A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Side Story 2 11

Side Story 2: Ranking of the Great Master’s Dorm

Only after dating for the first time in his life does Xiao Nai get to know that, if you get a girlfriend, you must treat her roommates to a meal. Of course, he’s very happy to treat them. Moreover, after he has treated them, he even comes up with the idea that he should treat his own roommates. As a result, YuGong and the others have a chance to eat and drink for free. As a result, Student Wei Wei meets the real YuGong and the others for the first time…

YuGong and the others…eh, are certainly not as handsome as the characters in the game. However, their personalities are pretty similar to those in the game, thus Wei Wei quickly gets along with them well.

There are a total of six people in Xiao Nai’s dorm: Oldest Brother, Third Brother, and Fourth through Seventh Brothers. Since Second Brother (little brother) can easily be mistaken for a certain wicked part of the body (a man’s lower body part), no one wanted to take up that name. Oldest Brother and Seventh Brother doesn’t play games, so Wei Wei isn’t familiar with them. However, they are all easy to get along with. Speaking of which, probably the only person who is hard to get along with in the dormroom is Xiao Nai.

Due to their friendship from the game, the meal is consumed with happiness and at ease. It’s just that as Wei Wei keeps eating, a question emerges in her mind — Why do YuGong and the others call Xiao Nai Third Brother when they clearly look older than Xiao Nai.

Of course, good student Wei Wei won’t ask such mannerless questions in their presence. Only after the meal, when Xiao Nai is taking her home, does Wei Wei ask.

Xiao Nai says, ”They are all older than me.”

Wei Wei is even more curious, ”Then, why?”

Xiao Nai says, “Oh, it’s based on skill.”

“Huh?” Wei Wei is puzzled, “What skill?”

Xiao Nai simply throws out an answer, “Minesweeper. They lost.”

A long time later, Wei Wei heard the complete Minesweeper story from YuGong. Student YuGong angrily described the treacherous younger Xiao Nai at the time, how after he discovered that he was the youngest, he silently took out a notebook and how he provoked them in a flat tone, “If you are a man, you should speak with your strength.”

To that day, Student YuGong still got depressed speaking about it, “Why did I have to compete on strength with him!”

At this time, though, Wei Wei still doesn’t know about these details. But merely just this has already made her very awkwardly amused. Immediately after, she discovers another question, “Eh, then you lost to Oldest Brother?”

After hearing this, Xiao Nai looks at her with a “how could I have lost” expression.

Wei Wei awkwardly says, “But he is the Oldest Brother.”

Xiao Nai says nonchalantly, “I let him.”

Wei Wei is very skeptical, “You’re that nice?”

“Oldest Brother is the dormroom head by default and needs to do stuff.”

Wei Wei, “…”

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