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes,” they can rest, they can meditate to built up their inner powers, and another kind is like what Wei Wei is doing right now — sit down to set up a vendor stall for selling items.

When Wei Wei types out the stall name, “Medicine Convenience Store”, all the players around her cannot help but be speechless. Wei Wei quickly types out a ‘yell’: “Come and see, take a look, fresh out of the oven medicine made by a max level healer, selling it cheap at 20% off!”

Once this sentence comes out, all the players originally waiting to see the excitement, suddenly become fervent.

It must be a joke, there are no system bot run medicine stores that sell medicine made by max level healers, and only once in awhile can you get a drop from a monster. They are priceless valuables. Even though there are quite a few max level healers, they only serve their own guild. Very few ever bring out their own medicine to sell. Unexpectedly, there is cheap max level medicine being sold right now! The players on Vermillion Bird Bridge become excited and, immediately, rush up. In a blink of an eye, they drown out the heroine in red’s small figure.


The marriage sedan comes and the marriage sedan quickly leaves. For some reason, the marriage sedan that has been slowly proceeding the entire time, suddenly speeds up as it reaches Vermillion Bird Bridge. In a flash, it disappears at the other end of the bridge.

In the scramble for them, Wei Wei’s medicine is also sold out in a flash. Seeing there is no more excitement to see, the players scattered one after another. The lively Vermillion Bird Bridge that few people normally come to unless there is a wedding regains its loneliness.

Wei Wei closes her shop and stands up. She is just about to leave when she sees someone at the end of the bridge calling her.

“ReedWeiWei (HumbleReed).”


Wei Wei looks over at that player.

That person is standing under the willow tree planted on the side of the end of the bridge. The gentle wind lightly brushes the willow branches. The man underneath the tree is wearing a spotless white robe and holding a guqin. The sleeve of his robe floats in the wind, like he’s free and unrestrained.

Wei Wei’s eyes are already hypnotized.

Of course, she isn’t hypnotized because the man in white is very handsome. Even though he is very handsome, this figure in white with a guqin isn’t uncommon in the game. After seeing a lot of them, one becomes insensitive to it.

Rather, it is because of the man’s name.

ASmileNaiHe (WhyNotJustSmile.)

The server’s top master, ASmileNaiHe.

In this game, to be called a top master, not only does one’s level need to be high, he must have powerful equipment, be fierce at PK, must have accurate APM (actions per minute), and, the most critical point is, must have lots of (real) money.

That’s why, when ReedWeiWei first sees ASmileNaiHe, she can’t help but emit hearts from her eyes and continuously emit gold coins.

Great Master!




Wei Wei runs down the bridge, types a smiley face: “It’s an honor to meet you at last, Brother NaiHe. Were you calling me?”

ASmileNaiHe makes an “mmm” sound, and then the system bot prompts Wei Wei: “ASmileNaiHe added you as a friend.”

Wei Wei quickly clicks accept and, conveniently, adds ASmileNaiHe. It isn’t this easy to add ASmileNaiHe. The friend list of top-notch masters is usually closed all year round. Sometimes, when Wei Wei adds too many people, she also closes it.


After a moment, ASmileNaiHe sends a message over: “What did you think about the wedding ceremony?”

Wei Wei feels a little embarrassed. Can it be that Great Master is also here to gossip? Wei Wei replies diplomatically, “It was very grand.”

ASmileNaiHe: “Then do you want an even grander wedding ceremony?”

Wei Wei is stupified.

ASmileNaiHe: “Get married to me.”


Wei Wei feels that it is great she isn’t drinking water today. Otherwise, the monitor will probably have been sprayed with water again. With lingering fear in her, Wei Wei moves the cup of tea next to her hand a little farther and looks at the screen.

On the screen, ASmileNaiHe’s avatar is still quietly standing under the willow tree, quite elegantly and at ease. Wei Wei looks for quite a while before sending over: “Great Master…did your account get stolen? = =”

It is clear, ASmileNaiHe does not really appreciate Wei Wei’s humor and sends a rare “silent” emoticon: “Did you see the newest announcement, on the official site, about the (Married) Couple PK Competition?”

Wei Wei: “Wait, I’ll go take a look.”


Wei Wei opens the official site, and sees the large words “Couple PK Competition” right away. She quickly skims it over and, more or less, understands it. Couple PK Competition, as the name implies, consists of a married couple entering the PK competition together. The couples who enter will first PK in their own server and then the top three of each server will be guaranteed a reward. Then, the winning couple from each server will PK with those from other servers. The top three of that will receive ultimate rewards. Furthermore, the grand prize is so abundant it makes Wei Wei drool fall a meter.


Wei Wei: “You looked for me for this PK competition?”

ASmileNaiHe: “Mmm.”

Wei Wei: “*speechless*, why look for me?”

ASmileNaiHe doesn’t waste words either: “You are the only female player in the top ten of the PK leaderboard.”


Wei Wei is a bit touched. This Mr. NaiHe is actually a very strong person. He is number one on the PK leaderboard, number one on the wealth leaderboard, and his weapons and pets are all on the deity level. If she joins hands with him, the server’s number one, there is at least half a guarantee of winning. But, the first time she got married was for a quest. Can she really get married the second time for PK?

Wei Wei can’t help but be speechless.

But, then again, if it isn’t for quests or PK, then why does she get married to strangers? Plus, the reward is so generous…

Wei Wei clenches her teeth: “Let’s get married!”


Since she has made the decision, Wei Wei is very straightforward: “Come on, let’s join up as a party to go visit Yue Lao.”


“What is is?” Is it that she agreed too straightforwardly and Mr. Nai He is scared off instead --

But, it is evidently not like what Wei Wei thinks, ASmileNaiHe says: “I need to make some preparations. In three days. At eight o’clock.”

Wei Wei stares blankly, then quickly types: “Prepare what?”

“Wedding ceremony.”

Wei Wei: “Just a notarization is good enough. It’s just a wedding for a competition. It doesn’t need to be too grand, does it?”

ASmileNaiHe: “No, how can my, ASmileNaiHe’s, wedding be casual?”

Wei Wei: “…”

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