Memory Lost (美人为馅): Chapter 85 11

Chapter 85: Unmovable Boulder Part 1

It’s already noon when Bai Jin Xi wakes up again.

The sunlight floods the entire room.  The air is permeated with the fragrance of love.  She shifts her eyes sideways and looks at Han Chen who’s lying beside her.

He’s still sleeping.  One of his arms is being used as a pillow under her head, and his other arm is lying on top of her waist.  His face is very close to her; his features are distinct and chiseled.

Jin Xi watches him quietly in mesmerization.  She stretches her neck and pecks his cheek.

After a while, she gives a peck on his nose.

And then his mouth and neck.  She then picks up his hand and kisses his palm.

Jin Xi doesn’t want to wake him up, so her kisses are light pecks.  She finally places his hand back down and gets ready to slip out of bed, but just as she does, someone grabs onto her arm.

“Ah!” she lets out a short scream as he pulls her back into his embrace.

She lies on top of his chest and stares at him with her eyes wide open.

It looks like he has woken up some time ago.  He rests his head on one arm while his other is grabbing her wrist.  The blanket has him covered up to the midpoint of his chest, and his eyes carry a hint of laziness; he just looks so sexy.

“You’re done kissing me just like that?  How did I kiss you last night?”

Jin XI pushes his chest away, “You were pretending to be sleeping!”

But the mentioning of last night makes Jin Xi recall the image of him planting kisses all over her body, not leaving a single inch untouched.  His eyes are still staring at her deeply and he’s not letting go of her wrist; as if wanting her to submit to his request.  Jin Xi’s face blushes.  She lets out a “hmph!” and says, “How can I compare to you?  I’m not as thirsty as you.”

These words are too provocative.  Han Chen’s eyes darken as he pulls her wrist forcefully to make her lie on top of him just like the way they were last night.

“It looks like I wasn’t working hard enough?” his deep voice says in a relaxed manner.

Jin Xi doesn’t dare to provoke him again.  She tries to flatter him immediately, “Yes, yes, yes!  You worked very hard.  You worked especially hard.  It was enough!  Definitely enough!”

Han Chen smiles.  But he rubs her hand slowly and refuses to let go.

Jin Xi wants to call him a stinky scoundrel in her heart, but her mouth speaks like a speeding train on fire, “Furthermore, look.  The surface area of your body is way bigger than mine, so how can I finish kissing it.  How long would that take?  You weren’t kissing such a big area.  Let’s hurry out of bed and go eat.”

But just like the saying: to dig one’s own grave, the moment she finishes, Han Chen responds nonchalantly, “That makes sense.  Kiss half of it then.”

Jin Xi is speechless, “……”

Fine!  She will kiss him.  It’s human nature to desire for food and sex after all.  She looks at the outline of his body and has to admit that she is bewitched by him.  She actually……wants to kiss him to satisfy herself as well.

She glances at him sideways and decides to sit on top and straddle him.  Han Chen’s gaze changes immediately.  He puts both arms behind his head and looks at her with hazy eyes.

Jin Xi lowers her head, places both hands on his chest and starts kissing his neck.  But after just two kisses, he grabs her wrist and pulls her up.

“What’s good about kissing this half?” he asks in a low voice.

Jin Xi, “……”

Scoundrel!  He’s such a scoundrel!

She pushes him away with her face blushing and attempts to get off the bed.  But there’s no way that Han Chen would let her go now that she’s straddling him.  He wraps his arms around her, pulls the blanket and covers them both.

They entangle and fool around inside the covers for a good while until the phone rings.  Han Chen finally releases her and lies back down.  Jin Xi crawls out of the cover with her long hair in a mess.  She glares at him with her face red, but he laughs in satisfaction with his head down while leaning against the headboard.

Jin Xi’s heart shivers from his laughter.  She fetches the phone, takes a look, and gives it to him, “It’s your phone ringing.  Zhou Xiao Zhuan.”

Han Chen answers in a laid-back voice, “I don’t want to pick it up.  You decide what you want to do.”

Jin Xi stares at him with her eyes wide——this fellow!  He sure is no super detective when he’s in bed!  He’s rogue, unruly, and behaves like a spoiled young master.  He’s simply a local scoundrel of Beijing!

Since it’s Xiao Zhuan calling, she doesn’t mind too much and picks up the phone, “Hello, Xiao Zhuan.”

Han Chen says unconcernedly by her side, “Tell him that Han Chen is busy.”

Jin Xi darts her gaze at him but repeats his words to the phone, “……Han Chen is busy.”

Han Chen directs, “If there’s anything, please tell his wife.”

Jin Xi says, “If there’s anything, please tell his w-……tell me.”  She looks at Han Chen and scolds him softly smiling, “F–k you.”

Han Chen smiles without a word.

The person on the other end keeps quiet for a few seconds before coughing lightly.  The sound of coughing startles Jin Xi.  She then hears Qin Wen Long’s crude voice come on, “Cough……Oh, Jin Xi, my phone ran out of battery, so I’m calling on Xiao Zhuan’s phone.”

Jin Xi falls silent immediately.  She drops the phone and buries her head under the covers with a wail.

Han Chen chuckles seeing her like this.  He picks up the phone, “Mm, Captain Qin……She’s at my place discussing work.”  The corners of his mouth curve upward as he speaks.

Qin Wen Long doesn’t know what to say, “You little fellow……You little fellow……”  He then says with a vexed yet amused tone, “Work is important.  Let’s not tell everyone about you two’s relationship yet, okay?”

Han Chen smiles answering, “I understand.”

Qin Wen Long then gets to the reason for his call, “You’re also considered as a victim in Xin Jia’s case, so you shouldn’t be on it.  Take three days off and get some good rest.”

“Okay,” this arrangement is what Han Chen has expected.  He takes a look at the woman who’s nested beside him, “Then let Bai Jin Xi take three days off as well.”

Qin Wen Long, “……”  Holy shit!

Han Chen hangs up the phone and then sees Bai Jin Xi pointing her finger shakily at him, “You’re too much!  You’re too much!  Why did you tell Captain Qin that I’m also taking three days off?!  That’s so bad!”

Han Chen stretches out his arm to grab her and says nonchalantly, “There’s nothing bad about it.  I’ve devoted so much of my life to investigate so many cases in these years.  If Captain Qin won’t even agree to this tiny request of mine, can he still consider himself a man?”

On the other end, the very “manly” Qin Wen Long is looking down at the phone while he shouts out a million swear words inside his heart!  This is too much!  He’s too much!  Han Chen just agreed to keep their relationship a secret and a low profile, but then he turns around and wants Bai Jin Xi to take leave with him for a short honeymoon?

He sighs by himself for a brief moment before walking back to the Black Shield Team’s office.  He says to the three members calm and composed, “I’m letting Han Chen and Bai Jin Xi take a few day off.  I have other things that I have arranged for them to do.  Please report your progress back to me directly and don’t bother them, got it?”


The sun is beautiful and the wind is moderate.

Bai Jin Xi is sitting with her legs crossed while tapping her fingers on the dining table waiting for Han Chen to cook her some instant noodles.

Jin Xi was quite surprised when he said he wanted to cook just now.  It’s because they almost always eat outside and she has never seen him cook before.  Ever since the first time she stayed at his place, the kitchen has always been spotless and not a sign of being used before.

“Are you going to be fine?  Is it going to be edible?” she asks doubtfully, “Why don’t I cook the noodles!  I’m really good at cooking instant noodles.”

He smiles, gives her a pat on the butt and makes her leave the kitchen.

After another while, she can smell the tasty fragrance of food coming from the kitchen.  Jin Xi hops off the chair full of curiosity and pushes the door open to go inside.  She sees him cutting up a tomato with his head down.  The collar of his shirt is slightly open.  His long and slender fingers work intricately on the cutting board; homie and sexy.

Two cooked eggs are placed at the side of the counter with a small bowl of stir-fried meat sauce.  There are diced chilies in the meat sauce; the redness adds to its savoriness.

Although Jin Xi isn’t good at cooking, she is definitely a local chowhound.  She can tell he’s a very good cooker from the way he works on his dishes.  She wraps her arms around him from behind and says in full of surprise, “They look delicious.  Did I find a treasure?”

He smiles slightly, “Don’t get too excited.  I only know how to cook this kind of noodles.”

Jin Xi sticks out her tongue and asks, “Where did you learn how to make it?”

“I supposedly learned it from my mom.  Her cooking skills are formidable.”

Hearing him mentioning his mom, Jin Xi smiles and tightens her arms around him.

After placing the noodles on the dining table, they sit down across from each other.  Jin Xi takes a bite.  It’s so good that she almost bites her tongue.

“You’re amazing!” she exclaims, “You lost your memory, yet you remember how to cook noodles, and they’re so good.”

Han Chen picks some with his chopsticks, starts eating slowly and answers, “It must be because a certain someone loved eating it before.”

Jin Xi asks curiously, “How did you know?”

He lifts up his head and glances at her, “The year I woke up, every time I cooked noodles, I would always make two bowls out of habit.  I would eat one bowl and the other would turn cold and be tossed away in the end.”

Jin Xi looks into his eyes dumbstruck.  The tasty noodles inside her mouth turn a bit bitter suddenly.

As if his wish has finally been fulfilled, he seems a bit moved as he grabs her hand, “What about you?  Did you ever felt the same way?”


A number of images flood into Jin Xi’s mind in an instant.  There’s she and Xiao Zhuan, Xu Si Bai, the fellows from the station eating and drinking happily.  As well as times when she hid in the office to secretly eat by herself happily.

“Cough……” with his eyes boring into hers, she manages to speak with much difficulty, “Yes.  Sometimes……when I eat duck wings, I would feel full, but I would also feel the urge to eat one more.  I now understand why.  It must be because I’ve been eating them on your behalf!”

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