A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Side Story 6 7

Cong Cong takes responsibility of his little brother Part 1

When Wei Wei and Xiao Nai arrive at grandma’s place today with both of their kids, grandma announces the good news——she has agreed to do an ad on behalf of Cong Cong!

Although it’s an ask from a relative, and it’s only a photoshoot which won’t be played on TV, Wei Wei is still a little worried.  She feels troubled throughout their whole ride home.

“Cong Cong is still little.  Would it be not too good for him to be in advertisements?”

Xiao Nai on the other hand, doesn’t mind his son showing his face in ads.  After all, he’s a boy, so there’s no need to mind so much.

“It’s okay, let him have some fun,” Xiao Nai says while driving, “He should help out with making money to cover some living expenses.”

Wei Wei, “……”

Wei Wei takes a look at the two boys in the backseat who add up to no more than six years old together, and then turns her head quietly to one side.

Although Xiao Nai has already agreed to the photoshoot, Wei Wei is still concerned.  Her boy has always been smart, so she decides to negotiate with Cong Cong like he is an adult, “Cong Cong, are you willing to shoot an ad?”

“What is an ad?”

“It is to take photos and let many people see it.”

Cong Cong scowls, looking troubled.  In the end, he takes a look at his little brother who is fast asleep, and says with determination, “Cong Cong will do it.”

Coincidently, on the day of the photoshoot, everyone in the family has other matters to tend to, so Wei Wei has no choice but to bring Ming Yue along to the studio.  Luckily, Cong Cong is behaving well, so she doesn’t need to spend too much effort in looking after him.  He is walking beside Wei Wei on his chubby little feet and has also volunteered to hold onto his little brother’s bottle.

Once they arrive at the studio, the cuteness of both boys immediately captures everyone’s attention.  Wei Wei takes a look around; the studio seems to meet her standards, the staff members are thoughtful, and the photographer is very nice; he keeps promising that he won’t hurt her child’s eyes, so Wei Wei finally feels more at ease.

During the shoot, Wei Wei wants to go to the washroom, so she asks a staff member to help her watch over the boys for a few minutes.  There are a few girls in the staff; they have long been captivated by the cuteness of the boys, so once Wei Wei leaves, they crowd around to play with them.

“Cong Cong, how old are you?”

Cong Cong says in his childish voice, “Cong Cong is four years old.  My little brother is a year and a half old.”

“Cong Cong, give the bottle to auntie.  Auntie will help you feed your little brother, okay?”

Cong Cong holds onto the bottle tightly, expressing his disagreement.

“So cute!”

The female staff member eyes are glowing, “Cong Cong, do you like doing ads?”

Cong Cong shakes his head, “No.”

The staff members look at each other before saying, “How come Cong Cong is here for the photoshoot then?”

Cong Cong feels a little dispirited from their staring, so he holds his little brother’s bottle, tugs the stroller with him, and says with his head down, “Cong Cong needs to make money to cover his own living expenses as well as his little brother’s living expenses.”

When Wei Wei returns from the washroom, she can feel that everyone is looking at her strangely.  What is with the unfriendly stares?

Wei Wei is puzzled as to why the world has changed after a washroom break……

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