A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 42 5

Part 42: Swim……trunks

The afternoon sun shines through the floor to ceiling windows, illuminating the two of them sitting on the hardwood floor beside the bed.

“I feel that more could be added to the family simulation gameplay, especially the interactions between families.”

Wei Wei talks and doodles on her notebook while sitting beside Xiao Nai.  This green covered notebook is recently bought by Wei Wei; many snippets of ideas for Dream Voyage 2 are written in it.

As an experienced gamer, Wei Wei’s ideas are insightful, but Xiao Nai’s focus seems to be shifted to elsewhere.

“How about this song?”

Wei Wei replies in anger, “CEO Xiao, have you been listening?”

“Mm,” CEO Xiao says, “write me a proposal when your idea has matured.”


Wei Wei lowers her head and bites on his wrist fiercely.

His piano score continues without losing a note.

Xiao Nai is playing an instrumental piece for Dream Voyage 2, which is one of the scores from Director Fang’s studio that was delivered to him on the day that Wei Wei came back.

Xiao Nai thinks for a moment after finishing playing; he marks a few notes on the score, and then puts the pen down.  He puts out his arms, wraps them around her waist, and pushes her down to the floor; a mouth for a mouth, a tooth for a tooth (Wordplay on ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’)


Before Wei Wei can say anything, he seals her lips.


Although Wei Wei is already used to getting kissed in his embrace or while sitting on his lap, it’s the first time that she is pressed against the floor; she suddenly feels that her little heart almost can’t bear the kisses.

Like two warriors crossing paths, the stronger wins.  Not only is he forceful, he’s also cunning; Wei Wei doesn’t have the strength to oppose him, so she can only let him do whatever he wants.

Xiao Nai lets go of her a few minutes later, but he doesn’t get up.  His warm breath blows against her neck.  It takes Wei Wei a while for her vision to clear up as she catches her breath; she can’t help but ask, “Is this really your first time……um, being in love?”

It doesn’t seem like it at all!  Every time he……she becomes defenseless.

“Mm,” Xiao Nai hums nonchalantly.

“You’re way too experienced ==”

“I just know what to do once I see you,” Xiao Nai bites her ear lightly, “and also, I’ve practiced many times in my head.”


After practicing a few more times, break time is over.  Xiao Nai buttons up his shirt to prepare to go out.  Wei Wei dashes to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

Eyes are watery……she can say that she’s tired.

Cheeks are red……she can say that it’s because of being under the sun.

But what about her lips!

What should she say?  Say that she ate spicy food or was stung by mosquitoes?!

Those busy people who always have the time to tease her will definitely not let go of this golden opportunity, okay?  Especially when there’s YuGong around!

Wei Wei comes out of the bathroom depressingly.  Xiao Nai is already putting on his shoes; he says casually while his head is down, “Are you still coming in the afternoon?”

Although it’s the weekend, due to newly added criteria, a lot of people are working over time, so Xiao Nai also has to go.  Since Wei Wei is an intern, it’s not crucial for her to be there, so she shakes her head, “No!”

“I don’t even get paid as an intern.  I want to take a day off!”

Xiao Nai keeps his elegant demeanor and doesn’t burst her bubbles, but he calls her to the door nonetheless, and kisses her forehead, “Stay and look after the home then, don’t go to Xiao Ling’s place.”

“Okay,” Wei Wei takes a peek at the hot and passionate sun outside and doesn’t feel like going out either, but after Xiao Nai leaves, she can’t help but murmur, “……this isn’t even my home.”

The place that Wei Wei is in right now is not Xiao Ling’s apartment; she is in Xiao Nai’s own home dwelling that he purchased outside.  Xiao Nai is still uncomfortable with having intimate interactions at other people’s place; Wei Wei doesn’t dare to go to his parent’s place, therefore, this rarely lived-in home has become very useful.  Wei Wei is often here with Xiao Nai during the day, and then he drives her back at night.


Xiao Nai is gone; Wei Wei has nothing to do, so she goes back to the bedroom to surf the web.

It’s a little boring when not at the office.  Wei Wei browses through a few websites, and then remembers that she hasn’t fed her tiger cub for a couple of days, so she opens up “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes.”

The cub’s poor characteristics and skills have gotten a bit better after Wei Wei’s patient upbringing.  Wei Wei feeds a pellet of medicine to it; since there isn’t any more left in storage, she goes to the marketplace in Chang’an to buy more.

To her surprise, she bumps into UnawakenedButterflyDreams, who hasn’t appeared online for a long time, at the marketplace.  She has set up a stall and is selling goods.  Wei Wei sends her a message from the unexpected encounter: “Is it ButterflyDreams?”

She hasn’t sold her account to someone else, has she?

ButterflyDreams replies quickly: “Yes.”

Wei Wei: “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

ButterflyDreams: “Haha, I’ve been too busy at work.”


Wei Wei thought that ButterflyDreams had left the game for good.  She didn’t think she would return, so she can’t help but feel surprised.  She wants to ask how she’s been, but is afraid of being intrusive, so she decides not to ask.  They exchange a few messages before ButterflyDreams closes her stall and suggests going to fight a Boss.

StormGoddessNiNi also joins the party; the three of them pick an intermediate level quest.  It should have been an easy job for them to complete the quest, but due to multiply mistakes from ButterflyDreams, they almost faced death.

ButterflyDreams smiles painfully: “I haven’t been online for two months, and now I don’t even know how to fight a Boss.”


Ah, ButterflyDreams doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.  Just as Wei Wei is thinking of this, StormGoddessNiNi (StormGoddessGirl) sends her a message: “Guild Master ButterflyDreams has not been in a good mood recently.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I guess it’s because she has just returned to the guild and hasn’t gotten used to it yet.  A lot of veterans have left the guild in the past two months.  There are a lot of newcomers who treat LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress) like a Goddess.  A lot of people don’t recognize Guild Master ButterflyDreams.”

“BattleTheWorld hasn’t given the Guild Master position back to her yet?”

“No.  Furthermore, Guild Master ButterflyDreams’s equipment levels are not as high ranked as BattleTheWorld’s.”


“LittleRainQingQing (LittleRainForeverYoung) is still in the guild.  She’s so hateable!  If it isn’t because I feel attached to the guild, I would’ve left long ago.”

Wei Wei suddenly realizes a problem: “ButterflyDreams and BattleTheWorld are……”

StormGoddessNiNi answers: “They’ve reconciled.  I’ve asked Guild Master ButterflyDreams about it already.  She said she was sick a while ago, and BattleTheWorld took care of her during that time, so she gave in.”

StormGoddessNiNi suddenly disappears while talking.  A few minutes later, she comes back online crying: “::faint::  It’s just no good at home, Telecom internet is either choking or disconnects me completely.  How’s your internet speed, Wei Wei?  You’re also using Telecom, right?”

“No, I’m back in City B.  I’m using Netcom.”

“Oh?  Why are you back in City B so soon?”

“Summer part time internship.”

“::falls to ground::……please don’t mention internship.  I still haven’t completed mine yet.”

They’ve been messaging via the Party channel, so ButterflyDreams can see them as well.  ButterflyDreams, who hasn’t been talking, asks: “Wei Wei, you’re in City B right now?”

“Mm, ^_^”


ButterflyDreams doesn’t go further.  After finishing the quest, she suddenly says: “Wei Wei, are you free right now?  Let’s go out and have a drink.”

Wei Wei is a little surprised by the invitation; she has never had any interest in meeting up with other online players.  But since ButterflyDreams isn’t in a good mood, it’ll seem like she’ll hurt her more if she declines the offer.

She hesitates in answering.  StormGoddessNiNi messages her privately: “Wei Wei, just go keep ButterflyDreams company.  BattleTheWorld still has a few things to tend to in the guild, and she’s not in a good mood, so why don’t you go console her?”

Wei Wei, who is immersed in her own happiness, remembers what happened between ButterflyDreams and BattleTheWorld, so she can’t help but feel softhearted.  Therefore, she accepts the offer without much thought.


While she is chitchatting with ButterflyDreams and StormGoddessNiNi, a window pops up on her computer screen, which gives Wei Wei a fright.

“Wei Wei.”

Two characters appear in the window.

Wei Wei pauses before typing: “Great Master?”


“……Can’t you use something more normal for chatting?”

“This is convenient.”

“……”  But it scares people, okay?

“I suddenly remember that my relative’s house is vacant.”


“They have a swimming pool there.”

“@[email protected]

“Do you want to go swim?”

“Yes!”  Wei Wei answers quickly.

“You know how to swim?”

“No!” Wei Wei says proudly, “But I can watch!”

Oh, watching the Great Master swim; that has been her wish ever since she watched him play basketball last time!

Wei Wei neglects the game due to being interrupted by the Great Master out of nowhere.  ReedWeiWei continues standing still in one place; StormGoddessNiNi calls her a few times.

“Wei Wei.”

“Wei Wei?”

“Wei Wei Wei Wei Wei Wei……”





Wei Wei hurries back to stop her from flooding the screen: “I’m back.  I was caught up in something.”

“Oh, I thought your internet was choking too.”

ButterflyDreams asks: “Wei Wei, are you in the XX district?”

The XX district is where universities are centralized in City B.  Wei Wei replies: “Yes.”

ButterflyDreams says: “Is Pizza Hut on XX road okay?”

Wei Wei thinks for a moment; since XX road isn’t too far away from University A, she agrees to it: “Okay^_^”


They confirm their meeting location and exchange their numbers.  Wei Wei reopens the window with the Great Master.

“I’m going to be meeting UnawakenedButterflyDreams in a bit.”

It takes a while until Xiao Nai replies: “Mm.”

Although he doesn’t say anything, Wei Wei’s instinct tells her that he doesn’t like her meeting up with other online players, so she explains: “We’ll be at Pizza Hut on XX road.  We’re only going for a drink, it won’t be too long.”

Xiao Nai tells her: “I’ll pick you up from there and we’ll go directly to swimming.  Oh yeah, bring my swimwear with you.”


Men’s swimwear; that means his swim trunks, right?…..

The Great Master’s swim trunks……the mystical existence of them causes Wei Wei to blush just from thinking about them, let alone searching for them in the chest.  Wei Wei opens the chest that Xiao Nai described, doesn’t dare to look carefully, and grabs something in black sleek fabric that should be some sort of swimwear.  She stuffs it into her purse quickly and then leaves to go meet ButterflyDreams.


A half an hour or so later, Wei Wei arrives at Pizza Hut.

ButterflyDreams’s text message says that she has long curly chestnut colored hair, and she would be wearing a long dark green dress……

Wei Wei walks towards her.

ButterflyDreams is in a daze while looking outside the window before she hears footsteps gradually getting close.  She notices a captivating and shimmering figure approaching from the corner of her eye.  She turns her head subconsciously and looks directly into a pair of sparkling eyes.

The owner of that pair of eyes sees her and smiles slightly, showing little teeth.  Her smile is like an early blooming epiphyllum (a flower that usually blooms at night), making others feel great brilliance from her; glamourous and stunning.

A thought floats to ButterflyDreams’s mind, but it doesn’t seem possible.  And then the girl does really stop in front of her.  ButterflyDreams is almost paralyzed in awe; her mind is blank for a while before she asks, “……You’re ReedWeiWei?”

Wei Wei nods and sits down in front of her.  She smiles while greeting her, “Hello, ButterflyDreams.”


Wei Wei and ButterflyDreams sit in Pizza Hut until 5pm before leaving.

Most of the time, it’s ButterflyDreams talking and Wei Wei listening.  But Wei Wei understands that ButterflyDreams is not in a good mood and only wants someone to listen.

In the end, ButterflyDreams invites Wei Wei to dinner, but Wei Wei declines, “I need to go swimming at night, so I don’t think it’s good to eat before then.”

ButterflyflyDreams understands, “With your boyfriend?”

Wei Wei nods her head once.  Her eyes gleam from the thought of Xiao Nai.

“For such a beauty like you, your boyfriend must treat you with unswerving loyalty.” ButterflyDreams looks at her with a hint of envy in her eyes.

Wei Wei is a little startled.  She wants to say something, but feels that it’s not appropriate.  Therefore, she smiles and lowers her head to take a sip of tea.


Wei Wei calls Xiao Nai after parting with ButterflyDreams.

“I’m done now.”

“Mm, I’ll be there immediately.”  Xiao Nai is actually done with work a long time ago, but due to his upbringing and demeanor, he never calls to rush her.

Wei Wei tells him her location; just as she is about to hang up, Xiao Nai asks suddenly, “Have you bought your swimsuit yet?”


“You want to go buy it with me?”  Xiao Nai walks out with his car key in hand as he speaks.

“No!  I’ll go buy it myself!”


There’s a big supermarket beside Pizza Hut.  Wei Wei goes in and buys a swimsuit; she isn’t picky but of course, it’s the most conservative type with frills at the bottom.

Once she walks out of the supermarket after paying, Wei Wei sees Xiao Nai’s car already parked on the road side.

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