A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 39 10

Part 39: I’m too embarrassed >0<

He fixes his shirt and goes outside.

The door closes.  Wei Wei doesn’t even have the strength to go back and sit on the sofa; she slides down with her back against the door and sits on the floor.  With her arms wrapped around her legs, her ears and face are red as she feels restless yet vexed and annoyed at the same time……

It’s a long while later when Wei Wei finally regains her strength and clears her mind from all the mixed emotions.

Wei Wei gets up in a second.  After all, how can she just squat here waiting for him?  That’s too absurd!  No way!  It’s best to hurry and run away.

But when she makes her way to the office’s entrance, she stops.

What would it mean if she runs off like this?  It’s, it’s actually quite normal, isn’t it?  She had imagined it happening long ago, hasn’t she?……

It just happened too suddenly so she wasn’t prepared and acted like an idiot ==

If she runs off like this, would it make her seem more idiotic and that she’s making a big deal out of it?……

Wei Wei stands at the entrance thinking in her head.  Her head is about to explode from trying to decide whether she should leave or not.


While she is in the dilemma, a beef on rice meal saves her.

The elevator doors open on the sound of a “ding.”  A young man wearing a baseball cap walks out holding a plastic bag.  He looks around and stops in front of Wei Wei.

“You are Miss Bei?”

Wei Wei nods while feeling a little startled.

“Hi, here is your beef on rice delivery, thank you.  It’ll be fifteen RMB,” the baseball cap lad hands over the plastic bag.

Beef on rice……

She doesn’t need to think to know who ordered it; he clearly heard her.  Wei Wei takes the plastic bag from him.  She feels powerless with her face and ears red once again.

The baseball cap lad waits for Wei Wei to pay him.  She reaches into her pocket and gives him a hundred dollar bill.

The baseball cap lad doesn’t accept it and says hesitantly, “You don’t have change?”

Wei Wei shakes her head; she had used all of her change to pay for her ride here.

“Could you…ask someone to lend you some?  I don’t have change to give back to you.”

Borrow from someone…..from the Great Master?  The moment this thought appears, Wei Wei feels defeated.  But an idea quickly springs into her mind; Wei Wei’s eyes sparkle as she says to the baseball cap lad excitedly, “How about this, I’ll go to your restaurant to pay you.”

“Would this be……too much trouble?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Wei Wei answers, feeling that it’s a great idea.  She walks into the elevator while pulling her suitcase; she turns around after a few steps.

“Please wait, I’m going to leave a message first.”

She walks back into the office with her suitcase again.

The baseball cap lad watches her go back; he opens his mouth wanting to tell her “it’s okay to put it on the tab,” but he swallows the words down his throat.


When Xiao Nai returns to his office, there is no one there.  But a sticky note is stuck onto his computer screen.

Xiao Nai takes it off.


“Thank you for your beef on rice, but I didn’t have any change and the delivery man wouldn’t let me put it on the tab, so I went back to the restaurant with him to pay.”


There is a big smiley face drawn at the very bottom.


The corners of Xiao Nai’s mouth raises slightly.

If she ran off, then so be it; there’s no need to come up with such a rotten excuse.  He puts the note into his file folder.  Xiao Nai picks up the phone and dials the number that he recently got familiar with.  The moment the other end picks up, Xiao Nai asks, “Where are you?”


Wei Wei is busy cleaning her place.

Wei Wei is definitely not the type who would fight a battle unprepared.  She had already planned everything out before coming back.  The first and foremost important thing is finding a place to stay.  Wei Wei didn’t apply to stay in the dorm before vacation, so she can’t return to the school.  Luckily, Xiao Ling, that rich girl, has a place near the school and can let her stay there; the keys were delivered to her a couple of days earlier via express post.

Wei Wei is covered with dust from cleaning the place when Xiao Nai calls.


The cell phone sings the national anthem cheerfully.

Wei Wei stares at it for a good couple of seconds before answering.  Her heart pounds heavily, but she speaks normally, “I’m cleaning up Xiao Ling’s place.  I can’t stay in school, so I’m borrowing her empty apartment for the time being.”


“Uh, you’re coming?  Maybe a little later.  I’m still cleaning it up, it’s very dirty.”

“I’ll come help.”

“Uh, it’s okay.  You’re too important.  I can’t afford to hire you……” Wei Wei comes up with all sorts of excuses because she just doesn’t want him to come.


Xiao Nai keeps quiet for a minute, leans on his desk with his legs stretched out, and says calmly, “Wei Wei, is it because you feel embarrassed?”

Wei Wei, “……”

“Unit 17 Bao Gui Garden, A1601.  Buy me a bottle of dishwashing soap when you come.”

Wei Wei finishes her words in one breath and quickly disconnects her phone.


Half an hour later, the doorbell rings.  Wei Wei rushes to open the door.  Before he could say anything, Wei Wei stands on her toes and puts a paper hat that she has just folded on top of his head.  She pushes him to the kitchen and stuffs a cloth into his hands.

“You clean the kitchen.  Don’t come out until you’re done.”

She then runs off to wipe the windows in the bedroom.

With the cloth in hand, Xiao Nai takes a look around the kitchen; he shakes his head smiling and starts tidying up the kitchen.

It looks like he has stepped on her toes, should he console her or not?  Should he step on her toes a bit more?  It’s too interesting to see her get mad and flustered.

And he starts thinking hard about this nonsense with his million-dollar brain.


Not until a little over 5pm does the apartment finally looks more suitable for someone to stay in.  Wei Wei can’t help but feel proud of their accomplishment while looking at the clear windows and neat room.

Xiao Nai also comes out of the second bedroom carrying a bag of garbage.  After he finished cleaning the kitchen, he was directed to clean the second bedroom by Wei Wei.  After tidying up both the kitchen and the bedroom, even the brilliant and graceful Xiao Nai has a bit of dust on his face, and the paper hat that Wei Wei made is tilted onto one side.  Despite so, he’s still so handsome and refined——

Wei Wei looks at him and lets out a giggle; the itsy bitsy feeling of awkwardness she had before has been completely swept away by the sound of laughter.

Wei Wei pushes him into the bathroom, “You go take a shower.  I’ll treat you to a roast duck.”


A roast duck restaurant is very close by Xiao Ling’s place.  It’s famous for great food at a low price.  For just twenty-dollars, you can have three different roast duck dishes; with half a duck, duck skin for one dish, stir fry sliced duck meat as another dish, and duck bones boiled in a soup.  By adding two more dishes and a fruit platter, it’s more than enough for two to eat.

Wei Wei is super hungry after all the cleaning up, so she wipes out all the food on the table in full force.  She walks out of the restaurant with her stomach full, but the moment she steps out of the door, the sky is covered with grey clouds and rumbling noises.  Very soon, rain starts pouring after a loud sound of thunder.

They have no choice but to wait inside the restaurant until the rain stops.


The rain doesn’t last for too long and stops after ten minutes, but it dissipates all the heat for the day.  Wei Wei is refreshed walking on the streets after the rain as the air feels fresh, clean and lovely.

Xiao Nai lifts his head and looks up into the sky.  He lets out a laugh.

Wei Wei knows that she has already done many embarrassing things today, so she suspects that he is laughing at her.  She sways his arm and asks, “What are you laughing about?”

Xiao Nai turns to gaze at her; the smile in his eyes deepens, “Nothing.  It just feels like the moment you come, the sky is clear.”



There’s no need to be so emotional, okay?!

Wei Wei glares at him with her face red and her heart pounding.  But being emotionally affected, it doesn’t look like she’s glaring at him at all; it seems more like she’s seducing him.  Xiao Nai can’t stand it any longer; he lowers his head and kisses her.


Wei Wei immediately feels as if the sound of thunder has come back.  We’re, we’re on the streets right now, *faint*, what if someone sees us?  Just as she is worrying about “someone seeing them,” Wei Wei senses someone watching her.

She turns her head subconsciously and sees two identical looking four to five year old little girls.  With their hair tied in pigtails, they stare at Wei Wei and Xiao Nai with their eyes wide open with curiosity.

Oh Lord!  Wei Wei wails inside her heart and pulls Xiao Nai with her to run away.

Xiao Nai has never been pulled away in such an undignified manner in his life.  He doesn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

“Wei Wei.”

“Let’s hurry and leave.  I’m embarrassed.”

Wei Wei is out of breath after sprinting for a while.  She pants heavily, but still doesn’t let go of Xiao Nai’s hand and continues to drag him with her.  When they arrive at a clean and dry area of grass that hasn’t been dampened by the rain, Wei Wei finally lets go, drops to the ground, and doesn’t move.

Xiao Nai takes a seat beside her.

Both of them don’t talk for a moment.


The night breeze is filled with a light scent of grass and trees after the rain, making you be engulfed in its freshness.  But perhaps it’s more so due to the scent of the person sitting beside her.  Wei Wei suddenly realizes that she has an urge to sit even closer to him, so she quickly turns her head away and pretends to brush some of the grass beside her.

After a while, she remembers something, “How come you’re not asking why I’ve suddenly come back?”

Is it necessary to ask?  Xiao Nai looks at her in question.

Stop being so full of yourself, okay?  Just ask!  Wei Wei pressures him with her gaze.

Xiao Nai gives in and asks, “Alright.  Wei Wei, why did you suddenly come back?”

Wei Wei answers in satisfaction, “I’m here for an internship.  I couldn’t find a suitable job at home.  Your company hires interns, right?”

Xiao Nai says in a serious manner, “We have very high standards in hiring.”

“……I’m only working as an intern, who doesn’t need to get paid.”

“Mm, we have to be even more cautious when it’s free.”

Wei Wei picks up two strands of grass and throws them at him, “What exactly do you want then?”

Xiao Nai murmurs, “Bribe me?”

Can he be more shameless?!

But since beggars can’t be choosers, Wei Wei has no choice but to submit, “I’ll treat you to a midnight snack?”

Xiao Nai rejects like a gentleman, “I’m sorry, other than the loveliness of my charming wife, I will not accept any other form of bribery.”

Wei Wei, “…”

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