A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 33 4

Part 33: The path only wide enough for one

Actually, in retrospect, Wei Wei also feels that her own line was very terrifying. But to pick a fight at the door, being imposing was very important. Well, afterwards, it was Wei Wei, using the excuse of being busy, asking Cao Guang to substitute for her and teach a session of basic English to the little boy.

With that, she didn’t have to explain anything else; everything became completely clear.


Since the truth of these kinds of things can easily become distorted, Wei Wei didn’t even tell those in her dorm room about it. The affair had happened so long ago that Wei Wei has pretty much almost forgotten all about it. She simply tells her dorm mates. Xiao Ling exclaims in admiration, “It’s so like a drama. Did Cao Guang have feelings towards you? Why didn’t you guys develop a relationship?”

“Intuition, “ Wei Wei says in contemplation, “Eh?! Perhaps I knew that there would be someone even better later on?”

Everyone is shocked.

Si Si asks, “Then why does the talented Liang girl also speak up for you?”

Wei Wei isn’t too certain about it either, “This person, does she have a very pointy chin, is a bit shorter than me, and has curly waist-length hair?”

Wei Wei describes her based on the remnants of her impression of her.

Si Si nods, “That’s right, that’s her.”

Wei Wei makes an “oh” sound and then her face has an awkward expression on it.

Er Xi shakes her, “Stop keeping us in suspense. Hurry and speak, how do you know her?”

Wei Wei says, “I…think I helped her bargain for a price.”

Er Xi and the others all have on a choked up expression.

“A while before, I went to electronics mall to buy an internal (computer) memory card and she happened to be in that store buying one. That store owner saw that she didn’t know the ropes and actually took out a second-hand item to fool her. One look at the luster on that memory card and you could tell that it was an old one, okay? And the asking price was 50 dollars more expensive. I thought that I might have seen her on campus before. So knowing that she was also someone from our school, of course, I couldn’t let her be tricked.”

“…So you had to be righteous and help her?”

“Wei Wei nods and says proudly, “And then the two of us both bought them at manufacture price.”

Si Si is amazed, “You bargained that fiercely?”

“Hehe, I hinted to the boss that I might sue…”

Xiao Ling suddenly understands, “I finally know why she says you are righteous, turns out to be the righteousness of a thief.”


Wei Wei originally thought that this kind of gossip would die down by itself in two or three days. But, presently, it has become more evolved and more intense; inevitably, also becoming a bit annoying.

Wei Wei has an exam on Monday afternoon. Only after she finishes the exam and studies a bit before she goes back. When she gets back to the dorm room, seeing Er Xi’s strange expression again, Wei Wei’s intuitive reaction is, “The forum doesn’t have a new thread does it?”

Er Xi giggles, “No, no, Great Master Xiao just called looking for you. He’s back.”

Oh? He’s back early?

Wei Wei’s eyes brighten and opens her own bag, planning to take out her phone card to make a call. Er Xi blocks her and stutters, “Wei Wei, when I was speaking with Great Master Xiao on the phone just now, I accidently said something that I’ve hidden deep in my heart.”

Wei Wei’s hands stop as she feels a sense of foreboding, “…What did you say?”

Er Xi swallows a bit before saying, “I asked him why he still hadn’t treated us to a meal yet.”

“You, you, you…”

Wei Wei is so shocked by her that she is speechless.

“You’re too shameless!” Xiao Ling says for her, from the side, with a sense of disdain.

Quite embarrassed, Er Xi says, “What if there’s something even more shameless?”

Wei Wei takes a deep breath and increases her defenses against being shocked by a level, “…Say it.”

“I also said that, rather than troubling him for a date, tomorrow happens to not have exams, so he might as well treat us today.”

Wei Wei looks at her, remaining silent for a long time, “…Er Xi, you’re not afraid of getting diarrhea?”


At this time, the dorm room door is pushed open again. Si Si bursts in and raises the paper bag in her hands, “I did not disappoint on my mission. I bought it!”

Xiao Ling happily snatches the grab, “How much did you buy it for?”

“120. However, it’s not the one from last time. But I think this one is even better looking!”

Xiao Ling’s quick hands have already brought out the item in the bag. She shakes it out, looks it up and down and nods in approval, “Not bad, not bad, it’s more stylish and conservative than the other one. The conservative girl will like it.”

She turns towards Wei Wei, “Right?”

Wei Wei looks at the red dress in her hands and then looks at their expressions; getting strange, unsettling feelings, “Isn’t this…”

“That’s right!” Xiao Ling admits without the slightest hesitation, “It’s for you. We are not people who eat for free. Since the Great Master is treating us to dinner, we can’t return the favor, so we’re giving you this dress.”

Si Si follows her, “The last time Xiao Ling’s Da Zhong treated us to dinner, we also gave them couple’s pajamas.”

“You don’t need to mention such shocking things, okay?” Xiao Ling gives her a glare and then says to Wei Wei, “It’s the end of the term, even the landlord’s family has no more grains. This is money saved by us from only eating hot pickled mustard tuber. So you have to wear it today!”


Speechlessly, Wei Wei looks around at them, silently takes out her calling card and dials a number. The phone only rings once before it is picked up.

“Wei Wei.”

She doesn’t know where he is picking the phone up from but there is a buzzing sound. Xiao Nai’s voice is a bit fuzzy, “I was just about to call you. There is traffic on the road, I’ll probably arrive at the school half an hour late.”

He’s still in the car?

“…When did you get back?”


3:30? Then that means, the Great Master called her as soon as he got off the plane, and then was caught by Er Xi’s demand to be treated to a meal?

Wei Wei hesitates for a bit, “Then tonight, you don’t…”

“Wei Wei, you should remind me of these types of things earlier.” Xiao Nai interrupts her, his tone unexpectedly seeming a little reproachful. There seems to be someone speaking to him on the other end. Xiao Nai pauses for a moment and then says, “Alright, we’ll talk later. I’m hanging up now.”


She has actually…been rebuked? Blaming her for not telling him to treat her dormmates to a meal earlier?

Wei Wei holds the phone in a daze for awhile. When she turns around, she sees the dormmates with all eyes on her. “I want to eat. I want to eat. I want to eat, today” is clearly written on their faces. She then looks at the dress, sighs, and hold out her hand.

“Give me the dress.”


The new dress is really prettier than the one from the other time. The color is more beautiful, contrasting Wei Wei’s white as jade skin color. An extremely moving sight. But it contains an unexpected elegance. Weaving this type of beauty and elegance together, it’s dazzling to the point of being hair-rising.

Wei Wei quite likes this dress, but she is still confused before leaving. Why does she always wear new clothes to go see him…But this feeling of confusion is completely tossed aside when she walks out of the West gate and sees the person, in contemplation, standing by the car.


Wei Wei subconsciously walks a bit faster. But she only speeds up for a few steps before slowing down again.

The reason being that the person suddenly raises his head to look towards her. His expression pretty much goes from calmness to fierceness immediately; so concentrated that it nearly makes her cower.

When she actually walks near, Xiao Nai already has his usual expression on. The fiery passion seems to have been an illusion of Wei Wei’s and has already disappeared.


Despite this, Wei Wei is still a bit absent-minded on the road. She only returns to her sense when she hears Er Xi saying that that they wanted to go to a certain restaurant.

“What place is that?”

“Hehe, a French restaurant. Its grand opening is today.”

Wei Wei looks at her suspiciously. As far as French cuisine is concerned, Wei Wei dislikes it from her heart, mind, and soul. She recalls that it’s the same with the other people of her dorm. How come they actually want to go eat that thing this time?”

“No way, I don’t want to go.”

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Er Xi, unexpectedly, insists.

Xiao Ling and Si Si also chime in, “Let’s change our tastes once in a while and go eat it.”

“But…” Wei Wei still wants to oppose it.

Xiao Nai, who has been listening to them arguing without saying anything, smiles this time and says, “Wei Wei, let us hosts do what the guests want.”


Hosts do what the guests want…

Wei Wei is countered in a split second again >o<


5-6 o’clock is when City B has the most traffic. It took an entire hour of driving before getting to the restaurant Er Xi said. Because there isn’t parking nearby, Xiao Nai drops them off at the door of the restaurant and drives off to find parking by himself.

As soon as she gets out of the car, Er Xi starts looking around and then, her eyes lands in a certain place. She quietly cries out, “Wow, they really came.”

Xiao Ling is also excited, “Wow, it’s true. We didn’t waste our money.”

Wei Wei looks suspiciously at them. Er Xi tugs on Wei Wei’s hand and says quietly, “Wei Wei, look inside the restaurant, at the table to the most western side by the window.”

Wei Wei follows what she says and looks over, unexpectedly seeing a few familiar people. It looks like Meng Yi Ran? Right then, she is sitting together with a few dressed up and refined female students.

Er Xi says in a low voice, “That girl next to Meng Yi Ran is LoveChanel.”

Wei Wei looks at that girl in surprise. The people in the window have actually also noticed them and are looking towards her with surveying looks.

Wei Wei looks at the expressions of Er Xi, Xiao Ling and them, and everything is explained.

No wonder they wanted her to dress up nicely.

No wonder they had to come to this restaurant.

So it was like this.

Wei Wei lowers her voice, “How did you guys know that she would be eating here?”

Er Xi smiles sinisterly, “Actually, I wasn’t sure. Before her blog got hacked, I visited her blog and saw that she said this restaurant was having its grand opening today. So I thought that she probably was going to come and wanted to try and see.”

Wei Wei is speechless, “You want to fight with them?”

“Psh, there’s no need to fight with them. We’ve already won, alright?” Er Xi looks very pleasingly across the street, her face displaying a wily smile.

In response, Wei Wei turns her head around. Across the street, Xiao Nai is walking towards them just then. The evening lights shine on him, illuminating his entire body.

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