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Part 43: Swimming, oh, swimming

Swimming, oh, swimming~~~

Wei Wei’s image of swimming is like this: The Great Master is shirtless and wearing a thin and short pair of swim trunks; his body moves in and out of the ripples gracefully……and as for her, she’ll lie on the reclining chair by the side, enjoy her drink in the cool breeze, and watch over; even better if she has a camera……

And the reality is——


After arriving at the house, Wei Wei takes out his swim trunks from her purse and hands it over to him.  Xiao Nai takes it, and his eyebrows twitch.

“How come you took this one.”

“Huh?” She didn’t really look when she grabbed them, so what’s the problem?

“This was a present from my aunt after I won first place in swimming.  I’ve never worn it before.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I don’t mind,” Xiao Nai smiles slightly, “I just never knew that Wei Wei actually likes this style.”


He goes get changed and walks out in his swim wear.  It is then that Wei Wei realizes which style he was referring to…..

It is the thin and short……and skin tight kind……


Wei Wei’s head is dizzy from the fully exposed view of a male, so when the Great Master asks her, “Why haven’t you changed yet,” she obediently changes into the swimsuit that she has just bought.

Luckily, she comes back to her senses when she comes out; she grabs an oversized towel to cover herself.


Xiao Nai is already swimming comfortably in the pool.  Once he spots her, he swims to the side of the pool and reaches out his hand.

“Come down.”

“No.  I don’t know how to swim.” Wei Wei holds on to her towel tightly and refuses to go into the water.

“I’ll teach you.”

Wei Wei thinks for a moment but still doesn’t find the courage, “……at most I’ll dip my feet into the water at the side of the pool.”


Xiao Nai is speechless and decides to leave her alone; he swims out to the pool by himself.  Wei Wei’s gaze follows him, watching him soar through the ripples, and diving in and out freely.  Her face flushes as his slim yet masculine body disappears and reappears in front of her.

It seems that she is becoming more and more perverted after being with the Great Master~~

Wei Wei repents on herself while she continues to watch him brazenly.  She is tempted to jump in herself after a while, so she sits by the pool side and puts her legs into the water.

The cool and refreshing feeling immediately passes through her legs, comforting all the pores of her body.

Wei Wei is having a great time splashing her feet with the water and doesn’t notice where Xiao Nai has gone to.  By the time she realizes, Xiao Nai has already swum to her side; he grabs her ankle and tugs her down.


Wei Wei falls into the water unprepared, so she drinks a few mouthfuls……of the water that she soaked her feet in……

And because she falls into a moment of chaos, someone transfers air to her from mouth to mouth……

And because she doesn’t want to drown, she clings tightly onto someone’s half naked body……


Anyhow……it’s more than words can explain……

By the time they go home, Wei Wei has only learned a little bit of swimming, but, her body and soul……have experienced great losses T__T


Although Classmate Xiao Nai was the champion of intercollegiate swimming league, he’s not so passionate in the sport that he would swim every day.  However, he has become passionate about it after today.  Since his relative’s house is vacant, he brings Wei Wei with him every night to go swimming for two hours.

Wei Wei has grown to like swimming, but as for a certain someone taking advantage of her while using the name “instructor” as an excuse, she continues to resist firmly.  Although she is determined to fight against him, her strength cannot compare to his; she often end up succumbing to his seductions when she’s not careful…….

Therefore, in the Great Master’s relative’s pool, Wei Wei can often be seen hustling around in the water……

One time, when Wei Wei was fighting to break free, she even said “we’re not so close to the point of bathing together yet, are we?”  But after thinking about it, she realized that they were the only ones in the pool, so it wasn’t far off from bathing together = =

But Xiao Nai’s reaction was——

“I didn’t know Wei Wei likes it more stimulating.”

Since Wei Wei can’t find it in herself to be as shameless as him, she has no choice but to let it be.


So when she receives a call from ButterflyDreams, Wei Wei is quite happy.  After all, indulging in a swimming feast every day is a bit too nutritional…

ButterflyDreams asks, “Wei Wei, are you free tomorrow night?  Let’s go for dinner.”

“Tomorrow?” Wei Wei thinks for a brief second and then responds, “Okay.”

Wei Wei isn’t trying to avoid swimming with the Great Master by responding so quickly, it’s just that she remembers that it was ButterflyDreams who treated her last time at Pizza Hut, so she feels that she should treat her back this time round.

Therefore, on the next day, Wei Wei ditches a certain someone and makes her way to dinner carrying her stuffed wallet.  But when she arrives in front of the restaurant, she feels a bit uneasy looking at its extravagant decor.

She should have enough money, right?…..

Whatever, she’ll just call the Great Master to rescue her if anything.

Wei Wei takes out her cell phone and messages ButterflyDreams: “I’m here, where are you?”

ButterflyDreams replies right away: “Chrysanthemum Pavillion.”


Inside the private room, ButterflyDreams puts her phone away.

“She’s here.”

LittleRainQingQing (LittleRainForeverYoung) asks doubtfully, “Is she really a beauty?  Is she prettier than YaoYao?”

A little more than ten minutes ago, during this gathering and reunion meeting organized by LittleRainQingQing for their guild, Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion, ButterflyDreams “accidentally” revealed that she had seen ReedWeiWei (HumbleReed) in person, and that she was very pretty.

Members who have shown up are: BattleTheWorld, the LittleRain clan, RealWaterIsScentless, and a few other players from City B.  The majority of them knows or has heard of ReedWeiWei, but none of them believes that ReedWeiWei is a beauty.

Members of the LittleRain clan are even more skeptical about it; they even taunted ButterflyDreams to invite ReedWeiWei to come.

As a result, ButterflyDreams pretended to go outside to make a phone call when in fact, she had already confirmed the date with Wei Wei yesterday, just to be on the safe side.


ButterflyDreams does not answer LittleRainQingQing’s question right away, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats; she comments after, “You’ll find out once she’s here.”

“Ah!” LittleRainQingQing exclaims, “I know!  She’s definitely not as pretty as YaoYao.  After all, YaoYao is the number one most beautiful girl out of all the servers combined.”

LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress) says feeling a bit embarrassed and annoyed at the same time, “Stop over exaggerating it.  You shouldn’t compare everyone to me.”

LittleRainQingQing makes a cute gesture of sticking out her tongue, “Okay, okay.  It degrades your status, right?”


ButterflyDreams watches LittleRainYaoYao as she sneers in her heart.

Go ahead and laugh!  Let’s see if you can still laugh out loud in a bit.

What’s so special about you that make others revolve around you?  What right do you LittleRain clan members have to boss others around in my guild, which I’m the founder of?  You’re no more than a pretty face that has been named the so-called number one beauty of the Rivers and Lakes.  What right do you have to be in such happiness?  Don’t you know that your happiness stings my eyes?  Do you not know how fake you are for suggesting this reunion meeting?

If it weren’t for you, BattleTheWorld would not have met LittleRainQingQing.

You have no idea how much I hate you.

Nevertheless, your true challenge is yet to come.

Can your love withstand it?

Probably not!

It’s a love relationship built around facial features.  Would a guy like RealWaterIsScentless be unmoved by other’s attractiveness?  When such captivating and mesmerizing charm is right in front of him?

Moreover, he was ReedWeiWei’s husband; what’s more hurtful and regretful than knowing that you once possessed something and then lost it inadvertently?


If you can really overcome this challenge, I will give you two my blessings!  My most sincere blessing!

ButterflyDreams drains her glass in one gulp!


The table continues to chitchat happily, but everyone’s eyes can’t help glancing over at the door every now and then.  After a while, the door opens, and everyone’s eyes immediately dart towards it.  Greeting them is a round smiling face.  Can you call that a beauty?  LittleRainQingQing scoffs, but she very quickly realizes that it’s just the waitress.

And then, another girl walks in from behind the waitress.

The girl nods politely to the waitress, and while she does, a few strands of hair slides down to her attractive and pearly neck.  When she turns her head, her soft and silky hair reveals a gorgeous face that causes others to skip a beat; her eyes shining like stars.  Her lashes twitch when a tint of shock seems to brush across her eyes, but her facial expression adds further to her brilliance.
ButterflyDreams has already met Wei Wei before, but seeing Wei Wei wearing a soft pink v-neck tight waist floral dress, she is mesmerized by her again.  It takes her a while to stand up and greet her.

“Wei Wei.”

Her greeting sends shockwaves to everyone at the table.  Everyone simply feels that the girl who has just walked in is extremely beautiful, but they did not make the connection to “ReedWeiWei.”  Their minds finally click after hearing ButterflyDreams call her.


She’s actually ReedWeiWei?

How can she possibly be ReedWeiWei!?

If she is ReedWeiWei, then the so-called number beauty of Rivers and Lakes……

Everyone coincidentally shifts their gazes to LittleRainYaoYao, and they all feel that she’s——

too ordinary.

Compared to someone so captivating and gorgeous, LittleRainYaoYao’s pure and innocent prettiness suddenly seems too dull and boring.


Her body shape is far from being comparable.

LittleRainYaoYao is actually also very pretty.  It’s just that because everyone has seen her so many times that there is no more surprise.  There are photos and videos of her on the forum; seeing her in real person actually makes one feel that she looks better in photos; at least her skin looks a lot better in photos.  Therefore, ReedWeiWei, who isn’t wearing any makeup and has never been known as a beauty, immediately attracts everyone’s gazes.

And as a result, everyone feels rather perplexed.  If this girl is ReedWeiWei, how was LittleRainYaoYao able to snatch RealWaterIsScentless from her?

Everyone glances over to RealWaterIsScentless simultaneously.

Men understand the lustful nature of men the most.  When RealWaterIsScentless divorced ReedWeiWei in the game and married LittleRainYaoYao at lightning speed, although other male players from the guild felt that it was a selfish act, they were envious in their hearts.  But seeing ReedWeiWei now, all the other male players at the table can feel that RealWaterIsScentless must be punching himself inside his heart.


ButterflyDreams doesn’t stray from watching the reactions from LittleRainYaoYao and RealWaterIsScentless; she presses her lips into a curve in satisfaction and says to the waitress, “Excuse me, please add another seat beside me here.”

She then tells Wei Wei, “Wei Wei, sit here.”

Wei Wei nods and makes her way there.  Her expression is normal, but she speedily assesses the current situation before her in her heart.

In reality, when she received ButterflyDreams’s text indicating the private room that she was in, Wei Wei already sensed something fishy, but she decided to trust her friend and didn’t think otherwise.  She never thought that things would turn out like this the moment she entered.

Wei Wei doesn’t recognize anybody besides ButterflyDreams, but she recalls LittleRainYaoYao’s face.  Since LittleRainYaoYao is here, the identity of the other people becomes obvious.

This must be some City B gathering for Sound of Blue Ocean Tides Pavilion.

But she doesn’t know why they’ve asked her to come.


Wei Wei takes a seat beside ButterflyDreams; everybody’s heartbeat seems to settle back in place, but it still feels a bit unreal.  LittleRainQingQing blurts out, “You’re ReedWeiWei?”

Her voice is a bit pitchy.  Wei Wei glances at her, and nods.


Since she’s here already, she’ll just go with the flow.  Wei Wei nods her head and greets everyone gracefully, “Hello everyone, I’m ReedWeiWei.”

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