A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 4 16

Part 4: Eve of the wedding

Since the decision to get married is already made, then everyone is considered to be acquaintances.

Sigh, this sentence’s logic seems a bit weird…

Thus, during the following two days Wei Wei goes along with ASmileNaiHe and even joins ASmileNaiHe’s regular party. NaiHe’s party also consists of all masters. A couple of them have PKed with Wei Wei before, but she only knows them by their IDs anyway.


The first time Wei Wei meets up with them is like this.

MonkeyWine: “Hoho, new person.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “NaiHe, who is this girl?”

ASmileNaiHe: “My fiancee.”

He says it quite naturally. Wei Wei becomes speechless for a bit, and then types out a smiley face: “Hi, everyone ^_^”

MoZhaHim (Don’tHitHim): “Wow, third sister-in-law.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain: “Bull, the ten thousand year bachelor is also going to get married.”

Everyone starts talking at once, teasing them and congratulating them. Suddenly, someone says: “Third sister-in-law’s ID is a bit familiar.”

“Now that you say it, I also think so. Is third sister-in-law on the leaderboards?

Frank and outspoken, MonkeyWine says: “I remember now. Isn’t ReedWeiWei, RealWaterIsScentless’ ex-wife?”

The party immediately becomes quiet and the atmosphere became a bit odd. Just as Wei Wei is about to say that they are getting married because of the PK competition, she sees NaiHe, very flatly type out a line: “Mmm, your third sister-in-law actually married the wrong person before. Don’t discriminate against her, everyone.”

Wei Wei is choked by her potato chip.

Since then, Wei Wei is aware of one thing — when battling monsters or doing quests with brother NaiHe, never, ever, eat snacks or drink water. Otherwise, as soon as he says something astonishing, it’s either her being choked or the monitor being sprayed.


To kill bosses and complete quests with this group of people is really enjoyable. First of all, everyone gets along with each other. Secondly, their efficiency is really high. Before, when Wei Wei and people in her guild created parties, they took a really long time to kill the boss. Now, in a short time, it is done. Speaking of this, ASmileNaiHe needs to be mentioned. His profession is that of a (Stringed Instrument) Musician. The Musician profession in “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes” is a bit awkward. They are those who can do a bit of everything, but are not experts at anything. Simply put, he can cut, can perform AoE (Area of Effect aka multiple target) attacks, can assist attacks, and can heal. But his attacks are not as good as a Swordsman, his assists and healing are not as good as specialized support characters. Honestly, they are weak and of little value.

But with Great Master NaiHe, it is different.

Great Master Naihe’s healing ability is not the least inferior compared to a specialized healer. And he has great speed and accuracy in his APM (actions per minute), none of his teammates have a need to worry, nor do they have to look after him. Once, when the boss they were fighting was close to dying, ASmileNaiHe, who had been playing the healer position, suddenly took out a sword from the middle of his guqin and, using the Sword Within the Guqin pierced the boss with a fatal blow. Atop the boss’s head huge red words appeared, and then with a loud bang, it fell to the ground.

The Sword Within the Guqin is the Musician’s only attack ability. Wei Wei had seen it many times before, but had never seen it do so much damage before. It was almost as powerful as hers. Wei Wei was jealous almost to the point of tears. It must be his equipment that was too powerful, Ah Ah Ah!

With this as precedent, when Wei Wei sees ASmileNaiHe’s pet for the first time, she already can’t figure out what to think.

NaiHe’s pet is a white kitten.

Wei Wei’s pet is an impressive tiger.

When a tiger can’t even beat a kitten, how can Wei Wei know what to think.

In contrast, NaiHe, after carefully looking over Wei Wei’s pet for a long time, said: “After we get married, our pets can also get married.”

Pets getting married is another feature in “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes” that is different from other online games. After a male and female player gets married, if their pets are of the same breed, the pets can also get married and gain a small ability. It is said that after certain conditions are met, they can even produce an offspring.

Wei Wei says: “But they aren’t the same breed.”

ASmileNaiHe says: “Mine is an amorphous cub.”

So this kitten is also a tiger. No wonder it has “King” (王) written on its forehead. Wei Wei finally finds back a bit of self-esteem. A tiger losing to a tiger doesn’t count as too embarrassing.

“Okay, okay, let them get married.” Wei Wei happily says. His kitten is a spirit pet while hers is just an ordinary tiger she caught herself. No matter how you look at it, hers is climbing up the ladder. Wei Wei casually asks: “Is your kitten female?”

“No, male.”

“…My tiger is also male.”

Wei Wei becomes dejected. As expected, it’s hard for a spirit pet to take a wife.


The day of their wedding is a Saturday. In the morning, Wei Wei went to self-study at the library, as usual. Speaking of this, classmate Wei Wei is still very hardworking. She can’t not be hardworking. At this kind of school, in this Computer Science kind of department, which student isn’t smart?  Just falling behind a little means taking a beating on your grade.

After studying until 4 in the afternoon, Wei Wei is a bit restless and keeps on looking at her watch. At 5, Wei Wei rapidly packs up her books and rushes towards the dining hall. After eating dinner, she returns to the dorm room and goes online. ASmileNaiHe is still not on. The names of the other members of the party are also dim. Leveling up manic, Bei Wei Wei, carries her large saber to go kill monsters. Just as she is happily killing, her roommates come back.

Wei Wei’s dorm room is a four person room. Besides Wei Wei, there lives Xiao Ling, Si Si, and Er Xi, all a part of the Computer Science department. And the four of them are the only four sophomore females in the Computer Science department.

“Wei Wei, stop playing. It’s almost 6, our department’s basketball team is going against biochemistry department’s team. Let’s go see it together.” Xiao Ling says as she changes her clothes.

Wei Wei shakes her head as she kills monsters, “You guys go, I’m busy today.”

“Stop it, what can you be busy with. Isn’t it just playing the game? Let’s go, Da Zhong says that Xiao Nai will be coming.”

“Oh! Really? Xiao Nai!!” Si Si and Er Xi both shout together.

Wei Wei’s eyes also sparkle as she turns her head.

Even though this is the effect Xiao Ling wanted, when she sees her roommates being like that, “I can’t stand you guys anymore. So obsessed (with pretty/handsome men). Look at Wei Wei, so calm.”

Wei Wei quickly raises her hand, “Don’t wrong me, I am also obsessed.”

Honestly, the four girls in Wei Wei’s dorm room are already considered the type who really doesn’t become obsessed. But there is always someone in the world who will make people who don’t obsess over them seem strange.

For example, Xiao Nai.

Xiao Nai of the Computer Science department. University A’s finest, prominent person. If  University A has leaderboards like in games, then Xiao Nai’s rank is definitely expected to be number 1. Not even considering his shocking talent at writing computer software, in his more than three years here, he has lead a team to obtain glory for their school at the ACM and other international programming competitions. He is also an expert at guzheng and Go. And took gold for the school in swimming, and more. No one has hope of catching up to him. In addition, his looks are also elegant and refined, completely svelte and handsome.  It’s hard for anyone not to admire him.

But as much as they obsess over him, no girl in the department dares to go up and strike a conversation with him. One part, is because he doesn’t come to the school very often, even though they are of the same department, they don’t know him well. The other is that he really stands in an extremely high place and is truly too arrogant. His expression holds a sense of there being no one else but him, so people don’t dare to get close.

Wei Wei has only seen him a few times from far away. One time, she saw him reject a girl from another department. That girl stopped him and handed him something like a letter. It was probably a love letter. But that person, not only didn’t take the letter, his eyes didn’t even glance at it and walked past without slowing down.

The strange part is that, even though he is that arrogant, his popularity with the guys isn’t bad. All the guys in the department are very accepting of him. It is said that he has already started a company on the outside, a long time ago. Many experts in the department are scouted by him.

There are many more legends like this about him. A lot of them are even spread from the professors’ side because his parents are professors in the history and archaeology departments. It’s said that Xiao Nai’s parents are both old-fashioned and are aloof from politics and material pursuits. But the genes changed once it got to Xiao Nai. In junior high, he knew to find his relatives for a joint venture in opening an internet cafe. At the time, computers weren’t very popular. It was the best time to be in the internet cafe business. There is also a legend that he made a huge profit in the housing and stock markets. These stories come one after another and no one knows what is real.


Being a small fry in the Computer Science department, Wei Wei, of course, is also a part of the Great Master worshipers. There are a few really good software programs on her computer that the Great Master wrote in his free time in N year. Great Master is a senior this year, and she will definitely not see him at school in the future. Wei Wei looks at the game — ASmileNaiHe’s avatar is still dim. Then she looks at the time, 5:40. She makes a quick decision and turns off her computer, rushing towards the basketball court with her friends.

When they arrive at the basketball court, there is already a hubbub. Xiao Ling’s boyfriend, Da Zhong stands at the doors to meet them and takes them to reserved seats.

Xiao Ling looks around as she walks and says, “Da Zhong, where’s Xiao Nai? Didn’t you say he will be going on court?”

Da Zhong is dissatisfied, “Are you here to see me or Xiao ge (older brother)?” Da Zhong is the Computer Science department’s basketball team’s main rear guard.

Xiao Ling scorns him, “Of course, to see Xiao Nai. What is there to see about you?”

The other three girls nod together angering Da Zhong. He is dejected for a long time before saying, “Xiao ge will definitely not play. I’m not sure whether or not he will come. It seems like something came up.”

The girls suddenly become disappointed. If their eyes were shining with 100 watts of light, there are probably only 10 watts left. But it is still okay, the exciting atmosphere in the basketball court quickly allows them to quickly become excited again.

Just as the game is about to begin, a tall guy wearing the Computer Science department’s basketball jersey walks in front of them. To be precise, he walks in front of Wei Wei. With his head down, he seems as he wants to speak but can’t. His ears are already red.

In their mind, Xiao Ling and others are already thinking of three words — Here comes another!

Indeed, after being embarrassed for a while, the tall and strong boy says, while stuttering, “Senior Wei Wei shi jie (older fellow female student), if we win, can I treat you to a meal?”

Wei Wei replies with a question, “Will you lose?”

“Of course not!” The boy raises his head sharply.

“Then, do your best!” Wei Wei shows a slight smile in the loving manner of an elder, encouraging the younger male student as an older fellow female student (?).

“Ok! Shi Jie! I will definitely win!”

The younger male student, with his morale boosted, runs onto the court, carrying the ball, to warm up.





Above are Xiao Ling, Er Xi, and Si Si’s heartbeats.

Er Xi says, “This younger male student is really easy to trick.”

Si Si objects, “I hate this kind of immature kids who use the win of a game to threaten others. If Wei Wei rejected him and they lose, Wei Wei will be blamed.”

Xiao Ling, “Our Wei Wei’s method of rejection has become more and more awesome!”

Wei Wei laughs with two hehe sounds and feigns modesty, “I can’t help it, after so many times, it comes with practice.”

After that, someone was definitely beaten for being a perfect embodiment of annoying.

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