A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 40 10

Part 40: The Little Intern


It doesn’t matter whether Wei Wei did use her lovely charm or not, or what the process was. In short, on Monday morning, Xiao Nai punctually appears at the foot of Xiao Ling’s building to take Wei Wei to the company together.

Today, Wei Wei is wearing a white blouse paired with a black skirt bottom. The description makes it seem very professional, but that’s not actually the case. The blouse is a bit childish in style. The two sides of the skirt are sewed with folds with a bow strapped around her slender waist. She looks both cute and classy.

By chance, Xiao Nai, also, actually has on a simple white shirt with black pants. With the two of them walking side by side, they look as if they had deliberately wore a couple’s outfit. They look both energetic and relaxed, continuously drawing the gaze of those passing by.


Since Bao Gui Garden is quite near to Xiao Nai’s company, the two of them walk over. Wei Wei pulls on Xiao Nai’s hand, being both excited and nervous the entire way, “What will I be doing once I arrive?”

“What do you like doing?”

“Eh, I don’t know. It’ll be fine long as I’m doing something.” It’ll be even more awkward if she just sits there foolishly.

Xiao Nai ponders a bit before saying, “You can first go to the QA (quality assurance) department for a few days. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Dream Voyage 2, you can go to the product management department. YuGong has work in both of these departments. You can tail him.”

“Okay.” Wei Wei nods. After all, she’s still only an university student and is completely unaware of the process in a company. Whatever Xiao Nai says goes.

When they’re almost at the company, a thought comes to Wei Wei, “You go in first in a bit. I’ll go find YuGong by myself.”

Xiao Nai looks down at her, “Why?”

“No reason!” Wei Wei brings out her newest catchphrase and says very calmly, “I’m shy, okay?”

Xiao Nai suddenly understands what it means to shoot oneself in the foot.


However, Wei Wei’s plan of dividing the troops very quickly fails.

When they are 200 meters away from the company building, just as Wei Wei is about to part ways with Xiao Nai, a young man with stud earrings, wearing black framed glasses, and in very post-modern clothing runs by the two of them. After passing them for ten meters or so, the young man raises his head and runs back while looking back and forth between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai. He has on a look of shock, “Boss (usually used to address the leader of a gang), I’m not seeing things am I…Can, can this be a new employee of our company?”

Xiao Nai nods, “An intern.”

Wei Wei smiles at him courteously, a bit curious. Why did this person call the Great Master, boos? Can this be how the Great Master is addressed in the company?

Wei Wei has fixed herself up a bit today and is quite eye-catching. Thus, her smile has an even more killer appeal to it. The post-modern youth is stunned by her smile, his heart flickering. However, he quickly sees the beauty’s hand…

is curled into the crook of the boss’ arm.

“Boss, can it be, can it be that you two…”

Xiao Nai takes a glance at him and doesn’t even want to bother saying anything.

The youth quickly grasps the situation, takes two exaggerated steps back, turns around, and quickly runs towards the building. Wei Wei sees him take out his cell phone from his pocket as he runs…and can vaguely hear his voice…

“…An ultra-beauty has arrived…unfortunately, it’s Boss’ wife…might as well not have come…”


Wei Wei is completely speechless. Xiao Nai consoles her, “He’s a part of the art department. Keep your distance from them in the future.”

“…He’s clearly a part of the acting department.” Wei Wei whispers quietly.

Thanks to the post-modern youth, before Wei Wei even reaches the company, the news of Xiao Nai bringing the future boss’ wife to work has already completely spread though the company. Wei Wei’s secret infiltration plan has completely failed.

Even though Xiao Nai has brought Wei Wei to the company, he doesn’t actually have the time to take her to familiarize herself with the environment. As soon as they arrive at the company, he is called away by someone. In any case, Wei Wei has already been branded with the “Possession of Xiao” seal — he is quite at ease.

Instead, the relatively lax YuGong takes on the task of bringing the new employee around.

Under the jealous gaze of everyone else, YuGong proudly takes Wei Wei towards the QA department. As they walk, he introduces the situation at Zhi Yi Technology, “The strength of our company is currently concentrated in development. That’s why QAing is quite easy. There’s only five departments: product management, engineering, art, QA, and executive departments.”


“That section is the art department,” YuGong nods towards the eastern side, “They have the most people and are also the most abnormal. Third sister-in-law, you must not go near them. Recently, they’ve been catching people to become their NPC (non-player character) models. They didn’t even let the looks of someone like me go. Third sister-in-law, you must be careful.”

Wei Wei curiously asks, “Did they base an NPC off your looks?”

YuGong nods.

“That sounds quite fun.”

With an expressionless face, YuGong says, “What if that NPC is a female brothel keeper?”


“And her name is RuHua (flowery).


YuGong concludes, “Anyway, they are recently working on NPCs for the brothel scenes. You…”

With unparalleled resoluteness, Wei Wei says, “I will definitely stay far away from them!”


After a few more steps, YuGong says, “That’s the product management department over there. The main product manager is your husband. There’s also storyline product managers (designer) and data product managers. You’ll understand after more interactions with them in the future. There are two in there who are of our school’s math department.”


Wei Wei is frozen by the word “husband,” suddenly thinks of a question, and interrupts, “I just heard someone call the Great Master, Boss?”

“There are people who calls him that in the company. There are some who call him Big Brother Xiao too.”

“…crime syndicate?”

“*Sigh*, those of us online aren’t too different from a crime syndicate. We rise early and sleep late. Plus, everyone’s age is pretty similar. Calling him CEO Xiao or Director Xiao is quite uncool.”

Wei Wei recalls her shout of “CEO Xiao” at a certain place the day before…and can’t help but shoot two small daggers towards YuGong with her eyes.

Being thick-skinned, YuGong misses it completely, and points towards the second on the west side, “The engineering department is over there. The engineering department consists of a pile of awesome people, especially those on Team A. They’re known as our company’s three greatest masters.”


Wei Wei’s eyes sparkle, “Great Master?”

“He doesn’t count.” YuGong waves his hand, “There are only four people on Team A. Besides your husband, the other three make up the great masters. See the one wearing the brown t-shirt?”

Wei Wei follows along with his gaze.

YuGong lowers his voice and says mysteriously, “You know of the famous hacker, KO?”

Wei Wei nods. Even someone like Wei Wei who doesn’t really pay attention to hackers has heard of the great KO’s name. Saying that he is either the top or second best hacker in the country isn’t a far stretch.

“That’s him. Here, he’s called Lao K (Old K).”

“You, you must be kidding. KO?” Wei Wei is at a loss for words.

“He was brought in by third brother. Seems like they dueled a few times. In short, he’s now at our company. Not many people know that he’s KO. Don’t tell anyone. I’m only telling you since you’re family.”

…actually, you’ve probably already told this to a lot of people, haven’t you?

“Speaking of which, I still don’t know what that guy is actually called. Third brother pays his salary directly in cash. He’s quite an expert at playing cool.” YuGong says sourly, “But I think the reason he doesn’t say his real name is because…”

Wei Wei looks at him expectantly.

“His name is too embarrassing.” YuGong nods with great vigor as if to reinforce his credibility.


Wei Wei maintains her silence.


Then, YuGong points to another person, “The person next to him is called Shuang, he’s another master on Team A. But you must detour around this person when you see him. Try not to appear in front of him.”

Wei Wei is baffled, “Why?”

“Third sister-in-law, haven’t you noticed that our company is a monastery. Even the front desk receptionist is a man? It’s all because of that guy!” YuGong’s face is clearly filled with anger. He says while gnashing his teeth, “That guy says that when he sees woman, he can’t write any code.”

So formidable! Wei Wei is mind-blown.

“But don’t mistake him for some upright gentleman.” YuGong continues to issue his own take on it, “In my opinion, it’s because that guy is too horny, and doesn’t have enough self control. When he sees a woman, his mind becomes confused and tangled, so he can only cut women off completely.”

For a second, Wei Wei feels like she’s in Rivers and Lakes. These people seem like the martial art experts in legends each with their own eccentricities.

Wei Wei can’t help but investigate further, “What about the other person?”

“The other one…” YuGong’s face becomes miserable, fixing his gaze in a certain corner, “The other one, is that pretty boy.”

Wei Wei follows his gaze over and says with doubt, “There’s no one there.”

YuGong says, “Look more carefully.”

Wei Wei takes another careful look and still doesn’t see anyone, “There’s no one there, just Senior Beau-…”


Wei Wei suddenly pauses and turns to look at YuGong in surprise.

YuGong sighs deeply, “I know this is hard for you to accept, but, yes, it is him.”

“Even though he looks like a pretty boy, his character isn’t that awesome, and is often very vulgar, as they say, if God gives you a shortcoming in something, He’ll definitely give you a strong point in something else. That pretty boy’s only strong point is that his brain is not too bad.”

“He was once the top scorer of the sciences in province Z.”


Wei Wei is thunderstruck. Senior Beauty is actually also a part of the Great Master’s core team, a legendary programming master? Okay, she also knows that there are a lot of awesome people from her school, but, but, MoZhaHim…

It’s hard to imagine this!

Can you imagine your usual cheerful boy next-door suddenly transforms into a Shaolin master?

YuGong asks, “Have you become disillusioned?”

“I’m alright…actually Senior Beauty has quite good manners…” Wei Wei says with difficulty.

YuGong nods his head in acknowledgement, “But, not having good manners is also sometimes being a master of manners.”

“That’s right,” YuGong suddenly remembers something, “you can still call me YuGong at the company. That’s what everyone calls me. But don’t call Hao Mei, MoZhaHIm.”

“Then what is he called?” He can’t be called “Hao Mei (Very Beautiful)” can he….

YuGong says indifferently, “He is called Big Brother Mei in the Rivers and Lakes.”


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Wei Wei also says indifferently, “It’s just that I suddenly want to perform breaking stone on chest (Ref. to Shaolin master analogy, skillfully trained street entertainer).”


In a paralysis state, Wei Wei continues following YuGong forward.

There isn’t anything to introduce about the admin department. YuGong only solemnly warned her, “You must be polite to those in the admin department, they determine whether the lunch box you get is 3 parts meat, 1 part veggies or 3 parts veggies,1 part meat.”

Wei Wei nods with a solemn expression indicating that she’s taken note of it.

At the end is the QA department. YuGong makes the introduction, “There’s not enough people on the QA team right now. We’ll probably have a large scale hiring around September. Third sister-in-law, you’ll be here for now.”

After reaching the QA department, and making introductions to the manager and staff of the department, YuGong completes his task and departs.

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