A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 36 3

Part 36: Bon voyage

It is silent at the top Sunset Summit for a period of time.

The white-robed musician who normally has accurate and fast APM (actions per minute) doesn’t actually click on accept until after a few seconds.


Category: Hairpin

Name: FaWei (lit. hair Wei) (named by creator, can be edited)

Item Class: Rare Mortal Item

Level Requirement: 90

Stats: +15% Musical Skill, +12% MP (Mana) Regen Speed, +38 Speed, +1000 HP (Health)

Durability: 500/500

Profession: Musician

Creator: ReedWeiWei


“Actually, besides the four spirit animals, I also got two types of rare materials from Feng Teng last time — White Jade of Tianshan and Fire Quencher of the Ninth Heaven (highest in Buddhism.) I made this from those along with some things I collected before.”

“The hairpin that you had is one of the best, but I wanted to see if I could make one even better.”

She really did end up making one that was extremely valuable.

In “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes,” the high level equipment offered by the System Bot are called Divine Immortal Weapons, while the ones that are made by players themselves are called Mortal Weapons. But that doesn’t mean that the stats on a Mortal Weapon can’t surpass Immortal Weapons. The hairpin Wei Wei made is one of those that have better stats than general Immortal Weapons. However, it’s extremely difficult for a player to create a Rare Mortal Weapon; besides requiring precious materials and the player having high stats, it’s also based on probability.


“^_^, my luck’s not bad, right?”

Wei Wei nervously types over. There’s a lot more things she wants to say now. It’s as if the more she talks, the less she feels pressured. But as embarrassed as she is, if she had to do it again, she would still say those words again.


Her fingers pause as the white-robed musician says, “It’s me with the good luck.”

Wei Wei’s face becomes scalding hot. Maybe it’s just her with ulterior thoughts, but it seems like those extremely ordinary words of his seems to hold a deeper meaning.

“…eh, we are both lucky then.” What is she saying…

As if he can feel her embarrassment through the computer, Xiao Nai slightly smiles, “What does FaWei mean?”

“It means hairpin (Fa Zan) by Wei Wei.” Wei Wei, being a sciences student without a single romantic brain cell, feels that this is very easily understood, “If you don’t like it, you can change it. I don’t have a literary brain.”

“No need to change it. I really like it.”


Tying hair (the knot) with Wei.

Why wouldn’t he like it?



Wei Wei answers without figuring out the “deeper meaning” to it. After uttering a sound, she wants to run away, “I’ll head off now. I’m tired from all the playing today and want to sleep early.”

The white-robed musician doesn’t try to stop her, “All right, thank you for your hard work, my wife.”


This person…seems to always say things with double meanings. She doesn’t know whether he’s saying that she’s been hard working from playing or from making the equipment. Awkwardly, Wei Wei leaves behind a string of dot dot dots and quickly disconnects.


The red figure disappears from the cliff. The seconds tick by. Only after quite a few minutes do the slender fingers on the laptop gently tap on the right mouse button to put on the new hairpin.

The white jade hairpin trickling with light, shines with translucence/sparkles and shines clearly on his pitch black hair. Xiao Nai gazes at it, mesmerized.

He suddenly really wants to see her.

At this moment, her eyebrows would be slightly raised, her eyes will be brighter than normal; she would pretend to be completely indifferent despite clearly being very embarrassed; and she would have a slight young and innocent look; she would definitely be incomparably beautiful.


“You haven’t wasted all that time on reading the proverbs’ dictionary.” His fingers move away from the laptop. After taking one more glance at the scene in the game, Xiao Nai closes his laptop and throws it on the bed, “Play mahjong?”

The door of the dorm room is violently kicked open with a bang, breaking the bewildered looks of those in the room. After this, YuGong’s surprised loud voice is heard, “No way. Third brother, with such a beautiful scenery underneath the moonlight accompanied by such a flower, how come you got back earlier than us!”


After his bewildered cries, YuGong rushes over to drag out the mahjong from underneath the bed, “What’s wrong with you? You actually want to play mahjong?”

“Nothing,” Xiao Nai says matter-of-factly, “I’m in a good mood and want to let it out a bit.”

“Hoho, let me first say that I’ve recently been having good luck and getting good hands. You better pay up when the time comes.” YuGong dumps out the mahjong tiles with a crash.

Xiao Nai sits down by the table without comment.



An hour later.

Xiao Nai pushes the tiles in front of him down, “Same suit, consecutive chain. You better pay up.”

YuGong is brimming with tears.

MonkeyWine pats him sympathetically, “So sad, I didn’t think that third brother treating guests today has become you paying the bill in the end.”

“Who said I’m paying the bill? The night is still young.” YuGong pats down on the table, “Again! I’m going to turn this around.”


The night is indeed young.

This night is a night forever engraved in their memory, the last night for the seniors at this school. The younger classmen have just been freed from exams and the entire school is stirring restlessly with happiness. The lights of many dorm rooms stay on for the entire night.

However, the night still passes in the end and the next morning arrives. Classmate YuGong has still not turned things around and sadly steps into the workforce with a couple hundred dollars of debt on hisshoulders.

As for Wei Wei, she also leaves City B at dusk to go home for summer vacation.


“Wei Wei, your train ticket is so early.”

Xiao Ling and Er Xi carry Wei Wei’s luggage together to walk with Wei Wei downstairs.

“That’s right.”

Replying absentmindedly, Wei Wei looks down from the window in the staircase. Between the trees, she can see that Xiao Nai’s car is already waiting downstairs.

Xiao Ling also sticks out her head and giggles happily, “It is nice having a boyfriend whose parents are professors. His car can be driven in the school. Otherwise, you’d have to ride the bus to the school gates. So inconvenient.”

“Otherwise, how can he be called the ever capable Great Master? But, Wei Wei,” Er Xi says, “you’re leaving so early. Your (family’s) Great Master isn’t upset about it?”


He shouldn’t be upset…right?

In the car, Wei Wei secretly observes him. No matter how you look at him, the Great Master looks concentrated on driving. The side profile of his refreshing and handsome face doesn’t have any expression on it, but he obviously doesn’t look happy either.

Embarrassed, Wei Wei offers up the little plastic bag she has been holding in her hands the entire time; inside is a small cactus in a pot, “This is for you.”

Xiao Nai glances at it, “New dowry?”

= =

As expected, the Great Master isn’t going to let the word dowry go. He was probably too late about expressing it yesterday. “It’s the cactus that I’ve been growing. I can’t take care of it over summer vacation, so I wanted to give it to you to take care of.”

“Oh,” Xiao Nai quietly says, “so that I will think of you whenever I see it?”


Hey, don’t make this awkward!

She knows that only telling him during lunch that she was leaving that night was a bit abrupt, but it’s not her fault either. Wei Wei whispers, “I didn’t purposely book it this early. When the school booked tickets as a group, I didn’t know you then.”

Facing the facts, Xiao Nai doesn’t have anything to say about it either.


When they get to North Station, Xiao Nai goes to buy a platform ticket. Wei Wei follows him. When Xiao Nai takes the change and ticket from the counter, Wei Wei suddenly leans over to ask the ticket seller, “Are there still tickets to go to City W for tomorrow or the day after?”

The ticket seller doesn’t even check before saying, “No, all tickets in the next five days are gone.”

It is the expected response, but the Great Master’s sudden expression when looking at her makes her feel depressed.


Eventually, there is a trace of a smile at the corners of Xiao Nai’s lips. He pulls her out of the crowd, takes out his cellphone, and starts dialing.

“How’s a plane ticket for the day after tomorrow?”

Wei Wei is startled for a bit before understanding what he means. She quickly stops him, “There’s no need.”

Even if it’s just one more day, she still has to leave in the end. Asking earlier was just an impulsive move. Now that she’s calmed down, she feels that it’s improper. Wei Wei says with her head hanging, “I already told my dad that I’ll be home tomorrow morning.”

With the mood a bit down, she watches him put the cellphone back into his pocket, depressed.


“Forget it.”

He sighs, pulls her hand and walks towards the waiting hall. Xiao Nai compromises, “Give me a call immediately once you get home.”

Wei Wei relaxes and quickly nods.

“Buy a cellphone soon.”

She continues to nod and makes a solemn vow, “I’ll buy one as soon as I get home.”

Wei Wei suddenly recalls the talk last night with her dorm mates. Er Xi asked why the Great Master didn’t buy a cellphone for her. At the time, how did she reply — the Great Master wouldn’t do such inappropriate things.

Her heart suddenly feels a kind of happiness from having connected minds.


Xiao Nai goes with her onto the train. Just as he puts the luggage in place, the conductor makes a reminder that the train is leaving soon.

“You should go quickly.” Wei Wei doesn’t know what to say at this time either and only knows to urge him, “remember to take care of the cactus.”

Actually, the cactus would be all right even if it isn’t watered for a few months. But when she was packing up last night, the first thing that flashed through her mind was to give it to the Great Master. The first reason is that she had noticed that the Great Master’s office didn’t even have a pot of cactus to absorb the radiation. However, the deeper meaning was something that she didn’t even dig into. The general idea was probably those words.

Seeing an object makes one miss its owner. (idiom)

Summer vacation is two months.


“Place it next to your computer in your office when you go back…”

It’s best if you look at it every day.


Xiao Nai raises his eyebrows.

So, she’s going to continuously talk about her cactus before she leaves? If he lets her leave just like this, he will be quite a failure.


A light and graceful kiss.

Another kiss, controlled yet with a hint of repressed emotions, softly lands on her eyelids.

With much reluctance, he pulls away. Xiao Nai gazes into her eyes.

“Wei Wei, have a good trip.”


Wei Wei does indeed have a “good trip (go with the wind)” home.

Because she goes home floating (light headed) >o<

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