A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 35 11

Part 35: Making up for the dowry

The buzz of the forum topic gradually fades from everyone’s scrutiny after the last two gossip items.


First gossip item.

It is said that on a certain day, a certain male student ran into the rumored male lead at the bottom of the dorm building. Being so excited, he tried to get to the bottom of the matter, braving the risk to his life, “What are your thoughts about the topic on the forum?”

It is said that Xiao Nai glanced at him and dropped these words, “It’s better to have, than not have.”

When you first hear these words, they seem like nothing, but if you carefully think about it, it was both brilliant and vicious. Brilliant, in that he easily cleared up the rumors about him and Bei Wei Wei. As for vicious, there’s no need to say anymore; especially towards a female, the more you think about it, the more malicious it was, oh malicious…

Thus, everyone’s attention was shifted, in succession, they all went to research how LoveChanel and Person C “does not have (it).”

There was even someone who analyzed their character from their reactions to the event. The verdict — after all, the reason LoveChanel attacked Bei Wei Wei was because she herself didn’t have it.

It can be said that to a certain degree, he uncovered the truth.


After Er Xi heard about these rumors, her main focus was actually not the same as everyone else. What she was baffled by was, “Wei Wei, how does your (family’s) Great Master know what you ‘have’? Can it be that he’s hugged you before?”

Wei Wei, “…”

Er Xi, you actually uncovered the truth too…


Second gossip item.

It is said that one day, Xiao Nai and Cao Guan met on the court.

It is said that Cao Guan took the initiative to provoke him, “Some say those who lose on the love court will win on the ball court. How about we test it out?”

It is said that Xiao Nai had an indifferent expression but replied with fierce words, “I don’t mind making you a bit more disappointed.”

It is said that after N rounds, Cao Guan was, unfortunately, a bit more disappointed.


Wei Wei has always been skeptical about the authenticity of these rumors because the Great Master has never brought it up in front of her before and she can’t really take the initiative and ask.

It wasn’t until a day way in the future when the two saw Cao Guan from far away, Xiao Nai suddenly laughed and said towards Wei Wei, “Since you were young?”

After Wei Wei stared blankly for a bit, she immediately replied in a solemn manner, “No, he only just passed me a flyer before.”




The last few days of Wei Wei’s sophomore year, both hurriedly and unhurriedly pass like this. After her last exam, as soon as Wei Wei walks out of the exam, she sees Xiao Nai waiting outside.

It seems like he has already been waiting for a long time. Xiao Nai is sitting under the shade of the tree on a bench with his head lowered, reading a book.

Wei Wei runs over, a slight bit of sweat forms on her forehead, “When did you come?”

Xiao Nai closes the book, raises his head, “Just arrived.”

Wei Wei doesn’t really believe him, but didn’t question him further, “After the exam, we had a class meeting about summer internships. I sent you a text with Xiao Ling’s cellphone.”

Xiao Nai smiles but doesn’t say anything.

Speaking of this, Wei Wei’s mood starts declining.

It is almost summer vacation.

Originally, it should be a very happy thing, but the coming of summer vacation this year seems to make her particularly unhappy. Wei Wei swings the bag in her hands, “Let’s go, first to the library.”


After returning the reference books she used for exams, Wei Wei takes out a few more books on programming — preparing to study them over summer break. With Xiao Nai there, of course, it only takes half the time to choose the books.

“This edition isn’t good.” Xiao Nai extracts two books from her hands and places them back on the shelf, “I’ll bring some for you from home tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Wei Wei nods, “I want introductory level, not too hard.”

For the most part, sophomore classes were all core curriculum classes. The actual classes for the major start junior year. The Great Master better not help her choose books based on his level.

“Don’t worry, I can give you long distance guidance.” Xiao Nai says without thinking as he skims the shelves, helping her choose books.

Wei Wei puts a book back on tiptoes and discovers that her gloomy mood has pretty much become better.


The up and down swings of her mood are really annoying.


When they walk out of the library, Xiao Nai’s cellphone rings. Xiao Nai picks it up. After a few things are said from the other end, Xiao Nai says, “I got it, we’ll head over immediately.”

And then he looks at Wei Wei, “MonkeyWine is waiting for us at the restaurant.”

Only then does Wei Wei remember that today is the formal dinner with the Great Master’s dorm mates.


Tian Xian (Heavenly Fragrance) Restaurant has already been chosen as the location.

The place was chosen by MonkeyWine. Since Xiao Nai has clearly shown that they can take advantage of him for this, they were, of course, going to help themselves. But then again, to male students, it doesn’t really make a difference what they eat — as long as there’s enough beer.

There are a total of six people in Xiao Nai’s dorm room. Oldest brother, third brother, fourth to seventh brother. Because second brother can easily cause people to associate it with a certain wicked part of the body (aka little brother), no one wanted to take that post. Oldest brother and seventh brother don’t play online games so Wei Wei doesn’t know them. But they are both very easy to get along with and she quickly becomes familiar with everyone.

Besides MonkeyWine, who has stayed at school for graduate school, the others are already working. As for why they are still squatting in the dorm room, it’s of course because they want to take the most advantage of the school’s limits. In any case, they work near the school and it’s the most convenient.


Since it’s her first time attending this type of get together, Wei Wei sits next to Xiao Nai, feeling a bit embarrassed. But there are YuGong and the others here, so for Wei Wei to maintain that type of embarrassed feeling is truly very hard.

After the alcohol has been passed around a bit, the men start talking a lot more and become gossipy.

Oldest brother says, “Little (younger junior female) classmate, this is actually the first time our (family’s) third brother has dated someone; the first time he’s held a girl’s hand. You must treat him well. It’s not easy for someone in our Computer Science Department to find a wife.”


Wei Wei nods with much respect towards him, thinking to herself, “It doesn’t seem like it is your (family’s) third brother’s first time holding a girl’s hand at all.”


MoZhaHim’s gossip has it’s own personal style.

“Third sister-in-law, I didn’t lie to you last time. It’s true. Someone really did confess to third brother.”

“She said that was to perform together, but who knows what she was planning.”

“It was that Meng, Meng…”

“She gave third brother another call yesterday!”


Since he drank, MoZhaHim’s speech is disorderly and intermittent. But it doesn’t stop her from understanding it. Wei Wei opens her eyes wide, waiting for his next sentence…


He skews his head and then collapses.

Seventh brother comments on the side, “Not bad, he drank a full bottle this time before collapsing.”


Wei Wei is frustrated! You can’t just start a gossip and leave it half hanging!

She turns her head to look at the person involved. Xiao Nai has also drunk quite a bit, but his expression is as usual and is completely sober. Facing Wei Wei’s inquiring eyes, he slowly and calmly says, “She said that there was something she needed to explain to me.”


Could it have been the thing regarding LoveChanel? But why would she explain to the Great Master…

“And then?”

“That’s it.”


Eyewitness number one, MonkeyWine, moves in closer and says, “Third sister-in-law, third brother is too formidable.”

Eyewitness number two, YuGong nods, “Too vicious, too vicious, dispatching the opponent with one phrase.”

Oldest brother grieves and laments, “How can you be like that to a female student? It’s not easy for our Computer Science department majors to receive calls from female students.”

Seventh brother corrects him, “Hasn’t third brother always been like this?”

MoZhaHim snores in approval.



Wei Wei is shedding tears on the side. They’ve been long-windedly speaking for so long. What did the Great Master actually say ahhhhhhhhh!


YuGong asks, “Third sister-in-law, guess what third brother said?”

Wei Wei thinks deeply for quite a while about the Great Master’s style in the past and says, uncertainly, “Eh, asked her…Who are you?”




There is a period of speechlessness.

MonkeyWine, who was sitting next to Wei Wei, shifts back a bit in respect.

The snoring noises of MoZhaHim tactfully becomes quieter.

Holding his wine cup, Xiao Nai smiles slightly.


Wei Wei looks at their “you’re too cruel” expressions and feels extremely wronged. Isn’t this a normal reply? Who doesn’t ask the other person who she is if he’s unfamiliar with her!?


“Speaking of which, then that Person C is school beauty Meng?”

“Most likely.”

Seventh brother says, “Third brother, you should hack that Love-something-nel’s computer. It’s the end of the term, her thesis must be on the computer. If you hack it, hehe…”

Wei Wei is speechless and remembers YuGong and the others’ tradition of hacking into someone’s computer and selling his wife. They are indeed of the same dorm room with such identical styles.


Xiao Nai looks askance at him, “One must conduct oneself with style.”

Seventh brother becomes angry, “What do you mean by that!”

MonkeyWine hurriedly strikes while the iron is hot, “He’s saying you have no integrity.”

Seventh brother becomes gloomy, “Then you’re just going to let the forum thing go like that?”

YuGong sneers at him, “It’s not like you’ve known third brother for just one or two days. How can you still not understand his character?”

Seventh brother slurs as he asks, “What character?”

YuGong, “He’s often not human.”

Xiao Nai sighs and lowers his head to explain to Wei Wei, “They’ve drunk to much.”


Wei Wei nods, continuing to show respect. Inside though: Actually, that’s what I think too….


Eating together with this group of people is really a very happy thing. It’s just that it is quite exhausting to stifle her laughter. Furthermore, from the way the Great Master and his dorm mates interact, Wei Wei seems to have come to understand him a bit more. No wonder the Great Master is popular with the male students; it’s not unreasonable.

The topic of the forum didn’t continue and they had pretty much drunk enough beers, everyone starts wiping out the dishes. After they start eating, they find that there’s actually not enough dishes. MonkeyWine reproaches oldest brother who was in charge of ordering dishes, “Why did you order so little?”

Oldest brother feels wronged, “It’s not easy for us Computer Science department majors to eat together with females. We must maintain our image.”

“Third sister-in-law isn’t a female. She’s so valiant in the game that everyone thinks she’s a crossplayer. Plus, females are actual resources that we can fight for. Third sister-in-law is with third brother now, she’s neither male nor female now. What image nonsense are you trying to keep!” YuGong calls over the waiter, “We’re adding dishes! Beef and tripe spicy soup, boiled beef in fiery sauce, fried shrimp in hot and spicy sauce, and then a fish head with chili pepper, and diced chicken with chilies; It needs to be spicy, the spicier the better!”

Oldest brother stops him, “Don’t just order spicy things, third brother won’t be able to eat it.”

YuGong mutters, “He’s treating us. Who cares if he can eat it or not. I want spicy.”

The last three words are said towards the waiter.


As Wei Wei tries to record down in her own little notebook in her brain what YuGong orders, she can’t help but look surprised at Xiao Nai.

The Great Master can’t eat spicy food?

That’s impossible! He clearly ate the boiled fish in fiery sauce enthusiastically the other day and didn’t even wrinkle his eyebrows once!


Xiao Nai, very calmly shakes his head, “I can’t.”

Wei Wei stares blankly.


After dinner, MoZhaHim is resurrected by MonkeyWine and the others violently shaking him. Everyone discusses what to do next. YuGong and them all don’t like to sing karaoke, so they find a quiet club and start playing snooker (similar to pool/billiards).

Wei Wei has never played this before, but she masters it as soon as Xiao Nai teaches her. Her posture is extremely up to standards. While her aim still needs some control, she has clearly gotten the knack of it.

As a result, oldest brother and seventh brother’s admiration of Wei Wei rises sharply, “Skills are skills, she has potential.” Oldest brother pats Xiao Nai on the shoulder, “When we play again, in the future, remember to bring brother’s wife.”

Xiao Nai looks at Wei Wei’s perfect posture and discovers he has been careless; making a great miscalculation. In his mind, he crosses oldest brother’s suggestion out over and over again — I definitely won’t bring her!

But placing a table at home is not a bad idea.


The group is still not satisfied after playing until 10, but it can’t be helped. Even though Wei Wei has finished exams, there’s still a curfew at the dorm. She can’t not go back. Xiao Nai takes her back to the entrance of her dorm building right before the curfew time.

Taking her hand out of Xiao Nai’s hand, Wei Wei doesn’t immediately head up. There are still quite a few more minutes. Plus, she still has something to ask.

“If you can’t eat spicy food, when we went to eat boiled fish in fiery sauce, why didn’t you say something?”

Just thinking about it makes her vexed. It seems that everything that was ordered that day was spicy. The fish was even made to be the spiciest it could be.

Xiao Nai says nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter. I can vary it based on the person.”

Wei Wei is still vexed, “So what if you can’t eat spicy food?  You don’t have to accommodate me like that.”

Taking the bag from his hand that is filled with quite a few thick books, Wei Wei remembers even more.

“You don’t actually have to help me do so much.”

Wei Wei says lightly.

She never thought that, one day, this person would help her line up to get food, help her carry her hot water thermos, wait for her after class, buy snacks…all these things were not suited for him to do.

Even though she likes it.

But to have her accept it makes her uneasy.


In the quiet summer night, only the slight rustling of the leaves is heard as the wind passes through.

“Wei Wei,”

Xiao Nai suddenly calls out her name and looks at her; his expression with unprecedented seriousness, “This is the first time I’ve dated a girl. I often don’t know what to do. But, at the very least, I also want to do the things that other people do.”


Wei Wei looks at him — dumbfounded.

The vast sky is filled with bright stars. The lamp light is shining. But at this very moment, she can only see stars in his eyes.


Can it be that the other people that he is referring to are the male students of their school who, since there are more males than females in the school and they can’t find girlfriends, will prudently worship their girlfriends once they are lucky to find one?

So, the Great Master’s goal is to be the 24-hr obedient specialty boyfriend of University A?

Wei Wei purses her lips and, without knowing why, suddenly wants to slightly smile. But the rims of her eyes actually become a bit warm. To cover it up, she lowers her head and Wei Wei says to herself, “Hey, don’t be so emotional.”


The tranquillity of the summer night quietly fills the air.

Only until the older lady guarding the gate starts calling out does Wei Wei lift her head up, “Go onto the game when you get back.”

Wei Wei says, “I have something to give you.”


Wei Wei flies upstairs, turns on her computer and logs into the game. She had already finished making the equipment item yesterday. Originally, she was worried about giving it to him, but, now, she actually really wants to give it to him.

The heroine in red stands on top of Sunset Summit waiting for ten minutes. The white-robed musician appears and the heroine gives him the equipment.

“For you.” She types out a smiley face and the heroine in red courageously says, “I said before, I will make up for the dowry.”

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