A Slight Smile is Very Charming (微微一笑很倾城) : Side Story 7 8

Taking Responsibility of His Little Brother Part 2

MoZhaHim likes kids very much, but clearly he can’t give birth to them, so he often brings snacks made by KO to Wei Wei’s place in an attempt to lure Cong Cong to go home with him.

He’s bringing KO’s specially made peanut cookies to Wei Wei’s place again today, to try to abduct Cong Cong as usual.

“Cong Cong, would you like to come to Ge Ge’s (older brother) place and play?  Ge Ge will teach you how to play games.  Uncle KO also knows how to make a lot of snacks.”  A certain shameless person is often calling himself “Ge Ge” (older brother) just because his face is plump and soft.  However, he only dares to call himself that when no one is around because when “Uncle KO” heard it last time, he was given a lesson on calling someone “Uncle” at……a not-so-innocent place.

MoZhaHim continues to persuade Cong Cong shamelessly, “Cong Cong, come to Ge Ge’s place.  This way, your mommy and daddy will have time to give you a younger sister.  Didn’t Cong Cong want a little sister?”

“I don’t want a little sister anymore,” Cong Cong says shaking his head firmly while eating the little cookies.

“Why?” MoZhaHim asks curiously.  He clearly remembers him saying that he wanted a little sister last time.

Cong Cong explains in distress, “Because Cong Cong’s savings is only enough to cover little brother’s expenses.”

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