Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 83 9

Chapter 83: My Beloved Part 1

From high up in the building, the city is quiet and beautiful like a dream.  It’s 3 am and the city is still stitched with lights.  The sparse traffic on the roads is like a dark meandering river among the sparkling lights.

Bai Jin Xi stands on the balcony for a while; time seems to pass slowly.  She’s too far away from the main road, so she can’t make out whether or not Han Chen’s car is returning.  It’s very cold at night.  She steps one foot on top of the other for a while before going inside to fetch a jacket and going downstairs to wait.

Han Chen parks his car and walks along a small path towards the entrance.  From afar, he can see a woman standing facing the wall with her head down; not sure what she’s thinking about.

He reveals a slight smile.  Seeing the graceful contour of her shadow in the cold night, gentleness surges up in his heart.  He stuffs both hands into his pockets and walks quietly toward her.

As he approaches behind her, he hears her murmur, “Han Chen, our bet can be fulfilled now.”

Han Chen darts his eyes up and freezes his footsteps.

“Hey, Han Chen, I’m someone who accepts defeat,” as if she wasn’t satisfied with her previous tone, she says in a relaxed and affectionate manner toward the wall.

Han Chen stays still.  His eyes carry a deep smile as he watches her from behind.

“Sigh!” she lets up a deep sigh and punches the wall.  She switches to a domineering tone, “Han Chen!  Big Sister here wants to give you everything!  Let’s do it!”

She bursts out laughing the moment she finishes.  Probably due to being too immersed in “practicing,” she doesn’t notice a certain someone’s gaze boring into her back view.

She places her forehead against the wall and sways her body saying softly, “Han Chen, I want to dream with you.”

After contemplating for a long while, she finally smacks herself in the forehead in disbelief and then turns around sluggishly.

She gasps the moment she sees someone standing behind her.

Once she realizes it’s Han Chen, Jin Xi becomes speechless immediately.

The soft lighting from the building’s entrance illuminates the empty space between them.  The round moon is hanging in the sky behind him.  The collar of his jacket is standing up; as if he’s still covered with the chilliness of the night, yet he’s glazed with warm light.  His handsome face is smiling and staring at her.

Jin Xi is standing in the same pond of light as he is.  She is also staring at him when she says:


The smile in his eyes grows deeper.

Jin Xi feels her face burning.  She turns around to walk into the building, but he grabs her wrist.

He looks down at her, “What you’re thinking, is what I’ve been thinking.  What you want, is what I can’t wait to have.”

Therefore, Jin Xi’s face turns even redder.  She is then pulled into the elevator by him holding her hand.


She fetches the key and opens the door.  Jin Xi is a bit nervous as she steps inside.  But just when she lifts her foot, he tugs her.  He closes the door backhandedly, and without even turning on the lights, he carries her off the ground.

In the same bridal-carry position as when they were up on the mountains, he lifts her bottom up a bit, raises his head and kisses her.

Since he’s lifting her so high, Jin Xi has no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist while putting her arms around his neck.  It’s as if she’s completely part of him.  She’s beginning to feel excited; her breathing quickens as she’s kissing him.

Very soon, he carries her into the bedroom.  He frees up one hand to switch on the lights and then tosses her on the bed.  The minute Jin Xi feels her back hit against the soft bed, he immediately follows and encases her with his whole body above her.  He stares at her as he takes off his jacket and throws it to the floor.  He then helps her take off her jacket and throws it to the side.

Jin Xi is in a bit of a panic as she anticipates what’s going to happen next.  Some of the images of what to come rushes into her mind uncontrollably.  And knowing that the person who has done these things with her is Han Chen, who’s in front of her, her heart races.

“Wait!” she blocks his chest with her hands, “You’ve been busy for the past few days, so don’t you want to get some rest first?”

“No.  I took a nap at the station,” Han Chen’s voice has become raspy.  He grabs her hand and starts kissing her fingers.

Jin Xi’s body is feeling heated from all his kissing.  She makes one last attempt as she pushes his chest away again, “Then……have you finished all your work at the station?  You went home by yourself?”

Han Chen finally lifts his eyes to look at her.

His beautiful eyes are blazing, making Jin Xi’s heart pound.

“Bai Jin Xi,” he calls her name softly.


“There’s nothing that will stop me from having you tonight,” he says these words in a mild tone, but yet it carries his usual stubbornness.  Jin Xi’s heart shivers as he locks both of her hands, lowers his head and kisses her again.


She must admit that Han Chen is a real expert in arousing her.  They haven’t even taken off their clothes and he’s simply kissing every inch of her arms, cheeks, and neck and it’s already making her body jittery.  And his hand slips into her sleeping gown and travels around gently and firmly.

He unbuttons her clothes one button at a time and starts burying his head in her body and kissing her while feeling her with his other hand.  Jin Xi breathes unsteadily.  And of course, she can clearly feel the existence of a certain body part underneath his long trousers.  This makes her excited yet nervous at the same time.

Han Chen moves his hand to unbuckle his belt.  Jin Xi is shy nonetheless, so she blurts out, “Turn off the lights!”

Han Chen pauses his actions and looks up at her, “You want me to do this in the dark?”

Probably due to the air temperature and getting heated, his fair white cheeks have also become red.  His shirt is wide open revealing his well-built chest; its buttons have been unbuttoned by Jin Xi unknowingly just now.  And then moving downwards, she can see his well-defined abs.

Jin Xi’s face turns redder.  She retorts, “So what if we turn off the lights?  What’s the problem with that?”

Han Chen glances at her, “That’s fine.  I especially want to be in the dark for our first time.”

If Jin Xi doesn’t notice his sarcasm, she would have been working under him for nothing.  But it’s too late for regret, Han Chen reaches over to the bedside, picks up the lights remote and presses on the buttons one after the other.

Click, click, click, click——

The lights turn on one by one.

Jin Xi’s eyes open wide.

There was only one softly lit lamp on before, but now, the crystal light on the ceiling, the spotlights by the mirror, the standing lamp by the corner, and even the hallway light are on.  The whole house is brightly lit like a white painting.

Han Chen throws the remote far away to the floor of the living room and then grabs her hands again, “Let’s continue.”

Jin Xi doesn’t know what to say anymore, “You bastard!”

He stares directly at her, “But I haven’t even started doing anything bastardly.”

Jin Xi, “……”

Han Chen lowers his head and actually laughs shamelessly seeing her being taken advantage of.  

After he finishes laughing, he gives her butt a rub, “Turn over.”

Jin Xi’s heart trembles as she grabs on the bed sheet and refuses to turn around, “Han Chen, you- you’re going to try that position on our first time?  At least give me some time to get used to it first!”

Han Chen is a bit stunned.  And then the laughter in his eyes grows deeper.

“Bai Jin Xi……” he lowers his head and starts kissing the bottom of her ear, “Have you been raiding too many brothels?”

Jin Xi, “……You’re the one who has raided too many brothels, okay?!”

He reaches out his arm and turns her body over nonetheless.  He then leans closer as he takes off her clothes and plants kisses down her back, “I just want to kiss you.”

Jin Xi’s body eases up immediately.  She lets his lips and hands do as they please, “Oh……”

But she then hears him say, “But since it’s something you want, I’ll definitely fulfill it today.”

Jin Xi covers her face with her palms, “……I wasn’t even thinking about it!”

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