A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 6 12

Part 6: Wei Wei The Follower

Although they’re now married, this is how Wei Wei thinks of their relationship.

The Great Master and his follower.

= =

Of course, NaiHe is the Great Master while she is the follower who rushes to the front when monsters appear and runs all kinds of errands……As to why Wei Wei feels this way, it is without a doubt due to that set of divine items.

After all, she can’t just accept free items from somebody without giving back >o<.  Therefore, Wei Wei decides to work hard to pay him back the debt!


Not much has changed after getting married; Wei Wei still spends most of her time with YuGong and the others to complete quests to level up.  She and NaiHe only leave the team once in a while to have some time together as a couple.

And spending time together as a couple actually just means completing couple quests.

In “Dream Voyage in Rivers and Lakes,” after a male and female player get married, they will gain three couple abilities.  If they attack together, these three abilities will automatically boost their impact.  Levelling up these three abilities will depend on the couple’s intimacy level.  In order to increase their intimacy level, other than wasting time in the bedroom, the most efficient way is to complete couple quests.


Male and female players can actually get married after reaching level 30, so for Wei Wei and ASmileNaiHe who married late, the beginning quests for couples are simply a piece of cake.  The battles are so easy that Great Master NaiHe doesn’t even have to fight; Wei Wei can handle them all by herself.

As a result, the most common image is the heroine in red slashing her saber in the front, while the white robed musician sits under a tree by the riverside playing his guqin poetically.


No matter what you say, the imagery is very beautiful and makes others envious.


Wei Wei and NaiHe head out for a quest again today; YuGongClimbsAMountain and MonkeyWine decide to join them to kill some time, but after watching a few fights, they find out that Wei Wei is the only one killing monsters while NaiHe walks around to enjoy the scenery and only helps Wei Wei restore her blood level every now and then.  The two of them points at NaiHe in anger: “You’re so shameless, how can you hide behind sister-in-law and obtain experience level without doing anything!?”

NaiHe doesn’t feel any shame at all as he sends a sighing smiley and responds: “After you live off a woman long enough, you’ll gradually get used to it.”  He then adds: “You guys, who don’t have a wife for protection, won’t understand.”

YuGongClimbsAMountain and MonkeyWine burst in outrage, so they quickly form a team to PK NaiHe, but unfortunately, they still lose to him despite it being two against one.  They lie on the ground pretending to be dead and won’t get up.  Wei Wei just happens to finish killing off the last monster; she accidentally steps over their “dead bodies” as she heads over – –

YuGongClimbsAMountain cries: “Sister-in-law, it’s enough that you don’t appreciate our help, but you even step over us.  I won’t die in peace!”

MonkeyWine: “They truly are a couple with one heart.  Other people really shouldn’t step in on someone else’s family matters.”

Wei Wei is lost without words.  They must have been bullied by NaiHe again, so now they’re teasing her; once they start, there’s no end.  Since the quest is complete anyway, Wei Wei quickly says: “I’m going to pick some herbal ingredients.”

She ditches NaiHe and flees.


Picking herbal ingredients in the game is very boring; you simply choose an area to collect from, stand there, and do nothing.  Wei Wei continues doing her mock exam again as her avatar collects the herbs.  Wei Wei applied for the level 6 exam this year; someone in the dorm had actually applied for it last year, but Wei Wei wasn’t confident in getting good marks on it at the time, so she didn’t apply then.

After collecting for a while, an avatar on her friends list starts blinking.  She clicks to open; it’s a message from NaiHe: “Come to the west side of the Celestial Mountains Snow Basins.”

Wei Wei quickly goes over there.

Celestial Mountains Snow Basins is one of the highest leveled locations to date; the monsters there are vicious, so not many players go.  Wei Wei immediately spots ASmileNaiHe on the west side of the snow basins; another male player stands beside him.  However, the male player is emitting a green glow, as if a “body freeze” curse has been put on him.

The body freeze curse is a very high level and torturing spell.  Once you have been cursed, you can’t run away and can only stand there while getting beat up until the spell loses its effect.  NaiHe’s kitty has this ability.  Just as she thought, NaiHe says once she walks over: “I used my pet to make him standstill.  You can take your time to slash him slowly.”

Wei Wei understands the slashing part, but: “Slowly?”

“Mm, switch to your dullest weapon and slash him slowly bit by bit.”

Bit by bit……::sweat::  Does the Great Master hold a grudge on this person?  Wei Wei takes a look at the player’s ID, EvilBloodOath, and feels that it sounds familiar.

At this moment, EvilBloodOath starts to scold: “Holy!  ASmileNaiHe!  Old man here only laughed at you for picking up someone’s old shoe.  If you’ve got the guts, just kill me off.  Why ask your woman to come torment me?”


Wei Wei remembers.  No wonder the ID sounds familiar; it’s the player who laughed at ASmileNaiHe for picking up RealWaterIsScentless’s old shoe on the world channel on their wedding day.  She especially remembered his ID for it, thinking that she would beat him up every time she saw him.  But she has been too happy playing in the game and forgot about it.

Wei Wei shifts her gaze to ASmileNaiHe whose white robe is swaying by the gentle breeze.  She didn’t think he would notice; not only did he notice, he even remembered it.  He didn’t even let her know beforehand, as if it wasn’t anything serious……

Wei Wei notes to herself that she must never offend the Great Master, and starts searching in her bag.

Seeing how Wei Wei still hasn’t made any move, EvilBloodOath begins to feel hopeful, believing that women are softhearted and won’t do anything to him.  But in the next instant, he sees a big smiley face above her head with the line of words: “Haha, I found it.  Good thing that I didn’t throw away my beginners’ gear!”

EvilBloodOath can’t believe it; he watches the heroine slash him with a dull sword, and a red colored damage level number floats above his head —— [1].

One point!

With his blood level that’s over a couple thousands, this means that he’ll be slashed a couple thousand times!


Wei Wei turns on auto control and watches her heroine in red slashing left and right happily.  EvilBloodOath shouts at them non-stop; more or less asking ASmileNaiHe to give him a quick end.

“I have a bad mouth.  Just kill me once and for all.  Just give me a quick end!”

ASmileNaiHe says as a matter of fact: “Don’t worry, you won’t die.  When your blood level is close to zero, I’ll help heal your wounds.”

Wei Wei feels a bit weird about this; if EvilBloodOath wants to die, why doesn’t he just log out?  When a player logs out, the game will determine whether to help the player flee or make the player die depending on the situation.  Since EvilBloodOath isn’t afraid of dying, why bother standing here and letting them slash him?

Wei Wei sends NaiHe a message: “Has he become dumb from anger?  Why doesn’t he just go offline?”

NaiHe quickly responds: “He’s in the process of completing a continuous quest.”


Wei Wei is astonished.

Great Master, you sure know how to hit where it hurts!

Continuous quests are the most painful kind of quests in “Dream Voyage.”  What makes it painful is that regardless of which stage you’re at, if you don’t finish it till the end, your experience level will not get any increase; if you are able to finish it to the very end, your experience level and reward is spectacular.  However, a player must not die or log out during a continuous quest, otherwise, he/she will have to start over from the beginning again.  But a lot of gamers complained about it, so the game made an adjustment; depending on the quest’s difficulty level, the player can die up to three times, but they still cannot log out in the middle of it; they must complete the continuous quests in one go.

Wei Wei has completed many of these continuous quests before.  She recalls that the continuous quest requiring one to go to Celestial Mountains Snow Basins is the ultimate quest; one that contains ninety-nine stages.  Furthermore, if she remembers correctly, Celestial Mountains Snow Basins is the very last stage……

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