A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Part 8 5

Part 8: Passing by

Wei Wei quickly puts those three LittleRain clan members to the back of her mind after returning to the area where she was collecting herbal ingredients.  But there’s one particular thing that she’s curious about, so she asks NaiHe while collecting: “How did you know that he was on a continuous quest?”

“I went online once in the afternoon and saw him posting on the world channel asking for seven kinds of feathers.”

NaiHe explains further for Wei Wei to understand.  NaiHe saw EvilBloodOath posting on the world channel asking for seven kinds of feathers in order to pass a stage in a quest.  Therefore, NaiHe knew that EvilBloodOath was on a continuous quest.

Wei Wei is a bit puzzled; how do finding seven kinds of feathers mean that he’s on a continuous quest?

“There are quite a few quests that require collecting feathers.”

NaiHe: “Mm, but the NPCs (Non-player characters) are different for each of the quests.  Collecting feathers is on the 36th stage.  I went to the NPC at the 36th stage, and he showed up soon after.”

Other than worshipping him, Wei Wei has no other thoughts.  He, he, he actually remembers which stage it was!  He actually remembers the NPCs of the different stages!  His memory is unbelievably amazing!  Knowing that she is still only up to the letter “p” in memorizing her English vocabularies, Wei Wei feels like crying; she praises him bitterly: “Your memory is too good.”

She suddenly realizes that the Great Master didn’t capture EvilBloodOath when he saw him in the afternoon; he estimated the time needed and purposely waited until night time on Celestial Mountains Snow Basins……

His calculative skills and scheming skills are just shocking……vicious >_<


Wei Wei’s time spent in playing “Dream Voyage” has increased without her knowing.

In the past, Wei Wei had a very in-style nickname called, “home beauty,” but her dorm roommates now call her “home moldy.”  Wei Wei used to go out shopping with her roommates quite often, but she has completely lost interest in it.  Besides studying, she is playing online games all day.

Her roommates are going out shopping again tonight; they try to persuade her to come along.  Si Si says, “Wei Wei, just take it as a workout.  It’s not good for your body to sit in front of the computer all day every day.”

Wei Wei rolls her eyes, “You want to talk about working out?  Who is it that asks me to help her run to class for attendance check every morning?  Who is it that always forgets to get her water and asks me to get it for her every day?”

Si Si doesn’t know what to say, so Xiao Ling takes over, “Wei Wei, the clothes you’re wearing are from last year, right?  Let’s go out and buy some new clothes.”

Wei Wei waves her hand to stop her, “It’s fine as long as I have enough clothes to wear.”

Xiao Ling points at her with her hand shaking, “It’s too shameless for a pretty girl like you to say that!  If you continue like this, you’ll be kicked out of the school’s top beauties list.”

Now that she mentions the beauties list, Wei Wei feels a bit depressed; it’s fine that they made a poll, but they even added an unstable percentage.  After the voting, she topped the unstable list!

Wei Wei turns her head in disdain, “It’s better to be kicked out of it.  I only like to compare my inner self with others!”

Er Xi finally gets mad, “Bei Wei Wei!  If you don’t go, who’s going to help us bargain!?  If you dare not to go, wait to be punished tonight!”

Wei Wei, “……”

This is the real reason why they want her to go, isn’t it?  It’s because of her almighty bargaining skills……

In the end, Wei Wei succumbs to Er Xi’s threat, and is pulled along with them on the streets.  When they go shopping, they usually just shop around at the clothing shops nearby the school; they don’t go too far.

Soon after, Wei Wei’s hands are full from carrying big and small bags; they’re all things bought by her roommates.  It’s not that they’re dumping everything to her to carry, it’s just that they have to go to the fitting rooms to try things on every now and then; it’s troublesome to keep putting down and fetching the bags, so Wei Wei might as well carry them all since she’s not buying anything.

They go into another shop.  Xiao Ling comes out of the fitting room with the clothes she’s trying on and hears Wei Wei talking to herself, “Am I destined to be a follower these days?”  She is like this in the game as well; Great Master NaiHe has gotten more and more used to asking her to do things……but she can’t blame anyone but herself for it >o<

Xiao Ling can’t help but giggle after hearing it; she can’t believe that Wei Wei is actually complaining with a face full of unwillingness.  Is the online game that fun to play?  She goes over and pats Wei Wei’s back to comfort her, “Alright, stop complaining.  Seeing how you’ve helped me bargain for quite a lot, rich girl here will treat you to some red-wine chicken wings from Tian Xiang Ju.  How’s that?”

Tian Xiang Ju is a very good restaurant that is near the school, but because it’s pricey, not a lot of students go there to eat.  Only wealthy people who squander their parents’ money like Xiao Ling would go.  Therefore, the moment she says this, everyone cheers in joy.  Wei Wei says, “I’ve worked the hardest, so I should get half of the batch.”

Si Si says sourly, “Who’s fighting it over with you?  I need to lose weight.”

Wei Wei says arrogantly, “I don’t get fat from eating.  You can continue to be jealous.  Hahahaha.”

Her arrogance is asking for it.  Si Si, who’s actually skinny but claims to get fat from drinking water, says while gritting her teeth, “Xiao Ling, close the door.  Let Er Xi bite her!”

They’ve become hungry from a while ago, and there are no more shops that they want to shop at, so they head to Tian Xiang Ju gleefully.  Tian Xiang Ju is soon in sight after chatting and walking together.  Si Si gossips enthusiastically about a guy in the same program when she suddenly stops her footsteps.  She looks towards the entrance of Tian Xiang Ju and grabs Wei Wei’s arm excitedly, “Hurry, look!  Is that Xiao Nai!?”

Across the road at the entrance of Tian Xiang Ju, a crowd of well-dressed men come out of the restaurant.  Wei Wei spots Xiao Nai immediately.  Among the crowd of men and under the shining lights, the young and dashing Xiao Nai stands out from the rest.  He looks different from the few times that she has seen him before; he is wearing a formal suit, carrying a slight smile on his face, and looking refined and elegant as always with a tint of pride, but also with a bit of composure added.

“Ah, let’s cross quickly.”

Although they won’t be greeting each other, getting a closer look is not a bad idea.  Si Si tugs onto Wei Wei and crosses the road quickly and eagerly.  But it’s too late; the group of middle-aged men has already gotten into a car, and Xiao Nai is opening the door of another car.  They might have been a little noisy because it seems as if Xiao Nai turned his gaze towards them just before he got into the car.

He looks different from just a moment ago when he was smiling under the lights; Xiao Nai glances at them indifferently before shutting the car door and leaving.

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