A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 31 8

Part 31: Senior Beauty

[System Bot]: “StormGoddessNiNi, ASmileNaiHe, ReedWeiWei, RealWaterIsScentless, and LittleRainYaoYao root out the strong to help the weak by beheading the monsters and eliminating the demons.  They have defeated the Underworld Demoness and saved the people.  Their skills are matchless and amaze the world.



[CaptainMo]: “Am I seeing things?”

[SCPanda]: “Oh my God, there’s a bug in the system!”

[YouYou…(leisurely)]: “I’ve been playing for so long, and this is the first time that I know of that the game allows repeats of the same name.”

[NotWearingUndiesIsVeryRefreshing]: “Holy!  Old man here was only gone to wash his underpants, and he can’t even keep up with the times now after returning.”

[SCPanda]: “Shocking!  Brother Refreshing, you actually have underpants?!”

[NotWearingUndiesIsVeryRefreshing]: “……”

[MatchlesslyDumbSword]: “Honey (wife), let’s get back together.  These people are even fighting a boss together now.  Do we have any reason to not be together anymore?!  Let’s reconcile, let’s reconcile.  Honey (wife), I love you!”

[OnTheSoutheastBranch (Hung self on tree branch in the southeast)]: “The two of you…please take the flirting to a private room…so that those watching will not be embarrassed.”


[ReedWeiWei]: “NiNi, we’re leaving now.  Message me if you need anything.  You can message NaiHe if I’m not here.”

[StormGoddessNiNi]: “Ah!!!  Can I?!!!”

[ASmileNaiHe]: “Yes.”

[ReedWeiWei]: “^_^, we’re leaving now, 8 (bye)

[StormGoddessNiNi]: “Wait, we haven’t divided up the dropped rewards yet.”


The atmosphere in the cave is weird, so Wei Wei doesn’t want to stay.  She exits the quest with NaiHe without waiting for NiNi to distribute the dropped rewards.  Looking at the quiet white robed musician beside her, Wei Wei asks: “What should we do next?”

“Hold on, phone call.”

Phone call?

Wei Wei suddenly suspects a possibility and can’t help but feel fascinated: “Uh, don’t tell me.  Were you fighting the boss and talking on the phone at the same time?”

Wei Wei swears that she is only asking casually, but the Great Master responds with “Mm” like it’s a matter of fact.  She feels completely powerless.  It’s actually true……

Wei Wei thinks for a long while, but just can’t imagine it: “……how do you play with one hand?”


Oh right, you can connect headphones to the cell phone.  Wei Wei is speechless.  She says quickly: “Go take your phone call then.”


Wei Wei isn’t planning to stay on for a long time, but the thought of “going offline” doesn’t appear in her head.  Instead, the image of the Great Master taking a phone call calmly using his headphones appears.  He’s even able to multitask and play so well while talking on the phone.  In some aspects, the Great Master is so talented that it’s too good to be true!

Wei Wei falls into a daze.  The heroine in red sits quietly beside the musician; her red clothes ripple in the breeze.

After a while, the white robed musician says: “Wei Wei, I need to go to Shanghai tomorrow.”



It’s only 11am and cafeteria near the library already has a long line.  Wei Wei and her roommates are at the end of the line.  They sigh as they look at the crowd in front of them.

Er Xi, who’s standing behind her, sniggers, “Hey, hey, hey, even if your (family’s) Great Master isn’t here, you don’t need to feel down for having lunch with us, do you?”

Wei Wei has already heard them say things like this all morning during their self-studies.  Therefore, she’s already numb about it, and focuses on looking at what dishes are available at the cafeteria today.

Seeing how she has no reactions to her comment, Er Xi chuckles, “Wei Wei, what stage are you and the Great Master at?”

Wei Wei turns her head around speechlessly, “……We’ve only met each other for a week, okay!?”

Si Si leans over and says, “You guys had already confirmed your relationship after meeting for two hours.  At this pace, you guys could already have a child after a week who’s old enough to go buy soy sauce (go out) on his/her own.”

“……”  Wei Wei, “Anyhow, there’s nothing between us.  The soy sauce store is nowhere in sight (too soon to talk about a baby), okay?”

Xiao Ling doesn’t believe her, “Impossible.  Does Great Master Xiao plan to boil a frog (take it slow)?”

Wei Wei >_<, “You’re a frog!”

It’s making more and more sense to Xiao Ling, “That has to be it, I know I’m right.  He starts off at high heat, and then cooks on low heat.  He’ll eat you, the frog, up sooner or later!”

Er Xi also ponders, “That makes sense.  This must be the Great Master’s tactic.  He starts off the battle lightning fast, and now he’s slowly infiltrating, hehhehhehheh.”  She suddenly has a mischievous look on her face, “Wei Wei, when will you guys be on a protracted battle?”

Si Si supports, “Oh yeah, first it’s strong winds and squally showers, causing you to lose your sense of direction.  And then it’s gentle winds and light showers, causing you to be confused and disoriented.  What kind of rain will come next?”

Si Si thinks hard in her head, but for some reason, the following floats into Wei Wei’s mind——

Wushan’s clouds and rain (making love).


And then she is pompously dumbstruck.

Er Xi doesn’t give up, “Protracted battle, oh, protracted battle.  It’s so long lasting.”

Before Wei Wei and the rest could understand the deeper meaning behind her words, a guy lining up behind them spurts out with a “pfft” sound.

Four pairs of eyes turn to look at him.

It is a tall guy, but has a baby-face with big eyes; looking like a middle school student.  He has been following behind them sneakily, but since Er Xi and the others often see guys who want to approach but don’t dare to whenever they are with Wei Wei, they didn’t pay special attention to him.

His pale face suddenly blushes after being stared at by them.  He ruffles his hair and says to Wei Wei embarrassingly, “Haha, third sister-in-law, I’m MoZhaHim.”

Wei Wei is puzzled.

MoZhaHim?!  Hao Mei?  The Great Master’s dorm mate?!  The one she knows?!  No way!  Wei Wei stares at him with her eyes wide open.  Does this mean that he heard everything that they were talking about just now?!  Ah, ah, ah, that’s so embarrassing.


Wei Wei remembers MoZhaHim’s description of himself; he said he was darker than charcoal.  But this fair looking guy in front of her right now……

Wei Wei is mad.

Great, this fellow has never spoken the truth from the start.  He even set her up with false news just yesterday.  With old and new grudges, Wei Wei smiles and says leisurely, “Oh, so it’s~~Se~ni~or~~~Beau~~~ty~~~”


Under the surprised gazes of everybody, MoZhaHim’s delicate and fair baby-face becomes, completely, deformed.


A couple of minutes later, MoZhaHim gobbles down his vegetables in a corner of the cafeteria and texts someone angrily on his phone: “Your wife flirted with me.”

That certain someone quickly replies: “Be nicely flirted with.  I don’t mind.”

MoZhaHim coughs up blood immediately.


It’s worth mentioning that these two who love driving people crazy without taking any consequences sure are connected by telepathy – –


There hasn’t been any news of Xiao Nai all day.  After Wei Wei returns from self-studying, she can’t resist logging into the game.  Xiao Nai is obviously not on.  Wei Wei goes to their home, rearranges some furniture, waters some flowers in the garden, and walks around.

YuGong and the others arrive online shortly.  After Wei Wei meets up with YuGong and MonkeyWine to give them their spirit pets, she busies herself with completing quests while chatting at the same time.

YuGong: “Master Kang’s (糠) new instant noodles isn’t good.”

Wei Wei: “@_@ even instant noodles have fake versions?”

MonkeyWing: “He’s an idiot, that’s why he’s eating Master ‘Kang’ (糠).  The rest of us eat Master ‘Kong’ (康).”

YuGong: “Sigh, I’m no match to third brother, who’s got great wine in hand, and beautiful women surrounding him.”

Wei Wei: “……”

MoZhaHim, who lost out to Wei Wei today, tries hard to sow dissension: “Third sister-in-law, don’t be mad, we’ll help you give him a good lesson when he comes back.”

Wei Wei: “>o<, I’m not mad, I’m very pleased.”

Wei Wei: “YuGong didn’t use the wrong idiom this time.”

YuGong scorns: “I didn’t use any idioms, okay?!”

Wei Wei: “We can’t set the standard too high on you.  Any four character phrase can be considered as an idiom……”

YuGong: “Actually, it’s because I had a bad psychological experience with idioms during my childhood.”

MonkeyWine: “Is there a difference between having a bad psychological experience and being psychopathic?”

YuGong ignores him and explains depressingly: “Everyone has heard of the idiom, ‘the foolish old man removes a mountain(yugong yi shan), right?  It’s about an old man and his family digging through the mountains bit by bit every day……”

Wei Wei quickly stops him from educating them on elementary school level literature: “We happen to know.  No need to explain it.”

YuGong: “Oh, it’s good that you know.  You know my name is Yu Ban Shan, right?  So I always say the idiom as ‘yugong ban shan’ (the foolish old man moves a mountain).  Because of this idiom, my teacher (corporally) punished me many times (flaming with anger).”

MonkeyWine: “……how come your traumatic experience is even simpler than me releasing a fart?”

MoZhaHim: “……I didn’t know brain damage could begin at such a young age.”

Wei Wei: “I’m very kind, I didn’t say anything……”

Classmate YuGong goes to a corner to let himself rot in grief and indignation.

MoZhaHim doesn’t give up and asks Wei Wei: “Third sister-in-law, you’re so unconcerned about third brother going to Shanghai, a world of myriad temptations.  And those cocktail parties come at full force……”

Wei Wei: “Isn’t he there to help Feng Teng (Soaring Wind) upgrade their system?”

MoZhaHim says in shock: “Third sister-in-law, you know about it?!”

Of course she knows about it.

The Great Master’s flight was at 8:30am, but he still asked her to go eat breakfast with him at 7am.  While eating, he advised her of his schedule and the number of days that he will be gone for.

And then he left unhurriedly.



“Third sister-in-law, you only know one part of it, but not the other.  They don’t need him to go personally for a system upgrade,” MonkeyWine says, “I heard that the boss at Feng Teng wanted to introduce a big client to third brother, therefore, he decided to go last minute.”

YuGong revives from the dead: “Hehheh, if we can get this project, third brother will have enough savings to get married.”

MoZhaHim supports him further while pretending to be surprised: “He needs that much to get married?!”

YuGong teases: “He’s marrying our department’s beauty.”

Wei Wei is on the verge of grinding her teeth, but then again, she has never been defeated by anyone else other than “the Great Master.”  She sends a happy smiley over and says: “There’s no helping it.  The Great Master doesn’t dream big, he doesn’t want to give his hand (feminine use) to a rich woman.”

YuGong: “……”


A minute later, a certain someone at a cocktail party receives another complaint via text messaging: “Your wife bullied me.”

The corners of Xiao Nai’s mouth lifts up slightly as he seamlessly puts his phone back into this pocket.

It looks like someone is still having a great time while he’s away.


However, that someone who’s far away in City B quickly goes from extreme joy to sorrow.  It is because of Er Xi suddenly screaming, “Oh my goodness, Wei Wei, hurry and come take a look at the school’s forum.”

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