A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 32 4

Part 32: Rumors

The school forums have been extremely lively for quite a while, because of the Computer Science department’s top-notch awesome person dating the department beauty situation. But after a few days, it has died down a bit since there hasn’t been any more new gossip. But a new topic on Saturday night attracts the entire school’s students’ attention again.

The topic name is — Hot topic! The school’s well-known talented girl challenges the rumored beauty!


Exciting! Today, I was inadvertently directed to the blog of a certain talented girl of our school and found a fresh new article! I was actually just casually reading it, but who knew that I would get excited over it. The more I read, the more excited I became, so I brought it over to share with everyone.

Blog URL: www.xxxxx.blog.XXX.com.cn

Just kidding. The full text has been copied here. Ha.


Then, the person who made the topic has copied the entire article and pasted it — the title being, “Who told you not to be a 34C”. The article is extremely long. The beginning starts with some insignificant things, and then it talks about the author of the blog drinking coffee together with her friends, yesterday afternoon. She mentions the style of the cafe casually, about how it is being renovated and stuff, before she gets to the part that the topic started had indicated.


Unintentionally, we started chatting about the sensational sex scandal in the past few days at school — I can’t help but sob.

Person A sighs: It’s clear that no matter how outstanding and refined a man is, what he falls in love with is forever that face of a woman’s.


But Person B refused to accept it and pointed towards Person C: Isn’t Person C much prettier, she’s genuinely talented and pretty, and knew him earlier.

Person C’s looks are astonishing, and she is brilliant. It could be said that she was infatuated with Person Xiao (aka Xiao Nai). But today, since she had lost to the hands of someone else, she had such an indescribable depressed look on her.

Person A says: Person C is innocent and pure, her methods probably can’t compare to the other one’s.

I said laughing towards Person C: Hey, who told you not to be a 34C.

Following that is another bit of commentary completely implying that she has seen through the intelligence of men, but also seemed to be concealing a sense of sadness for herself.


The author of the blog is called LoveChanel, a celebrity at school and is a talented girl. Normally, she likes to write short articles on coffee, music, Chanel and other things of that type that are Western. It’s said that she even has a special column in some well known fashion magazine.

The more Er Xi reads, the angrier she gets, “What talented girl? This is clearly a personal attack!”

Wei Wei doesn’t make a sound, her fingers calmly pressing the mouse and dragging it downwards. It’s already been awhile since the topic had been posted. There are many replies. There are actually many who second the opinion.

But this isn’t a surprise either. Even though Wei Wei’s grades are good, for someone who was born in an average family, she didn’t have any particular talents. As a result, the impression that those in the Computer Science department have of her most likely stops at her gorgeous looks. Now that LoveChanel has said that about her, most people end up thinking that that is the case.

Of course, there are a number of people who think that LoveChanel is being very bored and with a sour heart. There are even more people who are trying to guess who Person C is. In order to do so, they have even started a special topic for guessing and betting. School beauty, Meng Yi Ran, is the one that’s been mentioned the most.


Xiao Ling and Si Si are also filled with anger. Xiao Ling smiles coldly and says, “That type of woman probably thinks that all the men in the world should love her, that not loving her means they’re shallow, perverted, and doesn’t look on the inside.”

Si Si produces her idea, “Let’s post Wei Wei’s grades up and shame them to death.”

Only now does Wei Wei make a sound, “Why reply to the topic? For this kind of post, the person who’s humiliated isn’t me.”

Without finishing the entire thread, Wei Wei clicks on the red x on the upper right. It’s hard to avoid being angry, but seeing Er Xi, Xiao Ling and them feeling indignant at the injustice, Wei Wei becomes a bit calmer instead. There is no need to reply to the topic at all. After all, real life is different from online games. In games, one can throw things back without worry for the enjoyment of it. However, in real life, one must consider a lot more things, and then choose the most rational method. Even though not replying to the topic is a bit dejecting, it’s always better than letting others watch in amusement at them going back and forth at each other.

But, that said, the reason Wei Wei’s behavior is so calm is because what this thread is on is of no importance. If it had been on something that is over the line, then Wei Wei would have already stopped them. It’s not like she’s never done such things before.


As if nothing has happened, Wei Wei says goodbye to YuGong and the others, turns off her computer, and then gets up to go to the bathroom to wash up in preparation for sleep.

Er Xi chases after her and beats the door, “Wei Wei, you’re really not angry?”

Putting down her face washing towel, Wei Wei looks at herself in the mirror without flickering her eyes, “Why should I be angry when they praise me for being beautiful, having talent and looks?”

Er Xi angrily says, “Wei Wei are your eyes blurry? When did they praise you for being beautiful, having talent and looks? They’re clearly saying you don’t have a brain, okay?”

“Body ‘talent’ is still talent.” Wei Wei opens the bathroom door, “And, as for brains, it takes one to know one.”

Er Xi doesn’t register it for a moment. By the time she understands, she can’t help but look at Wei Wei in admiration, “Wei Wei, you’re so malicious.”

This is nothing. Using YuGong’s words, it can’t hold a candle to the Great Master.

Wei Wei makes a face at her.

Er Xi’s anger dies down a bit. Once she’s no longer angry, her mind turns to another matter. Her eyes sweep across a certain part of Wei Wei’s body over and over again. Very vulgarly, Er Xi asks, “Wei Wei, are you really a 34C?”

That Saturday night, Er Xi is beat until the curtain drops.

The Great Master still hasn’t called, but Wei Wei isn’t disappointed. Before the Great Master left, he already said that he might not have time to call her on the first day.

On the second day, something Wei Wei didn’t expect happens — the blog situation escalates. The main reason is because the men of the Computer Science department were angered.

How can they not be angry?

There were already not enough to go around in the Computer Science department. Producing a school beauty is a rare occurrence. Plus, that beauty didn’t have an “extramarital affair” — choosing someone from within the Computer Science department itself. This isn’t an easy thing! Yet, she’s now being implied by people for having no brains?

You’re the braindead one. Your whole family is braindead.

The above is the inner voice of all the men in the Computer Science department.

As a result, LoveChanel’s blog is hacked. Incidentally, the list of (merit) scholarship winners of the school’s Computer Science department is posted onto it. And conveniently, the scholarship winners of the department LoveChanel is in is also posted. It just so happens that LoveChanel’s name is not on it.

With the two for comparison, there is ample mockery.


On Sunday night, Er Xi half-crouched in front of the computer, overwhelmed by emotions, “The boys in our department truly have a lot of love. Quite manly!”

Si Si is also half-crouched in front of the computer, “Wei Wei, did your (family’s) Great Master do this?”

Wei Wei shakes her head firmly, “Definitely not. He never does such direct things.”

Xiao Ling, “…Can you not say such things in a worshiping tone?”

Wei Wei hehe’s. Si Si remembers something and asks, “Oh yeah, what reaction did your (family’s) Great Master have to this?”

“Eh, I didn’t mention it.”

Xiao Ling is about to faint, “You talked to him on the phone for so long just now and you actually didn’t mention it?!”

She forgot about it as soon as she picked up the phone (╯﹏╰) ……Wei Wei is very innocent. Plus, the Great Master is very busy, alright?


Er Xi’s attention is still on the forum, “Wei Wei, do you know Cao Guang and Liang Qing Ying? Why would they help you? So strange.”

Cao Guang and Liang Qing Ying are the secondary reasons for the blog situation escalating.

There has never been a lack of talent or beauty at University A. LoveChanel is one, Cao Guan and Liang Qing Ying are also. If it isn’t for the awe-inspiring brilliance of Xiao Nai, these people would perhaps have been more well-known.

Cao Guan, the real talent of the Foreign Languages department, is well-known for his cynicism.

Liang Qing Ying, the rich talented girl of the Chinese Language department, is well known for her sharp words.

But these two people actually, by chance concur, and both posted in defense of Wei Wei.

The talented Cao Guan says, “Your sourness assails the nose. If you’re jealous, then just say it straight out. Why are you growing poisonous mushrooms in the dark corner? Learn from this old fellow. This old fellow is, precisely, jealous of Xiao Nai. So what?!

And then, the talented girl didn’t mention the post at all. She only talks about her own impression of Wei Wei — praising Wei Wei for being a rare, righteous, female student.


“I don’t really know them too well.” Wei Wei is also very surprised that these two people would come out and speak their thoughts. After all, it can’t be said that she knows them well.

The reason she knows Cao Guan is because of an unhappy mishap.

The Foreign Language department talented classmate has always been cynical. One day, he saw a certain well-known beauty of the school get out of a limousine at the school gates. He immediately felt grieved over the corruption of the general society. Thus, he used his cellphone, that was on hand, to take a photo and posted on the school forum. However, he did have a bit of decorum and only posted half of the photo. That half contained the delicately long legs of the beauty in jeans, along with a certain famous brand’s car plate.

As soon as this post was made, since the subject matter was quite sensitive and the talented male’s writing was also sharp, it immediately became a hot topic. Wei Wei just fortunately happened to read it. As a result, as soon as she saw it, she immediately exploded.

Because the person in the photo was her.

At that time, she was still a freshman and hadn’t been captivated by online games yet. During times when she had no classes, she would be a private tutor of a ten year old little boy. The little boy was from a single parent family and only had a mother who was a successful career woman. One day, the successful career mother conveniently dropped Wei Wei off at the school gates in her car.

Who knew that there would be such a random chance for it be actually exaggerated as a question of the manner of a University A’s female student. Wei Wei was truly angered by such a thing. Since this situation was caused by some Cao named person, Wei Wei quickly figured out the real person behind the ID and went to stop up the person at the Foreign Language department the next day.

As soon as Cao Guan saw Bei Wei Wei, he thought that she was there to beg him to take down the photo and immediately adopted a scornful expression, hurling out a, “What is it?”

Who would have thought that Wei Wei’s expression was even more scornful than his and hurls out even more violently, “Classmate, I am here to salvage your worldview.”

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