A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Side Story 1 10

Side Story 1: University A’s Beauty Ranking

It’s the night before graduation, and Xiao Nai is staying overnight at the school.

They’ll be bidding farewell to school and joining the workforce the next morning, so everyone at the dorm is feeling emotional and restless.  Therefore, YuGong drags two friends over to make up the headcount for playing a table of mahjong as well as a table for leveling up (gaming).  There are beer and snacks available while they play and chat together.

While they chat, they don’t forget to gossip about the department’s latest hot topic of genius Xiao Nai surprising everyone by becoming a couple with their school’s gorgeous beauty, Bei Wei Wei.

Seventh Brother says, “I know that Third Brother is all about efficiency, but I never knew that he would be this efficient.  He’s just lightning fast in winning over our school’s ranked number two beauty!  Absolutely amazing.  I am in awe.”

MonkeyWine says, “To be honest, if it was Meng Yi Ran’s heart that Third Brother won over, I wouldn’t be surprised.  I think Third Brother knows Meng Yi Ran, right?”

Their Oldest Brother usually doesn’t gossip, but he’s becoming more talkative after a few drinks, “I remember there was a debate over who was ranked number one last year.  And then Third sister-in-law lost in the end?”

MoZhaHim, who has also been drinking quite a bit, says, “Apparently Third sister-in-law isn’t as innocent looking as that Meng something girl.”

Amid the noise, the subject of the conversation, Xiao Nai asks, “What ranking?”


Everyone is speechless, “……”

YuGong, who is leveling-up on the other table, shouts, “You don’t even know about our school’s beauty ranking chart?”

Xiao Nai answers, “No.”

YuGong throws down his tiles furiously, opens his laptop, browses to the school’s forum, finds the post and passes the screen to him, “Look!  This is our school’s beauty ranking chart.  There are photos.”

Everyone in the dorm can’t wait to hear what Xiao Nai has to say, but after Xiao Nai takes a glance at it, he continues playing mahjong with his left hand while tapping on the keyboard with his right hand.

Is he leaving a reply on the thread?

Everybody has become even more excited.

After tapping on the keys for a while, Xiao Nai gives the laptop back to YuGong, and MonkeyWine anxiously asks, “Quickly read Third Brother’s reply out loud.”

YuGong agrees immediately, “Alright, alright, alright.”

But the moment he refreshes the page, an error message comes up saying that the page could not be found.  YuGong refreshes it over and over again in disbelief, but only to find out that no matter how many times he tries, the post won’t appear.  Yet all the other posts in the forum is completely fine.

YuGong says angrily, “Wh-Wh-What did you do?”

“What’s the use of keeping a chart with seriously untruthful data?” Xiao Nai says apathetically.  He then pushes his tiles forward to reveal them, “Thirteen orphans (highest possible hand in mahjong).  Pay up!”

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