A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 7 11

Part 7: LittleRain Clan

Thinking about this quest’s miserable experience, Wei Wei is a bit sympathetic towards him. But while she might be sympathetic, this person’s speech is, honestly, detestable. Whatever, let me slash him a couple more times first. In any case, this is done by the computer automatically; her hand will not be sore.

Thus, Wei Wei goes to steep tea and drink water. She chats a few lines with NaiHe, but it seems like NaiHe is also doing something else. His replies are not very fast. Wei Wei simply bows her head and starts working on problems.

After doing a page of reading, she lifts her head and sees that there are three more female players by the Celestial Mountains Snow Basins. Their IDs are LittleRainQingQing (LittleRainForeverYoung), LittleRainFeiFei (LittleRainSnowfall), LittleRainMianMian (ContinuousLittleRain.)

LittleRain clan?

Why are they here?

LittleRainQingQing is currently saying: “Hey, why are you ignoring us?”


Wei Wei frowns and opens the chat history window: (The game’s chat history window will save all the conversations of the players at the current scene.)

[Local][LittleRainQingQing]: It’s ASmileNaiHe (WhyNotJustSmile.)

[Local][LittleRainMianMian]: That woman is here too. So despicable, bullying a lower level.

[Local][LittleRainFeiFei]: That’s right. And purposely tormenting him, slashing him one point at a time.

[Local][LittleRainMianMian]: Aiya (exclamation), it’s EvilBloodOath.

[Local][LittleRainQingQing]: You know him?

[Local][LittleRainMianMian]: The one who gave me the Immortal’s Shoe before. He’s helped me on a few quests.

[Local][LittleRainQingQing]: Should we do something about it?

[Local][LittleRainFeiFei]: Probably can’t beat them.

[Local][LittleRainQingQing]: Then let’s reason with them.

[Local][LittleRainQingQing]: Hey, ASmileNaiHe, you are the expert of experts (smiley face emoticon), what kind of righteous hero are you to bully a lower level?

[Local][LittleRainMianMian]: That’s right, and it’s 2 vs 1.

[Local][LittleRainQingQing]: Hey(angry emoticon), why are you ignoring us?


All the “shouting” was said towards ASmileNaiHe, idling on the side. Wei Wei who is the one doing the slashing is ignored. NaiHe is either not there or doesn’t want to put up with them; didn’t answer. Even though WeiWei feels that they are inexplicably sticking their noses in other people’s business, she still tampers her temper and explains: “We are settling a personal grudge. Will those passing by please continue passing by.”

LittleRainMianMian: “Are there grudges that need to torment someone like this? It’s just a game.”

Wei Wei is a bit angry now and is just about to type some stronger words, NaiHe says: “Meddlesome, those who don’t want to die, disappear immediately.”

At the same time, Wei Wei receives his personal chat message: “Just left for a bit. You continue, I’ll resolve this.”


Wei Wei is embarrassed.

Great Master, are you sure you are resolving this? Aren’t you provoking them = =


Sure enough, LittleRainQingQing and the others explode. In actuality, even though they are under the banner of helping out the unjust while they are passing by, they can’t help but admire and fantasize about an expert like ASmileNaiHe. But these words of ASmileNaiHe has immediately crushed their admiration and fantasies.

LittleRainQingQing: “Hey, you guys are going overboard!”

LittleRainMianMian: “That’s right! So what if you’re number one on our server. You have no manners when speaking to woman.”

Yeah right. Wei Wei distains them. Does their use of “that woman” to talk about someone mean that they have courtesy and manners? Wei Wei happily uses their words against them, “It’s just a game, why are you getting angry.”

LittleRainFeiFei: “Just because it’s a game means you can randomly scold someone?! Just because it’s a game means that a higher level can bully a lower level at their whim?! I’m angry now!”


Wei Wei is speechless. This is a classic example of having double standards. Speaking with these types of people is really a torment for someone who studies science and is good at logic.

Wei Wei dreads speaking with self-contradictory and unreasonable people the most, so she simply says: “Rivers and Lakes rules, let’s PK. You four against us two. If you win, you can take him away and we won’t bother him in the future.”

ASmileNaiHe says: “You rest. I’ll do it.”

The white robed musician takes a step forward and stands gracefully in front of the heroine in red. Wei Wei remembers the valiant skills Great Master normally has and sends a smiley face saying: “Okay, then I’ll just watch ^_^”

But the three members of the LittleRain clan didn’t accept the challenge. When ReedWeiWei sent out the battle invitation, they still had confidence to fight, but with ASmileNaiHe dismissing it like this, his confidence makes them hesitate.

No matter how awesome and powerful a musician is, can he really face four alone?

Their characters stand there without moving, discussing over private chat. From the head of EvilBloodOath, who has stayed silent this entire time, came a few lines of text: “What PK? What happened? Older sister, why aren’t you slashing? Continue. WTF. Old man here finished taking a shower and the slashing is still not done.”

LittleRainMianMian: “BloodOath, it’s me.”

EvilBloodOath: “MianMian, why are you here?”

LittleRainMianMian: “I’m here to help you.”

EvilBloodOath flips through the chat history and can’t help but get a headache. He is quite familiar with that LittleRainMianMian. They have played together many times, but he’s never seen her so readily to resolve injustices before. Looks like she’s giving him quite the honor?

If a few experts had come, then settling the grudge quickly like this isn’t a bad option. But what can these few women help with? Plus it they are of the LittleRain clan. EvilBloodOath can’t help but think about LittleRainYaoYao (LittleRainEnchantress). Even though she isn’t here, as soon as you speak of LittleRain clan, you will definitely think of LittleRainYaoYao. It’s said that LittleRainYaoYao dumped ASmileNaiHe and then stole ReedWeiWei’s husband…

WTF! He still wants to play the game in peace. He doesn’t want to be, inexplicably, dragged into the most gossiped about grudge on their server. Plus, ASmileNaiHe and ReedWeiWei, this pair of resentful couple who keep grudges and are twisted, are really not to be pushed around. If they remember you, then it’s definitely not a good thing. Especially that ASmileNaiHe. At noon, he had seen him. At the time, ASmileNaiHe seemed like he didn’t see him, but then he was actually waiting at Celestial Mountains Snow Basins at night…

Can he have known that he is doing a continuous quest, so purposely waited for him at the last stage?

That’s impossible, how can he know?

The more he thinks about this, the more EvilBloodOath cold sweated. The quest is definitely the most important in his eyes right now. In order to do this continuous quest, he’s been online for 8 or 9 hours already. Nothing must go wrong. It’s okay if he dies once since he hasn’t died while doing this yet anyway. Thinking like this, he quickly says: “There’s no need. Resolving a small grudge is a good thing. Plus, beautiful ladies are for loving, hahahaha, how can I have you ladies take up arms. My reputation will take a hit.

These few women, filled with righteousness, didn’t think that the “victim” would not be grateful, and are rendered speechless. LittleRainQingQing makes a hmph sound and the three angrily leaves.

EvilBloodOath says: “Older sister, continue. There’s only two hundred health points left. I’ll go wash my clothes. You should have finished by then.”

Wei Wei can’t help but laugh. It turns out the three of them just now were all doing two things at once; doing their own things. While this person is loathsome, he is also a bit amusing. It’s just that he has a really bad mouth. Wei Wei puts away her sword, “Forget it, I won’t slash anymore.”

Wei Wei: “It wastes electricity and internet bills, might as well go collect herbs>o<”

ASmileNaiHe: “Okay, let’s go.”

The two quickly disappeared together. Yet, EvilBloodOath, even though no one is slashing him anymore, still stands in the same place, continuing to flash green…

In a frozen body state…

_ _

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    • LilZah Post author

      Haha yes, this book nearly made me start playing MMORPGs again. Probably a good thing this game doesn’t exist, there might have not been time for translations 😉 .

      • Nicole

        Actually if you watch the drama that is based on this book, the game is real. I am actually playing the mobile version of it. It’s really fun and Nai He is actually in the game as a quest giver too.

      • Skimmed Milk

        I’m already on Chapter 40!! This is so addictive but I have to stop and catch up with my school work. There are some bits I don’t really get so I can’t wait for your recaps to see if I interpreted correctly or not! (And also to find people to spazz together HAHAHA) Loving this story, even though I enjoy the game scenes, which are appearing lesser and lesser, more 🙁 haha! Once again, thank you for recapping this and allowing me to find such a gem!!! I’m pretty sure this will be the first Chinese internet novel I finish reading! (I actually attempted reading Legend of Zhen Huan because I loved that drama but it had 600 over chapters and I never found enough motivation after reading 10 chapters haha)

        • LilZah Post author

          Nice! Glad you’re enjoying it so much. We really love this book too. Looking forward to sharing the rest of the novel with everyone. 😀