A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 38 7

Part 38: Time to return little by little

The flowers are blooming, it is time to return little by little. (ref: Emperor Qian Liu quote in letter to wife)

Translated into vernacular language — My wife, you’ve been back at your parents’ home long enough, you should return.

Therefore, 7 days later, using an internship as the reason, Wei Wei sets out onto the return path.

Her new “Verses of the Past Dynasties Dictionary” is laid out open on the small tray table; the plane jolts slightly; Wei Wei’s head is lowered reading the book, but the light smile on her lips and the long duration since she’s flipped a page tells those next to her that she’s already been spaced out for a long time.


“Attention, ladies and gentlemen, the plane is about to descend. Please stow away tray table and fasten your seatbelt.”

“Attention, ladies and gentlemen…”

The flight attendants repeatedly remind the passengers to pay attention to safety procedures. Wei Wei returns to reality and stows away her things. After ten or so minutes, the plane smoothly lands at Beijing airport. After rejecting the offer of a male with a car, on the same flight as her, Wei Wei drags her suitcase and quickly gets onto the airport bus heading in University A’s direction.

She didn’t tell the Great Master that she is coming back today, wanting to give him a surprise. But, perhaps it might scare him?

In any case, as long as it’ll alarm him, that’ll be good. >o<

Thinking about the reaction that Xiao Nai might have, Wei Wei spaces out again on the bus.


The bus drives for half an hour before reaching the terminal station. She transfers buses and by the time she reaches Zhi Yi Technology, it’s nearly already 1PM.

Probably due to it being a weekend, there aren’t many people walking around in the building and it seems a bit empty. But, even the elevator needing to take a break seems a bit excessive.

Wei Wei looks at the “Under Maintenance” sign in front of the elevator and then helplessly drags her suitcase to start climbing stairs.

Good thing the Great Master’s company is only on the sixth floor; climbing some floors can be considered good for the health. >o<

It’s not really a pleasant thing to carry a heavy suitcase up the stairs in the middle of summer. But the strange thing is, Wei Wei doesn’t feel depressed at all.

Because the suitcase is too heavy, it takes Wei Wei around 10 minutes to climb up the six flights of stairs. And then, when she gets to the doors of Zhi Yi Technology, she hears a “ding” sound. The elevator doors next to her actually opens and a woman and two men step out from the elevator…

The elevator…

Is actually fixed?

Wiping her sweat, Wei Wei has a sudden impulse to want to charge over and kick it a few times.


At this time, the glass doors of Zhi Yi Technology is opened and a tall man walks out with a large square face, wearing a yellow t-shirt. It is YuGong.

No matter when it is, beautiful people will always attract the eye the most. As soon as YuGong walks out, the first thing he sees isn’t the woman and two men standing in front of them, but Bei Wei Wei, who is standing to the side.

YuGong pretty much suspects that there’s something wrong with his eyes and seizes Wei Wei up with large surprised eyes.

Wei Wei is actually even more surprised than him and awkwardly raises her hand slightly as a greeting.

YuGong opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. At least he hasn’t forgotten his actual business and removes his eyesight from Wei Wei. He walks forward a few steps and shakes hands with the woman who walked out of the elevator, “Director Fang, welcome. Thank you for making a trip over on such a hot day. I am Xiao Yu, haha.”

The lady called “Director Fang” is around twenty-eight, wearing a striped shirt and a skirt with a golden belt. Her whole outfit has a unique fashion sense to it. She smiles and shakes hands with YuGong, “Hello.”

“Chief Xiao was originally going to come welcome you himself, but unfortunately, he’s on the phone right now.”

“We’re the ones at fault for coming at this time,” Director Fang says with a sharp smile, “it’s because the music for the scene was completed today and we were hurried to have you guys listen to it. Your Chief Xiao is an expert in this respect and we would like his pointers on it.”


Wei Wei listens to their courteous greetings on the side and the more she hears, the more she wants to cry out in despair.

What’s with this? Didn’t the Great Master say that he was going to be the only one at the office today? That’s why she dared to come straight to the company. What is with this right now? Not only is YuGong here, these people also seem to be here to seek out the Great Master…

She might as well sneak out right now and contact the Great Master at night.


Wei Wei has yet to put her plan into action…

“Is this also an employee of your company?” Director Fang’s eyes fall on Wei Wei with a questioning expression.

YuGong strokes his chin and says, “Haha, this is a family member (wife and children) of an employee of our company.”

A few pairs of eyes simultaneously look over at Wei Wei for a moment.

Under the scrutiny of many.

With her suitcase in hand, Wei Wei suddenly feels like it’s as if she’s been caught in the act of eloping.


“Welcome in, welcome in, everyone please come inside.” YuGong pulls open the glass door and waves Director Fang and the others in, and then waves towards Wei Wei.

Wei Wei becomes sullen and follows with her suitcase.

Zhi Yi Company is still the same as the last time Wei Wei came with not a soul inside. According to the Great Master, the employees of Zhi Yi have already worked overtime for two straight weeks. Some even slept at the company at night. Therefore, now that this stage of the project has been finished, he forced them to take the days off.

But why isn’t YuGong on vacation…

As he welcomes the guests, YuGong doesn’t forget to gossip. He silently falls behind a few steps and says with a chuckle, “Third sister-in-law, are you eloping right now?”

“This is called eloping?” Wei Wei retorts in anger, “I’m clearly performing this in public.”

YuGong is delighted and says mysteriously, “Well, don’t you just have the perfect timing?  You’ve sure given us a great surprise.”

Wei Wei doesn’t understand and looks at him suspiciously. Yu Gong is about to say something else, when Wei Wei’s eyes suddenly look towards another direction.

By the offices, a tall handsome figure is currently walking towards them.


His movements are graceful as he cuts through the cubicles and is in front of them in the blink of an eye. Director Fang steps forward, sticks out her hand, “Chief Xiao.”

Xiao Nai changes his line of sight and shakes her hand, saying in a refined and courteous manner, “Director Fang, sorry for being busy.”

“Of course not, we’re the ones intruding.”

Xiao Nai smiles slightly and then says a few more polite words, and looks towards YuGong. YuGong understands and immediately calls out to Director Fang and the others, “Director Fang, this way please. The stereos in our conference rooms are the best. Why don’t we head to the conference room to listen to the result.”

YuGong leads the people towards the conference rooms. Xiao Nai takes the suitcase in Wei Wei’s hands and serenely says, “Follow me.”



Didn’t alarm him.


With her elopement becoming a public performance, Wei Wei’s enthusiasm has already suffered a blow. Now, with Xiao Nai’s completely normal expression, she starts feeling a bit depressed. The tiny drums that were beating inside of her are also slowly put away. With this type of feeling spreading, Wei Wei notices, sensitively, that Xiao Nai’s pace at this moment is a lot faster than usual.

Is it so that he can quickly settle her down somewhere so that he can go greet the guests?

Even though this will be the most efficient…at least he should welcome her. Even just saying it will be good. T_T


With bitterness inside, Wei Wei follows behind Xiao Nai. Xiao Nai opens the door to his office and turns slightly to his side to let her in first.

Wei Wei calmly walks in.


The sound of the door closing emits from behind her.

Wei Wei subconsciously turns her head around. She feels her waist tighten. Like a branding iron, a scorching palm grabs onto her firmly. A passionate breath presses close to her from behind. And then, somehow her body is turned and Wei Wei is pressed against the door.


The suitcase falls next to her legs with a “bang.”

Xiao Nai stoops down, his long legs drawing near, and lowers his head pressing down ferociously on her lips.

Wei Wei’s brain is also thrown into disarray with a “click.”


At first it is only her lips being drawn in, but gradually, it isn’t enough to satisfy the other person and he starts invading. Since she is completely unprepared, Wei Wei’s jaw doesn’t guard against it at all and is easily pried open, allowing him to go straight in. His warm lips and tongue besieges the grounds without control, sweeping back and forth, over and over again, recklessly and wildly in her mouth.

With his tongue entering, their entire bodies are pretty much completely stuck tightly together. But the person pressing down on her seems like he doesn’t think it’s enough, and presses closer to her even more. With the cold door at her back and every part of her touching him burning in the front, Wei Wei is caught between an iceberg and a sea of wildfire with no where to escape.


Wei Wei is almost out of breath. She wants to push him away a bit but to no avail. Instead it becomes even more forceful. Wei Wei becomes a bit faint, dizzily feeling like her waist is about to snap.

His fragrance seems to pass through her mouth to her entire body, depleting her of all her strength.


After who knows how long, she seems to hear the sound of a door knock in the midst of all the chaos, and dimly hears someone say, “Chief Xiao, it’s probably not good to let them wait for too long in the conference room.”

Is that wily voice, YuGong?

A trace of clear headed thought sweeps through Wei Wei’s mind. Thinking about how someone is standing just outside these thin doors immediate makes her bashful and uneasy. She subconsciously withdraws and evades him. But the person on her seems to want to punish her for being distracted and approaches even more fiercely.


The person outside seems to have walked away.

As she is feeling like she can no longer take it anymore, the violent shower suddenly stops. But he doesn’t leave, his lips and tongue still staying in place, gently licking the territory that he had just pillaged…

He finally completely lets go of her after a long time.

Wei Wei is given the opportunity to gasp for breath, but her brain is still unable to think. His hands slightly loosens their grasp on her. Her legs actually weaken and she nearly falls over. Impulsively, her hands actually, immediately grabs onto his lean and sturdy waist.



When Wei Wei realizes what she has done, she feels completely ashamed and tries to explain as a reflex, “The plane, the plane’s food was really bad…”

Halfway through her speech, Wei Wei promptly steps on the breaks. Fortunately, her head clears at the right moment and she doesn’t finish what she was saying. If she continued and said that she doesn’t have energy because she didn’t eat enough, even if the Great Master doesn’t laugh at her, she will still hang herself.

With no strength left in her body, her voice is extremely soft. It seems like Xiao Nai didn’t even hear the first half. his scorching breath lingers on her neck without moving.

After a moment, he finally pushes back a little; his deep gleaming eyes gaze at her closely as he grasps her hand and kisses it, “Wait for me here.”

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