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Now that we are almost through the book and you have been introduced to all the ‘main’ characters, I figured it was time to weigh in a bit on the drama production of Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事). Starring Godfrey Gao (高以翔) and Junyan Jiao (焦俊艳), the drama version called Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) had already completed filming quite awhile ago. If you haven’t caught up on the chapters that we’ve translated so far, please be warned that there will be some spoilers below. Read at your own risk!

While trailers have been released, there has still been no word on when the actual series will air. Yes, there have been rumors about it airing this year. But that’s seriously all they are. Rumors. There’s a new rumor every couple weeks saying this or that site has updated their information and the series will air soon. At this point, I’ll believe it’ll air on the day it airs.  Hopefully, it will air or be released on “disk” some time within the next year or so, and not be buried forever. How will we get our Godfrey fix?!

Seriously, besides just being able to see Godfrey on screen, I’m keeping my expectations super low. There’s just something about the actress playing Xiao Qiu that just doesn’t seem to cut it for me. I think it’s a combination of her looks and her pretty subpar acting (based on the trailer) that just doesn’t do the Xiao Qiu in my mind justice. And for the record, I don’t actually think Godfrey is that good at acting, based on his previous stuff. I’m purely going for the prettiness right now. I mean, why else would everyone turn their heads when Li Chuan walks by. Right?

The trailer does hint at a lot more conflict coming from the supporting characters though, which is probably necessary for a drama to sustain itself for so many series. Unfortunately, I’m not psyched about any of the characters from what I’ve seen so far. I’m especially sad about how Li Chuan’s grandfather turns out to be so mean and “yell-y” in the drama. He was suppose to be the nice old man who loves Xiao Qiu for his grandson. Actually, he’s not even suppose to really even speak to her as if he knows her. There’s so many little things that have been changed that I don’t want to go into it all. Despite all my whining, though, I am still really anticipating this drama. If only it would just air!

Random thing to point out…it’s not suppose to be snowing in Zurich! While it makes for some nice shots, especially with the snow falling down, I’m just a little disappointed that we will not be getting the sitting by the lake scene. Hopefully, we still get an ample amount of the cuteness in Switzerland as the trailer suggests. Godfrey picking me up at the airport with a handsome smile? Hell yeah, I’m in!

Let us know what your thoughts are on the drama now that we’re almost at the end. Do things actually make some sense now? 😉 Are you still anticipating it?

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have watched the super long trailer already, but here it is again. Doesn’t hurt to look at Godfrey again right?


And, here is a promotional/blurb video in English for the drama with a couple of interesting facts: Video


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7 thoughts on “Drama Talk: Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) pre-release thoughts

  • sutekii

    I just wish they would air the drama already, every week I’ve been keeping look out for the official air date. Obviously with no luck.

    For me Godfrey fits what I had in mind of Li Chuan. Candy eye right there. “Godfrey picking me up at the airport with a handsome smile? Hell yeah, I’m in!” – I’m in too! Let’s just hope his acting is satisfactory enough.

    Since I’ve watched the trailer so many times I sort of got used to the actress, however she wasn’t what I had in mind while reading the novel.

  • Lola Black

    I am also the Godfrey Team and “Hell Yeah”, if Godfrey picking me up at the airport with a handsome smile? “I am in, too!!”. I promise myself that I will buy 2 sets of its DVD if they are available. I am in love with this Li Chuan character.

    Hmmm…. actually I have watched the trailer first and found the novel. I have no problems with Junyan Jiao (焦俊艳). I can not imagine her smoking cigarettes, by the way, in fact I think they will change it to be addicted to alcohol. There are a lot of aspects that can not be published in order to to respect the common regulations. So, I think I will love the novel than the movie, even though every time I read “Li Chuan”… I will always imagine Godfrey!

    I thanks you, guys, for the translation… really. You do great job.

    PS: I think there is the important part that has been missing in the swimming pool (Chapter 8),you know. It makes me want to master mandarin in a week because of that curiousity. Can you please translate it in detailed? You may call me pervert, be my guess… hehehehehe….

  • Manju

    Godfrey picking me up in the airport with his smile… Gwad!!
    I just want to know is this drama aired or burried. I had been searching for it for a while, couldn’t find it anywhere.

  • Mei

    Finally the drama has aired. But sadly, there are so many changes and comic relief added. It has adulterated most of this beloved novel. The one thing they didn’t change is how gentle Godfrey, I mean Lichuan is, how sweetly romantic he is with Xiao Qiu. And my OH my what a face and total package. Godfrey made it possible for me to see how hot Lichuan is even with a limb, even with his prosthetic leg. I think the role of Lichuan was meant for Godfrey.
    Sadly Xiao Qiu’s character was a total train wreck!! If you Google Jiao Jun Yan, she is beautiful. Not the knock you over kind of ethereal gorgeous. But she can totally play Xiao Qiu pretty enough for Lichuan with the feisty smart, totally able to handle the boys and pressure personality that we see from the book. So I don’t get why they made all the other females look luminous- Mika Wang who plays Xie Jing Wen and yumiko who plays Jeanette both are. Their make up made them look flawless. Mika I know always looks great. But they can make Yumiko look flawless. Why would they let Xiao Qiu look so old and haggard? I suspect they add make up to make her look uglier .
    XiaoQiu was so cute and feisty when she first met Lichuan, there were some tacky scenes. when she donned the playgirl outfit with bunny ears and tails. But overall. I thought she was great. Then they started dating and Xiao Qiu slips into this giggly little coy girl. I know Lichuan has that kind of effect…he can turn anyone into a giggling fool. But XiaoQiu is supposed to be mature, having lost her mom and needing to take care of her dad and little brother. Kissing , even having sex with Lichuan didn’t get her flustered.
    What I hate the most was how her character mumbled …when they meet up again. Oy!!! Where is our smart competent translator???!!! The drinking bit too, was ridiculous. Xiao Qiu would not be a drinking fool during work. She has a reputation o uphold. Morals her father drilled into her since little.
    In short, the drama made XiaoQiu into someone, I don’t think is good enough for Lichuan at all. All they show from the novel is her stubbornnes. I wish they can remake this . I love come eat shan shan, the drama keep true to the book with only a few additions which was relevant. Why can’t they with this drama. Keep ji chuan single, if they can’t keep him with Rene. But the rest of the novel shouldn’t be change .
    I’m only watching the drama for Godfrey.

  • Kayrell

    Anyone..where can i watch this drama please….i’ve been so inlive with this novel n i would like to watch the drama too…any suggestion where i could download the drama with english sub…thanks for translating this novel…i really love it its so romantic it makes me wants to read it more…

  • Anita Lee

    Honestly, I’m not as crazy as you are in Godfrey Gao’s handsomeness, but I do love watching Wang LiChuan and Xie Xiao Qiu in Remembering LiChuan. You cannot love watching one and not the other–they look good and attractive together as a couple. Besides, they have good chemistry and their acting is so natural. I think Jiao JunYan is attractive than quite a few of Godfrey Gao’s female leads. She does not look “plastic” –she looks real, like the girl next door.